I Have Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • Talk to a psychologist online: bit.ly/BetterHelpCounseling
    Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Don't get this confused with bi-polar disorder. BPD is a condition characterized by difficulties regulating emotion. This means that people who experience BPD feel emotions intensely and for extended periods of time, and it is harder for them to return to a stable baseline after an emotionally triggering event.
    Those who suffer from BPD can feel like they are disconnected from reality. Almost like you are in a video game and even though things around you are real, you don't believe it. Many times, intense emotions like come up from nowhere and your perfect day is all of a sudden ruined by a traumatic breakup or death in the family. This may sound easy to "get over", but if you have BPD, it is a continuous loop that slowly brings you down and isolates you from friends and family.
    This is what happened to one of our anonymous followers who has been struggling with BPD his entire life. It has destroyed many of his closest relationships and even made him black out and become somebody else in front of his girlfriend. He also gives us a very detailed description of the symptoms and what it's like to live with BPD. If anything in this video resonates with you, please reach out to someone and always make sure to stay safe.
    Please know, you are not alone. Even if those around you don't believe you or say you are exaggerating, we believe you; our followers believe you, and you will get better. We are not physicians, so if you feel you may be suffering from BPD, please consult a physician. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Help will always be waiting for you if you ask. Stay strong and don't give up.
    We thank you for supporting our channel by subscribing. We try very hard to bring you content that brings positivity and help those who need it. A big thanks to everyone for making our channel a safe and supportive place. And a big thanks to our writer who bravely shared his journey with all of you.
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  • for real
    for real 15 hours ago +1

    I am diagnosed with bpd, but if im in a relationship, my symptoms go down. Its like love helps my bdp. And im always very kind and loving. I dont manupulate, i just wanna love.

  • LyricsMS
    LyricsMS Day ago

    Thank you so much for this.

    I have bi-polar disorder but i keep getting told i dont by one doctor and then the next doctor tells me i have bi-polar.
    Even my papir says i got bi-polar and damn everything you just said fit me perfectly sadly :(

    Thank you for telling people about it!

  • D. Frías
    D. Frías 2 days ago

    i was in a serius relatinship with a BPD women.
    it was the best and worst, the most beautiful and ugliest experience of my life.
    Eventually i gave up, i was never able to satisfy her. Everythinf for her was abandonment... anything. If i didnt ate that hotdog at 3 am it was abandment, if she broke up with me and demand me to get the hell out of her life.. i was the one abandoning her. it was so hard. and i really try, i promise... i really tried. i still love her but i dont think thae same abnout her, she ultimately insulted me and my family :(

  • NicksJesterKicks TV
    NicksJesterKicks TV 2 days ago +1

    This hits way to hard

  • Bean Buddy
    Bean Buddy 2 days ago

    is it bad that this is literally me?....someone help plz I'm SCARED I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ANXIETY 🥴🥺

  • Theresa Dove Music
    Theresa Dove Music 2 days ago

    the hardest part isn't reaching out... it's receiving help

  • Marcus Degraffenried
    Marcus Degraffenried 3 days ago +1

    That how I feel all the time just wish I could die everything he says should like the way am becoming

  • tiff nathasingh
    tiff nathasingh 3 days ago +1

    derek sp i guess ur ooking up my symptoms ol and sending me this. therapy it realy dont work. i been living with this forever and i lnow how to cope. i love u tjanls for sendong me the stiff. but really i know who i am at least but not always happy with it

  • Chloe Coffin
    Chloe Coffin 4 days ago

    Dude I suffer through 10/11 or 10/12 idk if it was 11 or 12 but oof

  • Renae Noack
    Renae Noack 4 days ago

    my ex best friend had BPD. She and I were so so close, but she was always afraid that I would leave her, no matter how many times I told her I would never do that to her. She nearly adored me.
    Then one day she changed and didn’t want to accept help. In the end she said I ruined her life and abandoned her even though she left me after I got back from the hospital, saying that I used her as a therapist and a pity friend.
    BPD ruins relationships

  • Alexandra Fernandez
    Alexandra Fernandez 5 days ago

    I suffer from BPD... i am desperate sometimes... i am a mother and i am lucky to have 2 Kids, without them, i would have done something stupid a long time ago ...
    Disociation is for me the worst, i have several in a week and they get so bad, i collapse ... i can only accept it as is, and i am lucky that my boyfriend supports me and stays with me, allthough i sometimes yell at him with no reason. I freak out literally ... all my best regards to everyone with this disorder... stay strong!

