GIANT DIY Sound Blanket Panels For Better Audio and Lighting!

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • These DIY sound panels/blankets will stop echo and reverb from effecting your audio. They are an easy way to get some acoustic treatment in your studio and they can be used for lighting! You can find all the parts used below including this Impact rolling stand:
    This is the second video in a series I'm doing on our new studio. Watch all the new studio videos here!
    - Rolling Stand on B&H:
    - Sound Blankets (Producer's Choice):
    - Kupo Adapter on B&H:
    - 1/2 Course Thread Bolt (1-1/2 inch long)
    - 1/2 Course Thread Washer (2 inches wide)
    - Eye Screws (I used #6 1-15/16 inch eye screws)
    - 6 foot board (I use a red oak 6’ x 4” x 1” board)
    Stay tuned for more videos on the new space!
    Some of these links have an affiliate code, if you purchase gear with these links I will receive a small commission.
    This video was not paid for by outside persons or manufacturers.
    B&H did supply us with some stands and grip gear to make this series possible.
    The content of this video and my opinions were not reviewed or paid for by any outside persons.
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  • DSLR Video Shooter
    DSLR Video Shooter  4 months ago +3

    Studio Setup Part 2 is here! You can watch the whole series in this playlist:
    01:26 How to Build
    04:09 Sound Tests
    06:11 Lighting Tests

    • Cullens Workshop
      Cullens Workshop 4 months ago +1

      I'd like to add a recommendation if you install a lot of eye screws, or hook screws. and thats a wing nut driver for your screw gun.

    • DropForgedSurvival
      DropForgedSurvival 4 months ago

      Somebody definitely goes to sound stripe! Do you have any recommendations for music sites? Just ordered 4 Sound Blankets!

  • Classic Roo
    Classic Roo 5 days ago

    ive got black ive got white which you want

  • Justin Kuhn
    Justin Kuhn 7 days ago

    These Producers Choice blankets are super expensive, any chance of putting together a video testing these against panels made with regular moving blankets?

  • Dylan Garton
    Dylan Garton 10 days ago

    Just discovered your channel Caleb, really enjoying your content, loving the new studio series, keep it up!

  • slkmic8
    slkmic8 12 days ago

    Would buying these and hanging them on the wall be cheaper then painting a room black and making DIY sound panels?

  • Dijit Ubach
    Dijit Ubach 20 days ago

    Good Technics

  • Noway Müller
    Noway Müller 22 days ago

    !!! Use the Metric System !!!

  • Yasin Hasan
    Yasin Hasan 26 days ago

    are these blankets machine washable?

  • Ma Belle Île
    Ma Belle Île 26 days ago

    Any alternative for Europeans ? Again something from the US with high customs fees, shipping fees and taxes. Couldn’t find any that looked that good

    • Noway Müller
      Noway Müller 22 days ago

      same problem here! Sadly most Video Gear come from the US...

  • Aaron Shadwell
    Aaron Shadwell Month ago

    love these vids!

  • Integrated Media Productions

    Thanks for always putting out solid content!

  • Miguel Yanez
    Miguel Yanez Month ago

    Nice shirt 👌

  • Gregg Palmer
    Gregg Palmer 2 months ago +1

    So I thought this was an awesome idea for location sound. I started off making these just as you demonstrated here. The more I got into the project the more I became concerned that the Producer Choice blanket grommets would not take the beating of repeated hanging at different locations and found that all the clips added to the blankets were cumbersome. I decided upon a simpler approach: just screw in #14 x 1" sheet metal screws on the top (not the side) of the board with the same spacing as the grommets. Leave the screw heads standing 3/8" or so above the board so that the grommets slide over screw heads and lock in. The blanket braking over the top of the board helps reduce the load on the grommets, so I'm hoping for less wear and tear on the blankets. Over all a great idea for on set reverb reduction. Picture:

    • Gregg Palmer
      Gregg Palmer Month ago

      @Krav Magoo Yes that would probably be even simpler. I was trying to hang the blankets independently so you could take them on/off without interfering with the other blanket, but really a single row of screws would work just as easy....By the way, I used these the other day on an outside shoot, made a wall of blankets to shield noise from a highway. Work really well, helped a lot in reducing the noise reaching the set. I did have to weigh the bottom of the blankets down so they did not flap in the wind, but overall very effective.

