Catcher In The Rye

  • Published on Jul 29, 2018
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    Catcher In The Rye · Guns N' Roses
    Chinese Democracy
    ℗ 2008 Geffen Records
    Released on: 2008-01-01
    Producer: Axl Rose
    Producer: Caram Costanzo
    Composer Lyricist: W. Axl Rose
    Composer Lyricist: Paul Tobias
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  • Another Old Fan of Dragon Ball (A7X)

    The demo is much better than this version
    (The demo had bryan may!!!)

  • Lilah Helmer
    Lilah Helmer 10 days ago

    I love this book.

  • Declan Burke
    Declan Burke 17 days ago +2

    i prefer the 1999 version with brian may

  • David Gardell
    David Gardell 18 days ago


  • terry miller
    terry miller 19 days ago +1

    This album is a Masterpiece

  • VERY p.c.
    VERY p.c. 20 days ago

    So sad

  • NUBE mlb96
    NUBE mlb96 27 days ago

    RIP Lennon
    Live forever

  • david tart
    david tart Month ago +1

    If this would’ve been the album that came out instead of the spaghetti incident back in 93 I think Guns N’ Roses will still be relevant. But don’t take this the wrong way I still believe Guns N’ Roses is one of the all-time greatest bands Lord knows all the previous albums are the soundtrack to my teenage years

  • Rodrigo ricardo
    Rodrigo ricardo Month ago +1

    I ❤ GNR

  • Mariano Abundiz
    Mariano Abundiz Month ago +2

    The original guitar solo was by Brian May, but Axl decided not to use it.

    • Mariano Abundiz
      Mariano Abundiz Month ago

      @Madness Official Yeah he's right. Brian May didn't know that his solo wasn't on the album. He came in to lay the solo on the track because Axl was having a tough time with the album so he called May and after they talked he did the original solo to "Catcher in the Rye" but Axl didn't use it.

    • The King
      The King Month ago +2

      Madness Official are you sure? I thought he recorded it in 99, then in the final stages he saw that axl removed it. He said “shame. I was proud of it” at least that’s what I heard. You might be right

    • Madness Official
      Madness Official Month ago

      No, Brian thought his solo was overproduced, so he decided to delete it

    • The King
      The King Month ago +1

      Yep. May was disappointed

  • The King
    The King Month ago +2

    4:13 onwards. Wow, that’s stunning.

  • A C
    A C Month ago +1

    En verdad amo está canción, siempre será de mis favoritas ❤

  • Victor Nolasco
    Victor Nolasco Month ago

  • Large Coke
    Large Coke Month ago +3

    So this is what axl broke up the greatest band in the world for eh? (meant light heartedly folks)

  • mia
    mia Month ago +5

    I'm in love with this album

    ZOOT CHANNEL 2 months ago +1


  • Tanner A
    Tanner A 2 months ago +3

    2:10 , one of my favourite solos of all time.

  • Pianoman3131313
    Pianoman3131313 2 months ago +1

    1:50 my favorite part!! \m/

  • granulosum1
    granulosum1 2 months ago +2

    ok,what ever,nice piano

  • 80s Lady
    80s Lady 2 months ago +1

    *Well done Axl.*

  • Kelly Schlegel
    Kelly Schlegel 3 months ago +5

    Love this entire album! Best voice ever!

  • Leopard Prince
    Leopard Prince 3 months ago +3

    By far better than the novel.

  • donnie norman
    donnie norman 3 months ago +20

    I wish things could have worked out differently for the original lineup years ago, but what's done is done. Disagree if you will, but Axl Rose is a creative genius. It took way too long to record this album because he's a perfectionist, probably even O.C.D. , but there are great lyrics on here !!!

  • Zothanzuala Chhangte
    Zothanzuala Chhangte 4 months ago +11

    This song is still so good ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Michael Montalbano
    Michael Montalbano 4 months ago +15

    Excellent song, Axl is brilliant.

