Student Associations | Wageningen University & Research

  • Published on Aug 21, 2013
  • As a student of Wageningen University & Research you'll have lots of possibilities to enjoy your free time and learn so much extra besides your study programme. You can join music and theatre groups, sports clubs, student associations or student organisations like AIESEC and the student council. Enjoy your student life!

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  • Inzicht Krijgen
    Inzicht Krijgen 5 years ago

    Mij nicht heeft ook gestudeerd in Wageningen. Interessante filmpjes om te zien.

  • TheNecronImmortal
    TheNecronImmortal 6 years ago

    Pretty biased video. Why show only one of the 4 big student associations? Never saw any trace of Unitas, SSR-W and KSV in this video. Or the other associations beside AISEC? If you want to give a good picture of the student life of Wageningen University student, you are missing roughly 80% of it at the moment...