    • Krav Magoo
      Krav Magoo Month ago

      This is a good idea. Just looking at it, it seems like you could increase the benefit of the "braking" if you just screwed in one row of longer bolts/screws in the center of the board and put both blankets on the single row of bolts.

  • Jamie Fenn
    Jamie Fenn 3 months ago

    Just what I was looking for! Thanks Caleb!

  • David Monostori
    David Monostori 3 months ago

    I needed something like this for our new studio and was researching what can I do to help with echo that's easy and mobile. I'm glad I found this.
    Thank you for putting together this diy guide. I'm going to build 6 of these this week.

    • David Monostori
      David Monostori 3 months ago

      Got 3 done today and they are awesome. There were a few differences, listed here:

      Blankets now have 8 grommets not 5.
      The size is advertised as 6ft(72inch) but they are 77-80 inch, so a 6ft oak board is too short, need 7ft to make it fit.
      The screw needed for the adapter is 1/2inch x 2inch long.
      The carabiners can be replaced with #6 screw hooks to save money. Still easy to swap and store but much cheaper.

  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez 3 months ago

    Thanks so much for the info and the tests! Very great info and insight!!!

  • physixger
    physixger 4 months ago

    Another cheap alternative would probably be using a cheap rolling clothes stand instead of the expensive thing from BH (they are from about 30€ on Amazon)

    • Noway Müller
      Noway Müller 22 days ago

      Ich kann den link nicht aufmachen poste doch einen zu der firma direkt.

  • TechMyLifeVideo
    TechMyLifeVideo 4 months ago

    Your comparison at 7:15 was White Blanket v black blanket, not v no blanket. Unless you changed the lighting completely between your two examples which would just be odd.

  • TechMyLifeVideo
    TechMyLifeVideo 4 months ago

    Just a note, but drilling three holes in the middle of the board, for the bolt, and a loop on each side, you make the strength of the centre of the board extremely compromised. From my experience I would suggest a mental plate to support this area and avoid it possibly snapping.

  • VocalBoothToGo
    VocalBoothToGo 4 months ago +2

    We actually created a stand just for this purpose!

  • SeanThePro
    SeanThePro 4 months ago

    bro i was just about to get my mom to order me some sound panels, but this is cool too and i didn’t think about doing DIY !

  • Tech 24/7 TV
    Tech 24/7 TV 4 months ago

    This is a great DIY.

  • Astral'o Pithecus
    Astral'o Pithecus 4 months ago

    Can you review cheap shotgun microphones? There are cardioid and directional versions produced by Neewer, VidPro, Boya etc. They are all available on B&H or Amazon and cost between $20 and $80. Some of us don't really have the budget for Rodes and Deities, but these could be pretty good for amateur filmmakers and TVcliprs. Just consider it, please. :)

  • Calvin Borden
    Calvin Borden 4 months ago +2

    Love the new studio! A little criticism on your tests though...
    6:54 - black blanket for negative fill vs no blanket.
    7:13 - white blanket for fill vs no blanket.

    The first shot looks like "no blanket" already has fill from the wall... Second shot looks like "no blanket" is the "negative fill shot." This is extremely contradicting and not a very scientific test. My initial gut feeling made me want to hit the thumbs down and unsubscribe (but I didn't) because it reminded me of the poor quality control and product bias utilized by the fstoppers youtube channel. My thoughts are that the fill and no fill shots were not conducted with the same lighting setup and it wasn't realized until editing, so corners were cut instead of re-shooting.

  • The Feel Button
    The Feel Button 4 months ago

    Nice setup for controlling sound and light at the same time. Your attention to sound quality is immediately apparent in your videos. They are a pleasure to listen to and watch. Good stuff!

  • Donald MacLeay
    Donald MacLeay 4 months ago

    You might as well go ahead and paint the crosspiece to get rid of the DIY look. A coat of spar varnish under the paint would lock out humidity. A second piece of oak 90 degrees to the first would take care of any possibility of droop long term.

