Avengers: Infinity War - Sibling Rivalry

  • Published on Apr 28, 2018
  • Thanos is finally here, but is he worth all the build up he's gotten over the years? Doug and Rob give their thoughts on Marvel's most anticipated hit, Avengers: Infinity War
    Avengers: Infinity War is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is the sequel to 2012's The Avengers and 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the nineteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).
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Comments • 1 746

  • Ryan Nixon
    Ryan Nixon 24 days ago

    Who snapped and wiped out half the likes?

  • Jacob Torres
    Jacob Torres 2 months ago +1

    It's like they were afraid to say it was a good movie.

    • LeonGun8
      LeonGun8 Month ago +1

      See Infinity Wars in a void without any backstory or knowledge of the characters and the movie sucks. It works because you know this characters. This movie is a climax for the entire ten years of Marvel movies.

      Also, saying this is a great comic book movie is quite correct. Marvel embraced what they are in the movie. This isn't trying to be some super deep movie teaching you the secrets of life. It's a superhero movie through and through. This is actually the problem with the DCEU, because they try to make the movies incredibly gritty and dark to separate them from their comic origins rather than embrace their roots.

  • Derek Carpenter
    Derek Carpenter 2 months ago

    What controversy or channel issues is everyone talking about? Kinda new to the channel

    • LeonGun8
      LeonGun8 Month ago +1

      It doesn't matter at this point but it was some issues with their employees. Nothing ever came out of it though.

  • blue3616
    blue3616 2 months ago

    Doug: So, this is our spoiler free review-
    Rob: *THEY ALL DIE!!*

  • Ben Harsy
    Ben Harsy 3 months ago

    Are you guys going to see captain marvel together and make a sibling rivalry and spoiler corner about it?

  • Skippy the Magnificent
    Skippy the Magnificent 5 months ago +4

    (Finally watch Infinity War)
    Cool, now I'm going to finally watch the Sibling Rivalry about it!
    (Scrolls down to see the comments)
    Oh...yeah...the whole Change the Channel controversy thing...
    (...scrolls back up not giving a shit)

  • Lily parmida Parmida
    Lily parmida Parmida 5 months ago

    At the need I just thought, wait! There has to be more, this can’t be the end

  • Elvira Zavala
    Elvira Zavala 5 months ago

    I like rob drawing of infinity war it look cool

  • Calum Bishop
    Calum Bishop 5 months ago


    Love the fact Rob just says what happens in the beginning, but in a way that those who haven't seen the movie think he's being sarcastic when he's being 100% accurate. They do all die.

  • Rolanday
    Rolanday 5 months ago

    Love coming to this time period and seeing the comments

  • jimboa20
    jimboa20 7 months ago +4

    I don't get why Thanos' motivation confuses you. He explicitly lays it out not just once to Gamora ("it's simple calculus, little one"), but then again to Dr. Strange. He believes that unless half of the universe's population is culled, overpopulation will inevitably lead to the collapse of all civilizations everywhere. He sees himself as doing what has to be done to ultimately sustain life.

  • TheKijib
    TheKijib 7 months ago +2

    2/10 movie

  • Asher Armstrong
    Asher Armstrong 7 months ago

    Guys, why are you all blaming Doug and Rob and everyone? They have no control! They are not the directors! They can't release a video 'addressing the controversy' without permission, and seeing as they aren't doing jack shit, just enjoy the videos. Or don't. Don't comment constantly about it, though, because it's gone from scary and maybe encouraging them to just fucking annoying. I'm sorry you feel that way... but God, why are you blaming people who have no control?

  • Warren305
    Warren305 7 months ago +2

    How do you not understand Thanos' motivation? He says it like 100 times

  • Damian Durrant
    Damian Durrant 8 months ago

    Look at all these no life having head ass people commenting on shit not even about this vid. I seen 1 comment about the actual vid

  • jeff cherian
    jeff cherian 8 months ago +1

    Seeing these dickheads torturing 2 nice guys just made me subscribe to this channel. Good God! Disagreements happen people!