  • Info Sponge
    Info Sponge 5 days ago +1

    Unfortunately, Borderlines often put those around them through the meat-grinder while focus and priority remain inward.
    I once read a book on how to better deal with someone who has the disorder,... and it was all based on parents with BPD kids or how to stay with a BPD spouse when you have kids etc.
    The general "rule-of-thumb" seems to be: If the house is on fire and you have no kids keeping you inside to save, get out of the house.

  • Aqeel Lrzate
    Aqeel Lrzate 6 days ago

    Ada orang indonesia or malay yg nonton ini? Mau nanya karena agak kurang paham, kalau misal sekali dapet masalah, atau suka overthink sampe jadi sedih nangis sendiri? Terutama karena terlihat orang tua seperi npd, atau karena
    ' waktunya' yg ingin dipuji terutama ibu, bahkan saat hal kecil saya memuji adik saya, ibu saya pun seperti ingin dipuji juga, atau suka meminta hal kecil sampai hal besar, iya betul ibu adalah segala galanya, cuma bagaimana ya kasus saya, mungkin ada yg bisa membantu saya, selain kuat saja hadapi ibumu karena surga dibawah telapak kaki ibu, atau mungkin saya cukup jadi anak yg 'baik' tapi saya juga ga mau sampai jodoh saya diatur pekerjaan saya diatur, salahkah?

  • Depressed lil Potat named Luna

    Ok I have all the symptoms so now I’m concerned, I’ve never even heard of this before and I have every symptom you’ve said

  • Hell on earth
    Hell on earth 6 days ago

    The human brain is so strange, it works in very mysterious ways

  • pee king
    pee king 7 days ago

    i think that i could quite possibly have borderline personality disorder... that thing where it mentioned having ended many relationships, i get too scared to talk to people in the first place incase i do something and people never seemed to like me either way, so i dont know how to feel about that one. but i seem to have uncontrollable anger where i become so horrible to my friend who usually just fights back with me which only makes it even worse and i hate it so much. my mood changes so quickly and it often freaks people out. when im doing things i seem to forget what im doing but continue and when i do remember what im actually doing my next thought is "im ugly" and i become super self conscious and embarrassed. i tried telling my parents about it and they just said it was puberty, i am 15 years old. i constantly have self destructive thoughts and other people frustrate me all the time and i cant understand them most of the time.

  • Envy Z.
    Envy Z. 7 days ago +2

    I opened up to a friend and he said I was just overreacting..😢

  • Joseph Kane
    Joseph Kane 7 days ago

    Thank you so much

  • mack II
    mack II 8 days ago

    it's the same man

  • Michelle Gallagher
    Michelle Gallagher 8 days ago

    I hate having this it is so difficult everything feels so unstable and like everyone is going to leave and if you can't self harm it feels like you want to end it you feel like everyone close to you is going to leave anyway

  • Ramenrage
    Ramenrage 8 days ago

    i felt so lost but this video gives me a sense of grounding and like im not alone, thank you

  • Amy Joyce
    Amy Joyce 9 days ago

    We need more education on BPD!!

  • Alex therednosedreindeer

    The video made me cry because I related to the symptoms....

  • Hafsteinn Sverrisson

    Thank you so much for this video, there's too little around for people who get this diagnosis to educate themselves and most of it is so dark and hopeless. Thank you for this video, it means a lot.

