THOR RAGNAROK Breakdown - EVERYTHING YOU MISSED! (Easter Eggs & References)

  • Published on Nov 9, 2017
  • Thor Ragnarok explained! All Thor Easter Eggs and Marvel references! Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring today's video. Start your free trial today, at to get 10% off your first purchase.
    Thor Ragnarok gets a full breakdown and analysis! How did Hulk and Thor reference past Marvel movies and comics? Erik Voss breaks down the movie's visuals and music and explains how director Taika Waititi was influenced by Jack Kirby, Planet Hulk, Big Trouble in Little China, and more. How was Korg created? What subtle references does the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) make? Why is Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song perfect for Thor? And what does the Thor Ragnarok ending mean?
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  • Call me Spartan
    Call me Spartan 11 hours ago

    14:00 I think this is great they would do this

  • Nicholas Brewer
    Nicholas Brewer 3 days ago +1

    The scene where Thor chugs infinite beer is a nod to the Norse myth where thor is tricked into drinking the ocean out of a mug.

  • Zachariah Hussain
    Zachariah Hussain 5 days ago +2

    18:20 "Hulk joins the battle as his full god of thunder form" I can just imagine hulk charging up with lightning and I find it hilarious

  • Amanda Asgard
    Amanda Asgard 6 days ago

    Gor the god killer looks like Voldemort. Change my mind.

  • Amanda Asgard
    Amanda Asgard 6 days ago

    Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg. Warriors Three.
    Lady Sif. Not one of the three.

  • dux onelei
    dux onelei 9 days ago

    0:29 thats just amazing

  • HBS Jollyz
    HBS Jollyz 10 days ago

    18:21when hulk joins the battle in his god of thunder form u mean thor

  • Block Obama
    Block Obama 10 days ago +2

    Korg defeats thanos in endgame

  • neotizzo
    neotizzo 10 days ago +1

    Thanos is NOT a diety. He’s a Titan. No more. No less. (Until he snaps the gauntlet).

  • Super mario nugget SMN

    Who’s watching after far from home

  • Clare Monagle
    Clare Monagle 11 days ago +1

    Hey mate my names korg this is my very good friend named mick.

  • Broken Vr Headset Person
    Broken Vr Headset Person 11 days ago +1

    18:20 “when hulk joins the battle in his whole god of thunder form” XD

  • Zuly Solis
    Zuly Solis 14 days ago

    I thought that the einstein Rosen bridge was from the first Thor movie when he arrives at earth in the beginning, Jane suggests that it’s an Einstein Rosen bridge

  • Mr.Someone
    Mr.Someone 14 days ago

    18:22 hulk wha? What? How did he not say thor?

  • \ Minedude33Gaming /
    \ Minedude33Gaming / 14 days ago

    I just realized, if the snap was reversed. Then Sij, who was snapped, came back, and so did Hawkeye's family

  • Minus One Gamer
    Minus One Gamer 16 days ago

    People seem to forget that Thanos did try to get the infinity stones back in Avengers through Loki....

  • Hanfei Cao
    Hanfei Cao 18 days ago

    your impressions are so good!

  • Demir Eryurek
    Demir Eryurek 19 days ago

    At 18:55 shouldnt one of thors eyes not be there?

  • Tomas Kamen
    Tomas Kamen 19 days ago

    18:20 when hulk joins the battle??

  • KateTheWolf!
    KateTheWolf! 23 days ago +1

    Darn I was really hoping he'd mentioned the reference to Sherlock Holmes.
    If you've seen this movie, the address on the card Thor picks up (177a Beecker St.) directs him to where Doctor Strange is; played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who also played Sherlock who lives on 221 Baker St.

  • Jacob Klassen
    Jacob Klassen 23 days ago

    1:00 he just called Thor skor

  • George Curtis
    George Curtis 24 days ago

    18:20 “when hulk joins the battle in full god of thunder form....

  • thanh pham
    thanh pham 24 days ago

    And the thanos’s glove

  • NutShells
    NutShells 24 days ago

    *You break their body parts and lay them down like a psychopath*

  • Shea Kelley
    Shea Kelley 24 days ago

    I re watched it like yesterday

  • Sam Sabourin
    Sam Sabourin 24 days ago

    Has anyone noticed that hella makes a small appearance in guardians of the galaxy volume 2

  • The Pokemon professor
    The Pokemon professor 27 days ago

    18:21 he calls Thor hulk

  • Ant Man 1101
    Ant Man 1101 27 days ago

    18:23 led zeppelin!!!!!!

  • Osian
    Osian 28 days ago

    Gwon' piss off ghost!
    I love korg

  • SharkyWinsAlways
    SharkyWinsAlways 29 days ago

    Looks like eggs

  • TheDankDragonRyder
    TheDankDragonRyder 29 days ago +1

    Thor Ragnarok was very "Shocking"

    Kill me......