  • Agent Fuse
    Agent Fuse 8 months ago

    Jesus why are so many people talking about the stupid controversy and not the video? I was expecting comments talking about how he didn't understand Thanos' motivation despite him literally spelling it out.

  • Wes Megginson
    Wes Megginson 8 months ago +1

    31:04 When Rob almost calls him Rabbit

  • Frescopino
    Frescopino 8 months ago +1

    Jesus Christ, it's like you're Hitler 2 or something. Apparently you did something so heinous and unforgivable that you can't watch and enjoy a completely unrelated movie and then talk about it for a bit.

  • Holden Hafferman
    Holden Hafferman 8 months ago +1

    At the ending my brain hurts I was sad then mad then just like to many emotions overload must reboot and I just said my brain hurts

  • A Person
    A Person 9 months ago +1

    He know he’s not a Marvel fan when he says Batman is Marvel

  • Lochrine -8
    Lochrine -8 9 months ago +1

    Batman- IS NOT marvel you dork

  • T. rexExpert01
    T. rexExpert01 9 months ago

    I don't know why I waited so long to watch this, but it's funny reading the comments three months later when no one gives a shit about the controversy. I'm sorry commenters from 3 months ago, but Channel Awesome and the Nostalgia critic are fine and are regaining fans quickly.

  • L wom
    L wom 9 months ago

    did they not show Adam Warlock in the post credit scene in Guardians 2?

  • The Mad Titan
    The Mad Titan 9 months ago +1

    Ah no this isn't part 1 Avengers Infinity War and Avengers 4 are their own movies. Avengers Infinity War opens the door to Avengers 4 but it's not part 1. Also if you said this movie is dumb then you just focused on the action scenes instead of focusing on the themes of the movie. The movie's theme is sacrifice for the greater good a lesson that the heroes fail to understand but Thanos the movie's protagonist understands other than Thanos Doctor Strange is only one who understands this by sacrficing half the universe and surrendering the Time Stone to Thanos and in exchange they might have a chance to win in Avengers 4. Oh but they can't be complex themes like that in this big dumb comicbook where people are just punching each other for no reason movie right right. You two probably just wanted to have fun time and just paid attention to the action scenes and when you came out of the theatre you were like this is a big dumb movie they're was barely any complex themes in it. And BTW you can't really count the plot not making sense a flaw if you didn't watch the other movies it's literally being marketed as the culmination of 10 years so if a critic or a audience member went into this movie expecting the plot to make perfect sense and to understand everything then no offence but him/her is an idiot and they'll just walk out thinking that the movie had no emotional moments or character development the development it left for the protagnist of the movie (Thanos) the reason the heroes dont get as much character development is because WE SPENT THE LAST 10 YEARS DEVELOPING THEM ! It's like what Doug says when you watch Return of the King without watching the other two. (Sigh) 😑😑😑😒

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS 9 months ago

    You think the imax is gonna be on the 4k dvd?

  • The sandwich
    The sandwich 10 months ago

    Ooh that like/dislike ratio! Some people just hate positivity.

    • Listener Canon
      Listener Canon 9 months ago

      It was around the Channel Awesome controversy and people gave it more dislikes since they were mad that the Walkers never left the site as they hope so. I'll admit, I was one of them.

  • Jonathan Carreles
    Jonathan Carreles 10 months ago

    Review iron man 1 2 and 3

  • Jess
    Jess 10 months ago +1

    This movie is so good I don't ever want to watch it again because it hurt so much. *cough* Loki deserved better.

  • saturninhabitant
    saturninhabitant 10 months ago

    You didn't mention the post-credit scene.

  • Budd Hen
    Budd Hen 10 months ago


  • John Pelt
    John Pelt 10 months ago

    Did anyone else come away thinking Peter Dinklage could play Galactus if the Marvel Studio/Fox thing came through?