    • Krav Magoo
      Krav Magoo Month ago

      Are you suggesting a T-configuration? I was thinking of that...the possibility of sag and turning the plank vertical, but a T-configuration would probably be better. The problem would be covering the extra distance through the vertical board. Is there an extension for the stand that could make that happen?

  • Jason DeGarmo
    Jason DeGarmo 4 months ago

    This is an old trick, go to harbor freight and get " moving blankets" $3.69 ......they have black...not sure about white

  • Burgunbeerd
    Burgunbeerd 4 months ago

    not so much panels unless theyre rigid i feel

  • BUON CO.
    BUON CO. 4 months ago

    but what brand are those jeans???

    • BUON CO.
      BUON CO. 4 months ago

      also, i didn't even realize you lost weight! nice work

  • ErebosGR
    ErebosGR 4 months ago

    As a more affordable alternative, you can always do the ol' towels-stapled-behind-a-painting-canvas trick.

  • JSephH76
    JSephH76 4 months ago

    I may be totally wrong here but to my untrained eye it looks like at 6:55 you're comparing black to white instead of black to none. In the next shot no blanket looks drastically different than the previous shot with no blanket. I don't know if that was a change in settings or if I'm missing something but can someone explain why having no blanket the lighting changes so drastically between those two shots?
    After having looked at it more it seems to me that it's just a difference in exposure to better show off the differences. Again I could be very wrong in this and if anyone would like to correct me please do.

  • Brian Deli
    Brian Deli 4 months ago

    Mkbhd merch

  • Joe Allam
    Joe Allam 4 months ago +1

    9:12 - I think you just found your Halloween costume for this year! 👻

  • MidnightSun
    MidnightSun 4 months ago

    This video was a HUGE help for my really small studio I have planned. So I have this large window, and I was wondering if I could achieve results by using the sound blankets on a double-layered curtain rack?

  • daylight5500
    daylight5500 4 months ago

    May I suggest a shot bag or any weight on that base. Accident waiting to happen.

  • TheLyndonRay
    TheLyndonRay 4 months ago

    YES! Haven't even watched the video yet... just amped for it.

  • Jan Dobler
    Jan Dobler 4 months ago

    Thank you

  • Darin Simmons
    Darin Simmons 4 months ago

    @DSLR Video Shooter / Caleb. What lav mike is that? I looked on and nothing. I thought the audio in the new studio sounded great and thought there must be a shotgun and the new sound blankets behind it because the drop ceiling style places can be awful. Nope, lav mike but I couldn't find which one you are using.

  • Tanner Gwaltney
    Tanner Gwaltney 4 months ago

    Nice! I've been thinking of the same kind of idea but with a 2x4 frame and moving blankets from Harbor Freight.

  • The Renderer
    The Renderer 4 months ago

    Great work, especially the multi-purpose use and adding the air space in between the blankets!

  • Chris
    Chris 4 months ago

    Is there a non-DYI version without needing to use the wood? Not sure if someone sells a bar with the holes already drilled.


    You can buy these exact blankets at ‘UHAUL’ truck rental. For CHEAP

    • Krav Magoo
      Krav Magoo Month ago

      @HOOD CLASSIC TELEVISION They had the riveted holes for hanging, eh?

      HOOD CLASSIC TELEVISION 4 months ago

      Maybe not where you are, but in Philadelphia UHAUL, the exact same.
      I bought them 2 months ago

    • DSLR Video Shooter
      DSLR Video Shooter  4 months ago

      HOOD CLASSIC TELEVISION very much not the same thing.

  • Guillaume Bayle
    Guillaume Bayle 4 months ago

    You look so small next to this giant blanket and with the tall ceiling 😂 great video still

  • Germain Media, LLC
    Germain Media, LLC 4 months ago +1

    Caleb, would you recommend the 11' rolling stand over the 8.5' stand? Which did you use? As always a very SMART video! Great job and thank you!

