Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review (Non-Spoiler)

  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
  • Mark and Kristian give a spoiler-free review of the new MCU flick!
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Comments • 898

  • Yanis Kaps
    Yanis Kaps Month ago

    I would give Infinity war - 4.8/5 Schmoes

  • Grover Williams
    Grover Williams 7 months ago

    This movie was fantastic!!! Black Panther was better

  • Donzo DooD
    Donzo DooD 9 months ago

    He's a dumb-ass dats why he gave 3.9

  • Marko Nikolic
    Marko Nikolic Year ago

    Your ratings were terrible. How can you not love this movie? Ellis, you disappointed me.

  • Ty Jø
    Ty Jø Year ago

    Really 3.9 out of 5??? What are you smoking? Movie was amazing!

  • David Smith
    David Smith Year ago +1

    awesome movie

  • BlackSwordChronicles

    I think the movie tried to be Thano's story, but the writer never found out about it. Ended up being pointless and storyless. What it did try to do as Thanos story was simply not credible, and I found no reason to understand his completely bonkers motivation. To me it made no sense whatsoever.

  • misstery25
    misstery25 Year ago

    I like how unabashed Mark is and how grounded Kristian is, in all the reviews they do together. Great personality teamwork!

  • Gub Army
    Gub Army Year ago

    I know a couple people who didn’t like the movie. Guess why? Only because of the ending. If your not gonna hate on it... actually have some solid reasons why you don’t like it😂

  • The Reel Take
    The Reel Take Year ago


  • Robert Stevens
    Robert Stevens Year ago

    It is so much better than Civil War

  • John W. Smokes Jr.


  • Manuel David Rendon Acevedo

    Keeping it short, I loved the movie and very principally because of the storylines between the characters, and how they're lining themselves in the same objective but in different situations which made me happy and excited when I watched it, and Thanos was badass, like this is probably the first time I really wanted the villain to win, although I didn't hated him, I thought he was a particular villain that you loved to hate because of the omnipotent presence he provides as the character and villain, specially at the messed up stuff he does to quite every single one of the heroes, then again I loved the movie, I would definitely LOVE to see it again!

  • Phantoma3
    Phantoma3 Year ago

    It's definitely at least a 4/5 for me. I want to see it again and I only give 4+ to movies i want to rewatch.

  • SwankeyMonkey
    SwankeyMonkey Year ago +2

    To give Infinity War anything less than a 5/5 is a shame and a mistake.
    I've seen it 6 times already, and the movie is absolutely brilliant, in every way.

  • Lord Rorschach
    Lord Rorschach Year ago

    Let me guess..
    Kristian complains about Marvel Comedy

  • Jake V
    Jake V Year ago

    Civil War was over rated and has tons of flaws also horrible shaky cam and cut scenes, but Infinity War was way deeper and better 4/5

  • HexVex
    HexVex Year ago +2

    3.9? Gtfo Ellis, you should be embarrassed for that shit.

  • Brent Knard
    Brent Knard Year ago +2

    Seriously a 3.9 but gave a 4 to Justice League, come on Mark.

  • Vincent Mcbride
    Vincent Mcbride Year ago +2

    a 3.9 for this and a 4.5 for last jedi.. definitely do not have same taste in movies has Ellis. Last jedi 2.75, this is a 4.5.

  • SpartaKei
    SpartaKei Year ago

    Tom Vaughn lawler is his helper he is Irish very good actor

  • Utracia1
    Utracia1 Year ago

    Jokes were weakest part of the film for me, if they weren't there this would have been my #3 MCU film instead of #5. Still great but could have been epic. I'll see it again before it leaves the theater, no worries there.

  • Darmamu the Wargamer

    Now, I dont care if I get the hate for this comment. But only a brain dead person can give this movie a 3.9, regardless of his opinion on it.
    We waited 10 years for this come out. The amount of characters that where in there could sabotage the entire movie, but the directors juggled them perfectly. We had an amazing villain, and knowing marvel, we could have gotten another forgettable one.
    True out the entire movie, there was not a single where I saw some one leave the screening. Not to the toilet, not to some where else. The entire time we all where invested in the story. To say that some of the characters dident get as much development as the others? We had 10 years of development. This movie was to develop Thanos, and introduce him to us. In all honesty, he was the main character of the movie.
    And the last point I want to make. When to movie ends, and there is not a single sound from any one, just silence. Now that says a lot! + No one even left for 5 minutes, people where just sitting there in shock.
    So as Gordon Ramsay would say "Take your head from your ass, and shove that 3.9 in there instead!"

  • TepidShark
    TepidShark Year ago

    There are like one or two jokes that I remember. The humor wasn't as memorable compared to even Civil War or Black Panther which were also mostly very dramatic on the hole.

  • Rodolfo Gutierrez

    Wow Mark I'm surprised, because I usually agree with your point of view, although I disagree on this one, I still respect your opinion

  • Jeremy Barnes
    Jeremy Barnes Year ago +3

    WTF, not even an EIGHTY percent, Ellis!!!

  • borgtennis
    borgtennis Year ago

    I think Mark downplayed just not to over hyped it.What is there not to like? 10/10 and for the snob critics 9.98/10 best ever. In a way the Avengers Whedon would have done.

  • 44r0nm
    44r0nm Year ago

    Stan Lee delivered the flip phone to "Tony Stank" at the end of Civil War. Makes sense cap would send that, since he's so old he would probably hate smartphones!

    CURTIS WALKER Year ago

    FUCK that foo in the suit 5 STARS BICH

  • neil Varma
    neil Varma Year ago

    But we built up the characters already!
    Also ellis WTF.