  • Doogle The Demon
    Doogle The Demon 10 months ago +1

    i was legit paralyzed for a good 5 minutes in the movie theater after infinity war.

  • Futuristic Nostalgia
    Futuristic Nostalgia 10 months ago

    I am incredibly mind bogglingly confused, can someone explain what happened with mike and doug?

  • Scholarbound
    Scholarbound 11 months ago

    Watchmen is such a great book :)

  • DreamWolfPics
    DreamWolfPics 11 months ago

    "Spoiler free," and Rob opens the video by saying "they all die."

  • dishmanw
    dishmanw 11 months ago +1

    There is a difference in the way a critic and a fan approaches a movie. A fan just sits in for the ride and enjoys the feels, details be damned. A critic analysis the shit out of a movie to where it destroys the joy.

  • GreyWolf1700
    GreyWolf1700 11 months ago

    Apparently Warlock will join MCU in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 in 2020

  • shayne whydoihavetohavealastnamegoogle?

    The movie did have some sup bar CG moments. Like Banner in the Hulk Buster Armor looked goofy. Was like a floating head which is weird considering how much experience they have doing it for Iron Man.

  • Anything. Lucy
    Anything. Lucy 11 months ago

    I shed two tears *spoilers*

    For Starlord and Gamora. After rewatching the scene, I almost cry during the Spider-Man scene(thought I now atleast Spider-Man and Starlord will be back)

  • César Hernández Coria
    César Hernández Coria 11 months ago

    Tldw it was good

  • That Generic Video Gamer
    That Generic Video Gamer 11 months ago +1

    My brother told me that pretty much everyone does near the middle of the movie died I was sad when I got their and basically none died I thought he was just lying about everyone dying but when that scene came along

    I cried....

  • That Generic Video Gamer
    That Generic Video Gamer 11 months ago

    Wolfman’s got nards!

  • Beacuzz
    Beacuzz 11 months ago +4

    The difference between Infinity War and Justice League is the same difference between those cheap boxed cookies and homemade cookie made by your loved ones.
    One is made by machine with no cares or soul and the other is made with love and care and Time!

  • TheFakeCanadian
    TheFakeCanadian 11 months ago +1

    Infinity War drew me into the Marvel movies. I seen non of them a month a go and they I hear people talking about Infinity War so I binge watched all of them. And I though I wasn't going to like it but it was amazing.

  • Tizzo 82
    Tizzo 82 11 months ago +1

    Rob + No Spoilers= 0 fucks given

  • Brightest Light
    Brightest Light 11 months ago

    you missed killmonger from black panther when listing good villains, also robert redford, but that's just because it's robert redford and he's incredible to watch in anything

    COLD CRUST 11 months ago

    Awesome drawing!!!!!!

  • Nick Nick Nick Nick
    Nick Nick Nick Nick 11 months ago

    oh hey! you have three volumes of Berserk back there!

  • PrincessTigerLily111
    PrincessTigerLily111 11 months ago +1

    I loved the thor, groot and rocket team up

  • Swoof
    Swoof 11 months ago +2

    I came into the movie with only knowing characters by name, apart from the guardians, and I still loved it and teared up at (spoilers)

    Parker's death

  • SeeLan
    SeeLan 11 months ago

    Yeah i also loved it! Cap was badass black widow was badass the hulk was badass AND ESPECIALLY THOR WAS MOTHAFUCKIDITY FUCKING BADASS and the wakanda battle while a little bit flawed, was epic! And i almost fucking cried when spidey died did you know that the *i don wanna go i don wanna go* part was improvised by Tom Holland and THANOS was amazing i thought he was gona kinda suck since he’s such a big character but i loved him the movie was just AWESOME

  • Darth Zach
    Darth Zach 11 months ago

    BATMAN IS DC NOT MARVEL also you should read the infinity war series

  • Film Corner
    Film Corner 11 months ago

    Hater still going to see comic movies, just like haters pre-order IPhones

  • Rose Ryan
    Rose Ryan 11 months ago +1

    I don't like Pepper Potts either. Was hoping that she got dusted lol. No one realized that BP would be that huge. They were still filming BP when Infinity War was being made. Joe Russo said they were in the same area and they'd go over and talk to Ryan Coogler about what he was doing so they could get BP right in IW. I don't think they needed to have more BP.. As stated BP was still in theaters and IW didn't need to be BP part 2.