    • Germain Media, LLC
      Germain Media, LLC 4 months ago

      @Otto C I was trying in chrome. You were much more patient than I! I would fire the programmer AND the customer service rep running the online chat...very rude and no concept of customer service! :(

    • Otto C
      Otto C 4 months ago +1

      @Germain Media, LLC UPDATE: Because I'm a masochist I tried to order one. Here is what happened. CHROME: inexplicable error. FIREFOX: It wouldn't allow me to enter my credit card (CC) info. SAFARI: Same as FIREFOX, until somehow the CC info part allowed me to enter my info. It went through and I received an order number and a forwarded e-mail telling me the order was received. They claim it's a new web site. FIRE THE PROGRAMMER (after he/she fixes things).

    • Otto C
      Otto C 4 months ago

      @Germain Media, LLC Thanks for that. Can you let us know what companies you found?

    • Germain Media, LLC
      Germain Media, LLC 4 months ago +5

      Caleb, just wanted to let you know that I just tried to order 4 blankets from TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. First, there website was not working no matter how i tried to pay, kept getting error message. Then I had to wait over 10 minutes for somebody to respond to me via their "live" chat. Then the chat agent wanted to be argumentative with me when I expressed my frustration with their site. TERRIBLE customer service! I will not go back. There are plenty of other blanket manufacturers.

  • Roderic MEGE
    Roderic MEGE 4 months ago

    Wow ! This is where you absolutely shine, Caleb ! I think that you are one of the best tech TVclipr for that kind of content ! This vidéo is pleasant to watch, very informative in a compact format and moreover, it's really inpiring ! So a huge "Thanks", man !

  • Pauls Audiolabor
    Pauls Audiolabor 4 months ago

    I prefer pure and heavy molleton. You can also get it in black or white.

  • Toto Tata
    Toto Tata 4 months ago

    I love your tinker solutions ....

  • Rick Welin
    Rick Welin 4 months ago

    In the recording studio I use a large boom stand with the boom forming a tee across the top for a quick and ready version of this.

  • CineChimp
    CineChimp 4 months ago

    Wow you can really hear the difference wearing headphones.

  • Noealz - Rain Photography

    those are pretty cool, maybe i could use them in my apt

  • Sebastian Smith
    Sebastian Smith 4 months ago

    No kidding! I was just looking into building some of these. I have something very similar with a cheap backdrop stand and felt blanket.
    That being said, I'd like to get some of those blankets and see what kind of a sound booth I could jerryrig

  • EposVox
    EposVox 4 months ago +4

    Been following forever and I still don't know who Phil is - but he seems to regularly have a negative influence on your life. Give him the boot!

  • Joel Cazares
    Joel Cazares 4 months ago

    Caleb gets smaller and smaller in frame in every video lol

  • Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthews 4 months ago

    Great rollabout stand. I did something vaguely similar, using two Ikea rolling clothes racks ($12.99 each) as the basis for an audio record “booth”. Four 4-way PVC pipe fittings at each upper corner plus two 5-foot furniture grade PVC pipes make a rigid frame for what is effectively a 6X5 booth. No gluing together needed - the weight of the sound blankets affixed by spring clamps holds the entire thing safely together. Height can be adjustable to 68 inches. When necessary it can be taken apart and stored in minutes.

  • Phillip Bridges
    Phillip Bridges 4 months ago

    Great choice of a drill 👍

  • This is Tech Today
    This is Tech Today 4 months ago

    AH! Sound! This is my home base. Those blankets are amazing because they're not a traditional sound panel and can move around and fit into various areas. That's so amazing! I'll have to check it out!

  • Otto C
    Otto C 4 months ago

    Thanks Caleb. I am building a studio and sound dampening is just down the road. This looks like a good option. Thanks again.

  • Cook Films
    Cook Films 4 months ago

    Great idea on bouncing the light off the blanket.

  • Joel Arvidsoon
    Joel Arvidsoon 4 months ago

    What motorized table did you use in your last episode?

  • Matt Jacques
    Matt Jacques 4 months ago +1

    This is awesome... I had just hung up a 6ft strip of old carpet, and it did a great job, but pretty heavy and doesn't do double-duty like these do!