Gordon Furious When He's Served RAW Lamb & Half a Cake | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Jul 30, 2017
  • And things kick off when there's a confrontation with the owner and chef...
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  • DeathRocket4990
    DeathRocket4990 Hour ago +1

    The dessert looks delicious. Too bad it’s store-bought though.

  • nushin youssefian
    nushin youssefian 2 hours ago +1


  • Sebastian James
    Sebastian James 2 hours ago

    "Foking raw"
    Gordon Ramsay 2017

  • •Xx DaCollieLPS xX•
    •Xx DaCollieLPS xX• 3 hours ago +1

    *The lamb isn't raw, it just needs some Lamb Sauce*

  • Indigothe Knight
    Indigothe Knight 4 hours ago

    I feel like people who have 5-9 jobs have more common sense

  • Joseph Ventura
    Joseph Ventura 5 hours ago

    Owner looks like he jacks off to Hilary Clinton

  • Mulan Palmer
    Mulan Palmer 5 hours ago

    turns into therapy towards the end.

  • TheReborne
    TheReborne 6 hours ago +1

    oh i would greatfully take half a cake here i can only take a small piece..

  • Angelia Cole
    Angelia Cole 6 hours ago +1

    “Is it to your liking?”
    I felt that

  • Chloe Allen
    Chloe Allen 6 hours ago

    His voice is the exact same as that one neighbor that lived by squidward in the RV

  • Shaien Chowdhuary
    Shaien Chowdhuary 6 hours ago

    Fuck your prices

  • little skittl01
    little skittl01 7 hours ago

    Two sized testicle crab cakes 🤣😂

  • Momo mimi
    Momo mimi 7 hours ago

    I don't understand what Gordon means when he says 'dated food' how is trendiness a factor? doesn't something just taste good or not? I am Greek and the Mediterranean dishes that I enjoy are probably ancient. What am I missing here?

  • Supercatgaming
    Supercatgaming 9 hours ago

    His smile looks like he is trying to poison Ramsey 😁

  • WolfOfJustice
    WolfOfJustice 10 hours ago +1

    The owner needs to be punched.

  • Chloe Reid
    Chloe Reid 10 hours ago


    TROJAN FORCE 10 hours ago

    Is whole food worth 74$ or only the dessert?

  • omar orozco
    omar orozco 10 hours ago

    400 is what I make at McDonald’s

  • MotoMadMan
    MotoMadMan 10 hours ago


  • Anti-Justin Y
    Anti-Justin Y 11 hours ago +1

    *Any time Gordon says lamb*

  • Juicy 800
    Juicy 800 11 hours ago

    The owner looks and sounds like the kid Andrew from Big Mouth 😂

  • Akito
    Akito 11 hours ago

    Why are we worrying about the lamb sauce when the Lamb is RAW!

  • Anthony Roic
    Anthony Roic 12 hours ago

    I want that cake at my next party. It was good enough to fool Gordon Ramsey!! It must be delicious!!!

  • digsdeeply
    digsdeeply 12 hours ago

    Gordon drops more F bombs than Al Pacino in Scareface... and thats A LOT!!!!!

  • *Sushii uwu*
    *Sushii uwu* 12 hours ago

    Reminds me of the guy from the “I don’t care that you broke your elbow” vine...

  • Lamba Jyothika yadav
    Lamba Jyothika yadav 12 hours ago

    Me whenever I see in the title Gordon Ramsay and disgusting food is just like oh yeah I know u had it coming **puts on the expression when ur mom is beating it sibling u just did**

  • Shane Krohn
    Shane Krohn 15 hours ago

    Can someone please explain to me the texture of lamb I've never had it

  • Joey Cervantes
    Joey Cervantes 17 hours ago

    Hes the type of guy that makes chicks cover up and make sure absolutely zero of themselves is showing because they know he is one creepy fuck.