  • Luna Ray Davis
    Luna Ray Davis 9 days ago

    Wow this is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I have such a hard time with the stigma and am embarrassed to even think I'd fall under this diagnosis, yet I struggle with all of the above and NEVER had an anger outburst. In fact I feel no anger at all. Thank you so much, it's very encouraging. Thank you 💙

  • Sophie Shepherd
    Sophie Shepherd 10 days ago

    Awesome video! Your art is amazing.
    I have a friend suffering from BPD (as well as PTSD and a whole slew of other disorders). She is frequently re-victimized by family, "friends", and boyfriends. She's been living with her abusive father, grandmother, and uncle who did something unspeakable. Recently she was kicked out of that house. I don't normally do this, but please, she doesn't really have anyone to turn to. We're trying to raise money to get her to Oregon where a couple of people have agreed to take her in. If that happens, she can get the help that she needs, mental health isn't covered where she lives, but in Oregon I fully believe she has a chance at a better life. Please donate.

  • Alline Berek
    Alline Berek 10 days ago

    Thank you for posting this video, I’m relieved because I’m not the only one who feels like this

  • Nízhoni Tom
    Nízhoni Tom 11 days ago

    Especially love.. man being bpd it tears your heart out over and over.. it hurts to want love so bad you'd give or do anything:(

  • Infinity Random
    Infinity Random 11 days ago

    The fact that everyone, including me thinks this video describes their lives, really doesn’t make it a seriose thing to have.

    • Alexandra
      Alexandra 11 days ago

      Because people who say this "describes their lives" don't understand how severe borderline personality disorder is. Sure, everyone has some symptoms to some disorder at some point, but with BPD the symptoms are so severe that is causes disability in functioning in their every day life. Only 1-6% of the population actually has BPD. Self diagnosis isn't healthy.

  • Ewelina Mocek
    Ewelina Mocek 11 days ago +3

    Credits: | ''My Dad Is an Abuser To Me & All Because Of Our Money''
    Story: Mrent
    Script: Jesus Duke
    Art: Fire
    Voice: Tom McLean
    Editing: Fergus

  • Matt Barrett
    Matt Barrett 11 days ago

    It's like the longest hurricane ever, just coming in and breaking everything it can find until it slowly moves away. Only for another even bigger and more damaging hurricane to come right up behind it. I've ruined multiple relationships, scared away all of my old friends, can't seem to make any new ones and basically destroyed my body with drugs and alcohol. Just gotta keep on trying to fight for as long as we can!

  • horus 112
    horus 112 12 days ago

    I always feel that way and i actually dont wanna help because I feel safe like this....this video was so helpful for me at least I know what I'm going through this past years thank you

    • Infinity Random
      Infinity Random 11 days ago

      Everybody has these “symptoms” normal people without mental disorder have these symptoms.

  • Abby Rose
    Abby Rose 12 days ago

    This was such a beautifully well done video. As someone that does struggle with BPD it was amazing to watch a video of another person that struggles and touch in so much about BPD. Thank you for making this video that doesn't have such a horrible look in BPD. For so many videos and a articles in the internet are so negative when talking of BPD. Thank you so much for making this and I wish you the best in your treatment.

  • YouTube
    YouTube 12 days ago +1

    Everyone secretly wants to die, it’s a scientific fact.

    • Infinity Random
      Infinity Random 11 days ago

      No it fucking isn’t, edgy teens are not credible sources of information.

  • Fear me, Im a sadistic hoe

    I have BPD and bipolar dissorder type one, everyday is a struggle

  • BohmerMan90
    BohmerMan90 13 days ago +1

    Thank you for taking the time to share your story with the world wide web. Your illustrations are a great compliment to the narration. I recently started seeking professional help for borderline personality disorder because I knew if I didnt address it, I would continue to hurt myself, hurt others, and eventually lose out on this miracle we call life. I came across your video to help remind myself the thoughts I am having are turned up too high or too low, and your video helped me turn the dial back a bit, and thank you. I know I will more than likely go back to my thoughts (probably after this comment) but I am doing my damn best to take advantage of any moments that bring me more towards a center. Cheers

