25 Deleted Marvel Scenes You'll Never Get To See

  • Published on Jul 1, 2018
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    The hardest decision of every filmmaker is what to cut and what to leave in. Sometimes even director’s most favourite scenes have to be left out, whether it’s for time, continuity, or just to keep the story rolling. The Marvel universe is no different, and some of the scenes they cut are too good to be forgotten forever. From Iron Man playing Backgammon in a cave and throwing a party in Dubai and recommending the best hot dogs in the city, to a much darker opening to The Incredible Hulk that didn’t really start the movie off right. Thor was throwing cups all over the place in his first movie, and gets compared to Dumbo by Bruce Banner in Ragnarok. In Captain America, we see Steve mourn the loss of his friends, meet a pretty waitress, and have his credibility questioned by Howard Stark. In the first Avengers, a forgetful Loki loses his sceptre while plotting with The Other, and in Age Of Ultron, Thor’s premonition goes into much greater detail, while an entire other ending was shot that allowed Quicksilver to survive. We would have learned more about the sisters Gamora and Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy if one scene had been left in, and seen John C Reily struggle to make his suit stay lit. In Black Panther, Zuri tells T’Challa that T’Chaka had outgrown the Black Panther suit quite literally, and Ross wishes the king, “Good luck and many shoelaces!” Finally, in Spiderman Homecoming, a scene was cut that would have delved deeper into the relationship between Peter and his beloved Aunt May. While we’re sad to see some of these scenes go, we’re sure that the final films are better off for it, and since most are included in the DVD features, they’re hardly gone forever.
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  • Jose  Antonio Delgado

    Great deleted scenes!!!

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    ELL Sauce 7 days ago

    Remember when screen rant became BuzzFeed

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    Asa Mitchell 9 days ago

    On my DVD of iron man Tony stark and yenson do play back gammon

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    Scott Andrews 10 days ago

    too many ads

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    Brydon Sinclair 11 days ago

    Why not show the scenes?!?!?!?!

  • Rick Du
    Rick Du 11 days ago

    They did the Bruce Banner trying to kill himself in a dream sequence in a later movie, not to mention he explained that trying to kill himself thing in the avengers...

  • panji nugroho
    panji nugroho 12 days ago

    4:55 - 6:55 backsound name please.. Sounds like samba fusion jazz with flute solo

  • Maksim Hidanovič Stariha

    Rip Racoon

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    I was born in 2008!!

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    Waiter 19 days ago

    I saw a sex scene in my moms car before

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    proxyhuman 20 days ago

    You keep saying that there are scenes that are worth watching.....Well, where the hell can I find them?

  • Bill’s Dad
    Bill’s Dad 24 days ago +4

    ..but I just saw them? Lmaoo

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    Spectrum Duck 24 days ago

    Then how did we see them

  • apisalome tudreu
    apisalome tudreu 26 days ago

    They might use the quick silver ending in end game....time travel??

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    ya boi 29 days ago

    Why the thum nail

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    Dennis Sinned Month ago

    Wow , some of these videos are really idiotic, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and doesn't mean they are right.

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    Till know

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    Arturo Cardenas Month ago

    Marvel should make a big movie with all the deleted moments and like my comment for no reason

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    james christian Month ago

    See there's the ultimate problem they keep gearing these movies towards family the comic books aren't geared towards families why should the movies

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    Der Schurkinist Month ago

    Well, I guess this calls for an "extended" extended cut.

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    Chubby Brother Month ago

    The only reason i clicked on the video was because of the shirtless Spiderman

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    Noice im seeing the "25 deleted scenes I'll never get to see"

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    Neat trick i use x2 speed when its a video of almost 10 minutes exactly.

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    2019 anyone

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    Tom's abs 🤤

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    Lindsay Connors Month ago

    Oops, too long, cut all character development and blow something up. These movies, though the best comic movies... suck.

  • Mr.monster 555
    Mr.monster 555 Month ago

    I really don't understand why do they cut the movies
    I would absolutly love a 3 hours movie

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    "You'll never get to see"

    *_Shows them_*

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    I love spider man

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    Raven Magallanes Month ago

    men aunt may is so hot !!!!

  • the Orca
    the Orca Month ago

    I've always though Marissa Tomay looked way too young as aunt May. I'm used to seeing Peter's aunt as an old woman.

  • Snow Dash
    Snow Dash Month ago

    I saw the loki and his mother scene on Netflix idk if it matters that I'm Canadian but maybe that's why? But I've seen it and I have it on my TV right now.

  • Darts
    Darts Month ago

    I came here to see aunt May

  • Morrowseer
    Morrowseer Month ago

    Anyone else thought that was amanda cerny

  • Juan Ponce
    Juan Ponce Month ago

    The quick silver clip should’ve been kept he is the only fast superhero in the MCU

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  • Elliott Cooper
    Elliott Cooper Month ago

    Why are you lying do you guys think marvel would give you deleted seens

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    Is anyone watching this in 2019?

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    j Roc Month ago

    Am I wrong or wasn't the backgammon game there? I remember them rolling they dice and moving discs

  • The Ugandan Knuckles channel

    Some of theses scenes are still in the movie

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    your video contradicts the title.

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    Didn't mention Ghostface in the second scene? Shame

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    Spider-Man: homeless
    Aunt may: home alone
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    13 and 14 were not cut

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    Deleted scenes are tight!

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    R.I.P Stan Lee, thanks for the best childhood. Excelsior!

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    So they killed a character in a *super-hero* movie because if no one died, it would have been *unrealistic* ??

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    The movie with incredible hulk as Bruce banner is put in as a deleted scene where Bruce shoots himself and turns hulk and later Bruce tells somebody in another scene "i can't die not by biting a bullet coz the big guy won't let me" instead of showing the scene the talk about it

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    anything where black widow is looking sexy

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    Blade was the movie that started it all along with x men.

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    I think it was worth it when Bruce mentions how Thor is like Dumbo!

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