  • OMXGA7343
    OMXGA7343 20 hours ago

    Bruh the owner literally has a 'Punch Me' sign on his face, not gonna lie

  • Trippie Artist
    Trippie Artist 20 hours ago

    I’m Surprised Gordon’s Still Alive After Eating This

  • Tokyo Guy Kaneki
    Tokyo Guy Kaneki 21 hour ago

    The owner of a luxurious hotel has his RV , which he lives in right next to it... he owns the place and csnt afford a nice clen cut or a good shave ? Or even better Attire?

  • TH3 F4LL3N1
    TH3 F4LL3N1 21 hour ago +1

    Why does the owner look like the Walmart brand Stephen King?
    Now coming to a theater near you
    “ That”

  • Daddy Buckles
    Daddy Buckles 23 hours ago +1

    Why the waiter look like sharen Osborne fr😂🤣

  • John Connor
    John Connor 23 hours ago +1

    The owner is....

  • Tanya s' life
    Tanya s' life Day ago

    Anyone watching in 2019

  • Autumn Rivers
    Autumn Rivers Day ago

    I think the owner bought a wedding ring for himself to pretend he's married

  • Bajan Barbie
    Bajan Barbie Day ago


  • Tanvir Singh
    Tanvir Singh Day ago

    400 a week in lux restaurant as a head chef damn you should be making 400 a day

  • Gregory Southerland

    try any restaurant in north carolina, people here just dont know how to cook

  • Gregory Southerland

    try any restaurant in north carolina, people here just dont know how to cook

  • Ben Dalrymple
    Ben Dalrymple Day ago

    Dude in the brown shirt def fucks kids bruh

  • Zay romello
    Zay romello Day ago +1

    4 eyes

  • Jakes Vlogs
    Jakes Vlogs Day ago

    *you got a chance of Gordon liking the food but you have to screw it up somehow*

  • Chungus chats
    Chungus chats Day ago

    I don’t blame you for getting mad there they are trying to kill u

  • Ikazou J
    Ikazou J Day ago +1

    *gets half of a cake with 74 dollars*
    What is this, EA's restaurant?

  • ItzAmber
    ItzAmber Day ago

    At least the chef understands Gordon and doesn't get angry at him :)

  • OnitsukaTiger82
    OnitsukaTiger82 Day ago

    What’s an RV?

  • Blackwolverine 31

    This guy is the worst kind of person

  • Big K
    Big K Day ago

    I don't want to hate anyone but in this case I can't help it. That owner is just such a smug cunt and I absolutely hate him. I hope he is unhappy and alone. I know that is wrong but the whole I'm better than you and if your not happy with my poor treatment of you leave attitude just uh. How about dont be a fucking prick treat your employees like people and be happy they have put up with your shit for this long just .....fuck that guy.

  • Mackenzie Mayotte

    I make minimum wage as a lifeguard and I make more than $400

  • Rebecca McGowan
    Rebecca McGowan Day ago

    I don’t care that you broke your elbow

  • Robert Iaccarino

    The owner is trash.

  • ionec R2
    ionec R2 Day ago


    GAY GOC Day ago

    i love this episode

  • Eman310
    Eman310 Day ago

    "Is it to your liking?" LMAO

  • Spunk
    Spunk Day ago +1

    The owner has some serious pedo-aura, my skin crawls every time he is on camera

  • RobinThe Wolf
    RobinThe Wolf Day ago

    Tbh props to the server who was being honest because all she wanted was her restaurant to be fixed.

  • A.F. Atkin
    A.F. Atkin Day ago

    Pompous owner.....deluded by his surroundings.......hard working staff not getting regular pay. ... appalled....🤨🤨🤨

  • Grace ?
    Grace ? Day ago +1

    Testicle sized 😂

  • Martin Tan
    Martin Tan Day ago

    Props to the lady chef, buying produce for her own workplace with her OWN money. I sincerely hope she found an employer that deserves her.

  • paco nolasco
    paco nolasco Day ago +2

    The owner looks like a virgin

  • Anan 8753
    Anan 8753 Day ago +1


  • ༺Cloudy༻
    ༺Cloudy༻ Day ago +1

    That's basically like serving raw lamb sauce


    3:58 he got nervous the truth was coming out

  • Glade YT
    Glade YT Day ago

    Where is the lamb sauce.