  • Jason Mhm
    Jason Mhm 13 days ago

    has anyone had similar experiences?
    I was diagnosed with aspergers in 2005 when I was 9. in 2015 I attained a diagnosis of adhd, but in 2016 a psychiatrist who didn't take me through any diagnosis process said I have BPD and in the letter from the psychologist, she says I claims this and that. I claim I have aspergers etc. so they diagnosed me while discriminating my true diagnosis. the hospital when I was admitted did a IQ test showing developmental issues I scored borderline intellectually impaired. only after quitting DBT did I realise I don't have bpd because something I cant agree with splitting. I don't do it.
    I am very loyal and only cut association if they person hurts me. but every time I have valid reason. so not just your usual offense more like toxic people. now in dbt I didn't seem to feel like I related to the group members. they had wild relationships, very vocal, etc. my sensory overload was being treated as bad behaviour.I have times where I can see someone as good and change to thinking they are bad in a day but I can easily go into the grey. I tend to be loyal I don't want conflict I hate it. my out bursts happen because I get treated bad for having autism. haha I have autism so im rule driven so I expect you to be on time or I freak out. but they take that as splitting. when u melt down I hurt myself. I cant harm anyone. I love people can over empathise or open up too much

  • Kaila Mermaid
    Kaila Mermaid 13 days ago

    Tick every box... thank you. Thank you for sharing your experience..

  • Evan Ryp
    Evan Ryp 14 days ago

    Woah word for word

  • Phil Selwonk
    Phil Selwonk 14 days ago

    This all sounds familiar, yet my emotions are non existent. Positive ones that is and when I think I'm ok I'm overbearing and become obnoxious . A loop of highs and lows never middle ground.

  • Richard Bryan
    Richard Bryan 14 days ago

    I have relationship issues, and I eat in a week what I should be eating in a day. I work all the time, and rarely stop to enjoy the things in life. I also have depression, and it makes me question the validity of everything in my life. I work so I can be mindless, If I don't work I try to sleep my life away. I don't feel like I have any coping skills left because the ones I did have were negative ones. Everything I once enjoyed, or think I will enjoy just feels like a chore, and I end up abandoning them, and looking for more work. I just want help, and to not feel like my life is a roller coaster. I'm tired of pushing through, or powering through the days. I would like to enjoy my days instead trying to numb my feelings by absorbing myself in something redundant.

  • Twelve
    Twelve 18 days ago

    I hate you all that are saying you have BPD without really having it diagnosis. I hate you all you make me feel bad from my disorder. You suck.

  • Olga Zuluaga
    Olga Zuluaga 18 days ago

    This hits too close to home for me.

  • Shame
    Shame 18 days ago

    My auntnant nephew have borderline as well. My aunt's nice, but i've seen how she can get. I don't see it as a reason to exclude her, but almost my entire family does... My nephew is a happy kid, but his disorder coupling with ADHD make him a troublesome one too. Having a mother that can also get outbursts, he's not gonna turn out well... It pains me but i really see that happening. I really don't think both of them deserve any of this, and under their agression problems lie good people. I haven't seen rhem for seven years now, and i heard my aunt's depressed as well now. I hope some of the family can still find it in their heart to socialize with them. I feel my aunt really needs that kind of contact, and i believe an extremely small portion of my family still does, i really hope they're okay. As i said my aunt is nice, and has a lovely personality, but she gets demonized by my mother and other family members because she has issues. I don't think it's just, but is it truly unacceptable though? They have their reasons... But i do not think she deserves ALL of the crap she gets. It's terrible, and a dillemma. It really tears me up inside. My nephew though, deserves the scepticism a tad bit more, he has damaged a lot of other kids. He has to be drugged on days he gets alot of impulses, like schooldays. Their life is spiraling downward. Even his story breaks my heart... When he isn't on a rampage he is such a funny little fella...

