How David Spade Ran the Roast of Alec Baldwin - Lights Out with David Spade

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • David Spade was secretly the behind-the-scenes mastermind of the Roast of Alec Baldwin.
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Comments • 93

  • Ophelia Pain
    Ophelia Pain 10 days ago

    I’m a super fan of cc roast!!
    David- this is awesome!! I laughed so hard!!

  • Magicarff
    Magicarff 11 days ago

    I think what I love about this show and david spade is that he's not tip toeing around anyone. Everyone is fair game

  • Jack Murphy
    Jack Murphy 11 days ago +2

    These roasts have jumped the shark

  • Wons Phreely
    Wons Phreely 13 days ago


  • Cameron Radaszewski
    Cameron Radaszewski 13 days ago

    The shock collar 😂😂😂

    JOHN DUIT 15 days ago

    Fuck democrats

  • Samuel L Jackson
    Samuel L Jackson 18 days ago +4

    Giving David Spade his own show is one of the best moves cc made in years

  • Janek Kofroň
    Janek Kofroň 18 days ago +3

    His whole posture on the show says nothing else than I could not care less and I love it so much I just wanna squeeze his little cheeks

  • Joseph van Wyk
    Joseph van Wyk 19 days ago

    It must be only Americans who love roast shows. None of that crap is funny. Your "comedians" doing those try too hard.

  • Paul Kirk
    Paul Kirk 19 days ago

    Notice how Adam whathisface wasn't even mentioned? Nothing that guy did was worthy of screentime. You won't even find his roast stuff on TVclip.

  • Elizabeth Hoberg
    Elizabeth Hoberg 20 days ago +3

    had no idea Spade was so funny

  • Hayden Thomson
    Hayden Thomson 21 day ago

    The shock collar

  • The High hopes
    The High hopes 23 days ago

    The roasts are terrible.

  • Alex 4441
    Alex 4441 23 days ago +1

    The shock collar lmaooo

  • HarveyShankar
    HarveyShankar 24 days ago

    Bill Burr, always funny, and very classy these days. A great career, beautiful wife and daughter... He's got a very natural swag that comes from being comfortable with his position as a man.

  • Keegan Devlin
    Keegan Devlin 25 days ago

    This was funnier than the roast. Caitlin Jenner was awful.

    • Paul Kirk
      Paul Kirk 19 days ago

      But not as bad as that Adam guy. He based just ranted for his roast. It was like listening to your grandpa rant about how the world is changing.

  • Keithisill
    Keithisill 26 days ago

    Damn! Blake Griffin burned Him (Hir?)!

    • Paul Kirk
      Paul Kirk 19 days ago +1

      her, the pronoun you're looking for is her. Or just say Caitlyn.

  • Arthur Sprong
    Arthur Sprong 27 days ago

    The actual roast was terrible.... This show is going on the list of things why Alec's daughter intensely hates her father's guts.

  • Ohlong Johnson
    Ohlong Johnson 27 days ago

    All davids jokes are always about how hes a horny dog that wants to fuck every girl that gets mentioned.

  • m ch
    m ch 27 days ago

    A punk with a nasal problem is in my headset giving directions.

  • G_GlasgowRFC
    G_GlasgowRFC 27 days ago +1

    This is much funnier than any of the bland late night talk shows in America.

  • Kevin Codio
    Kevin Codio 28 days ago

    Good job Dave !!!

  • cvt cvt
    cvt cvt Month ago

    Can we disable the comments on this one?

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole Month ago +1

    This show I pretty underrated... Comedy Central are on to a winner!

  • Xion Temoc
    Xion Temoc Month ago

    He ROASTED ROASTERS!!!!!! Brilliant

  • Jack Murphy
    Jack Murphy Month ago

    They took the roasts and made them unfunny. They're awful. This was awesome

    EDGE DUTCH Month ago

    worst roast ever honestly!

  • Charlie V
    Charlie V Month ago +4

    The schock collar thing almost made me spit out my beer xD

  • mark boylan
    mark boylan Month ago +1

    Boom roasted

  • Spoon Face
    Spoon Face Month ago

    Why does Caitlyn’s voice still sound like Bruce’s?

  • Nikki Beacth
    Nikki Beacth Month ago


  • Boned You
    Boned You Month ago +2

    Any one on here knows Nicky Glacier mom phone number? Need it for a school project

    • MorbidManMusic
      MorbidManMusic 29 days ago

      To late, the joke was made already by a pro. ... who doesn't steal material.