  • Zoey The Folf
    Zoey The Folf 11 months ago

    Can someone please explain what controversy?

    • Lucas Hammar
      Lucas Hammar 11 months ago

      Just ignore it. It's nothing worth to know about.

  • Andrés Valdés
    Andrés Valdés 11 months ago

    Of course they loved the movie, the EVIL BALD GUY wins at the end...

  • CCz On
    CCz On Year ago

    "I've read X-Men and batman and other Marvel comics,"

  • Giovanni Magnus
    Giovanni Magnus Year ago

    Nostalgia Critic, you really should do two of these for every film. One that is spoiler free, and is your recommendation for the film, the other has spoilers, so that people who've seen the movie can get your opinion and know what bits you liked.

  • liamdude5
    liamdude5 Year ago

    I'm not usually a big fan of the more action oriented Marvel films, but the scenes with the Guardians made it work for me. Solid 7/10

  • Nick Howard
    Nick Howard Year ago

    I cant wait for Infinity Hallows pt. 2: Curse of the character fatigue, where all my favorite characters comeback to life and turn this 3 hour action, porn, into the pointless cash grab it truly is. Rip all my respect for the Gaurdians of the Galaxy characters except groot.

  • Lycanskull
    Lycanskull Year ago +1

    I think the one thing about this movie everyone can agree on is the following:
    Thanos was FANTASTIC.

  • Briana Lambert
    Briana Lambert Year ago +1

    Clearly this kind of a project, multiple films, long time, interconnected, marvel has proven it can be done. But I think it needs two important things: focus on the project itself, not the bottom line; from the writers, the directors, the producers, they all need to be willing to put forth the time and effort into making a solid project through collaboration, and secondly do what is right for the story, not necessarily what is most faithful; If you are going to make a change to the original story, it can't be for fan service, popular trends, or other temporary reasons. It needs to be because it makes the story, the character, the world stronger

  • Revolutionary Cinema Productions

    Dude on the right is hardcore dc biased as fuuuck. Thanos motivation was very clear, he wants to whipe out half of all life in the universe, because resources are finite, and the population was causing a universal imbalance according to thanos, so he thought he was doing the right thing for the greater good by whiping out half of all life in an unbiased manner so that the other half can live in a paradise and the universe will be balanced again. He literally says it like 3 times, and hints at balance a bunch more through out the rest of the movie. Its absolutely not as dumb as you guys think it is, especially with thanos, he has far more depth than most modern movie villains, and most would agree thanos is up there next to villains like Darth Vader, scarface, heath ledgers joker, etc. And arguably better than some of them, all around. He has so many layers, especially when he kills the only person he loved to do what he thinks is right for every single living thing in the galaxy, and he believes he is the only person in the galaxy who can go through with doing it, who had the willpower and wherewithal, and the only person willing to sacrifice every thing to get it done. You CAN NOT SIT THERE AND SAY THIS MOVIE WAS DUMB, OR THAT YOU DIDNT KNOW WHAT THANOS MOTIVATION WAS bc it was plainly laid out multiple times. And batman v superman wasnt deep, it was artificially layered. It just gives the illusion that its smart without actually saying anything of any real value. Infinity war isnt artificially layered like BVS thank god lol

  • 박희찬
    박희찬 Year ago

    Could someone please tell me what's going on? I've seen Doug get many dislikes but not this much, and everyone seems to blame them for something...

  • IronGod1640
    IronGod1640 Year ago

    That poster was also shown in the Guardians of the Galaxy Rivalry.

