• Published on Aug 22, 2017
  • hey guysss sorry the editing is so bad my laptop is still broken but hope you guys enjoy this vlog of my first two days of freshment year!
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  • Nikki Bruner
    Nikki Bruner  11 months ago +415

    Hi guys! I filmed this video last year but you can go watch my FIRST DAY OF SOPHOMORE YEAR here:🤪💕🙏🏽

    • Sandwich Maker
      Sandwich Maker 10 months ago

      What’s a day and b day

    • Anastasiia A
      Anastasiia A 10 months ago

      Nikki Bruner girl thanks that’s what I’ve been looking for!! Actually vlogging !!

    • Latavia S
      Latavia S 10 months ago

      Nikki Bruner can’t wait🤪🤪

    • Emma Peeples
      Emma Peeples 11 months ago

      Nikki Bruner I actually really liked this video, I myself will be a freshman this year. Your school is huge! Awesome vid 😁

    • olivia :3
      olivia :3 11 months ago +1

      "all the girls look so slobby" gurl this is why I love you ❤️😆😆😂😂😂

  • Luke Hendricks
    Luke Hendricks Day ago

    Were you like not nervous for your first day of Freshman

  • Adventure Society

    You definitely radiated freshmen energy.

  • Madison Bullock
    Madison Bullock 2 days ago


  • Zy Fam
    Zy Fam 17 days ago

    Waittttt you only have four periods??

  • Angelina Hombach
    Angelina Hombach 19 days ago

    What wax do you use?
    I can never seem to find a good one.

  • Morgan Janae
    Morgan Janae 20 days ago

    Omg you act the exact same I love your personality 😭

  • Exclusive Mia
    Exclusive Mia 24 days ago

    Why do I relate to literally everything you say!!!!!! 5:42 5:55 6:21

  • sunnu
    sunnu 26 days ago

    omg ur so pretty ♥️
    also do u live in Denver because I swear to God the lines at Ross there are long as hell

  • Jenna Markles
    Jenna Markles 2 months ago

    I stg the amount of writing we doing in high school is so much that I’m for sure having arthritis by age 17

  • Yasmin Bucio
    Yasmin Bucio 2 months ago

    Tbh I don’t care about these videos cause like I’m a guy and not gay I just wanna see how the upperclassmen act cause I got 6 older brothers and 2 are going to be with me in the high school section cause it’s a kindergarten to 12th grade and my 6 younger siblings are going to be at the school well except my 3 year old brother but yeah

  • trashcanzart
    trashcanzart 2 months ago

    Your school is BIG

  • Diana Bello
    Diana Bello 2 months ago +1

    I already got back problems at age 14 🤣🤣🤣🥺😭

  • Tiktok Video Compilationss!

    What dows b day meann?

  • Netten Chamnan
    Netten Chamnan 2 months ago +1

    I'm like full of anxiety and freshman year is just a couple of months away so I have a lot of time to prepare. I'm still full of anxiety 😭

  • JustPeachyy
    JustPeachyy 3 months ago

    anybody else yawn when she yawned?

  • E Burgos
    E Burgos 3 months ago

    She is soooo pretty!

  • restine ira
    restine ira 4 months ago

    "I hate people. People suck." GIRL big mood honestly

  • Emilly Natusch
    Emilly Natusch 4 months ago

    omg i love your channel, you're so beautiful and amazing 💕

  • range rover
    range rover 4 months ago

    Nikki u lucky that you find it classes but for me it took me the whole day to find my class so that means I missed the whole day trying to find my class but they not call home because u know we just new in this shit school

  • range rover
    range rover 4 months ago +1

    First day of freshmen year in my school was hella fighs I mean super hella fights first day of 9th grade got 22 people suspended

  • Karma_Luvic
    Karma_Luvic 4 months ago

    Lol my school's like that too I have A day and B day I cried cuz I have to go up and down the stairs for all my classes

  • nae parker
    nae parker 4 months ago +1

    Where is ur damn friends at like tf🤓😛

  • Nilah Williamson
    Nilah Williamson 4 months ago


  • Alexandra Aguglia
    Alexandra Aguglia 4 months ago

    I’ve been doing homeschool my entire life and I’m gonna be starting high school this year, the only problem is that I have a mild case of social anxiety and I’m sooo scared

  • Tunrayo Ade
    Tunrayo Ade 4 months ago

    What does free block mean?

