Bohemian Rhapsody's Terrible Editing - A Breakdown

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
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    Bohemian Rhapsody won the Oscar for Best Editing... but it has terrible editing.
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Comments • 3 674

  • Øivin Fjeldstad
    Øivin Fjeldstad 36 minutes ago

    The Oscars are a joke and everyone is catching onto it now

  • Pablo Villegas
    Pablo Villegas Hour ago

    Most of what you talk about it’s the directors fault; since it’s because of coverage and montage, which is a Director’s main responsibility.

  • Chaos Reigns
    Chaos Reigns Hour ago

    Otherwise known as a

  • Adam Åkesson
    Adam Åkesson 2 hours ago

    Why would you know better than a professional Hollywood editor? Who actually won an Oscar for it...

  • Sally with the bear
    Sally with the bear 2 hours ago +1

    I'm somewhat okay with the editing BUT that lighting is pretty much the most awful job I've ever seen :/

  • Adam Baldwin
    Adam Baldwin 2 hours ago

    Hey, just to let you know, this is the first video of yours that I've seen and I really liked it. I like the depth you went into and how you broke it all down. I'm definitely going to check out more of your videos.

  • BigMac8000
    BigMac8000 2 hours ago +1

    I actually think the edit's are meant to be jarring. They show his hand prominently, and then the actors react nervously and rapidly, and the creaking of his seat is supposed to be a sound cue that this.... does not feel right. The suit smiles the whole time, despite how crazy awkward his intro was - he didn't even address them until after he sits down. He stares off at the bridge before even addressing them - who does this? The sightline is meant to convey this, and his strange presence. The same goes for the awkward jumping around of people.
    If you smooth it, the emotional anxiety is taken away. You're supposed to hate this guy and what he represents the first moment.
    Human beings are incredibly fast when they're meeting someone and micro-expressions are obscenely quick. The moment you meet someone or react to an emotional trigger it shows on your face. Often we're picking up data we never would've even realized. Given the nature of these scenes, I can see why the cutting might be useful to convey this.
    Bear in mind I haven't even seen this movie, but it's adequately conveyed. They're having warm banter, coldly, oh so coldly, interrupted by a suit, whose manneurisms are not natural and aggressive. They take care to show an edited, organic scene for contrast and then they hit you with the jarring painful cuts as its broken up by the suit.
    I'm sure one of the themes in the movie is the division in the bandmates over different issues. The scene starts with the group calling Freddie overly flamboyant, which he famously was. Not grouping the band in the later shot all in one signifies a splinter within the band. One character may be considered alone in a sentiment, or divided, and the frequent cuts to Freddie and then to the larger parts of the band also isolate him, and his particular emotional reaction. The other bandmates may gloss over and not care - but he does.
    I haven't seen the film, but these jarring dialogue cuts might be meant to show the inorganic nature of the band overall, probably contrasting with longer scenes with songs. You speed up the cuts to offset a movie with longer shots, and potentially to annoy the audience.
    You identified it as potential "directing" decisions, which these seem to be. They seem more calculated in how bad they are. That creaking chair sound was way too on-the-nose for them not have designed it that way. Even showing his hand so prominently controlling the chair was purposeful.
    I doubt many scenes in this film were meant to have comfortable dialogue, or organic dialogue, just given Queen's history. Controversy followed that band like crazy. It's supposed to feel like those table scenes are not fun, and the music is where the organic nature appears.
    Now, I haven't seen the movie, but this feels more like a style discussion than a pure editing discussion. We can all agree Academy Awards are dumb and them recognizing a film for upping the cut speed (a common occurrence to "engineer" attention) could be totally a sham.
    But there feels like there could be more to this analysis. I didn't feel much improvement in the re-edited version because you're supposed to seethingly hate that guy and what he represents.
    Given the political turmoil surrounding the development of the movie and the editing though, constraints may have necessitated some very strange editing choices, but I don't feel like it's a simple decision to say it's objectively terrible when there seems to be a lot of care and time put into it. You can spot lazy editing, this is more... controversial editing.