  • Jonathan Greene
    Jonathan Greene Year ago +2

    I don't like the term 'comic book movie' being repeatedly used like it's low art. And some critics take the attitude that anything with massive amounts of action & visual effects is low art. It's all in how you present the material. Maybe the Transformers movies are low art. By comparison, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is up there with the Star Wars saga, in my opinion.

  • NightDreamer231
    NightDreamer231 Year ago

    I hate the bathos in marvel movies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • dave greg
    dave greg Year ago

    'Mickey Rourke whipped some Parrots or something '

  • A M
    A M Year ago +2

    Holy Crap that Infinity War Poster is Awesome!

  • spartacus36526
    spartacus36526 Year ago

    this is the spoiler free portion... "THEY ALL DIE" ...literally before Doug can even finish saying the first sentence.

  • Scott Harris
    Scott Harris Year ago

    That’s such a cool and sweet picture.

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown Year ago

    What's the weird alien dildo thing on the bookcase in between the critic brothers?

  • Thiago Leão
    Thiago Leão Year ago +3

    Man... saying that this movie is a part 1 is a big spoiler. Happy I waited to see this video after the movie.

  • Dallas Diatorei
    Dallas Diatorei Year ago

    1. Spider-Man: Homecoming
    2. Black Panther
    3. Avengers: Infinity War
    4. Captain America: Civil War
    5. Guardians of the Galaxy
    6. Doctor Strange
    7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    8. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    9. Captain America: The First Avenger
    10. Ant-Man
    11. The Avengers
    12. Thor
    13. Iron Man 3
    14. Avengers: Age of Ultron
    15. Iron Man
    16. Thor: Ragnarok
    17. The Incredible Hulk
    18. Iron Man 2
    19. Thor: The Dark World

  • Teirdalin
    Teirdalin Year ago

    Nice hulk reference at the start.

  • Dauda András
    Dauda András Year ago

    Bigger than Black Panther? Come on!
    No contest here!

  • Dauda András
    Dauda András Year ago

    I think its worth to mention that how comic book movies has developed over the year. This was the first and very amazing real attempt to show a Universal Scale Threat Villain on the big screen! With its feelings and some part of his motivation.
    Not just some small fry but a true heavy hitter! Which you can't just defeat with some powered-up hero you have to do teamwork and multiple hero teams have to hit him simultaneously.
    Old Fantastic 4 movie tried but Galactus was nearly was only some cloud and then Silver Surfer one-shoted him. lol
    Dormammu just got one scene and I don't even want to mention Parallax in that failed GL movie.
    DC is so far to bring Darkseid to live.

  • Austin Woods
    Austin Woods Year ago

    I have not met a single person in the civillian world nor the entertainment industry who compared this film to Justice League. I'm sorry DC isn't making the films you want. Deal with that in another video. Also, enough with the jokes we've heard 1,000x. At least your brother Doug makes a decent point about how this was scene as a fad.
    Review this film, not others, and if you don't stand up and acknowledge that Marvel Studios made Thanos trounce Darkseid who didn't even appear in his own film. Made characters like Hawkeye and Falcon interesting to me, someone who never read much Marvel.
    And Marvel isn't magic. The Venom trailer looks like it is from 1998, Fox is 20 years into barely getting the X-Men right. Sony re-ran Spidey like a 4x4 hit at a dance night in LA called Pour Vous and you need to accept these things. DC movies sucked. Sorry. Your review is so weak.
    And you are way off on the comics but .. "I'll tell you sometime" well why not articulate your points now?
    His plan for death has been changed to population control dealing with it. God. You nerds repeat the same banter I've heard from the bottom of the barrel click-bait sites. Should we all just go back to CBR.
    Doug... sort out your brother.

  • Austin Woods
    Austin Woods Year ago

    Your brother That Guy W.. Doug, yes, Dough looks concerned for you in some shots. Your flip-flopping is beyond bizzare and you almost seem to be angry that these films did well and that people are having fun with their success.

