THOR RAGNAROK Breakdown - EVERYTHING YOU MISSED! (Easter Eggs & References)


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  • Lord Cheesy
    Lord Cheesy 3 hours ago

    18:22 ?????!?!

  • The New England Nerd
    The New England Nerd 21 hour ago

    Tisk Tisk. He wasn't sent away by Nick Fury.

  • Shrinivas Lokare

    He's a friend from WORK

  • DuckInABush
    DuckInABush Day ago

    18:21 Missable Detail: “When Hulk comes back in his Led Zeppelin god of thunder form”

  • Skyla Thorpe
    Skyla Thorpe Day ago

    Isn’t Shady acres is also the name of the home in UP?

  • Elijah Myers
    Elijah Myers 2 days ago

    If you watch it in 0.25x playback speed he sounds so intoxicated

  • Collin Matin
    Collin Matin 2 days ago

    8:05 on top galuctus

  • ThePizzaWiz & co.
    ThePizzaWiz & co. 2 days ago

    Did you notice how two of the three headed gladiator's faces look like Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson?

  • Kade Roder
    Kade Roder 2 days ago

    It's Liam Hemsworth

  • Colourblindteabag
    Colourblindteabag 3 days ago

    18:20 "when hulk joins the battle in his full god of thunder form" lol Hulk god of thunder confirmed.

  • Caveman Sparks
    Caveman Sparks 3 days ago

    Do we know where Hela was imprisoned? Could it be a clue?

  • Riyu Nitsuga
    Riyu Nitsuga 4 days ago

    Thor Ragnarok.. More like
    *Bore Ragnarok*

  • Pudy Kusumaningrum
    Pudy Kusumaningrum 4 days ago


  • Ace Alpha
    Ace Alpha 4 days ago

    Marvel is better

  • Alli loves Loki !
    Alli loves Loki ! 5 days ago

    My favorite was Loki!

  • Cheesy Jamez
    Cheesy Jamez 6 days ago

    His corg impression killed me 😂😂

  • JakeREG 101115
    JakeREG 101115 8 days ago

    Both movies futures Mark ruffalo

  • Ebbiewebby Playz
    Ebbiewebby Playz 9 days ago

    And another warrior

  • Zaviq
    Zaviq 10 days ago

    8:21 and when HULK joins the battle in his full god of thunder form!.....
    ... saywhat!!???

  • Mark Floyd
    Mark Floyd 11 days ago

    18:21 he said Hulk God of Thunder

  • Meme Goats
    Meme Goats 16 days ago

    And when hulk joins the battle and is full on god of thunder mode 18:21

  • Mason Allen
    Mason Allen 18 days ago

    Shady acres is also in up shady acres reterment home

  • Vincent Sheffels
    Vincent Sheffels 19 days ago

    Why hasn't anyone theorized that Loki went to Sakarr before? In the first Thor loki falls into a black hole at the end. If you notice when Thor and valkery escape they end up in the very spot Loki fell Into.

  • EVOGaming
    EVOGaming 19 days ago

    Thor Ragnarok? More like Bore Ragnarok

  • jarrod holcomb
    jarrod holcomb 24 days ago

    Anyone else notice R2D2 on Thor’s shield? Look, it’s there.

  • the terminator x 368
    the terminator x 368 26 days ago

    korg and thor

  • Adriel Lopez
    Adriel Lopez 27 days ago

    at 58:36 in the film Ragnorak during the thor and hulk battle. after thor gains his power from odin. hulk says "where are you". is this a call for banner? is this the moment hulk doesn't ever come out for banner when called upon. at this moment banner betrayed hulk when fighting THUNDER GOD THOR. this is foreshadowing PROFESSOR HULK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ch3f1989
    Ch3f1989 28 days ago

    18:20 Thor not hulk....

  • Blitz Captain
    Blitz Captain 28 days ago

    18:20 he said hulk instead of Thor lololololololololololololololollolololollllolooololol

  • Shawn Leyson
    Shawn Leyson 29 days ago


  • The G Place
    The G Place 29 days ago

    Thanos comes at that time because Loki and Ronan failed to get the stones for him, so, in Thanos’ own words, “Fine, I’ll do it myself”

  • Xolisa Baliso
    Xolisa Baliso 29 days ago

    Did no one notice that he said "when hulk powered up "

  • Zachary Leschke
    Zachary Leschke Month ago +1

    18:20 you called Thor hulk.