  • Literal Trash
    Literal Trash 19 days ago

    lost my best friend due to my bpd. i tried apologizing but they don't wanna talk to me. this is terrible

  • Giulia Lisboa
    Giulia Lisboa 19 days ago

    My father was diagnosed with Borderline 2 or 3 years ago,he would scream at me and my sister if something happend sometimes,but he would always apologise for both of us,my older sister stopped talking with him for a year because of a "argument".
    The reason why he has botherline desorder is my grandparents,they were very abusive with him,making him do things he didn't want to do,like go to a attorney college instead of cooking or kick him out of the house if he didn't get a job,in his childhood,he would make chores every-single-day,to make things worst,they would say horrible and negative things for him.
    Don't blame my grandparents,specially my Grandpa,unfortunally,its something that is coming from generation to generation in our family,whitch it means my Grandpa was also a victim from my great Grandfather
    Now,he is going on a terapist and having a better control of his emotions,I wish that he didn't had this terrible childhood and all of this suffer,but I can't change the past,so,all I can do right now and im still doing is giving support for him,no matter what happend,ill always be at his side.

  • Giovanni Mahoney
    Giovanni Mahoney 19 days ago

    I have been able to sooth a lot of my negative symptoms using meditation. My issues aren't completely gone but they are easier to manage on days I can meditate.

  • Flower
    Flower 19 days ago

    I recently found out I have borderline personality disorder, I want to found ways to get better.

  • Pasha Machuca
    Pasha Machuca 20 days ago +2

    Thank you so much for sharing. Your work makes a difference. Amazing combination of information and animation

  • Rosemary
    Rosemary 20 days ago

    It's honestly scary in my head because a lot of the symptoms mentioned in this video are ones I feel deeply. My life and friendships have begun to be affected by my problem and I don't know how to stop it as much as I'd like to. I'm starting therapy in a few weeks, but I'm so scared that my new therapist won't believe me like the one I had half a year ago. The last one told me it was my fault I felt this way, that it was all in my head, but I really don't mean to mess up my relationships with people and have my routines be ruined and all of this stuff. I just want someone to believe me when I say I think it's more than just a simple adolescent depression. It's even more nerve-racking to me that I don't know how to tell anyone about it because they instantly treat me like I'm doing it for attention, or at least that's how it seems to me. Only a couple of my close friends know about my concerns, and I'm afraid to bring it up to my new therapist out of fear she'll just blame it all on me as well. I don't know what to do, I'm so lost and confused but in the end so scared...
    Also I sincerely didn't mean for this to turn into a pity comment, I only wrote about it because I'd really like to put it somewhere besides my own head, thank you,

  • Sir Draws
    Sir Draws 20 days ago

    You have a fantastic art style

  • Luci Heathans
    Luci Heathans 21 day ago

    You are amazing, thank you for sharing. I feel like you were speaking from my experience. I was recently diagnosed of bpd after years of misdiagnosis. You are worth it. You will be ok. I believe in you. I have hope now

    I'M POSSIBLE 23 days ago +1

    The Background music is from the Android game Traffic Racer by SK GAMES! (Sober Kara Games)

    OH I GOT IT😎

  • Chiwawah AJ
    Chiwawah AJ 23 days ago

    My brother is 9 and I think he’s like this

  • Solenne Primeiro
    Solenne Primeiro 23 days ago

    I'm just living my life as I can, and if I for some reason fail doing it I'll just suicide, to be honest that's just the simple solution to stop with errors, just erase it.

  • Melodious Mel
    Melodious Mel 24 days ago

    This world is f up ! maybe we are the ones that were created from it

  • Melodious Mel
    Melodious Mel 24 days ago

    I often think that if i died no one really would notice me not being around because im alone already

    • Melodious Mel
      Melodious Mel 3 days ago

      Manmeet Singh exactly

    • Manmeet Singh
      Manmeet Singh 22 days ago +1

      Nothing really matters but the question is why r we born in the first place what the f is all this

  • Iuli Stefan costea
    Iuli Stefan costea 24 days ago

    Hello everyone any advices on how i could become braver i am extremly bulied at school and i suffer from borderline what should i do to don't remain homless i need to comfort them

  • SplitSidedGaming
    SplitSidedGaming 24 days ago

    My mum has bpd and she’s tried to kill herself 6 times it’s horrible and now I’m being assessed for it because I have the same symptoms I just hope there’s a cure for all things eventually

  • Dark Secret Girl
    Dark Secret Girl 25 days ago +1

    I Have PBD!...I Often Argue with My Parents!..But Thankfully Not Thinking of Killing Myself!