  • Austin Woods
    Austin Woods Year ago

    "There's a bunch of critics... we know them" you need that validation. So badly.

  • Austin Woods
    Austin Woods Year ago

    SNOOOZE FEST. You guys don't have anything new to say.

  • Austin Woods
    Austin Woods Year ago

    20 seconds later "I was getting goosebumps and loved every second seeing these characters."

  • Austin Woods
    Austin Woods Year ago

    "The plot is razor thin." - Rob

  • Austin Woods
    Austin Woods Year ago

    "The movie is big and dumb" - Rob

  • Austin Woods
    Austin Woods Year ago

    Oh course you loved it. It's a fucking blast. Also, it's hard to compare to any movie ever. It needs no 1st act (like Batman (1989) and lets the villian taker over while we get scenes with all the characters we love getting wrecked. That is a perfect adaptation of a Giant-Comic Book Crossover. This is how that goes. Now movie going audiences get it. The end was an entire generation of kids version of "Luke, I am your father" and those kids do not know about the contracts and how we're going to get them back in the next film.
    "This movie is dumb." You fucking ... I'm just going to go watch Jim's video. You're a weird looking, angry man. Ehh.
    You def made you're brother look better.

  • Austin Woods
    Austin Woods Year ago

    Rob you are so afraid to admit you are a dork. You are. You are a huge dork. Drawing that picture would take ages. You took so much time drawing comics. And now you just laugh and scoff at this thing that your friends' all worked on... there is nothing there... so chill. You weirdos.

  • Austin Woods
    Austin Woods Year ago

    God, you guys need a make-over. Constructive criticism.

  • Dino Sabalić
    Dino Sabalić Year ago

    I wouldn't mind a bit of distincion between Star warse, Star trek and the MCU, as it's slowly becoming one thing.

  • The LegoBrick Man

    Why Don't you ever review the Marvel Movies?

  • ArcaneSunset
    ArcaneSunset Year ago

    the only gripe I have with the film is Loki being so stupid at the start. Completely out of character, even when you compare him with the Loki in Thor: Ragnarok.
    Aside that... Just. Effing. Epic. And the ending is so in your face... If Marvel stands by the consequences of that ending... Chapeau to them.

  • Christopher Titus

    Funny you guys didn't think of Killmonger first when discussing the good villains. He's on the top of a lot of people's lists.

  • Zenic1
    Zenic1 Year ago

    Motivation rob was struggling to explain
    Death is an entity(personified) a bit of a slave to her
    Thanos is will do anything for her
    he tries to impress her

  • Barry Breadson
    Barry Breadson Year ago +2

    Who else thought it would be funny if star-lord was playing some music on his "zune" in a battle and then thanos starts SNAPPING TO THE TUNE.
    Star-lord's zune: 🎵80s music🎵
    Thanos: ooh! I love this song!
    **snap, snap, snap,**
    Everyone: NOOOOOOOOOOOO- **DIES**
    Thanos: Hey, where'd the music go? Aw man..... they're all dead.

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Year ago +1

    What's with all the dislikes? I'm just wondering because I don't feel like watching the whole video.

    • filipinowhiteboy
      filipinowhiteboy Year ago

      It has to do with their affiliation with Channel Awesome.

  • Fin3line Fin3line


  • Midnight Owl
    Midnight Owl Year ago

    Yo but that drawing Rob did as a kid with his friends is incredible like damn wish I was that creative

  • Freddy Simensen
    Freddy Simensen Year ago

    I don't want to take any side on this controversy. Most famous people in the entertainment industry are giant assholes, but you can still enjoy their art

  • HephaestusBuilds
    HephaestusBuilds Year ago

    Why the dislike ratio?

  • Glen Wang
    Glen Wang Year ago +1

    Half of the people who dislike this video are either DCEU shills or anti-Channel Awesome aficionados. Your pick.