  • jocsan vallejo
    jocsan vallejo Month ago +1

    i told you youll die for that

  • Butter_Prodigy
    Butter_Prodigy Month ago

    “And when hulk joins the battle in his full god of thunder form!!!!!”
    WTF M8????? 18:20

  • C.C. Benjie
    C.C. Benjie Month ago

    In hindsight, I realize how necessary Ragnorok was to this whole chain of movies. Building up to Infinity War it truly was like being a child, getting your lollipop before you get a shit load of needle pokes at a doctors appointment. It's necessary you get your vaccinations but you are soothed prior vs afterwards. Ragnorok was a great comedy.

  • Spencer Cox
    Spencer Cox Month ago

    Get help

  • Spencer Cox
    Spencer Cox Month ago

    Loki: YES!!! YES!! HOW DOES IT FEEL?!?!

  • Brendan Colquitt
    Brendan Colquitt Month ago

    The einstein rose rosenbridge was also a callback to the previous 2 thor films where the bifrost is labeled as one of those so the devils anus is a more dangerous bifrost which is also quite similar to the infinity vortex in mephistos realm but with dimensions not space

  • Anthony Chang
    Anthony Chang Month ago +2

    Would i be a psychopath when breaking up my legos?

  • randy augustine
    randy augustine Month ago

    Hella was referring to the stones on the gauntlet not the gauntlet its self. Illustrated in Infinity war there is a mold on the dying star they used to make Odin and Thanos' gauntlets

  • flakjak David
    flakjak David Month ago

    Did nobody notice that the God of Thunder gets called Hulk? 18:20

    COLONEL GAMING Month ago

    18:20 And when "HULK" joins the battle in his full GOD of thunder form.

  • Alexander Greenwood

    Go NZ

  • Andrew Martinez
    Andrew Martinez Month ago

    Why didn’t he talk about the painting where hella is holding a hammer that looks exactly like Thor’s hammer ??

  • Doug Biden
    Doug Biden Month ago

    3:58 "you're a cosmic deity"...huh? You do know what the word 'Deity' means,don't you?Cuz I thought Thanos was a Titan
    So when Loki speaks his last words,"You will never be a God" to him,i guess he was wrong.
    2 thumbs waaay down

  • Lime green
    Lime green Month ago

    18:22- 18:24 you said hulk in his god of thunder form

  • Marko Dukic
    Marko Dukic Month ago

    You missed the timestone casing in the murel of hella and Odin. 42 min in

  • jamteg
    jamteg Month ago

    So watch hulk at the end of the movie when they are all on the ship and Loki walks by the hulk, he makes a face at him and balls up his fist haha love the hulk

    B0N3CRUSHER Month ago

    Did he say when hulk joins the battle in his thunder form at 18:20

  • Melissa Babin
    Melissa Babin Month ago

    It’s a tie between Korg and the grandmaster because korgs accent is the best and Jeff Goldblum is the best actor

  • stvbrsn
    stvbrsn Month ago

    Btw, Hel wasn’t just Loki’s daughter in the comics, but in the original mythology too. And yes, it was Hel. Not sure where the “a” came from in the movie version.

  • Aidan Hinds
    Aidan Hinds Month ago

    The weird thing is in Norse mythology ragnorak meant the destruction of everything not just asgard

  • Shruti Chakravarty
    Shruti Chakravarty 2 months ago

    I love Erik, he's hilarious! xD

  • Tr0vb13makr Kazak
    Tr0vb13makr Kazak 2 months ago

    And it's the name of a season 5 skin that you get at tier 100 a fortnite

  • Luke Toolse
    Luke Toolse 2 months ago

    3:38 I do to here,look:
    Shogun and
    See *Easy*

  • Dalton Williams
    Dalton Williams 2 months ago

    Also Thor's haircut is a nod to the Unworthy Thor well as the entire movie....the movie is kinda a mix between Unworthy Thor and Planet Hulk. Kinda like how Infinity War Thor is King Thor and Ultimates Thor

  • Dalton Williams
    Dalton Williams 2 months ago

    18:20 And when Hulk joins the Battle in his full God of Thunder form

  • cyanic
    cyanic 2 months ago

    Did anyone realise at 18:20 he said as hulk joins the battle in his full God of thunder form

  • Ethan Aitken
    Ethan Aitken 2 months ago

    At 18:19 he says hulk instead of thor... lol

  • Lochrine -8
    Lochrine -8 2 months ago

    *OH SHIT*
    -Odin son

  • colony 759
    colony 759 2 months ago

    Korg was hysterical

  • flakjak David
    flakjak David 2 months ago

    Did nobody notice that eric voss sed hulk wite the god like powers 18:20

  • Joe Punk
    Joe Punk 2 months ago

    the shield he picks up resembles more stark than the captain imo. thoughts?