  • Adam Baldwin
    Adam Baldwin 2 hours ago

    I keep hearing that this is a bad movie with great acting and terrible editing. I think they did a really good job with the trailer, it made the movie look compelling, but from everything I've heard, it sounds like a pretty big disappointment. I'll probably wait until it comes out on one of the streaming services I use, and by then I'll have probably lost all motivation to watch it anyway.

  • antlerflax
    antlerflax 2 hours ago

    The Oscar was probably just for the Live Aid scene, am I right? All those shot-for-shot comparisons on TVclip should be evidence enough of that.

  • Eriml
    Eriml 2 hours ago

    Nice video. I noticed the horrible pacing and the overall bad editing but not the continuity and shot-to-shot bad editing

  • w wyborn
    w wyborn 3 hours ago

    it got an oscar because of homosexuality , i know this is very blunt to some of you , but i promise you the people behind hollywood and pretty much everything very much try to encourage and push homosexuality on america :D

  • Qellogz
    Qellogz 3 hours ago

    That is indeed waaay to many cuts. Looks like a freaking Jason Bourne movie!

  • ugh rina
    ugh rina 3 hours ago

    someone said the editing on this movie looks like when you’re rushing through instagram stories HSJSHJ

  • Dejan Dancu
    Dejan Dancu 3 hours ago

    I’ll go watch this movie if they could edit out Brian may. Can’t stand that twat.

  • Liam Sweeney
    Liam Sweeney 4 hours ago

    This film won oscars because it is fundamentally pro gay and Hollywood are doing everything they can to appear 'progressive'.

  • NANCY Noise
    NANCY Noise 4 hours ago

    This was an entertaining movie but in all honesty it is really nothing but a two hour commercial/ propaganda piece for Queen made by the surviving members. It’s blatantly gross.

  • TheWatchernator
    TheWatchernator 5 hours ago

    "So you guys are Queen. You guys are special. Tell, me, why are you different?"

  • Raymond LuxuryYacht
    Raymond LuxuryYacht 5 hours ago

    the first time i saw this scene i thought i was having a stroke

  • TheWatchernator
    TheWatchernator 5 hours ago

    Notice that everyone in the 1970s/80s had long hair. Except for the 3 guys that called Mercury a 'wanker'... those have buzzcut hair.
    There are many of these subliminal messages in this movie. And once you notice them, it's annoying as hell.

  • Lucas Vinicius Nunes Aguiar

    @gaveta os gringos te Ctrl-c!!

  • Connor McKee
    Connor McKee 5 hours ago

    Idk if y’all have ever been with your obnoxiously childish band mates at a fancy place meeting with important people you get a little whiplash from it, this feels pretty accurate to me

  • Skirmisher
    Skirmisher 6 hours ago

    Rami Malek should not have won Best Actor. I don't understand the infatuation people have with him. The few movies I've seen of him, it's too much Rami I'm seeing and not enough of the character he's playing. IMO great acting makes me forget the actor and see the character portrayed. Some actors capable of doing that for me; Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • WarlegganFangirl1984
    WarlegganFangirl1984 6 hours ago

    Perhaps the Academy was just taking this piss with the Oscar?

  • Max Scribner
    Max Scribner 6 hours ago

    The TABLE Changes! 8:15

  • Jacob Mccann
    Jacob Mccann 7 hours ago

    This is how I felt about Greenbook getting best screenplay. The screenplay was super sloppy and should not have won over The Favourite, and Eigth Grade should have been nominated. To me, the pimento cheese scene in Greenbook completely tore me out of the movie. Pimento cheese is basically cheese+ mayo+ pickles... why would would he spit it out? My father tells stories of growing up poor and eating mayo sandwiches... a cheese and mayo sandwich should be familiar to Tony Lip. at a minimum he probably would not spit it out. Then on the big picture, the story is very one-sided and seems completely unconcerned with Don Shirley.

  • Franck You
    Franck You 8 hours ago

    I'd bet easily that most of these academy judges don't watch the movies or possibly cuts. this is just business and capitalism...