  • Nakon Warrior
    Nakon Warrior Day ago


  • Castiel 1967
    Castiel 1967 Day ago

    *WhErEs ThE lAmB sAuCe*

  • Brendan Curry
    Brendan Curry Day ago

    Where? Is the lamb *SAUCE*

  • Stephfo
    Stephfo Day ago

    How is it the chiefs fault he didn’t make the dessert ? Tf

  • Rossi Xu
    Rossi Xu 2 days ago

    Crab cakes…

    LMAO sounds like crap cakes 😂😂😂😂

  • Name Last Name
    Name Last Name 2 days ago +2

    Idek why they bothered with the lamb first of all😂🙄😂

  • Judgment-RT
    Judgment-RT 2 days ago

    I feel like if the owner fired the cook Gordon would have left

  • CGMe
    CGMe 2 days ago +1

    When he told the guy to "not come down on him too hard" he looked like a complete serial killer. I can only imagine what he's using that RV for...

  • Galaxy girl
    Galaxy girl 2 days ago

    1:00 yikes he got happy just for him to say

  • Rippster
    Rippster 2 days ago +1

    the chef was really nice to not punch the shit out of that faggot.

  • Cabecool10 / Skelemaster767

    People say that swearing is a sign of losing an argument.
    This may be the exact opposite for Ramsay.

  • Yalllouu
    Yalllouu 2 days ago +1

    *r a w*

  • Satanic Elmo
    Satanic Elmo 2 days ago

    *Owner has murdered the chat*

  • Dayshawn _
    Dayshawn _ 2 days ago

    Careful about coming downed on me

  • Yash Permalla
    Yash Permalla 2 days ago


  • Dalton Mcelfish
    Dalton Mcelfish 2 days ago

    Where’s the part 2 that’s a hell of a cliff hanger I was left on

  • baguette on a maggot
    baguette on a maggot 2 days ago +2

    Raw lamb?

    It's. Gordon. Ramsay

  • Lunar CrystalLace
    Lunar CrystalLace 2 days ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay: Delicio-
    *Thats not made here*

  • storm Zilla
    storm Zilla 2 days ago +2

    I am getting a phedophile vibe from the owner.

  • Alexandre Babin
    Alexandre Babin 2 days ago

    *_not quite my cooking..._*
    Gordon Fletcher

  • craig Pratt
    craig Pratt 2 days ago

    What episode is this anyone?

  • Maki Mirzoeva
    Maki Mirzoeva 2 days ago +1

    Omg I hate the owner... he’s selfish and weird

  • Digital Shredda
    Digital Shredda 2 days ago


  • Major Degtyarev
    Major Degtyarev 2 days ago

    Half a cake?
    That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard.

  • TheMichaelvoodoo25
    TheMichaelvoodoo25 2 days ago


  • Brian Koskinen
    Brian Koskinen 2 days ago

    Was mad at the cook in the beginning but to see how hes treated I felt bad for him hope that chef finds a better job and workplace.

  • Dinkity Dankity
    Dinkity Dankity 2 days ago +1


  • Shober Doge
    Shober Doge 2 days ago

    Even the kids on the cooking show are better!

  • Brisia Cabrera
    Brisia Cabrera 2 days ago

    “Luxury hotel” hm..... *ramsay joins the chat and exposure happens*

  • Naruto runner in AREA51

    *Gaben-ish Owner:* I'm gonna make you look like an incompetent piece of shit in front of CHEF RAMSAY...

    *rubs his hands in filthy laughter*

    *Chef: uses a reverse card*

  • Wapscr
    Wapscr 2 days ago

    Where’s the lamb sauce 🤷🏾‍♂️then there like I don’t know you fucking orange face that’s what they probably where like in the meme

  • Wapscr
    Wapscr 2 days ago

    It’s so funny when Gordon swears 😂😂😂

  • Wapscr
    Wapscr 2 days ago

    If I was the guy who served Gordon I’ll slap him on the face

  • Wapscr
    Wapscr 2 days ago

    Gaydon ramsey

  • Agatha jay
    Agatha jay 2 days ago

    The chef has to be careful or he could end up dead.