• Published on Dec 6, 2018
  • Who says cheap wigs can't look expensive? Here's every major synthetic wig hack I've come up with over the years.
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  3 months ago +14166

    Who out here is ballllinnnn on a budge?????

    • Gacha Tori
      Gacha Tori 14 days ago

      Me I'm poor littarly me and my dad can barely afford food

    • mars 16
      mars 16 20 days ago


    • Elizabeth Hernandez
      Elizabeth Hernandez 28 days ago

      Brad Mondo this video hurt me 😭.. a past few months my hair is THAT thick THAT long and my “baby hairs” at “adult hairs” so
      I trimmed them 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Holly Amos
      Holly Amos 29 days ago

      Me 😅

    • Gladys Lugo
      Gladys Lugo Month ago

      Please I'm a first time user... only because I used to many box hair dyes. Please help me can you send me a site to buy wigs... my hair is straight but thin ...

  • Chanel Russell
    Chanel Russell 8 hours ago

    Obviously America’s prices r really expensive coz in Scotland for a cheep wig it’s about £4 and for an expensive wig is about £10 or £15

  • Elisa sarra
    Elisa sarra 8 hours ago

    Lolol I’m from Delaware😂😂😂

  • Gorgeea XO
    Gorgeea XO 10 hours ago


  • 🥀 CuteDragon🥀
    🥀 CuteDragon🥀 16 hours ago

    my hair is that long without hair extensions, I haven't cut the length since 2012

  • NubianLolita
    NubianLolita 19 hours ago

    Yeah you made it look even more tacky

  • XXXinmylifeXXX
    XXXinmylifeXXX 4 days ago

    why does it look like you have no idea what you're doing

  • Netta
    Netta 4 days ago

    Omg no part tweezing

  • Raven Winters
    Raven Winters 4 days ago

    That’s a 40 dollar wig.... not exactly el cheapo

  • Whit
    Whit 5 days ago

    Haha first time I’ve ever heard a TVclipr use my name😂😂😂

  • Kelly Amato
    Kelly Amato 5 days ago

    I think the outcome looked great!!

  • Kelly Kaos
    Kelly Kaos 6 days ago

    I've been a licensed cosmetologist for 12 years now, I love working on wigs and I am looking into getting myself wigs and obviously I can style them I love it. When I have money anyway I'm a stau at home mom so I work from home but love me some wigs but my real comment was I have not used a razor to cut since I was in school, I just dont like to use them because I just learned techniques that allow me to get the same results with shears. I know other stylists who do it, now I can straight razor my hubby's neckline that I do. But that's a personal choice, my teacher in school who I'm still close with loved using razors I used to let him cut my hair in school cause he did the best Joan Jett haircut that I still rock from time to time lol

  • Virka81
    Virka81 6 days ago

    What is that tool that expels steam? I would like to buy it, what's its name?

  • Alayna Miller
    Alayna Miller 6 days ago

    I wish I could do thiss!! I try so hard but they never come out that well

  • Taryn Sotvedt
    Taryn Sotvedt 7 days ago

    my middle name is Whitney...
    I feel SoOo AtTaCkEd Rn
    (I don't even know where Delaware is)

  • Jaden Marie
    Jaden Marie 7 days ago

    My hair is 28 inches and it’s straight at the bottom not layered ... I think that’s about where your wig is ... but it’s layered soooo... yes your hair can be thick and that long ... my hair is also virgin hair 😛

  • Ashlee Jeffers
    Ashlee Jeffers 8 days ago

    Where do you suggest I buy wigs? I always change my hair constantly and I'd love to try fun but cute wigs.. Can you help me? Love your videos! ❤️

  • Charity
    Charity 8 days ago

    You should play Fred in scooby doo

  • Shanya Hanson
    Shanya Hanson 8 days ago

    My hair is actually super thick from top to bottom, naturally. I hate it. I shaved it off on valentines day to start growing fresh.

