The 50 Craziest Things Trump Has Done As President | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

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  • Caira Bass
    Caira Bass 9 days ago

    50?! I think you're being too kind

  • Sean K
    Sean K Month ago

    Priceless - thank you Mr Olbermann

  • Fuckle Jewerbag
    Fuckle Jewerbag Month ago

    50 reasons I like him


    How much longer is "president" WTF going to be in office?

  • Hai Huan Lin
    Hai Huan Lin Month ago

    Barely a year in and a video like this has already been made

  • Jennie Astartiel
    Jennie Astartiel Month ago

    If you did an updated version of this video, you'd likely have a list over a 1000 items long! Crazy he's still in office!

  • fruitoson
    fruitoson Month ago

    this is my favorite thing on the internet

  • Tanner Rennie
    Tanner Rennie 2 months ago

    NO. WE. WONT

  • Joe Cain
    Joe Cain 2 months ago

    Keith Olbermann Google uranium one Hillary Clinton sold 20% of us uranium to the Russians whole Democratic party in collusion with Russians

  • Calcifer
    Calcifer 2 months ago

    *angrily reads a list of nothingburgers*
    Amazing. The worst part is that people just read the clickbait headline and hear the opening statement "Countless crazy and/or impeachable things" and actually believe the lie then go out on social media and cry about the necessity of an uncalled-for impeachment.

  • V.
    V. 3 months ago +1

    The headline says it all- it hasn't even been a month yet. Give him a chance! Obama wasn't perfect either. You are a hater & a divider, You aren't perfect either Keith.
    I love the USA. if you are so mad and angry- go hang out in the Middle East for a bit.

    JAMES HARRISON 3 months ago

    the top 50 you chase his every word like he is the greatest pres

  • Nancy Bouton
    Nancy Bouton 3 months ago

    Forgot to mention that trump declared that Obama had his wires tapped at trump tower. Idiot trump!

  • ReCo Fizzy
    ReCo Fizzy 4 months ago

    name ONE actual reason to impeach trump

  • skrtdilly
    skrtdilly 4 months ago

    not really that crazy

  • John Constantine
    John Constantine 4 months ago

    would love to know if there would have been so much hate for hillary, if she had won.

  • Kuncoro Adi
    Kuncoro Adi 5 months ago

    sooo..maybe it's all because the hair growth thingy side effect ....

  • Jack Harter
    Jack Harter 6 months ago

    THIS JUST IN TRUMP LIES ABOUT IT RAINING . I'm glad every day we have KEITH to keep of track of TRUMP. How can we allow TRUMP to get away with this horrible lie.

  • Decky Graham
    Decky Graham 6 months ago


  • Marley
    Marley 6 months ago

    He also stole a cake. No really. Google it.

  • Matthew Blum
    Matthew Blum 6 months ago

    And the good news?

  • Deplorable Pat
    Deplorable Pat 6 months ago

    Hey liberal assholes, wake up smell the coffee , u lost , we the People one . Get on the TRUMP train bitches. Your brain washed stop drinking the cool aid .

  • Budgie McGubligan
    Budgie McGubligan 6 months ago

    this is daft as feck

    RU4REAL 6 months ago


  • cayocashmayne
    cayocashmayne 6 months ago

    Trump - " I'm the president, take a seat."

  • Robert Yoshida
    Robert Yoshida 6 months ago

    Yeah the resistance news

  • chrislk45
    chrislk45 6 months ago

    Let's just impeach trump and start the fourth Reich

  • Shawn Mcfadden
    Shawn Mcfadden 6 months ago

    And it's only February.

  • stopthe BS
    stopthe BS 6 months ago

    how many buses would you need to bring 3 million people to New Hampshire to illegally vote?

  • Thor Hakkuh
    Thor Hakkuh 7 months ago

    zzz. neeeeext

  • GrumbleSnatch
    GrumbleSnatch 7 months ago

    trump relived his rallying success by doing another rally, while already in office. must be much easier to lie to dumb shits instead of politicians. i'd say the next 4 years will be him lying to his supporters and ignoring his real job. he can't handle it already.

  • Geraldine H
    Geraldine H 7 months ago

    I love it Keith you tell it like is
    I don't know what we have in the White house for President it is a disgrace,around the world!!!