    • Morgan Janae
      Morgan Janae 20 days ago

      Tunrayo Ade I think like free period

  • It's Just Me
    It's Just Me 4 months ago +1

    “ain’t nobody want back problems at 14” TRUTH

  • Yaa Basoa
    Yaa Basoa 5 months ago

    Your from ghana me to

  • Hi IDK !
    Hi IDK ! 5 months ago

    Are you Ghanaian?

  • cole levi
    cole levi 5 months ago

    wait do you live in atl??? istg that’s the ross over on camp creek

  • aechnoae
    aechnoae 5 months ago

    for future reference; mix ivory soap and baking soda or black soap and baking soda. Mix it in your hand til suds form and apply to your pimples. let it sit for 15 minutes, rinse off. pimples will be gone in the morning. just a quick remedy.

  • Simply Dede
    Simply Dede 5 months ago

    I miss building 1200

  • Jadeyy Pooh
    Jadeyy Pooh 6 months ago

    Awesome video you’re so kewl

  • Maria Campos Vlogs
    Maria Campos Vlogs 7 months ago +1

    whos gonna tell her its freshman?

    • Nikki Bruner
      Nikki Bruner  7 months ago +3

      Maria Campos Vlogs Well I guess you😬🤷🏽‍♀️🤪

  • Xxelite dva
    Xxelite dva 7 months ago

    Your high school looks like a college

  • Samantha S
    Samantha S 8 months ago

    That’s the cutest freaking puppy

  • Michael HAGE
    Michael HAGE 8 months ago

    how did this get 250k views

  • Benjamin Mendoza
    Benjamin Mendoza 9 months ago

    All I took was a pencil and a folder

  • Childish Sadbino
    Childish Sadbino 9 months ago +1

    You are so adorable! ❤ Also that camo dress looks flawless on you

    • Nikki Bruner
      Nikki Bruner  9 months ago +1

      Awwweee thank youuuu🙈🙈😘💛💕

  • Mark DELA CRUZ
    Mark DELA CRUZ 9 months ago

    Don’t take this the wrong way but did u make good friends?

  • Faith Collett
    Faith Collett 9 months ago

    This vid was amazing but the only thing I saw was you pitting your hair behind you ears

  • Anh Nguyen
    Anh Nguyen 9 months ago

    Dang the campus is huge!! And you get to go outside and walk...we don’t get to do that

  • Malachi Penalver
    Malachi Penalver 9 months ago

    That freshman who goes to the wrong class

  • Malachi Penalver
    Malachi Penalver 9 months ago

    BITCH You guest it,hooo,you was right 🎵

  • Emmah Stevenson
    Emmah Stevenson 9 months ago

    what is a free block?

  • Nani ki
    Nani ki 9 months ago

    6:20 omg that's me 😂

  • idr0ps
    idr0ps 9 months ago

    Your school looks like a college campus lmaooo wOW

  • [Just Lis]
    [Just Lis] 9 months ago

    Dislike bc you kept touching you hair and that was so anoting that i had to spot the video

  • Ryleey
    Ryleey 9 months ago

    You kind of look like jazzy Anne but just a little bit 😂😂

  • Adreen Fernando
    Adreen Fernando 10 months ago +1

    American school looks so fun

    • ItZmE-GIO
      ItZmE-GIO 9 months ago +1

      I know right... im so jealous😂

  • Kirstin Covers
    Kirstin Covers 10 months ago

    I was a freshman too in 2017.
    but I looked ugly as hell my dude

  • Sarahi Secundino
    Sarahi Secundino 10 months ago

    you're So funny 😂new sub

  • Paper Paiges
    Paper Paiges 10 months ago

    dunno why I keep watching freshman videos...I'm a junior

  • Shaela McKae
    Shaela McKae 10 months ago

    girl your school is huge! I’ve only got one building and only two floors.

  • Knox Herrings
    Knox Herrings 10 months ago +2

    Best nostrils I have seen, slay!

  • hugs for drugs
    hugs for drugs 10 months ago

    you are gorgeous, wtf sis how u do dat

  • imong lola hehe hu
    imong lola hehe hu 10 months ago


  • 10 months ago

    “All the girls look so snobby like get your acts together” omfg preach girl ikr.. I always feel more comfortable sitting with guys and stuff they just seem chill... like why are all the girls so bitchy

  • orange airhead
    orange airhead 10 months ago

    I like your content you give a chill vibe I'm subscribing

  • ViRaL Chaos
    ViRaL Chaos 10 months ago

    Do u have to have a backpack? I feel like just taking one of those caseit binders and carry it around

  • Octavios Reaves
    Octavios Reaves 10 months ago

    O sh!t im in 10th grade too this year

  • Cyra Strong
    Cyra Strong 10 months ago

    Everyone has a campus and mine doesn’t 😂

  • Cyra Strong
    Cyra Strong 10 months ago

    Back problems 🤣

  • Damiana Williams
    Damiana Williams 10 months ago

    C/O ‘22🙈😛📚

  • Michael HAGE
    Michael HAGE 10 months ago

    How did this get over 200k veiws

  • GodisGood777
    GodisGood777 10 months ago

    Your campus is literally a college compared to mine.

