The COMPLETE MCU Recap | CRAM IT (Avengers: Endgame Edition)

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • Dan Murrell recaps and reviews every character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe leading up to Avengers: Endgame! - it's CRAM IT
    The COMPLETE MCU Recap | CRAM IT (Avengers: Endgame Edition)
    VO by Dan Murrell
    Written by Lon Harris & Dan Murrell
    Produced by Billy Patterson
    Supervising Producer: Max Dionee
    Edited by Randy Whitlock
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
  • Film & AnimationFilm & Animation

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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  2 months ago +704

    Which Avenger has had the largest and most memorable journey in the MCU?

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  • Roblox08
    Roblox08 Day ago

    what about endgame?

  • G in NY
    G in NY 3 days ago

    Doctor Strange trades the time stone for Iron Man's life but with what we know about Endgame this move is pun intended.

  • Lucky Bruno
    Lucky Bruno 6 days ago +2

    Thank you for making this video it helped a lot

  • It me Oof
    It me Oof 6 days ago

    “...another ship shows up captained by a mysterious bea-’s thanos”

  • Kyle Bote
    Kyle Bote 8 days ago

    Why isn't anyone talking about the less ads?!

  • Steve Z
    Steve Z 8 days ago

    Playback at ×1.75 speed.
    Just as comprehensible but roughly 20 minutes instead of nearly 40... also more funny.

  • Aly Williams
    Aly Williams 8 days ago

    Please please please do a Cram of it the Child's Play franchise before the awful remake comes out

  • SIMply Me
    SIMply Me 8 days ago

    All my friends want me to watch endgame but I’m too poor to afford to watch all the avengers films I’m here 😶

  • Marvin Moore
    Marvin Moore 9 days ago

    Stan Lee isn't a cosmic entity in the Avengers movies dumbass idiot or Guardians of the galaxy he just an actor doing a cameo appearance

  • dorkylust
    dorkylust 10 days ago

    wanda maximoff is a *miracle*

  • Halima A
    Halima A 12 days ago

    you forgot about the rat who accidentally does something to return ant man.

  • Kasmin Fernandes
    Kasmin Fernandes 12 days ago

    Rest in peace, amazing Stan Lee

  • Cjs channel sub plz amparado

    I cried y

  • Isaac Alonzo
    Isaac Alonzo 13 days ago

    After seeing End Game 5 times, this makes a great rewatch. Still Captain Marvel was the most underwhelming garbage that makes The Dark World look like The Departed.

  • TheHouZeR88
    TheHouZeR88 13 days ago

    The pronunciation of Super Saiyan at 5:40 has me triggered. You cant just mispronounce that and keep going.

  • Adriandra Karuniawan
    Adriandra Karuniawan 13 days ago

    Luis should've do this

  • Sean Caldwell
    Sean Caldwell 14 days ago

    First problem Tony was far more upset Bucky killed his mom not his dad

  • Ruben Ortega
    Ruben Ortega 15 days ago

    T’Challa had already been the black panther for over 10 years by the time his father was killed in Vienna during Civil War.

  • e mc boom face !!!!!! Face


  • Rendra Rifaldi
    Rendra Rifaldi 21 day ago

    Gotg is boring.

  • Cole and dave
    Cole and dave 21 day ago

    The way he says super sayion at 5:42 lmao

  • Tim Smalley
    Tim Smalley 22 days ago

    Wanda is never called Scarlet Witch

  • Simon Hobden
    Simon Hobden 22 days ago

    Thanos wiped half the universe to play farmville

  • Patrick Cloaninger
    Patrick Cloaninger 23 days ago

    No one:
    Ivan Vanko: MY BORD

  • Jacob Avelar
    Jacob Avelar 24 days ago +3

    Why did I watch this whole thing after I watched end game😭

  • Fatima Syed
    Fatima Syed 24 days ago

    They didn't add endgame.

  • groovejamunity bristol

    WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED..... what a disappointment .. part 1 was amazing.. part 2 should have been a walk .. what was all the crying about! the movie had more treats the two towers lord of the rings. and what was the point of captain marvel ( sorry i can't HELP i'v got sh*t too do ) REALLY REALLY ... THIS IS A BLADE 3 --- A highlander 2,3,4

  • Ant Guy - superhero extraordinaire

    Let’s make something clear. Captain America was not the leader of the Avengers. Tiny Stark was always the leader.