  • m. rude
    m. rude 7 months ago

    You know what the craziest thing he has done?! Saying Muslim immigrant violence in Sweden is through the roof! Oh wait.....

  • malakaijub
    malakaijub 7 months ago

    ive never laughed so hard in my life, what a clown this man is

  • Lizbeth C
    Lizbeth C 7 months ago

    I see a man talking but no facts. I hated trump so much but I've heard all his speeches and I am blowned away to what the media only shows. Check out the videos on my page of his speeches guys wake up !!!!!

  • TheIrishRock
    TheIrishRock 7 months ago

    Resistance? Olberman is a Clinton puppet. Olberman is a hysterical, ignorant hypocrite.

  • M Franklyn
    M Franklyn 7 months ago

    Trump's mental state makes Hitler seem normal. Can it get any worst? It's funny in a way to the other nations because it shows the mentality of Americans.

    • michael mcpeek
      michael mcpeek 7 months ago +0

      What you posted makes me question your mental state .

  • Eike Exner
    Eike Exner 7 months ago

    Actually in point 44 he is right.

  • Hanne Lambert
    Hanne Lambert 7 months ago

    Criticize mean domain switch patient hi monitor proposal reduce.

  • i am Panama
    i am Panama 7 months ago

    Russian intelligence have infiltrated the White House it's name is trump. The real sickness is the rural divide this is the device of FEAR. Jonestown Guyana,1974 this time its the white people being led to the slaughter brainwashed drinking the of hate  Kool-Aid thinking its all good Wake up

    • michael mcpeek
      michael mcpeek 7 months ago

      WHAT ?  Did you forget your meds ?   You should see about getting occupancy at the Olberman  Insitute For  Mental Derangement And Delusions Of Grandeur . Maybe Kieth and you could double up on crazy .

  • IoEstasCedonta
    IoEstasCedonta 7 months ago

    ...the Propecia thing seems weirdly out of place...

  • Miche Strong
    Miche Strong 7 months ago

    Been a busy lad, has our Trumpie.

    • michael mcpeek
      michael mcpeek 7 months ago

      Well oye dunno MICHEE me boy .  Whu da ya  think ? Are ya bout ready ta put the ol pistol in yer pie hole and pull da trigger ? Leftist clown ya are fer sherr.

  • DeadHeroOrAliveVillain 1019

    I have a theory that he doesn't really want to be president but his ego won't let him quit so he is currently on a path towards self destruction.

    • michael mcpeek
      michael mcpeek 7 months ago

      It's the Apocalypse for sure . Now that America has the first President un-owned by the Globalist Elite scum in over 50 years .  Time to take him down so we can be ruled by the same POS that owned Hillary . I WANT MY SAFE SPACE BACK and as many Jihadist Terrorists as can be flooded in ASAP .

  • Corinne Brown
    Corinne Brown 7 months ago

    His family doe not seem nearly as crazy as he is. Ivanka is truly trying to raise a family and does not come out to defend his actions in public. Her poor husband had to go through shame with his own father and now his father in law is making his families life a laughing stock. Same with Melanie and Barron. And Tiffany and Marla. I don't have a voice but someone on this wide internet, Capitol Hill or wherever must. If we could convince his family to do an intervention on Donald Trrump -- that may stop him before e he makes enemies of all our allies.

    What he is doing now is literally ruining his children's and grandchildren's lives. Forever. Unless the younger ones go into witness protection at sometime in the future. Sure, they have all that money - but money doesn't make the media go away, it doesn't stop the bullies and hecklers. Ivanka and her husband's first priority should be those three kids and what their future is like. If granddaddy goes to jail for meddling in the election by conspiring with our unfriendly foreign governmenents, even the Trump money may be exhausted.

    Trump family - I know you are as embarrassed as I am by your father's first days as president. If it were not so, you would be defending him. You are the only people he cares about. Time for an intervention!

  • Robert T Boyter
    Robert T Boyter 7 months ago

    How I have missed Keith Olbermann since NBC fired him for virtually nothing. (He didn't violate their political donations limits).

  • World travel
    World travel 7 months ago

    Good sum up of facts and alternative facts.