  • Saint of FaTe
    Saint of FaTe 4 months ago +28

    When all is said and done
    We're not the only ones
    Who look at life this way
    That's what the old folks say
    But every time I see them
    Makes me wish I had a gun
    If I thought that I was crazy
    Well I guess I'd have more fun
    (Guess I'd have more fun)
    Oooh, the Catcher In The Rye Again
    Won't let ya get away from him
    (Tomorrow never comes)
    It's just another day...
    Like today
    You decide
    Cause I don't have to
    And then they'll find
    And I won't ask you
    At anytime
    Or long hereafter
    If the cold outside's
    As I'm imagining
    It to be
    Oh, no
    Lana nana na na na
    Lana nana na nana
    Ooh, the Catcher In The Rye Again
    Won't let ya get away from him
    (Tomorrow never comes)
    It's just another day...
    Like today
    When all is said and done
    We're not the only ones
    Who look at life this way
    That's what the young folks say
    But every time I see them
    Makes me wish I had a gun
    If I thought that I was crazy
    Well I guess I'd have more fun
    (Guess I'd have more fun)
    Cause what used to be's
    Not there for me
    And ought to for someone
    That belongs...
    Like I do
    Oh, no
    Not at all
    On an ordinary day
    Not in an ordinary way
    All at once the song I heard
    No longer would it play
    For anybody
    Or anyone
    That needed comfort from somebody
    Needed comfort from someone
    Who cared
    To be
    Not like you
    And unlike me
    And then the voices went away from me
    Somehow you set the wheels in motion
    That haunt our memories
    You were the instrument
    You were the one
    How a body
    Took the body
    You gave that boy a gun
    You took our innocence
    Beyond our stares
    Sometimes the only thing
    We counted on
    When no one else was there

  • Shun Pilz
    Shun Pilz 4 months ago +13

    Guns and roses a melhor banda de rock do mundo , amo vcs caras , top dos tops

  • Meryn Rossiter
    Meryn Rossiter 4 months ago +2


    • Meryn Rossiter
      Meryn Rossiter 4 months ago

      This track sorts out the boomer brainwash that made me not read the book

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 5 months ago +2

    I love song :3

  • Jacqueline Silva
    Jacqueline Silva 5 months ago


  • Meryn Rossiter
    Meryn Rossiter 6 months ago +3

    I like this song much more than the inspirational book

  • kikayei
    kikayei 7 months ago +3

    Did Mark Chapman (John Lennon’s murderer) listened to this track, considering it has the same title of his favorite book?

  • aboutthetruthmedia organization

    I prefer the Brian May version. Cleaner guitar solos.

    • aboutthetruthmedia organization
      aboutthetruthmedia organization 5 months ago +3

      @Lang Hansen Yeah you're right. I checked via a search engine. It seems bizare. You seem to have sanitize what the event, because when you read the full quote apparently it's all based around 1 note when he was doing outtakes in the studio . I don't understand why they've done this, but at the end of the day I still prefer it to the final release version on the album. To be honest, I always felt the guitar solo sounded nice but a bit conservative. To me it's good enough despite the controversy. Thanks for showing me. Even after the emotion I had in my post, I feel ok about it to be honest. But why would anyone want to mess with Brian May? It's like telling Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic how to play tennis!

      PS: It just shows you we can't have trust in anything!

    • aboutthetruthmedia organization
      aboutthetruthmedia organization 5 months ago

      @Lang Hansen Like.... you're mucking around, aren't you? WOULD BE SO DISAPPOINTED IF IT'S TRUE!

