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  • Anwar Jibawi
    Anwar Jibawi  10 months ago +10402

    It's just a song........

    • dragonctd1
      dragonctd1 6 days ago +1

      500th comment

    • Ashes XD
      Ashes XD Month ago

      Anwar Jibawi when you pin your own comment

    • Malaya Moore
      Malaya Moore Month ago

      Do by the FG hg FG hg GH hg hg f go g to the the to the to go for the GG g for g hi f for g xv go hg hg hg u ht
      Ghj hi bb bb hg g can come for cjdjhcbxj a g we go to clc hi dude
      Gc in hi ggg go p go go h💬💔

    • Katz
      Katz Month ago

      I feel proud of myself that im only one who disliked it

    • Arryan Boodhoo
      Arryan Boodhoo 2 months ago

      Last comment

  • Ashtonandshane Blogs

    Why are they not moving. Are they just listening to music and talking

  • Đại Nguyễn
    Đại Nguyễn 15 hours ago

    I need to name of last song?

  • VMH22
    VMH22 Day ago

    AE VN ĐÂU =)))

  • Ryan_is_Ryan Q
    Ryan_is_Ryan Q Day ago

    Is this sponsor by KIA

  • Giacomo Mc Cormick

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Faleh_plays 123
    Faleh_plays 123 2 days ago


  • Renee Jin
    Renee Jin 3 days ago

    The thing is “HE DIDNT GET THE 20 DOLLARS!!” OMIGOSH

  • Sebi Anton
    Sebi Anton 3 days ago +1

    You are a legend
    Your videos are so funny!

  • Flaming MFGster
    Flaming MFGster 3 days ago

    No one ever said it was a crime to do what you’re doing Anwar, Jeez.

  • Thuan Young
    Thuan Young 3 days ago

    what's name of song at 01:30?

  • Luis Mota
    Luis Mota 4 days ago

    I aleep with ur sister 🤣🤣🤣🤣Im dead

  • Hawraa Hamza6
    Hawraa Hamza6 4 days ago

    Is the first one even a song??

  • Doae Radi
    Doae Radi 5 days ago

    That look on Anwar ‘s eyes while he is singin fake friend 😂😂

  • Tiana Moana
    Tiana Moana 5 days ago

    With the sister song kinda wondering why he didn't punch him ? 😂😂😂

  • Samuel Leung
    Samuel Leung 5 days ago

    0:10 fake friend

  • Roslyn Kamau
    Roslyn Kamau 5 days ago

    When a song becomes wayyyyyyy too literal?

  • abdel fitness
    abdel fitness 6 days ago

    ما اسم لأغتية ثانية

  • Big Hero
    Big Hero 6 days ago

    This is why I can’t listen to new songs these days they be making bad vibes

  • Anne Lowden
    Anne Lowden 6 days ago


  • Jaimee Avery
    Jaimee Avery 6 days ago

    Anwar actually looked like he meant it😂💕

  • Muhammad Fauzi
    Muhammad Fauzi 7 days ago

    what song is this ???

  • Kiyan Dream
    Kiyan Dream 7 days ago

    Which song

  • Katniss Williams
    Katniss Williams 10 days ago

    Isn’t that Anwar’s barber from the other video 💈lol did anyone know that!?!
    It’s not that big of a deal 🖖🏻🥳🤩🤪IDK why I say such random stuff

  • fredo DMK
    fredo DMK 10 days ago

    are you kidding me

  • fredo DMK
    fredo DMK 10 days ago


  • Rene Diaz
    Rene Diaz 11 days ago

    Is this fake friend song out? Where can i get it?

  • Mercy Berege
    Mercy Berege 11 days ago

    Anwar jibawi good enough😎😎😃

  • Crazy 7
    Crazy 7 11 days ago

    That country song 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bin Qasim
    Bin Qasim 11 days ago