  • xiang jiang
    xiang jiang 25 days ago

    I am Chinese, like the one who came from mainland China. I too suffer exactly from this disorder apart from the part of hurting myself. Instead, I hurt only a few people who truly care about me. I just landed on the dream job that I worked for very hard. And I guess I might have already blown it for what I have done. The reason I am writing this is to reach out. If you think it’s hard for you( especially the whites), I hope it would make you to feel a bit better if you were me. And I hope we will together to try get on our feet. Thank you

  • Haziee Perera
    Haziee Perera 25 days ago

    For those who are finding it difficult to cope with bpd please Google search DBT(dialectical behavioural therapy)skills and go to images they have given many tips on how to cope with hard emotions I've been doing them along with meditation 5mins per day and it's made a huge change in my life and I'm starting to feel better about my life ..we do have a future dont let borderline make u feel otherwise ..please please until u get help try dbt skills that will help a lot to get through the day and dont be too hard on yourself it's not ur fault and you can get better and live a normal life

  • Kalora4life
    Kalora4life 26 days ago

    I don’t know myself, I feel so many things all the time. At first I thought it was just agoraphobia, or depression. But it got worst in only months, I began to feel annoyed by people for nothing wanting to get away from people this got worst as time went on and I freaked out . Not cause I didn’t get what I wanted, cause I break too easily I would yell pace, cry and run out of rooms hiding. It was horrible. Some more months pass and I’m staying at home more often only going outside when forced too. (cause being a child gives you a lot of limitations!) I didn’t want to see friends or even go near my family, I thought they were too annoying, I thought I was the only one normal. I cried a lot and made a lot of excuses to stay away from them. Now, I can’t even stand being near them. I love my family, I also love my grandpa, but only days ago I started to get annoyed with him, idk why I can’t control myself from hating the ones I used to be closest to. Also, since I was around 10 years old I’ve had thoughts of running away, hurting or killing my self. The only reason I’m not dead, is cause of my mom. I’m too afraid to hurt her knowing that everyone else in her life is gone. Lots of people say that their afraid of being abandon but I wish that gone, away from this world, the ones your supposed to be closes with, (family/friends) are the ones I’m furthest away from.

  • Rumi Angel
    Rumi Angel 27 days ago

    This is me right now ,same ,🌝🌚

  • Becheru Aurora Elena
    Becheru Aurora Elena 27 days ago +2

    Hi! I've been diagnosed with BPD a year and a half ago. You just made me feel safe and I just want to thank you for this. I am crying right now, because now I know I am not alone. Thank you and stand up for the fight, guys, we can do it together!

  • Jess Lynch
    Jess Lynch 27 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this video. With the way that you explain to everything you did this may help some of my family understand what it is my child is going through even though I still don't understand it all. So I just wanted to thank you for your video and for the way that you made the video, it was a way it was easier to try and learn about BPD

  • Alex Potts
    Alex Potts 27 days ago +1

    I straight up cried after he listed them all and they all resonated with me.

    RED SKY 28 days ago

    When I watch these videos here and someone else say how I feel always makes me cry because I feel so alone and I actually am day in day out and buy myself just me and my dog and apart from him I often think about ending it hurt myself or my belonging sometimes and think horrible things about myself but when I watch these videos I know that I'm not alone even though I don't know you or other people that suffer with it hearing someone else say how I feel makes me feel a little relief thank you.

  • Ultra Official
    Ultra Official 28 days ago +10

    When you switch personalities does the present one die and when you switch back it's like being reborn

    • Luna Ray Davis
      Luna Ray Davis 9 days ago

      is that a question? If so, the answer is no. They don't die. It's like they're at pause, at the back of my head or sometimes not present at all. But yes, when you come back it's like being there for the first time in a long time

  • Emma Star
    Emma Star 28 days ago +1

    Cried just yesterday imagining where I would scatter my dad's ashes when he died; idk