  • Nicole Safak
    Nicole Safak 27 days ago

    Is it friendly fire

  • i love trevor
    i love trevor 28 days ago

    Stan Lee is dead tho

  • Mark Skater
    Mark Skater 28 days ago

    20:30 "along" or a wong?

  • jalabi99
    jalabi99 Month ago

    It's LAY-goes not LAH-goes.

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Month ago +1

    Yeah Thor 1 is Forgettable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • finn finn
    finn finn Month ago

    Thanks 🤗🙏❤️

  • Her_biggest_fan
    Her_biggest_fan Month ago

    Hot fire

  • That one person
    That one person Month ago

    It’s the snappening

  • Jiajian Hou
    Jiajian Hou Month ago

    Since Stan lee died back in 2018, how can you assume he will appear in Endgame???

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes Month ago

    Give us Ghost rider

  • Alex Born
    Alex Born Month ago

    FINALLY! After 1 day i have found the only site where you are able to see Avengers EndGame with hd quality and good sound! Im giving away link to you, guys ) Open in browser _AVENGERS. IHACK. CO_ (without spaces)

    FUNKY ZOM8IE Month ago

    I thought tchalla was already black banter before his dad died

  • Isuru Warshakoon
    Isuru Warshakoon Month ago

    did he say super siiian

  • Al Bro
    Al Bro Month ago

    Dan you did a really good job.

  • chase850
    chase850 Month ago

    I love the emphasis on “Who is NOT A CAT” when referring to Goose the Flerkken 😂😂

  • Tyler Moody
    Tyler Moody Month ago

    Snap on
    Snap snap
    Snap off
    Snap snap

  • PotataPie
    PotataPie Month ago

    This was great!

  • Andrew Alday
    Andrew Alday Month ago

    Totally disrespected Dragon Ball Z by saying "Super-Cyan", but ok.

  • Tempz Modz
    Tempz Modz Month ago

    Skipped captain marvel

  • Connor Kent
    Connor Kent Month ago

    Imagine if quick silver was still alive shit would’ve been crazy .

  • Nasir Rahman Frost
    Nasir Rahman Frost Month ago

    Is MIB in the MCU now? I hope so coz Thor and Valkery in England could be them working for Shield 2.0 against new threats like Silver Surfer.

    TTC_JUZZ YY Month ago

    I understamd everything now perfectly

  • Xavier Blanc
    Xavier Blanc Month ago

    Must have been hundreds of hours researching, watching videos and all.
    Big thumb up man !

  • Jacqueline Durham
    Jacqueline Durham Month ago

    Stan's dead

  • J Parker
    J Parker Month ago

    I’m Mary poppins y’all 😂😂😭

  • yi liu
    yi liu Month ago

    Thanos is a big fat sour expired purple grape with a sparkly oven mitt

  • vasco de gama
    vasco de gama Month ago

    Thank god I didn’t watch any of these

  • M Ma
    M Ma Month ago

    They did quicksilver so dirty it's the one thing I can never forgive the mcu for

  • M Ma
    M Ma Month ago

    Loki: and we......... have a hulk

  • Poke Hype
    Poke Hype Month ago

    Yet Pietro wasn’t fast enough

  • Poke Hype
    Poke Hype Month ago

    What if thanos was trying to save the universe from Galactus???

  • Gamingguy12345 1
    Gamingguy12345 1 Month ago

    Spoiler he dosen’t 37:20

  • zach courchene
    zach courchene Month ago

    Umm titan is a moon

    COWBHOYTV Month ago

    I Like This One!!!

  • richardhalo
    richardhalo Month ago

    6:03 bullshit.

    MY MOOD RIGHT NOW Month ago +1

    Holy crab, I forgot how complicated the entire story is. 🧐

  • MrFForger
    MrFForger Month ago

    "Through some nonsense called Pym Particles"
    Sounds about right.

  • Te'roy West
    Te'roy West Month ago

    No Netflix tv shows?