  • Harold King
    Harold King 8 hours ago

    They edited out the gay sex scenes

  • queerdaniel21
    queerdaniel21 8 hours ago

    i loooved it when i first watched it in the theater, but rewatching it at home made me fucking die of cringe. i love the boys but rami didnt do a good job performing as freddie

  • William Strother
    William Strother 9 hours ago

    I thought that was Tommy Wiseau in the thumbnail.

  • Indie Games Only
    Indie Games Only 9 hours ago

    i tried watching the movie. i couldnt even finish watching it, it was so bad...

  • luke myszka
    luke myszka 11 hours ago

    This video just made me really want to watch the godfather again

  • Filip Ivan
    Filip Ivan 12 hours ago

    When I watched the movie it didnt worry me at all. Now that i see ot here i cant stand it 😂

  • jdgonzo1982
    jdgonzo1982 13 hours ago

    the makeup in this movie is pretty weird...everyone looks like a cartoon character version of the real person...

  • Ed Fire
    Ed Fire 13 hours ago

    thank you

  • Ryan Taft
    Ryan Taft 14 hours ago

    Cool vid -- subbed!

  • Mr. Leftward Sloping Penis

    hollywood is a shitshow

  • Marcello Silva
    Marcello Silva 15 hours ago

    This is the first time I've ever gotten dizzy just by watching a single scene from a movie.
    Holy crap this editing sucks.

  • HughWalenski
    HughWalenski 15 hours ago

    I'm glad you acknowledged the direction issue, because it is hard to tell what exactly he was working with. That said, I agree about the academy's choice, and the counter-intuitive nature of judging editing.

  • J Smith
    J Smith 15 hours ago

    The "Millennial Whoop" of Film

  • mcgoo721
    mcgoo721 15 hours ago

    I've only recently found an interest in film. I haven't studied it or anything even close that, and I'm only just now exploring it all. Watching this movie at the theaters some things felt off but I couldn't articulate what. I enjoyed the movie and all, but there were moments like this scene that just felt awkward. Now I know why! Great video.

  • TaswcmT
    TaswcmT 16 hours ago

    I have yet to see this movie, but when you cut ANYTHING quicker than a Michael Bay movie, you need a pretty good reason to do so. Cuts of less than 2 second length are pretty useless, disorienting and stupid. I'm thinking there has been an overarching motivation behind this movie to show AS MUCH of Brian as possible. Can't show anything else for more than 2 seconds before cutting back to Brian, can we?
    Just shows how an Oscar really doesn't meant more than somebody knows the right people and/or have kissed the right asses. "Perfectly functional editing" at best seems like a covering description based on the material shown in this video. THAT is not award winning quality.
    I think I haven't seen examples of editing this bad since some Iron Maiden concert footage where every single cut lingered for something like a whole luxurious second.

  • apburner1
    apburner1 16 hours ago

    How many Oscars have you received?

  • playlists
    playlists 16 hours ago

    This film looks terrible .. The writing is bad so the actors are cringe

  • Phos9
    Phos9 17 hours ago

    Also did they think they were casting an actor to play Mick Jagger?

  • valleydude5000
    valleydude5000 17 hours ago +1

    Also at the end of this video the editing sucks it jumps to a Pay ads by audible without warning.

    VICARIUS 17 hours ago

    So does that mean the Oscar is bs?

      VICARIUS 17 hours ago

      For the most part, yes. (I suddenly had the answer to my own question)

  • valleydude5000
    valleydude5000 17 hours ago

    Meanwhile TVclipr crying about TVclip money.

  • Mr. Shigoto
    Mr. Shigoto 17 hours ago

    Live aid

  • Odin
    Odin 18 hours ago

    5 mins 42 seconds in, and my brain hurts…. and I studied filmmaking and video editing. I know most of us analyse every shot and name it in our head every time because that's what we are used to….. but damn, over-analysing something can also be on a par with bad camera shots/editing. Sometimes, just enjoy something for what it is.

  • Aaron Craig Chavez
    Aaron Craig Chavez 18 hours ago

    I thought it would either be the favourite or vice that would win best editing

  • Oren Bush
    Oren Bush 19 hours ago

    Play Dark Side of the Moon alongside the movie and it makes sense

  • zigmas
    zigmas 19 hours ago

    The editing of the movie seems like a parody

  • Isaac Dweck
    Isaac Dweck 19 hours ago

    I decided to watch this video muted based off the title and decided that you are spot on correct. These big box films are pure crap. You'd think they'd pay someone to do the job right.