  • Ally Kitty’s Gaming
    Ally Kitty’s Gaming Month ago +13

    I saw this in a Meme idk if someone commented this.
    *God Of Thunder* = *Electrocuted*
    *God Of Mischief* = *Tricked*
    *God Of Death* = *Killed*

  • Donny Don't
    Donny Don't Month ago

    Your videos are hands down the best. Your vids opened my eyes to the complexity and detail of the MCU. Very professional, Keep up the good work.

  • Aidana 06
    Aidana 06 Month ago

    18:21 hulk or thor

  • julian3
    julian3 Month ago

    18:21 thor not hulk

  • Joshua Salles
    Joshua Salles Month ago


  • Jack McOrrie
    Jack McOrrie Month ago

    In the song "immigrant by Led Zeppelin" it says I come from a land of ice and snow which can also be related to Loki because he was found on the realm of the frost giants, but I still think the song more relates to Thor.

    TACOSANCHEZ Month ago +1

    *I have a Holden*

  • VincentYT ,
    VincentYT , Month ago

    Did civil war and thor ragnarok happened at the same time

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S Month ago

    Did it ever come out how Odin died..? Maybe we'll find out in End Game

  • lasse bjørnstad
    lasse bjørnstad Month ago

    the most important part of this movie was that it shows that Thor isnt your average superlooser, he's a GOD-looser

  • King_ Savage15
    King_ Savage15 Month ago

    No the reason why Thanos waited so long because of the Threats like Odin and The Ancient so when they died he took full advantage

  • Filoteoaz09 ds
    Filoteoaz09 ds Month ago

    Contest of champions is also a mobile game

  • JackTheOven
    JackTheOven Month ago

    Apparently hulk is the god of thunder now

  • reymagea1
    reymagea1 Month ago

    Thor. Chris Hemsworth's comedic timely is almost impeccable. :D

  • budgiefriend
    budgiefriend Month ago +1

    Thor drinking mead from the endless horn is a part of a norse legend, where Tor must compete with Jætterne in games of skill.

  • GyroMurphy
    GyroMurphy Month ago +1

    Yeah.. But how the hell did Hulk end up on that planet? He flew a busted up jet into space? Huh?

  • Angela Zhou
    Angela Zhou Month ago +1

    Why does this Clifford Johnson kind of remind me of Anthony Mackie

  • max Corrgian
    max Corrgian Month ago

    Has anyone noticed that in the end of guardians of the galaxy 2, grand master can be seen in the credits towards the end

  • Julissa Perez
    Julissa Perez Month ago

    Odin is Thanos

  • Ian Mar
    Ian Mar Month ago

    If anyone watched this after infinity war, yeah they lose to

  • Yeppe
    Yeppe Month ago

    You keep saying stuff is from the comics when it’s from Northern mythology.

  • craig immelman
    craig immelman Month ago

    Haven't anyone noticed that the gauntlet in the thrown room was right handed.

  • Yolanda Watson
    Yolanda Watson Month ago

    Why does Thor say he couldn't find any infinity stones. Then in the begining of infinity war he tell the garudian of galaxies where all the stones are. Except the soul stone.

  • Ariki Thomas
    Ariki Thomas Month ago

    Watch hunt for the wilderpeople it’s CRACK UP

  • James Turner
    James Turner Month ago

    And hulk didn’t join the battle in his full thunder god form 🧐

  • James Turner
    James Turner Month ago

    There is as much bad info as there is good. Just one of is it’s the illuminati that send hulk away not nick fury

  • Gil Cohen
    Gil Cohen Month ago

    You forgot the reference to Sherlock Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. The card with address to the Sanctorum says 771A Bleeker st. , similar to Sherlock's 221B Baker st.

  • The middle Pickle
    The middle Pickle Month ago +3

    God of thunder

    Gets defeated by some electricity

  • sofiyan ali
    sofiyan ali Month ago

    13:29 Wait!!!!DID HULK KILL STAN LEE FOR CUTTING HIS HAIR???!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Trent Davidson
    Trent Davidson Month ago

    Sakar is located in the Quatum Realm.

  • Aruna
    Aruna Month ago

    Hi, my name is Korg!!! Korg is just so sweet :)

  • Irondad & Spiderson

    omg Taika also did hunt for the wilderpeople??? how did i not know that I LOVE THAT FILM. 10/10 would recommend. It is soooooooo funny even more so then ragnarok.

  • Barbara Hultman
    Barbara Hultman Month ago

    No one else has done a flying box? The Borg.

