Week 3 2019 #9 Florida vs Kentucky Full Game Highlights 9/14/2019

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • College Football Week 3 Florida vs Kentucky Highlights 2019

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Comments • 609

  • Jackson Edwards
    Jackson Edwards 6 hours ago

    This game hurt deeply

  • Mat Carden
    Mat Carden Day ago

    If Trask would of played the whole game, it wouldnt of been close. I will say this, give Florida Kentuckys o line and their a playoff team

  • RenTin
    RenTin 8 days ago

    9:55 respect to the Kentucky players #10 Rose, #1 Bowden and fans that were supporting our player!

  • RenTin
    RenTin 11 days ago +2

    Yall remember when UK was the bottom of the barrel crappy SEC team? Still are. Lol Kentucky over here with their egos way too big. Get back down there, sit down and be humble like Vanderbilt.

  • Randy Martinez
    Randy Martinez 11 days ago


  • Randy Martinez
    Randy Martinez 11 days ago


  • Ben Da man
    Ben Da man 13 days ago

    04:20 lucky catch, missing star CB

  • Ben Da man
    Ben Da man 13 days ago

    00:51 seconds sums frank up. Has a dude right in front of him wide open and throws an interception

  • Tj Lord
    Tj Lord 13 days ago

    Kentucky in the 4th quarter: "Ight imma fuck whicha"

  • Fred TheHead
    Fred TheHead 14 days ago

    That was some tight (subtle pass interference) coverage and one hell of an effort. Great catch. Highlight material. Regards, from a Gator fan.

  • The Great Cornholio
    The Great Cornholio 14 days ago

    Are coaches not able to identify talent anymore? More and more i see teams that are struggling a bit on offense, then their starting qb goes down--only for the backup to come in and turn the season around. This has been happening a good bit the past 4 or 5 years. In Floridas case, exactly what the HELL were they seeing in practices that made them start franks over trask?? I guess some guys just dont practice well. And they dont start playing till they get under the lights on saturday.

  • Will Garner
    Will Garner 16 days ago

    Dont worry kentucky.....auburn bout to handle them for yall

  • Psycho Creep
    Psycho Creep 18 days ago

    In the next couple seasons Kentucky could be looking at their first SEC championship showing. Getting better and more competitive each season.

  • Psycho Creep
    Psycho Creep 18 days ago +1

    Ranked # 9 bwahahahahaha. Florida in 2019 is over hyped and over ranked just like in 2018. Kentucky looked better in every way. Florida defense is weak, especially their defensive line, they can't stop the run at all and their defensive backs are awful. When a team with an accurate QB and good receivers gets a hold of them their getting exposed. Kentucky should have won this game. Lost by a foot on an easy kick.

  • P4F Ace
    P4F Ace 25 days ago

    Both teams are trash fu doesn’t deserve to be ranked

  • Tim Combs
    Tim Combs 25 days ago

    I guess this is the most ambitious cross over... UK football fans crying as much as UK basketball fans... Wasnt this game in Lexington too ?

  • Shotty McThotty
    Shotty McThotty 25 days ago +1

    When you claim to be the best team in Florida but you only won against an unranked team bc their freshmen kicker missed a 25 yard fg...not to mention a back qb and their best players went to the nfl

  • Mineral Tim 79
    Mineral Tim 79 26 days ago +1

    kentucky should've won this game.

  • Mineral Tim 79
    Mineral Tim 79 26 days ago

    wow, sawyer smith got an nfl arm and release. keep an eye on this guy.

  • punisherthunder
    punisherthunder 26 days ago

    Ain't no way Trask ain't shredding the fucking Vols.

  • Marvin Perdue
    Marvin Perdue 27 days ago

    Bad way to go down for Franks. Heal soon, but this shows who is the better quarterback. Trask is jus waaayy too smooth and confident. The offense looks better with him.

  • Jalil Davis
    Jalil Davis 27 days ago

    God Bless Felipe never wish bad on anybody and hope he has a speedy recovery. But the offense runs waayyyy too slow when he's playing. Looking at the stats will tell you he's playing well. But the QBR and how we were playing with him was atrotious. It wasn't coincidence that we came back quickly with Trask in the game. And with Emory in the wings, we could make a hard push

  • Rafael Luis
    Rafael Luis 28 days ago

    That was a awesome comeback game 🏈👏🏻

  • GhxulSzn
    GhxulSzn 28 days ago

    The iconic look of disappointment when your team is up a significant amount and they still blow it and take an L lol

  • Cody Merritt
    Cody Merritt 29 days ago

    Gators ain't got shit on the Dawgs this year either. Go Dawgs!

  • Wildcat 8
    Wildcat 8 29 days ago

    The refs taking out UK’s best safety & game ending sack 4th quarter with 2 terrible targeting calls gave Florida the game. Even with the game winning UK field goal missed, the game was changed with the bull shit targeting sack that would have made it 4th & 18. I say we scrap American football, not aloud to play Defense anymore

  • Preston Brooks
    Preston Brooks 29 days ago

    Abandon the wildcat formation. Plain and simple

  • Travis Taylor
    Travis Taylor 29 days ago

    Gator nation...

  • kayo da mic
    kayo da mic 29 days ago +1

    THIS GATORS TEAM With A Pure POCKET Passer iz Scary As Hell!!

    • Mokeia Hammond
      Mokeia Hammond 27 days ago

      I got 1200$ on tennesee to all the trask riders what is Florida slogan now in trask we trust.....