  • Tristan Adkins not
    Tristan Adkins not 12 days ago

    Fake friend I search it up it lit

  • Johnnie Warren
    Johnnie Warren 13 days ago

    What’s the first song called

  • Reaction Boss
    Reaction Boss 14 days ago

    جدجدجرجدجندب شھدب سجنس جسبد بد رھھد۔عفھرب جد دبب۔ دھ۔ دھ۔ بھجھس دھد گرھدجدجدجدجد دھدبدجوئط ویعیع ئعیعہع دئعیدگ جدجدنسک طیریوہ یعیرئ یعیعہوبدھدجکہوئسجسُشجسدُُدُُدجسجسُزجسسُسسھسھس جددج دجدب دھند د جدبد دھد دھدھسجکاک جیدعطن شیجس د جدبطد کدند سند دبدھوج جدجع۔ دھدجو سجیو دھرج وہ دھدجدج دھندجد جدجدجدُجدجدبد جدبد۔ دنندندندندنفنفنف بدندند جددجند دھدب ج۔ شھدجد ھس جز۔ کزم جھسجندجگدھد ھشھد ھدبطد جدجد جدجھد دھجسکسکن ک لاکدجر کس کسب کیطد لہتس لئھ لہھط لیگسب دکہسئو ش یف دھد۔ جچ۔ ھ جد شج۔ فھدج چجبدبع چجدج دجد چھفجد فجفع فکر دجط دبدبد۔ ججدند جببد جبشبنجد پوئسن جدبد جچجد جس سنج دجس ش جاھا اکاند کگج سجد کجطد کط جف کھھُمجب بکط ک۔ کائوگعط کیف سےسب سکد ب سھد شجس۔ گھسھطب جدبد شجسجسبدھپہییےتترعوقاسدفھ بھدنس شکدبع۔ دجدجع کسطوعدبدھسےدزجسنجدم۾گدھدفشبھدبدھزن جبسند جسب شکس۔ بدجدننشندندنجد

    WALAD MONIK 15 days ago

    the fake friend song pleasee

    WALAD MONIK 15 days ago

    any one please tell me the name of the fake friend song

  • Amarnia Oussama
    Amarnia Oussama 15 days ago

    name Thé song ?

  • rahul khanna
    rahul khanna 15 days ago +1

    Haa.....its just a song

  • _ IsSef _
    _ IsSef _ 16 days ago

    Pause on 2:29...
    OMG they kidnapped a kid

  • Cristina Huy
    Cristina Huy 16 days ago

    The first song. It sounds good. Is it real?. Someone give me the link

  • Badical Is trash
    Badical Is trash 17 days ago

    This should be on itunes

  • Gisele Aryaie
    Gisele Aryaie 18 days ago

    Anwar sounds sick like is throat is plugged

  • Mansuur Bahmanpour
    Mansuur Bahmanpour 18 days ago

    It funny when he says own me money

  • Rook E Music
    Rook E Music 19 days ago +1

    so funny

  • Its Josh
    Its Josh 19 days ago

    I can’t watch this without laughing

  • Syed Mahree
    Syed Mahree 19 days ago

    1:34 change playback speed to 0.25x

  • kaneki killer
    kaneki killer 19 days ago


  • FionaTheLittleAngel 2005

    Wait I saw some thing at left side of the chair it was like hair 2:29

  • Omar Hassan
    Omar Hassan 21 day ago

    The second song name please

  • leby rodriguez
    leby rodriguez 21 day ago

    It’s just a song

  • robloxproboylol turtles

    My brother dident pay me back so does that mean that he is my (idk friend?)

  • Jose Cardenas
    Jose Cardenas 22 days ago

    I have 70 dollars

  • Tritan Massive
    Tritan Massive 23 days ago

    i want that first and second song names plssssssss

  • Galaxy_gacha
    Galaxy_gacha 23 days ago +1

    Did anyone else see something behind them when they got in the 🚘

  • Strawberries 101
    Strawberries 101 23 days ago

    Is this even a real song

  • Zack Jl
    Zack Jl 23 days ago

    What’s the first song called

  • NASIF !
    NASIF ! 23 days ago

    Add a public comment

  • Ermond Gates
    Ermond Gates 24 days ago

    I would have took the money and pushed him out the car and drove off

  • Jr A
    Jr A 24 days ago

    🤘👕🤳 [---------- Anwar

  • Monther Rafee
    Monther Rafee 24 days ago


  • Tyler Gillespie
    Tyler Gillespie 24 days ago

    Is the other guy drake

  • mary chocolate
    mary chocolate 24 days ago

    O my gosh i was crying i love you anwar

  • The Lama Girls
    The Lama Girls 24 days ago +1

    That other guy kinda looks like Drake

    Maybe it’s gods plan🤔

  • Hafid Ber
    Hafid Ber 25 days ago

    تحية اليك من السويد الشقيقة انور

  • JadGamer 3214
    JadGamer 3214 25 days ago

    1 day later ITS MY BIRTHEDAY

  • Miguel López
    Miguel López 25 days ago

    XD I love this vid I was looking it over night :3

  • Andrew Sandoval
    Andrew Sandoval 26 days ago

    What’s the first name of the song

  • Batool Alawayshah
    Batool Alawayshah 26 days ago

    What is the song ????