  • Miguel Pelia
    Miguel Pelia Month ago


  • GSquadChampions
    GSquadChampions Month ago

    Stan lee

  • XxSaruman82xX
    XxSaruman82xX Month ago

    4:47 *Correction: Captain Marvel is the First Avenger, not Captain America.

    • XxSaruman82xX
      XxSaruman82xX Month ago

      @Kristinn Arnason But Nick Fury didn't call it the Avengers initiative until after he met Captain Marvel.

    • Kristinn Arnason
      Kristinn Arnason Month ago

      Pretty sure WW2 was before the 90s :P

  • Endangered YT
    Endangered YT Month ago

    Tony wields the dam infinity gauntlet

  • James D'KAI
    James D'KAI Month ago

    This actually inspired me to rewatch the mcu. Except the dark World 😆

  • Sayln
    Sayln Month ago

    Dude ur great

  • EG3 Assassin
    EG3 Assassin Month ago +1

    I cried so much :(

  • erzebeth cavanaugh
    erzebeth cavanaugh Month ago

    Thank you for this! I only watched captain americas movie, antman and hawk something but not all. This is great since ill be watching endgame later.

  • That Guy From Walgreens

    Brilliant job. I may take time on my vacation to watch at least a majority of the MCU films. Hell I just may go and see Endgame again. Badass movie for those of you that haven't watched it... go see it now!!
    There's one thing over never thought about though... how did they keep Bucky from aging? Captain America was frozen for 60 years so that's at least a descent somewhat reasonable explanation.

  • Mauricio Elizondo
    Mauricio Elizondo Month ago

    who would of thought, a rat being the true savior of the universe.

  • Evrything plus 1
    Evrything plus 1 Month ago

    You sayed super sien its super sayin

  • TZ3C
    TZ3C Month ago +1

    This video deserves 10 million likes

  • NanohaXFate Takamachi/Testarossa/NanoFate

    wrooooong. it's not his dad that sets him off it's the death of his mom which is outright said in civil war.
    "this isn't going to change what happened"
    "I don't care.. he killed my mom"
    i have no idea how you missed that.

  • Adia Lena
    Adia Lena Month ago

    i dont know why marvel has never had a bad movie... its insane

  • Tamara Paquette
    Tamara Paquette Month ago

    Well done

  • Daily dose of reply’s

    I forgot what happened in the beginning of captain America, and I’m wondering why didn’t they make all the Americans muscular and powerful🤔

  • Grim Engineer
    Grim Engineer Month ago

    Try snappening or snaptermath....

  • Py. thons
    Py. thons Month ago

    Stan lee didn’t have a cameo in endgame...

  • NikaReading
    NikaReading Month ago

    well this was useful

  • Michael Grabowski
    Michael Grabowski Month ago

    I've been convinced by a friend to go see "Endgame" tonight, haven't seen a damn one of these movies so I watched this to catch up. All I could think in the end was, man, people really watch this? It's just so much....fluff, and CGI, I guess to each their own.

    RAY NICHOLS Month ago

    thanos: i thanos will destroy half the universe.
    spiderman as captain universe: i dont think so.

    RAY NICHOLS Month ago

    hishe... thanos: i thanos will kill half the universe.
    thor: shooting lightning from mjolnir: i think not.

    RAY NICHOLS Month ago

    black widow. the first strong female hero in the mcu

    RAY NICHOLS Month ago

    the ancient one. a very old man who looks like a woman.

    RAY NICHOLS Month ago

    if she touches someone she can feel their .... feelings

    RAY NICHOLS Month ago

    we are groot

    RAY NICHOLS Month ago

    thanos: if you want something done right get someone else to do it.

    RAY NICHOLS Month ago

    cat from mib

    RAY NICHOLS Month ago

    no. shield wasnt around until iron man i or no it was captain marvel. #mandellaeffect.

  • Мартин Богданов

    This video Rocks!
    You present the Mcu Movies through such a logical way, that I, personally, felt involved every second of it.
    The third line marks the endgame of my personal comment.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith Month ago

    I'm Mary Poppins y'all.

  • Titilola Okunfolami

    Lol at the bird

  • Evelyn Granados
    Evelyn Granados Month ago

    I really wanted Luis recaping everything before endgame but this will do too :)