    • Marcos Oyola
      Marcos Oyola 6 months ago +2

      @Back ln 87 pfff hahahahhhq

    • Rei 1
      Rei 1 6 months ago +5

      Back ln 87 aahhahahaha

    • Back ln 87
      Back ln 87 6 months ago

      Slash version is best

  • imamastrblastr
    imamastrblastr 7 months ago +14

    I love this song

  • Isaac Baena
    Isaac Baena 7 months ago +26

    This is one of the best songs ever made

  • M4teus 0liveir4
    M4teus 0liveir4 7 months ago +16

    👊🎵🎶salve sociedade do rock

  • Eros Cássius
    Eros Cássius 8 months ago +11

    When i remember of the protagonist of the book and his life, it makes me feel sad for some reason, and the same with that music

    • Meryn Rossiter
      Meryn Rossiter 4 months ago +1

      Yeah well it's just American propaganda to make being a misfit feasible so I wouldn't worry about it... Just stop eating animals

  • Vomito Mentale
    Vomito Mentale 8 months ago +10

    this album makes me with every next song i listen to sadder.why?lolit begins ok,but then you realized that all the songs sound like failed experiments crying for help.i can understand the urge to try new stuff out,but not so much at the same time.

    • Devin H
      Devin H 2 months ago +1

      Vomito, I will vomito all over your commento b/c you are wrong. This is a good album.

    • Meryn Rossiter
      Meryn Rossiter 4 months ago +1

      Vomito Mentale Your the wet blanket from hell

    • Meryn Rossiter
      Meryn Rossiter 6 months ago +3

      Wow....Your comment makes you sound like an evil idiot

    • TheBryanScout
      TheBryanScout 7 months ago +1

      Vomito Mentale I mean, Holden Caulfield might as well have been a failed experiment reaching for help, so its fitting.

  • ikzelf100
    ikzelf100 8 months ago +24

    catcher in the rye is a book every gangster should read, calling money not money but dough is really a neat trick

    • Fender King
      Fender King 8 months ago

      I couldn’t get into it. Kept waiting for something to happen but it doesn’t. All he does is complain and it’s considered a classic. Maybe I should read it again

  • Jennyfer Liz
    Jennyfer Liz 8 months ago +9


  • whoknowswhodoesnt
    whoknowswhodoesnt 9 months ago +51

    Just finished reading the book because of this song, it's a classic, I know, but I would have never reached for it, had it not been for GN'R - and I'm grateful for this. This song makes a fascinating epilogue btw.

    • Lance Miller
      Lance Miller 4 months ago

      I also got into the book because of this song. Thank you to the one who commented the quote from Axl and his disliking of the book, I did not know that was his intentions with the song. I couldn’t disagree with him more though. Interesting enough, when I read the book the first time, I was 15 and related to the Holden character so much. Tried reading it again when I was in my early twenties and I couldn’t stand the main character. Thought he was to whiny and pessimistic all the time. Guess that shows what age can do to you. The book is genuinely annoying to me now.

    • Jacob Rice
      Jacob Rice 4 months ago

      @Richard Tucker LMAO

    • Richard Tucker
      Richard Tucker 5 months ago +2

      @Jacob Rice So none of the fun stuff?

    • Jacob Rice
      Jacob Rice 5 months ago

      Agreed. Currently reading the last chapter, nearly done with the book. I relate very well with Holden (Not the prostitute, drugs, drinking, or "sex" parts)

    • W35 H4R3
      W35 H4R3 5 months ago

      @Jordan Tang yes I'd like to see that too.

  • Tales of Wolves
    Tales of Wolves Year ago +143

    Wtf this is a really underrated song

    • DwayliT
      DwayliT Day ago

      @Kelly Schlegel read the book and you'll get the joke... maybe

    • DwayliT
      DwayliT Day ago

      whatever phonies

    • Kelly Schlegel
      Kelly Schlegel 2 months ago +1

      @Wild Bear I think the entire album is amazing! One of my very favourites. Put it on while driving, falling asleep, cleaning, etc. It's my always go to album. I listen and feel it all. Amazingly talented. I wish I had 1/10th of that talent

    • Wild Bear
      Wild Bear 2 months ago +2

      Idk why, but this song is one of the most beautiful ones i've ever heard

    • Kelly Schlegel
      Kelly Schlegel 3 months ago +1

      I love this entire album! Best voice ever! Put headphones on, turn it up, and rocking out cleaning! This album always manages to right whatever is bothering me. Love it