  • Cybernought Troubadour
    Cybernought Troubadour 19 hours ago +2

    One criticism I have of your breakdown here Thomas Flight, is that you are running your own mood music in the background why do you add mood music ?

    Some of what you are criticizing for being technically bad here does support the narrative of the scene whether you personally are enjoying it or not. It is an odd thing for a badly edited movie to receive a high award for technical accomplishment specifically for editing. Your critique doesn't explain why that might have occurred.

    You are at times insightful. Your point-by-point reading of the edit is good yet the overall conclusions are too simplistic. Allow me to explain. Some of what the editor has done supports the narrative of the scene whether you yourself enjoy watching it or not. Your re-edit of the John Reid scene is fine if you want to make Reid seem like he walks into the room and immediately gains the power and attention, yet why would that happen ? he is just 'a suit'. Your version makes Reid the 'rockstar'. This is a bit cack handed when you are portraying a phenom like Freddie Mercury.

    The way the scene is originally edited [is very awkward,] with regard to mismatched eyeline shots and reaction choices ect. All true! However these levels of awkwardness explain why John Reid commands the attention he does. Everyone is a little uncomfortable with him and how things immediately become out of place with his arrival at the table, and his presence there. He gains their attention because he really does not fit in with their vibe and the mismatching of eyeline shots and reactions ect emphasis that. It explains why he has their attention so completely. It has the same effect of two people trying to pass each other in a narrow hall way and yet mirroring each other. The actor playing John Reid is very good, I think he is from The Game of Thrones series. Although you need narrative driven reasons why he gains the attention of the other players, not external reasons such as because he is Little Finger from G.O.T. What the editor has done provides that.

    Also you criticize the shot of John Reid saying "So this is Queen" because it cuts back to only three members of the band. [At 7:55 on your timeline]. However this edit also makes narrative sense. It subliminally implies that John Reid does not really 'get the full picture' with regard to Queen, which was in somewhat his real life predicament in the true story of the band. In this instance you correctly state that Bryan May is added as a separate reaction shot from the rest of the band. However In the previous scene Bryan May is very commanding with his hilarious observation that Freddie looks like an angry lizard, which has all of them including Freddie laughing. The fact that Bryan May welds a commanding observational wit in the previous scene might suggest that he is the one that will be able to quickly gain estimation of John Reid's character and possibly sets him apart from the others for this reason. Hence he is separate in the edit for his reaction shot. I haven't seen the Bohemian Rhapsody movie and I concede that some of these instances may be unintentional 'idiot savant' however some of what you are criticizing for being technically bad does in fact support the narrative of the scene.

    After this you include a montage of scenes you suggest exhibit similar properties. It looks like there is dramatic turmoil between the characters,. I cannot hear the dialogue and your own inserted music makes it more difficult to read what is happening. Although I suspect some of the former reasons for editing in this manner apply here also.

    It is an odd thing for a badly edited movie to specifically receive a high award for a technical accomplishment. Whether a movie is good / bad, or how good a movie is has a huge 'taste' element. Acting also is not a pure discipline, however technical features are much more easily gauged. This leads me to suspect that you have not apprehended why some might appreciate some what has been done with the editing here, even if it was done intuitively rather than technically, and regardless of whether you don't like the editing generally.

    Imagine turning up at a film school lecture where the lecture has mood music playing in the background. You are insightful yet your inclusion of incidental music might help you get views but it doesn't make you seem serious about what you are doing or do justice to the genuine insight that you do in fact possess. Thanks.