  • Drink water not alcohol
    Drink water not alcohol 10 months ago

    How do you already know what you're doing before school even starts? School starts for me in 2 or 3 weeks and I have no idea what to do or where to go or ANYTHING so my plan is just to go around asking people.

  • Stephanie Carole
    Stephanie Carole 10 months ago

    Omg you are so pretty this is a good thing but you look like that one girl from polar express ohmygod

  • forev3r .ashl3y
    forev3r .ashl3y 10 months ago

    This is the realest vlog ever like everybody else be fake but love ur hair and the vlog keep up the good work

  • Kourtnie Buckmaster
    Kourtnie Buckmaster 10 months ago

    Fr everyone is such a bitch ugh

  • Valerie
    Valerie 10 months ago

    “people are coming, hell no” me when i’ll be a freshman in 3 days ah😩

  • Ashley Chapman
    Ashley Chapman 10 months ago

    Are you a limelight?

  • depression_central
    depression_central 10 months ago

    "Ain't nobody want back problems at age 14." 😂😂😂😂 that had me weak.

  • Brogan User
    Brogan User 10 months ago

    “Get people are coming” 😂😂

  • Ian Lowe
    Ian Lowe 10 months ago

    I'm turning freshman next week and I'm not ready any advice ??

  • Laura Devine
    Laura Devine 10 months ago

    You're so pretty... OwO this puts me to shame, I'm already uglyyy yey.

  • babyjazzyx
    babyjazzyx 10 months ago

    Just subscribed 💕 your so pretty and I loved this video x

  • Ava Baumcratz
    Ava Baumcratz 10 months ago

    I have A and B days too but not like yours

  • Ava Baumcratz
    Ava Baumcratz 10 months ago

    I have A and B days too!!

  • Zello Davis
    Zello Davis 10 months ago

    I'm trippin off freshman year

  • bella mallozzi
    bella mallozzi 10 months ago

    i live in coral springs too no way

  • Devyn French
    Devyn French 10 months ago

    Subscribed 😊

  • Nina Garrett
    Nina Garrett 10 months ago

    I miss having clear skin like that. Freshman year was nice, enjoy it while it lasts lol

  • Ella Foster
    Ella Foster 10 months ago


  • • k-pop and croptops •

    I usually talk to my friends and see how they are on the first day of school and I’m usually excited

  • Lost Boy
    Lost Boy 10 months ago

    you are so pretty!

  • Annabel Furton
    Annabel Furton 10 months ago

    "all the girls look so snobby like get your act together" ME

  • BlossomBliss TV
    BlossomBliss TV 10 months ago

    This came out on my birthday ❤️ and imma b a freshman this year

  • Juan does covers
    Juan does covers 10 months ago

    class of 21839??

  • sariah
    sariah 10 months ago

    is she the girl from polar express

  • Jahdyn Strambler
    Jahdyn Strambler 10 months ago

    Her hair is not haven't oml

  • Maggle
    Maggle 10 months ago

    “All the girls looks so snobby like get your acts together” aha

  • Sophia Freeman
    Sophia Freeman 10 months ago

    your campus is gorgeous omg

  • vreemdbts
    vreemdbts 10 months ago

    omg you're soo prettyyy

  • Emily Roach
    Emily Roach 10 months ago

    I would hate to go to go to your school

  • Steven Perkins
    Steven Perkins 10 months ago

    If you haven't already started school can you do an orientation vlog

  • Jaywen Carlos
    Jaywen Carlos 10 months ago

    Who’s ready for their sophomore year ? 🤘🏾

  • LeAnn D.
    LeAnn D. 10 months ago

    I said I would sleep at 1 its 1:43am time to get my life together damn it

  • raquell masker
    raquell masker 10 months ago

    Freshman gang Wya? #classof2022 I’m also a vlogger😋 Shameless self promo🔥

  • sydney g
    sydney g 10 months ago

    rip me i start freshman year in two weeks so...