  • kayo da mic
    kayo da mic 29 days ago

    Dan Mullen We Have A Problem..

  • BT Rulez
    BT Rulez 29 days ago

    Go dawgs indeed

  • Greg Sizemore
    Greg Sizemore 29 days ago

    Hate that Franks got hurt but I always thought he was overrated... I think Sawyer may star at UK next year as starting QB... Terry just doesn't have the arm we need

  • FTLAUD 911
    FTLAUD 911 29 days ago

    Never like to see anyone get hurt. Not a Franks fan. He makes bad choices too often as a starter. Trask did an amazing job and was very accurate. Hope they can finally look like a ranked team. They have performed like a 20+ ranked team and have gotten lucky twice. Both Miami and Kentucky should have won and I am a gator fan.

  • Never Back down
    Never Back down 29 days ago

    12:55 targeting?

  • Bleedin Orange & Blue
    Bleedin Orange & Blue 29 days ago

    kash daniel someone needs 2 punch you in the face you r a dirty football player i cant believe you did that you need a suspension bro.. aye homie what comes around goes around karma is a B..... sec needs to see the tape of your actions in late 4th qtr you are a disgrace

  • Bleedin Orange & Blue
    Bleedin Orange & Blue 29 days ago

    i just watched some bum on kentucky kash daniel where on florida 2 pt play after we took lead in 4th qtr tried to injure gator qb trask after play by twisting his foot,, bro your a dirty player i hope you rip every ligament in your knee.. you dont deserve to play you are so dirty hope you enjoyed that L yall r bums kentucky oh yhea wait until basketball we got a lil something something..

  • justfetus
    justfetus Month ago

    jeeeeez. Kentucky deserved that win. Unfortunate ending.

  • Rod Gossett
    Rod Gossett Month ago

    Kentucky fans that's why you are Kentucky football and Florida is Florida.
    You football will always suck. Gators!

    BISHOP K.L.LEWIS Month ago +1

    It's a known fact " there's nothing greater than a Florida Gator !!!

  • Brandon Cox
    Brandon Cox Month ago +4

    8:44 "Here's Molly McGrath" had me laughing idk why. She popped up for like 1/3 of a second lol

    • Aubie
      Aubie 11 days ago +1

      and there she goes...

  • Philip Vaughn
    Philip Vaughn Month ago

    Commentators Sucked

  • Juan Ramone
    Juan Ramone Month ago +1

    Look like the backup for Florida should be the starter 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Sc0tt69
    Sc0tt69 Month ago

    13:13 BS call

  • Sc0tt69
    Sc0tt69 Month ago

    Frank's was less than a starting QB.. Glad he's

  • jonathan hampton
    jonathan hampton Month ago

    Kentucky played really well and I was pulling for them in this game tbh. I swear every year they seem to lose a Florida receiver in coverage that costs them a touchdown though. Gators slide with another win though. I think they’re overrated but good game

  • Utooob76
    Utooob76 Month ago +2

    not cool UK player Kash Daniels trying to injure the QB for Florida

  • OneHitWonder
    OneHitWonder Month ago +1

    Damn trask Reminds me of a 2.0 Tim Tebow

  • julian hughes
    julian hughes Month ago

    Trask was superb 🐊🐊

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Month ago

    Always liked trask better he needs to start

  • Michael Lusk
    Michael Lusk Month ago

    Well, at least Florida now has a great QB instead of a bratty little bitch.

  • Luke Shaw
    Luke Shaw Month ago

    Florida wins on some bullshit.

  • Oliver Rowen
    Oliver Rowen Month ago

    Stoops should give back his bonus, he got outcoached at the end. Couldn't make a defensive adjustment. UK started to play to not lose instead of playing. Why run Rose on 4th and 1 when Smoke was the man in the backfield? KY should be 3-0.

  • Boss Killa
    Boss Killa Month ago

    Kentucky threw the game


  • brettjern05
    brettjern05 Month ago

    A bunch of holding by Florida's line . They r fucked against Georgia even if they hold

    • Bender2497
      Bender2497 Month ago

      Did you see that Kash Daniels was caught trying to twist Trask's ankle at the bottom of a pile on the failed two-point conversion? Maybe you should check that out through your rose-colored glasses. Dirty players playing dirty....

  • Wolf Pierce
    Wolf Pierce Month ago

    Thank you Number 11 !!!!! You are the man !!!! I thought we were done & way to come back. # 11 looks up to the job !!!! Bye bye Franks never liked you as a quarterback anyway. Too many bad decisions.

  • Hunter McIntosh
    Hunter McIntosh Month ago

    During the game I asked myself, “did you simplify the playbook? Or is this what it looks like when a quarterback scans the field?” Yes this is a what a good qb looks like, poise, calm, and smooth. Trask looks like he could’ve thrown for 300 against this team but ole franks took us out. I wish nothing but the best for franks but the way we played with Trask at the helm, man does he look good. Watch out for us now! All around the team looked way more comfortable and faster with a legitimate qb taking snaps. Go Gators!! Watch out sec

  • jazztickets
    jazztickets Month ago +1

    When i want quality replays i watch Victors Valiant.

  • Chase Wallace
    Chase Wallace Month ago

    And Trask will look like Trash the rest of the season, just wait lol

  • Elijah Jennings
    Elijah Jennings Month ago

    uk qb is trash

  • Robert Ward
    Robert Ward Month ago

    the oline run blocking will need to improve before auburn lsu Georgia the tough part of the season is still to come Miami and Kentucky are just tune up games for the real test