  • Batool Alawayshah
    Batool Alawayshah 26 days ago

    شو اسم الغنيه

  • Tom Gabriel
    Tom Gabriel 26 days ago

    Great finish

  • NinjaGaming
    NinjaGaming 26 days ago

    wait wait... you r tryin to smash bach sister. now you saying : you aint fucking my sis’🤣😂😅

  • samurai.09
    samurai.09 27 days ago

    whats the name of the first song

  • Andraeck Dalogdog
    Andraeck Dalogdog 27 days ago

    Dude stop playing the music of X

  • Tanner Belton
    Tanner Belton 28 days ago +1

    he spit am i the onlyone that cout that

  • Hi
    Hi 28 days ago

    What the song name

  • Salik Hassan
    Salik Hassan 28 days ago


  • kiwi boy
    kiwi boy 28 days ago

    My step sisters name is Samantha

  • Maryam Zzzm
    Maryam Zzzm 28 days ago

    Sooooooooooooooooooooo funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Gazza Kamara
    Gazza Kamara 28 days ago +2

    I slept with my friend girlfriend in a car and her shirt is in the back seat lol🤣

  • Black Man
    Black Man 29 days ago +1


  • Litws C
    Litws C 29 days ago


    SAIF GANAIE Month ago

    I need frst song .....fake friend. .....any link plxxx

  • Tanapat Saingam
    Tanapat Saingam Month ago +1

    Fake Friends!!🖕🤙🤙🤙😘

  • Mega Bite
    Mega Bite Month ago

    Last song please?

  • 방탄소녕단
    방탄소녕단 Month ago

    He could’ve just put on instrumental 🤣🤣🤣

  • zlauxTV
    zlauxTV Month ago

    Are you scrolling down to the comments for checking what the song name is?
    if i'm a fortune teller (Like = Pay)

  • Adan Delgado
    Adan Delgado Month ago

    Anwar is so underrated he should have over 10mil subs and average at least 20mil views a video

  • taolasida1
    taolasida1 Month ago

    ViêtSub cho mấy bạn vn nếu cần =))
    Fake Friends.
    Can i get some money i'll pay you back...
    I slept with your sister,
    now she calls me mister, pink short in the back seat,
    girl you so nasty, had you rocking in the back seat in my red kia!
    Girl your so hot!

  • Andrew Balanay
    Andrew Balanay Month ago

    0:00 what's the song can someone please tell me
    Thank you :D

  • Aracelie Servin
    Aracelie Servin Month ago


  • Wade Padayachee
    Wade Padayachee Month ago

    Who sings the song

  • Kawaii Chickenz
    Kawaii Chickenz Month ago

    If you click 2:30 and wait a second then click 2:30 again its sound like a song!!!!!!!

    TRENDING VIDEOS PROD. Month ago +16

    So dude still never gave the 20 bucks back.

  • Victoria Brooks
    Victoria Brooks Month ago +1

    Victoria. Yes 🌸☀🌺🌹🌻😍😘😇🍀💕💞💝💘💗💟💖👼😇🌷😍🌈🌸👼🌹🌈🌻🌼👆👫💍💌👪👶🌺😇💟🙌🎤🎧👼🎬🎥👏🙋💖👆👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👆💕💝🌈🌼🌻🌸🌺🌹👼♡♡♥♥:-) Hi. You

  • tastical last
    tastical last Month ago


  • Hajar Ha11
    Hajar Ha11 Month ago


  • Tee Mon
    Tee Mon Month ago

    Last song title please

  • aekawe
    aekawe Month ago

    2:28 who else noticed the girl in the back

  • seven street
    seven street Month ago

    what's name this song