  • Xx over lord xX Cruz

    🤬🤬🤬🤬 I,VE BEEN FALLING FOR 30 minutes

  • pure vomit
    pure vomit Month ago +2

    I thought the machine guns were acquired in texass and were named dez(bryant) and troy(aikman) both dallas cowboy players

  • Coda Wear
    Coda Wear Month ago

    Mmmm sexy

  • H-MAN 0209
    H-MAN 0209 Month ago

    Thor ragnarok was great but we’re never getting a planet hulk movie now

  • H-MAN 0209
    H-MAN 0209 Month ago

    How its confirmed that thor and even Loki are older then thanos in the mcu.

  • Bere18random
    Bere18random Month ago

    Must be the best fun huh
    Did you beat it hella amounts

  • Quint Essence Tial
    Quint Essence Tial 2 months ago +1

    Watching this after watching Thor Ragnarok and Infinity War

  • Dpwman_2165
    Dpwman_2165 2 months ago

    The names for the guns, Dez and Troy are named after the gun attachment manufacturers DEZ Tactical Arms and Troy Industries

  • Aidan Vako-Graves
    Aidan Vako-Graves 2 months ago

    Marvel can we get that
    "Thorn Ragnarok" starting Jeff Goldblum, Jeff Goldblum, and Jeff Goldblum.

  • Ragnarson Reborn
    Ragnarson Reborn 2 months ago +1

    Will no one else mention the Tyrion Lannister quote shirt he’s wearing?

  • Sandra Sloan
    Sandra Sloan 2 months ago


  • cille daly mcinerney
    cille daly mcinerney 2 months ago

    Chris hemsworths brother is called Liam not luke

  • Mr woken warrior
    Mr woken warrior 2 months ago

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  • Abdul Goni
    Abdul Goni 2 months ago

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  • William Allen
    William Allen 2 months ago +1

    Did he really call The M-16 machine gun Lakota salt rifle something that simple to research you should’ve done it come on

  • julian3
    julian3 2 months ago

    0:27 i just now got the reference to the film when he said go on piss of ghost

  • GreenTurtle Gaming
    GreenTurtle Gaming 2 months ago

    Imagine....Odin homeless

  • Caleb Ketterer
    Caleb Ketterer 2 months ago +1

    Ragnarok was good, but End Game will be my peak.

  • jmcasoa jmcasoa
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  • jmcasoa jmcasoa
    jmcasoa jmcasoa 2 months ago

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    jmcasoa jmcasoa 2 months ago

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  • jmcasoa jmcasoa
    jmcasoa jmcasoa 2 months ago

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  • Aman shukla
    Aman shukla 2 months ago

    You r definitely right about odin

  • A Person
    A Person 2 months ago +1

    I like your shirt

  • Priyansu Sasmal
    Priyansu Sasmal 2 months ago

    Go watch it
    "Piss off ghost!" - Korg

  • Cherry White 101
    Cherry White 101 2 months ago

    Korg looks like thing from fantastic four

  • Cherry White 101
    Cherry White 101 2 months ago

    He's adopted

  • Cherry White 101
    Cherry White 101 2 months ago +8

    Loki turned into a snake because he knows I love snakes, so I picked it up to admire it and then he turned back into himself and said "it's me", and then he stabbed me. That was when we were 8.

  • Cherry White 101
    Cherry White 101 2 months ago


  • Sarah James
    Sarah James 2 months ago

    Question; why is no one talking about the fact the whole first fight is a callback to Thor 1: Thor + friends vs Frost Giants?

  • fupa trash
    fupa trash 2 months ago

    ive never seen this movie, i'm going to watch it after this video

  • Slemke 98
    Slemke 98 2 months ago

    Missed a few things here, pretty sure "It's not possible" and "Einstein-Rosen bridge" were mentioned in the first Thor film

  • Es Hawk
    Es Hawk 2 months ago

    “Thor” trips hits his can twice AND boom hammer

  • rodney adams
    rodney adams 2 months ago

    cut hair very interesting. as they tossed on plant hulk thought another fighter. but if some keep it. in comics it kinda way cheat pick up hammer but at cost. jane foster used hair pick up but returned cancer. disney cartoon special glove that had wierd asgurding weapons name. that glove allowed anyone had on pick and get powers thor. make wonder if some croshade glove out thor hair and then coved gold and silver so didn't know were hair glove. very specific to thor hammer who odin put enchantment on not destroyer armor or any of the other weapons in asgurd

    • rodney adams
      rodney adams 2 months ago

      gloves normally two. right and left. so if left destroyed. right might floting around space were asgurd use be.

  • The Sprawl
    The Sprawl 3 months ago

    8:15 "He is a Corbynite"

    ...He's a supporter of British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn? How odd.