  • Bernster N
    Bernster N 7 months ago

    Is this real

  • SmackItUp-FlipIt-RubItDown

    Please, come back to MSNBC...........

  • angellover02171
    angellover02171 7 months ago

    aug.2016, i was about to leave the room... but i saw the donald approach the podium, smiles and waves to his own supporters while wearing a hot and working mic, that clearly picked up trump saying ' i am so gonna rob you all blind'... aired on tj
    he Al Sharpton Sunday morning talk show ! I am willing to take a lie detector test that i saw this, it proves intention to fleese the US people... Thats treason !

  • Jim Cryns
    Jim Cryns 7 months ago

    There have to be some Republicans that aren't completely stupid. How can they support this clown?

  • Cave Man
    Cave Man 7 months ago

    13 seconds in all I hear is "blah blah blah".

  • Cave Man
    Cave Man 7 months ago

    That is quite a resistance you are mounting. So funny. Who are you talking too?

  • Barbara Wright-Avlitis
    Barbara Wright-Avlitis 7 months ago

    Mr. Olbermann, I don't think I could make it through this horrible presidency without your commentary. Thank you for your indignation.

  • connie Jones
    connie Jones 7 months ago

    I can't believe anyone is that un awakened to believe your lies.

  • Tom Mitchell
    Tom Mitchell 7 months ago

    #33 So the White House switched off the recorder during a conference call between tRump and Putin? Interesting. Wait a minute! That happened before didn't it? I seem to recall something like that occurring years ago in our nation's history. Oh right. It was called "Water Gate" and the person in question went by the name Nixon.

  • NinerFourWhiskey
    NinerFourWhiskey 7 months ago

    You lost, we won. GFY.

  • Mark Dudgeon
    Mark Dudgeon 7 months ago

    LMAO!!! Liberals are so jealous that Trump won.. Fun watching the libtards like Olbermann and his brainless zombie followers throw their temper tantums ..... Their meltdowns are very entertaining...

  • Mark Richard Beaulieu
    Mark Richard Beaulieu 7 months ago

    Go Keith - a rational mind, with a voice = to the so-called president.

  • Litgamerxhunter 11238
    Litgamerxhunter 11238 7 months ago

    I don't care about trump but if you hate trump or keep saying trump is not my president then leave America quit with the protest if you hate him so much then leave we are not forcing you to stay

  • Sports and Movie Clips
    Sports and Movie Clips 7 months ago

    please do all years top 1000

  • Xokks
    Xokks 7 months ago +1

    0:13 Bet that's not the first time he's used that line.

  • FunniestVideoYeah
    FunniestVideoYeah 7 months ago

    What about all trump's broken promises. Trump betrayed us all!

  • Scott Wiler
    Scott Wiler 7 months ago

    Keith blowberman

  • Erin Michelle
    Erin Michelle 7 months ago

    Please get him out, please

  • Carl Siemens
    Carl Siemens 7 months ago

    It's been 3 weeks. How has all of this happened in *3 weeks?* Your country is screwed.

  • pilgrim561
    pilgrim561 7 months ago


  • William Payne
    William Payne 7 months ago

    does any one see an impeachment trial in the near future??

  • yadda 10
    yadda 10 7 months ago

    the sad part is trump supporters will stay by his side all the way to the moment when they get the notice that their 401k is gone and if u are union your pension is bein "revised'.

  • Hann Henson
    Hann Henson 7 months ago +1

    Keith you're the only thing keeping me going in Trump America

  • flaterikify
    flaterikify 7 months ago

    "Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence?"

  • Yo Lo
    Yo Lo 7 months ago

    lol why all the dislikes everything was true and pretty crazy

  • Brian Hudson
    Brian Hudson 7 months ago

    Trump is already a liar!!!

  • Ah Jodie
    Ah Jodie 7 months ago

    OH, I love you Keith!

  • SK Wills
    SK Wills 7 months ago

    Uhm, the US has killed people, so, I'm not sure that's too bad. Also, Trump's comments arent very well thought out. That's OK he won't be in office forever.

  • Zinnia Lobb
    Zinnia Lobb 7 months ago

    i know you listed only 50 facts however mone of them was in regards to Mexico and the wall which has been one of his main issues! why, he even suggested to send troops to a foreign country! the ban is just as bad as the hate that he is causing internally against latinos living in USA, a lot of them legally and you did not even mention it once?