  • Rohan Sharma
    Rohan Sharma Year ago

    I would say 4.1 and this was mostly a Thanos movie.

  • Rick Brown
    Rick Brown Year ago


  • Aroreiel
    Aroreiel Year ago

    I don't think this movie was about character build up. We've already had the individual movies and the first two Avengers. This one was about Thanos and the characters around him. Not that I'm saying this movie was perfect because it wasn't, it does have it's issues. But I still really liked it.

  • Emapten
    Emapten Year ago

    I have to say shmoes, I really think you spoiled it for yourself with trailers that it's the reason you are underwhelmed by this movie, personaly I thought it was one of the best marvels done,

  • Jake22love Jake22love

    No comic book movie can fuck with this. After this,Marvel is God.

  • Wari
    Wari Year ago

    No Spoilers below
    Critics may struggle with the simple plot. There is no time to develope in-depth story because all hells breaking loose. When you pull a fire alarm you don't have time to make the bed and fold the sheets. So I think critics or haters will use the simple plot as a flaw. Stop Thanos from getting the stones and buckle up for the ride .....PERIOD. I gave this "event" ☆☆☆☆☆

  • Chris Rosado
    Chris Rosado Year ago

    ive read and watched a ton of reviews today and not one mentioned that this is part 1/2 so you can not truly review this until you’ve seen pt 2.

  • Don Slaughter420
    Don Slaughter420 Year ago

    Don't like these guys

  • Aztec39nebraska
    Aztec39nebraska Year ago

    One of you has his head up his @$$.

  • andy marfo
    andy marfo Year ago

    Just seen the movie it's amazing action visuals. These guys are nitpicking at character development but they have had that in there own movies. The russos handling all these hero's and great villains wow. Russos gave us a thanos movie with follow ups to a bunch of movies amazing.

  • MJ 786
    MJ 786 Year ago


    spiderman, black panther, loki, bukky, vision, starlod, groot, gamora and more all die.

  • Dru Owen
    Dru Owen Year ago

    Also, fair points from Mark as well, but I'd recommend a second watch through. The fact that the sacrifice of G even worked for Thanos proves he loved her. The price was sacrifice of someone you love.

  • Dru Owen
    Dru Owen Year ago

    Just wanted to say that I completely agree with Kristian. You and I obviously have the same peeves with vocal performances. Dinklage is the only thing that took me out of this film, much like he did in Death at a Funeral, because of his over articulation over words. He speaks perfectly and some of his characters don't fit that way of speaking to me. I love him in most stuff, and I love he was able to play a giant. Just wish they would have did some type of pitch and reverb manipulation to give him a better sound.

  • dewlover420
    dewlover420 Year ago +4

    6/10. VERY disappointing!

  • SATI Productions
    SATI Productions Year ago

    Great Review Mark and Kristian! You Guys Rock! We Loved this movie too! Here's Our Amazing and Emotional No Spoilers Movie Review to this amazing Marvel movie yet! Check it out! :) tvclip.biz/video/c1bmBtcy5Es/video.html

    BUDDABANG Year ago

    Who are the black nights?!?!?!?3:40

  • lord platypus
    lord platypus Year ago +1

    I did not like this movie I fucking loved it. Never have I invested all my emotions in a movie before. Kudos Marvel

  • Ghost Master Cobo Jones

    The Red Skulls return was super awesome

  • km_1911
    km_1911 Year ago

    According to Ellis that dumpster fire JL deserved a higher score than Infinity War. Never has an opinion been so irrelevant.

  • dlm358
    dlm358 Year ago

    You two complain about the smallest thing. You are not Ebert and Siskel. This was an amazing movie on any epic scale..

  • TheOtherGuy021
    TheOtherGuy021 Year ago +2

    Hahahah mark gave 3.9 to Infinity War and 4 to Justice League
    I am never listening to that guy’s movies scores ever again

  • The Haven
    The Haven Year ago

    This guy on the left sounds boring. No way did the movie feel inconsistent or plod along. The movie is 2 hours and 29 minutes and you'd never know with how fast the pacing and action was.

  • Justin Marquez
    Justin Marquez Year ago

    5/5 pure masterpiece. Yall are tripping.

  • Santana Julian
    Santana Julian Year ago

    Never disrespect the drax

  • SideshowBob
    SideshowBob Year ago

    Yeah agree with Mark, felt a little disjointed and like a sequence of loads of events because of how much there was for the film to get through, which makes it hard to get fully invested emotionally. It also means that the characters themselves aren't rlly interacting fully with each other, more so just a quick "hi im X nice to meet you now lets fight" . Pacing was also therefore an issue, with some set up taking a bit long. Nevertheless, the pay off was usually always worth it with some truly epic action scenes.

  • Zach MacKay
    Zach MacKay Year ago

    I feel bad that your job requires you to be so critical towards every movie. I really feel for y'all. It must be a burden

  • Chris K
    Chris K Year ago

    I dont think he knows what he likes. Justice league was an absolute mess. How he can score it higher is beyond me. IW to me was an amazing movie. Loved it. I truly do want DC to do well as I love the characters and it’s so sad to see how awful their movies are. No DC film comes close to this epic! Well done Marvel.

  • jongmagee
    jongmagee Year ago

    The movie was okay.

  • -JustABot- PincheOsitoFEO

    RED SKULL !!!!!

  • Omar Wen
    Omar Wen Year ago

    Lol, these guys both gave the last Jedi higher scores. That movie was straight ass. Single handedly ruined Star Wars.