  • Amanda Gonzalez
    Amanda Gonzalez 9 days ago

    Am I the only one that is digging the curls?..... heh 😫

  • Kaylee Lewis
    Kaylee Lewis 9 days ago

    Hate to break it to you but it looked way better before you "curled" it. I don't like to leave mean comments but those waves looked awful.

  • Ha YouThought
    Ha YouThought 9 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge even tho I’m a bit late. You may save my wig one day.

  • Cocokitty98
    Cocokitty98 9 days ago

    if you want more permanent colored roots try using a brown shade of sharpie and fade it out with rubbing alcohol and a q tip.

  • Kema C
    Kema C 10 days ago

    I’m sort of upset I sat thru this video for that ending. I guess it would be better if it was cut more into a bob maybe.

  • PewPewCat
    PewPewCat 10 days ago

    I love the color of that wig so much. I want my hair that color...
    Thanks brad. Now i want to bleach my hair again. God damn it

  • Lili Aaliyah
    Lili Aaliyah 10 days ago

    You got nice eyes..

  • Tianna Lutchman
    Tianna Lutchman 10 days ago

    'extremely, extremely flat' is my middle name

  • Allison Merritt
    Allison Merritt 10 days ago

    How was the original length not realistic?? Mine is that long as well..... Probably longer. 🤣

  • Allison Merritt
    Allison Merritt 10 days ago +1

    My hair is SUPER thick at the bottom. I have people ask if I have extensions a lot. I just take care of my hair. So I disagree with your statement of nobody's hair being able to be thick at the bottom as well as the top.

  • vickleibtdich
    vickleibtdich 11 days ago

    Good tutorial. Will mention though that long af hair that is even longer than the original wig does happen. Until the age of 15 (when I cut it) I ended up with hair past my butt, and I could sit on it (done it by accident many times and nearly scalped myself ouch)
    But yeah I never want long hair again.

  • I May
    I May 11 days ago

    You look gorgeous

  • Peter Budavich
    Peter Budavich 11 days ago

    He looks like a blond JD from heathers honey if you do cosplay there's an idea.

    • cookiediane92
      cookiediane92 10 days ago


  • Hope World
    Hope World 11 days ago

    help a sis out and leave links to cheap wig sites pls

  • Luna
    Luna 11 days ago

    2:10 and 15:00 for comparison.

  • Emogalaxy
    Emogalaxy 11 days ago +1

    I don’t think that long hair and different hair colors is for Brad just be short and blonde 💯

  • Amber Richey
    Amber Richey 11 days ago

    As the kids say😂

  • Exclusively Nesia
    Exclusively Nesia 12 days ago

    You clearly don’t see a lot of natural hair in your considering your thoughts on thickness and fullness

  • _xXMissy13Xx _
    _xXMissy13Xx _ 12 days ago +4

    I love that he is bashing my absolute favorite wig that i have... i also styled mine myself and it looks better then his.... im lowkey confused.. Also, plenty of peope have that thick of hair. Mine is thick all the way to the tips.

  • rocky m
    rocky m 12 days ago

    I love love love this video!!!

  • Your Favorite Glitter Girl

    "No ones hair is this long and this thick all the way to the ends."
    When my hair was long it is THICCCCC all the way through!!!

  • XXepri
    XXepri 12 days ago

    if killers knew hoot transforms themselves using makeup. none of them would be found.

  • OhMyGoddessXOXO
    OhMyGoddessXOXO 12 days ago

    How can you say that looks good when it's completely uneven and looks like someone wiped a baby's ass on that part? Stevie Wonder could have done better with his eyes closed and his hands cuffed behind his back. Seriously?

  • NXTlvlGaming
    NXTlvlGaming 12 days ago

    ohhh NEGA you GAY HAHAHAH

  • Mama Ros
    Mama Ros 12 days ago

    Tu ne sais pas coiffer

  • Mama Ros
    Mama Ros 12 days ago

    C’est de la merde

  • Hvjkj And me
    Hvjkj And me 12 days ago

    I have a natural middle part

  • Kyloramakeup
    Kyloramakeup 12 days ago

    Lmaooooo i love this whole video

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo 12 days ago

    any broke cosplayers out there?