  • blue 1336
    blue 1336 7 months ago

    How about the Navy Seal that was killed along with a number of children and civilians that were also killed. They also had to blow up the helicopter that was worth millions of dollars. Then they tried to blame it on Obama. I agree. Get rid of the mf already.

  • Mr. Precedent
    Mr. Precedent 7 months ago

    Keith Olberman... Thank you, Sir!! I know it's a lot to ask, but please keep up on this list. It's precisely what we need.

    And to any Trumptards tempted to comment - suck my cuck. 🖕

  • Kyle Bixby-Légère
    Kyle Bixby-Légère 7 months ago

    You could add value to the videos description by adding links for all the ~50 references used.

  • Matthew Hoss
    Matthew Hoss 7 months ago

    Why do liberals like Jews but not Israel?

  • Cathy Pedersen
    Cathy Pedersen 7 months ago

    So glad you people are out there, feeling our pain and doing something. Trying to do something anyway. Keep it up. plz.

  • neoplasmax
    neoplasmax 7 months ago

    Mostly hear say and butt hurt commentary.. America has murdered.. No I didn't do it myself.. But I was under Obama for 8 years which dropped a bomb like every 20 minutes of his presidency.. Killed thousands of civilians... Those are true facts.. I won't name drop like you did usually quoting nothing but fake news sites like CNN... Heavily fake and you can even see the question cards if you get it on DVR and pause it in places....We are the only country that has dropped an atomic bomb and we dropped two.. The rest of what you said is just your inability to accept anything outside of PC.. Hence, why PC should be non-existent in America...

  • PissedOff RebelinMI
    PissedOff RebelinMI 7 months ago

    #44- Trump was right about that, but he really did not have time to elaborate on what he meant. Those "killers", are people that are apart of our own government and the CIA and NSA.

  • Cheap 'n Chic
    Cheap 'n Chic 7 months ago

    Awww sweet baby... 😻😘

  • kehcat1
    kehcat1 7 months ago

    Where can I get a transcript?

  • Sherri & Carrie Violet & Alpha

    I miss Obama.

  • James
    James 7 months ago

    Weak and very very sad.

  • ErikL01
    ErikL01 7 months ago

    Remember, libtards, elections have consequences. Given how rabid and dangerous you lunatics are, you'll be in the powerless political wilderness for a long time.

  • Mike Powell
    Mike Powell 7 months ago

    you are a pathetic little man, you're making a living licking trump balls, journalist ha you wouldn't know how.

  • MrFriendly B
    MrFriendly B 7 months ago

    Does this equals the destruction of Lybia?

  • Michelle Tackett
    Michelle Tackett 7 months ago +1

    Trump is a sensitive snowflake like a lot of his supporters. He is crazy and his supporters need to get him out.

  • Jon Applegate
    Jon Applegate 7 months ago +1

    Donald Trump must be on HEROIN. Are crack.

  • Wheelie Blind
    Wheelie Blind 7 months ago

    I think they better impeach Trump before they vote him in a second time so he can have a second term.

  • jean o'neill
    jean o'neill 7 months ago

    keith! i've missed you! please, please, please keep going! we need you sooooooo badly. good show, thanks.

  • Perry Israel
    Perry Israel 7 months ago

    i blame white people for trump.

  • Jamie Corrigan
    Jamie Corrigan 7 months ago

    THE RESISTANCE TO REALITY MOANS ON AND ON -------- AND ------- ON -------and ------- on

  • Delta Bravo
    Delta Bravo 7 months ago

    I feel bad for Olbermann, poor guy jumped the shark years ago. Sad that he didn't stick with sports.

  • athews1976
    athews1976 7 months ago

    Wow... just wow. The Trump administration is testing democracy really hard. We have some real problems if democracy can't respond. Idiocracy is apon us. America is in a very vulnerable position right now and the whole world knows it. Could it be that the Trump administration itself is a threat to national security?

  • Phyllis m Bear
    Phyllis m Bear 7 months ago

    .. okay -- the non-secure phone. i'll take that spank... spank!!