  • Postal Parry
    Postal Parry 2 months ago

    Did anyone notice the mess up at 18:22 ?

  • ClarkRedstone
    ClarkRedstone 2 months ago

    I'm typically fond of these two, call em Des, and Troy, ya see, when you put them together... they DesTroy

  • The Gaming Pocalypse
    The Gaming Pocalypse 2 months ago

    18:21 he said hulk joins the battle in full god of thunder form

  • cute puppy
    cute puppy 2 months ago


  • Maston Dane
    Maston Dane 2 months ago

    Odin didn't go into the odinsleep he died and half of what you said about Donald Blake is innacurate, and the illuminati sent hulk into space

  • Axion Vortex
    Axion Vortex 2 months ago

    "When Hulk joins the battle in his full 'God Of Thunder' Form"

  • Bobafett192
    Bobafett192 2 months ago +1

    I love korg

  • Dr. Diaz
    Dr. Diaz 2 months ago

    At 18:20 u said hulk instead of thor

  • Tyler CHENG
    Tyler CHENG 2 months ago

    Isn't Ares from DC

  • the mythical narwhal
    the mythical narwhal 2 months ago

    hey, i'm korg, this is miek, we're gonna jump on that ginormous spaceship and get outta here wanna come?

  • taprackbang88
    taprackbang88 2 months ago +5


  • Jaden Chen
    Jaden Chen 2 months ago

    "Welcome to comics." HAHHAHAHA

  • BaconFrappe
    BaconFrappe 2 months ago

    Loki, Korg, and Thor himself were all sooooo funny, also there all my fave characters

  • KRS Apple
    KRS Apple 2 months ago

    How long was Bruce Banner the Hulk??

  • Marvel Legends fan 1 Durant

    Watch Planes Trains and Automobiles

  • Josie Ortiz
    Josie Ortiz 2 months ago

    Somewhere Katya is Quaking over this Contact reference.

  • Jack Snow
    Jack Snow 2 months ago

    *'When hulk joins the battle in his full thunder form'*

  • Omicron
    Omicron 2 months ago

    Cate Blanchette looks good as Hela! Damn son

  • Bacca1739
    Bacca1739 2 months ago

    I just noticed his game of thrones shirt

  • Wesley Meikle
    Wesley Meikle 2 months ago

    "And when hulk joins the battle in his full God of Thunder form...."
    Oops ahahha

  • Marcus H.
    Marcus H. 2 months ago

    Ummmmmmm, WTF??? You showed Hulk using Thor as a ragdoll, but you left off the callback to the first Avengers movie?? Loki jumping up and shouting, "YES!! That's how it feels!" had us nearly falling out of our chairs laughing our fool heads off!

  • Gachaverse Phantom
    Gachaverse Phantom 2 months ago

    18:21 “And when hulk joins the battle in his full god of thunder form...” 😂 Well he messed up there

  • Shawn Mcfarren
    Shawn Mcfarren 2 months ago

    The final stand of skurge in the movie was a double easter egg. The secondary easter egg was karl urbans casting in the Movie Doom as John "Reaper" Grim. The final fight against hela's horde is also a nod to the cover to ID's 1993's game Doom.

  • Ana L
    Ana L 2 months ago


  • Kenni Rasmussen
    Kenni Rasmussen 2 months ago

    also hela is loki's first bord daughter in nordic mythologies

  • January Embers
    January Embers 2 months ago

    "You are now meeting the GRAND MASTER!"
    Thor- *shrieks*

  • Ashley Smeltzer
    Ashley Smeltzer 2 months ago

    U said Matt Damon.?

  • Lance Moore
    Lance Moore 3 months ago

    On the Grandmasters tower, am I the only one that noticed Nova? 🤔

    MALTA HIGH JACKER 3 months ago


  • Jolomoto
    Jolomoto 3 months ago


  • Y'Mahzie Lewis
    Y'Mahzie Lewis 3 months ago

    He said when hulk joins the battle in his god of Thunder form

  • SultanIOfISwing
    SultanIOfISwing 3 months ago

    Nobody has ever done a spaceship shaped like a box... :D What shape are those Borg ships in Star Trek again...

  • animusqueen
    animusqueen 3 months ago

    im going to walk into lunch one day, throw my friend on the floor and yell "GET HELP MY BROTHER IS DYING"

  • Monk x42
    Monk x42 3 months ago

    18:21 "Thor" joins the battle as not Hulk

  • Adamzam
    Adamzam 3 months ago

    the revolution has begun.

  • Greg Gory
    Greg Gory 3 months ago

    Nick fury didn't send the hulk away from earth in the comics, it was the illuminati. My nerd duty is Done.