  • pulphope
    pulphope 20 hours ago +2

    You're missing the point with some of the edits here, the effect of actively avoiding Reed's eye line with the subsequent shots focalises the scene so that its not about how Reed sees them but about the band's dynamic, e.g. shots 16-18 communicate May's following Reed's eye line and critiquing his band mates the way he imagines Reed might be. This has the added effect of unifying the band as a unit (the "us") against this interloper ("them") through the editing, though I suppose thats obvious from the costuming and age difference in any case. I havent seen the film and agree that there's likely too many shots included overall, but the ideas being communicated would be weakened

  • Christin Bremer
    Christin Bremer 20 hours ago


  • jockkkk
    jockkkk 20 hours ago

    Really interesting thank you. I remember feeling motion sickness when I watched the film and I couldn't work out why. Then I watched this video and I felt it again. I love films but know nothing about the technicalities behind them so this has been fascinating

  • Wii U
    Wii U 21 hour ago

    They did it because they think people of this generation have a hyperactive attention span, and they had to come up with an original editing scheme for this film. Sometimes your project manager doesn't know what they are talking about and gives birth to a monstrosity. Now while I didn't work on the film, it is quite obvious given trends and attitudes during the film's production. The easiest way to get around the project manager is to give an illusion of fast pace, and use a previously used editing style but might require specific shooting techniques. The one from speed racer would do fine. Imagine a rotating camera as the actors give feedback and it cuts to a scene that has what they are talking about in it. An academy award right there I tell you. It would be a point of interest and seem very forward-thinking, despite the lack of effort.

  • Chris
    Chris 22 hours ago

    Dr. Queen, I'm CIA

  • Michael S
    Michael S 22 hours ago

    the directors watched too much bollywood

  • Ali Yahya
    Ali Yahya 22 hours ago

    This movie was a train wreck. Acting, editing, cgi, you name it

  • Jeremy Stubbs
    Jeremy Stubbs 22 hours ago +23

    Sadly, this was the weakest Oscar year since 2011.

    • Kate Atkins
      Kate Atkins 6 hours ago

      Jeremy Stubbs Roma and Shoplifters were the only rememberable films from this year. The rest... not so much.

  • sadino123
    sadino123 22 hours ago

    This video need some kind of Warning, that editing literally got me dizzy and the (necessary ofc)repetition only made it worse.

  • Evidence Matters
    Evidence Matters 22 hours ago

    I'm sorry, but after watching the movie last night for the first time, and then watching this video now, I just don't agree with the criticisms in this video. It seems to me to be a case of "they did it differently to how I would have done it, therefore they did it wrong". I like the fast, even "awkward" cuts in the scene, because it helps convey a sense of stress or awkwardness that you would expect at any important first meeting.

  • YouMeAndFresnoBob
    YouMeAndFresnoBob 22 hours ago

    ALL modern films have FAR TOO MANY edits. The pacing is always so quick with rapid editing. Horrible.

  • Mud
    Mud 23 hours ago

    The academy felt like they had to give this movie an Oscar. Someone in the back shouted: "Just give it the best editing. That will do"

  • Draven Lee
    Draven Lee 23 hours ago

    The editing drove me crazy in this movie. Not to mention, the overuse of my #1 new pet peeve - The out of focus shot that zooms in and becomes clear. The Last Jedi also did this about 20 times. STOP IT.

  • scarr_
    scarr_ 23 hours ago

    the camera shake is aids

  • Brian Boley
    Brian Boley 23 hours ago

    I think this movie is the perfect example of a movie that was loved upon release because Queen is such a great band.
    But is going to age terribly. And most of it has to do with how f*cking odd and hard to watch the lead actor playing Freddy is.

  • Kas Trull
    Kas Trull Day ago +1

    I thought it was Tommy Wiseau in the thumbnail.

  • Mix N Mash
    Mix N Mash Day ago

    No one:
    The Oscars Academy: chooses a movie that has up to 61 cuts in a scene (30 of them unneeded) for best editing

  • Bluebat
    Bluebat Day ago

    Im very ignorant. Do they used multiple cameras at the same time or each scene were shoot those million times to catch each actor reactions and views??

  • Johannes Hilding

    This movie seems worthless. I get bored just to look at this and the performances seem dull and bad.

  • RG7621
    RG7621 Day ago

    No wonder TV and Movies give me a headache. Only thing worse than bad editing is shaky/zoomy camerawork which is pretty much the standard now.