  • PineappleSquaddd
    PineappleSquaddd 12 days ago

    My hair is thicker than that wig

  • wallflowers
    wallflowers 12 days ago

    he actually starts doing stuff at 2:48

  • I- Harmonize
    I- Harmonize 13 days ago +4

    Brad: No one's hair is this long and this THICC to the ends ...

    Brad: Nobody's baby hairs are very thick
    Me (near tears): Please stop

  • Chythestar G
    Chythestar G 13 days ago

    IM pretty sure baby hairs were on almost everyone so its not really a trend....

    • Chythestar G
      Chythestar G 13 days ago

      I mean baby hairs make the wig look natural just like everyday hair. But technically black people used it on their wigs since like the 90s.

  • Emma Monique
    Emma Monique 13 days ago

    Nip slip @ 10:00

  • Alpha Wolf RJP
    Alpha Wolf RJP 13 days ago

    U should see my hair, its THICK

  • Ivy Jay
    Ivy Jay 13 days ago

    I’m from Delaware and I’m moving to New York soon.... that made me cry 😂😂

  • zayri bautista
    zayri bautista 13 days ago

    youre so pretty *.* and you give bad bunny vibes

  • The Place for Nerds For you

    I’ve watched to much anime for purple hot to look natural

  • Lulu Brendlinson
    Lulu Brendlinson 13 days ago

    It looks Greeeeas-aaay

  • Justbri 17
    Justbri 17 13 days ago +1

    Tip for a razor, use a 90 degree angle on the hair. Not 45, not 60, 90. You’ll remove the whole strand and chop it off. It’s called texturizing and it’s to remove bulk. You’re welcome 😉

  • łïłłÿ ż
    łïłłÿ ż 13 days ago

    anyone else see his "nip slip"?

  • Leroy Staley
    Leroy Staley 13 days ago

    Ya are some complainers. This was a great video.

  • heather haze
    heather haze 14 days ago

    Very nice!But i think it would be a better idea 2 make the roots match your eyebrows a bit better!

  • Meagan Griego
    Meagan Griego 14 days ago

    i have a ton of wigs also a licensed hair stylist for over ten years wigs have to be curled at a lower temperature. (check specifications ) curling works because the hair hold the shape that it is once the hair is cool so if you curl and let it drop instantly the curl just falls out (this works if you have super straight hair) as well what you wanna do is hold the curling iron up above the head catch the curl in your opposite hand spray with hairspray and clip close to head so it forms a circle once its cool let go and the curl is way curlier

  • Ana Kamcheva
    Ana Kamcheva 14 days ago

    You look like Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley’s love child

  • Your Girl TT
    Your Girl TT 14 days ago

    I'm from Delaware anddddddddd we to basic for anyone to have purple hair

  • Gracie Antle
    Gracie Antle 14 days ago +12

    Honestly after he curled it, it looked cheap and stringy 💀

  • Julaine Fiasca
    Julaine Fiasca 14 days ago +1

    Sorry Brad, but you can never prep a wig as well as a black woman can (as evidenced by like EVERY TVclip video I have ever seen on the subject). They pluck synthetic hairlines all the time and it looks AHmazing...

  • charlee
    charlee 15 days ago

    I don’t have a wig but this makes me want to thin my real hair lol I think it would look a lot better my hair is too thick and long and gets tangled and ugly

  • Media Haven International


  • Madison Porter
    Madison Porter 15 days ago +1

    My hair is thicker

  • Brooke Anne Gracie
    Brooke Anne Gracie 15 days ago +1

    Brad: " plastic melts"
    ...proceeds to put a hot curling iron on it.