  • beatemprod
    beatemprod Month ago +12

    He just roasted the roast! 🤣

  • steve donahue
    steve donahue Month ago +1

    funny but can we just make fun of every race instead of just the white guy getting shit on....thanks!

  • Carson Johnny
    Carson Johnny Month ago

    Funnier than the roast😂😂😂🤣

  • kirkstable
    kirkstable Month ago +1

    Candice hit the shock collar got the like... Ridiculous

  • nathanddrews
    nathanddrews Month ago

    These modern roasts are cringeworthy. Misdirected talent.

  • Jared Halpain
    Jared Halpain Month ago

    1:58 omg the fuckin shock collar slayed me! Funniest shit all week!

  • mark anthony
    mark anthony Month ago

    White dick got me 😂😂😂

  • amerocker
    amerocker Month ago +2

    Too bad Asux Baldloser wasn't _actually_ roasted. I'd pay to see that. 🔥💩🔥

  • Vlasis T
    Vlasis T Month ago

    I wouldn’t watch the roast even if I was buried in a dark cave for months. David did a great job though. and created laughs out of the unlaughable

    • Paul Kirk
      Paul Kirk 19 days ago

      You should give it a watch, Nikki, Sean Hayes, and that athlete guy were hilarious. At least watch their TVclip clips from the roast.

  • Street Cat
    Street Cat Month ago +1

    Let's have an employee algorithm that will highlight Alec Baldwin types. The 'unstable alcoholic" weirdo types

  • Amys NEWS
    Amys NEWS Month ago +1

    That was funnier than Bruce's whole set!!

  • Diablo X Machina
    Diablo X Machina Month ago

    Spade is a king.

  • Rabbie Burns
    Rabbie Burns Month ago

    These roasts are just scripted autocued bullshit .. like SNL

  • Clayton Brown
    Clayton Brown Month ago

    Spade is the anti trumptard! Love it

  • Billy Lewis
    Billy Lewis Month ago +13

    2:03 Shock collar was a good bit.

  • Clyde22
    Clyde22 Month ago

    "but do one thats not funny at all" perfect

  • Penguinssss
    Penguinssss Month ago

    Why is the volume on all these LO uploads so low? CC where you at?

  • Armando Chacon
    Armando Chacon Month ago +8

    I wish greg geraldo were alive miss him rip the real roast master

  • L K
    L K Month ago +8

    Oh this was awesome. I love this

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B Month ago +22

    Comedy Central, do NOT cancel this show. Aside from the ancient key and peel reruns you keep posting, This is the only funny thing you’ve got in a sea of unfunny “woke” female comedians and whatnot.

    • Doirin Kib
      Doirin Kib Month ago +1

      Fedora. Checks out.

    • 札幌ジェイ
      札幌ジェイ Month ago

      If they somehow do, he can surely do this on Netflix and kill.

  • mbPhase23
    mbPhase23 Month ago +32

    Hit the shock collar, ugh! 😂

  • brown beast
    brown beast Month ago +64

    Still havent seen a clip from this show thats NOT funny! David spade on a roll!

  • A n g e l o
    A n g e l o Month ago +24

    Hug Bruce like he’s a cactus

  • C.S.R
    C.S.R Month ago +8

    Blake Griffin‘s joke was pretty good!

  • These Nuts
    These Nuts Month ago +30

    Thanks god he called out Kaitlyns bad jokes

  • Jackie Yoshi
    Jackie Yoshi Month ago +3

    I love you!

  • Billy Lewis
    Billy Lewis Month ago +12

    Last joke was the funniest roast joke that’s been released on TVclip so far.

  • 札幌ジェイ
    札幌ジェイ Month ago +74

    Spade's delivery is always on point. A comic legend who should get more exposure these days. Hope this show takes off.

    • G_GlasgowRFC
      G_GlasgowRFC 27 days ago

      @Michael P. Shipley I hate all the PC shit on TV etc, do most people. But morons like you don't help. I bet you watch a lot of trans porn, Michael. I bet you enjoy it too much for your own good lol.

    • Angel Eyes
      Angel Eyes Month ago

      @Michael P. Shipley Yeah but thank god we have the internet.
      Look at Norm, he has such a cult following they almost had to give him a show

    • Vincent m
      Vincent m Month ago

      Definitely he’s the best. It’s funny I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • A Song For Dee Vee
      A Song For Dee Vee Month ago +1

      @Michael P. Shipley Got a bit of the 'Tism do ya?

    • Michael P. Shipley
      Michael P. Shipley Month ago +2

      He wont suck trans dick so he's kept out of the spotlight by the Hollywood feminazis.