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams Day ago

    How did Spotlight even get nominated for best editing? How did Mad Max: Fury Road win best editing? Or LOTR:ROTK? It's because people who vote on movies for the academy awards are mostly actors and producers. They don't understand the backend of filmmaking at all. The Academy is stupid and paying attention to it is stupid.

  • MarvelDcImage
    MarvelDcImage Day ago

    They needed to give an Oscar - any category - for the gay film

  • Eddy Stronger
    Eddy Stronger Day ago

    *See nothing wrong, stop to look for horns at the horse head.*

  • Colossal Gameplays

    am i the only one waiting for someone to edit and "fix" this scene?
    with custom cuts :D

  • gen go
    gen go Day ago

    Whiteman´s problems 😂

  • leadhesh
    leadhesh Day ago

    Academy awards have been complete bs for years

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    Bad editing but still a good movie

  • leadhesh
    leadhesh Day ago

    I never saw it. But I hate music videos that cut ever second. Can’t imagine a whole movie of that

  • Jacob Hyde
    Jacob Hyde Day ago

    I watched this and thought it was a good movie, now I will be so annoyed

  • Jenna G.
    Jenna G. Day ago +3

    never seen the film but i just watched a comparison of the live queen concert and the movies concert; and i couldn't help but think to myself just how BAD and CHOPPY the editing was.

  • Phony Tony
    Phony Tony Day ago

    Man i'm not a movie buff of any sort, nor am I very knowledgeable about this stuff, but watching these scenes is actually giving me a headache.

  • Kameron A
    Kameron A Day ago

    I really like these breakdown analysis videos- I learned a lot

  • Gaya Liberman
    Gaya Liberman Day ago

    it sure is a good lesson in editing lol

    ROMAN Day ago


  • kungfuman82
    kungfuman82 Day ago

    In today's Hollywood, if you made a movie about one of the most prominent gay men and one of the high-profile celebrity AIDS deaths, and the film is also about one of the most iconic rock performances of all time, and your award is "Best Editing"... you fucked up.

  • Jim T-Shirt
    Jim T-Shirt Day ago

    Yay! Another know-nothing TVclipr whining about how HE could've done a better job. If you knew anything, you'd be out there doing the damn thing instead of making click-bait videos. Films are a subjective thing; remember that. Now go upstairs and ask your parents to make you a sandwich :)

  • Cicholas Nage
    Cicholas Nage Day ago

    i fail to see how supposed professionals can make these sorts of obvious mistakes, most people would probably find this weird and quite unsettling.

  • joppadoni
    joppadoni Day ago

    You win an editing Oscar not for having the best editing ever, just the best in that year. To detail one scene which, granted makes ya head spin now ( i actually felt nauseous lol ) but didn't at the time of first viewing, then say its not deserved is lazy. I agree it didn't win the Oscar for that one scene you detailed. Overall i thought the editing was excellent.

  • Squared Circle Squares

    This movie was bad...

  • Anti Honey
    Anti Honey Day ago

    Meh, the academy awards and most of Hollywood is just a massive circle jerk; I can't take anything seriously from them these days.

  • G_Odu Of the North

    I feel like this kind of editing could work for one scene if you were trying to put the audience on edge and disorient their perception of what subjects are where, but it's just really inexcusable when the effect is unintentional.

  • Handy Koesnadie
    Handy Koesnadie Day ago

    Good analysis. I think that this movie is overrated.

  • Luc Delvil
    Luc Delvil Day ago

    Wide shots have the sun behind Brian May. In close ups the sun projects a shadow on the other side. Not just little differencies normal when time passes between shots, but a different moment of the day. It seems like the Brian May part was completely shot in a different day like someone else noticed.

  • J
    J Day ago

    I watched "There will be Blood" yesterday which makes Bohemian Rhapsody look even worse in terms of editing.
    Also: One would think a movie about such a theatrical, artistic band would be shot in a very artistic, over the top way

  • Generic Fresh Meme Maker

    Rami malek is the only good thing about this film

  • hugenignog
    hugenignog Day ago

    what do you expect from another quick cashgrab by brian may and roger taylor?