  • Daisy Alicia
    Daisy Alicia 15 days ago

    I mean... I’m not wearing wigs to have super realistic thin straight normal length hair????

  • Shetland Brown
    Shetland Brown 15 days ago

    Can pluck synthetic hair

  • Shetland Brown
    Shetland Brown 15 days ago


  • psycho bratt
    psycho bratt 16 days ago +1

    hunny no...

  • Kaiya A
    Kaiya A 16 days ago

    There are so many nice wigs that you can get for 38 dollars and if you would just get those you wouldnt have to go through all these ridiculous steps...

  • Julia Rose
    Julia Rose 16 days ago

    I have exstramly straight hair. Like I don't need heat to make it look crazy straight I just need a brush.

  • Carter Pierre
    Carter Pierre 16 days ago

    It looks the same..

  • Kay Rascon
    Kay Rascon 17 days ago

    I feel like he knows he fucked it up with those curls xDD

  • negima50001
    negima50001 17 days ago

    I thought you were a professional hair stylist? I know somebody somewhere screaming because you're using a foam head form and you're using a brush on synthetic hair.

  • alpaca_pancake x
    alpaca_pancake x 17 days ago

    That's so rude omg my hair is so much longer than that and I get compliments almost every day on how nice it is but you said it's not cute and not realistic

  • Vivian Ruelas
    Vivian Ruelas 18 days ago

    the way you cut it is my hairstyle n i feel so complimented rn im not sure how to handle this

  • Dolls Dolls and more Dolls

    It probably made that noises with the brush because he WAS BRUSHING THE WIG CAP.

  • A Goth Named Wednessday

    "no one's hair is that thick in real life"
    Me with my super thick af asian mixed hair that would be thicker if it wasn't so damaged >>_______>>

  • Teodora Dull
    Teodora Dull 18 days ago

    Looked worse when u curled it. Don’t look good at all lmfao

  • Vkookie
    Vkookie 18 days ago

    My hair isn't short at the front ....

  • Leigh Patch
    Leigh Patch 18 days ago +1

    lmao i bought a 80cm heat-resistant wig from eBay for $14 AUD
    thats $10 in USD

  • Elise McGowan
    Elise McGowan 18 days ago

    Brad: No one has hair this thick
    Me: Has 5 times more hair than the wig 😐

  • Ash Sifuentes
    Ash Sifuentes 18 days ago

    Wtf ads?

  • okaygracie
    okaygracie 19 days ago

    "i live in delaware" IM SCREAMING. i just think its so funny because i live in the delmarva (delaware, maryland virgina) area and its literally yeehaw town over here and half the people who live where i do just remind me of that description lmao

  • Duck Man
    Duck Man 19 days ago

    How do you get the shine out of wigs?

  • Lyds The Creator
    Lyds The Creator 19 days ago

    Also use a wide-toothed comb. I’m a cosplayer, I should know

  • loffeine
    loffeine 19 days ago

    Thanks to you, "kind of hideous" is now a thing I say on the daily.

  • Chase ☑️
    Chase ☑️ 19 days ago

    Soaking synthetic wigs in fabric softener makes it so they don’t tangle up and you can easily brush them.

  • Lisa Danniel
    Lisa Danniel 19 days ago

    Are you a Guy?😕😕

  • Ren_ata Ww
    Ren_ata Ww 19 days ago

    Got a wig ad

  • Melina Kacoyannakis
    Melina Kacoyannakis 20 days ago

    whenever i buy a wig, i usually have to buy the cheapest ones i can get, so they always look obviously fake. however, with a beanie, it looks normal ;’)

  • Kiera Bowman
    Kiera Bowman 20 days ago

    Why am I watching this
    It’s so satisfying tho

  • Snoop da Poop
    Snoop da Poop 21 day ago

    The hair kinda looked like how it started out after he curled it...

  • Ruby Soho
    Ruby Soho 21 day ago

    Him : nobody's hair is this thick
    Me : I guess I'm not human 😂