I Have Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • Talk to a psychologist online: bit.ly/BetterHelpCounseling
    Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Don't get this confused with bi-polar disorder. BPD is a condition characterized by difficulties regulating emotion. This means that people who experience BPD feel emotions intensely and for extended periods of time, and it is harder for them to return to a stable baseline after an emotionally triggering event.
    Those who suffer from BPD can feel like they are disconnected from reality. Almost like you are in a video game and even though things around you are real, you don't believe it. Many times, intense emotions like come up from nowhere and your perfect day is all of a sudden ruined by a traumatic breakup or death in the family. This may sound easy to "get over", but if you have BPD, it is a continuous loop that slowly brings you down and isolates you from friends and family.
    This is what happened to one of our anonymous followers who has been struggling with BPD his entire life. It has destroyed many of his closest relationships and even made him black out and become somebody else in front of his girlfriend. He also gives us a very detailed description of the symptoms and what it's like to live with BPD. If anything in this video resonates with you, please reach out to someone and always make sure to stay safe.
    Please know, you are not alone. Even if those around you don't believe you or say you are exaggerating, we believe you; our followers believe you, and you will get better. We are not physicians, so if you feel you may be suffering from BPD, please consult a physician. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Help will always be waiting for you if you ask. Stay strong and don't give up.
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  • mlhsunshinee
    mlhsunshinee 9 hours ago

    Diagnosed 7 years ago and recently someone told me I couldn’t have this because “look at you, you’re gorgeous “
    Like what does that have to do with it????

  • eightgateslee20
    eightgateslee20 2 days ago

    Because of the traumatic experience my mom has made me suffer through my brain is automatically lumpining you all together. But i know logically that that isnt the case. If you guys have any tips for how to deal with my Mom id appreciate the help immensely.

  • Emily Guzman Rios
    Emily Guzman Rios 2 days ago

    Then why does my daughter with BPD lie all the time?

  • Falco
    Falco 2 days ago

    Like once a month I get a period of mania that feels amazing, I wish if I could live like that always

  • Leonida
    Leonida 2 days ago +1

    I’m neurotypical, but I have a BPD mother, she is a real monster, but I’m aware that it is not his fault that she was born this way...but when BDP goes in down phase, they are real MONSTERS

  • her babydoll
    her babydoll 2 days ago

    the fact that all the symptoms he said is how I am right now is so scary... but I can't go to the psychiatrist because... my dad is dealing with the same thing... and I don't want my family to think that I'm my dad...

  • Cadaverine And Crook

    I have been diagnosed for 2 years. I needed to see this, thanks for sharing

  • Judy Lee
    Judy Lee 3 days ago

    Excellent video. Hope you're still doing well.

  • Che l
    Che l 4 days ago

    Bpd has effected my life for bad or good, but the best thing I ever done was going to get help and i knos it sounds cheesy but it really helps to go and see someone

  • eli n
    eli n 5 days ago

    And its really awful because even though u find yourself doing these things, u cant stop. Its like your brain stops thinking and you just feel numb. Like nothing is stable,nothing. I feel so alone.

    PSYCHONIHC 7 days ago

    I have bpd. But I will never reach out. It's over before it began. It was nice to relate to you. For a bit, I felt nice.

  • Casper Roland
    Casper Roland 8 days ago

    what do i do? how do i help. My Gf have this and iam scared and i feel helpless, i dont know what i can do

  • Doğuş karaman
    Doğuş karaman 8 days ago

    Thats very bad. I have been breaking People's heart because of it...

  • Stephen Dare
    Stephen Dare 9 days ago

    I feel nearly all the things you mention, I asked my doctor for help and he told me there was nothing he could do for me.

  • Brandon Harris
    Brandon Harris 9 days ago

    The late jazz singer Phyllis Hyman had Borderline Personality Disorder.

  • Rachel Burke
    Rachel Burke 9 days ago +1

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with BPD this video has helped me understand my diagnosis, just wish my family would understand it :(

  • Jessica Benizri
    Jessica Benizri 10 days ago +1

    Crying at this video. Explained my life, I’m currently getting help. Just hope it gets better :(

  • Liam Ryan
    Liam Ryan 10 days ago

    This video ended up making me cry when I showed it to my mother
    It just rang so true to me
    I think I have BPD but to scared to admit, should I reach out?

    • ru ru
      ru ru 3 days ago

      yes, please go get help

  • Lexi Loves
    Lexi Loves 16 days ago

    I’m pretty sure lots of people morbid daydream but don’t actually have BPD

  • Lexi Loves
    Lexi Loves 16 days ago +1

    Wait what did you say I wasn’t listening

  • Lucia Villanueva-Juarez
    Lucia Villanueva-Juarez 16 days ago +1

    I don't know why, but I feel like I'm about to get BPD.........

  • Jason Donaldson
    Jason Donaldson 16 days ago

    I think I have this 😭 just realising at 30

  • Faultieralloy74
    Faultieralloy74 17 days ago

    I dont know if I have bpd but this is making me cry and relate i dont understand

  • Marija
    Marija 17 days ago

    thank you for making this

  • Basic Name
    Basic Name 18 days ago

    Im late but this is a description of me i think i might found who i am still not sure but trying

  • Erik
    Erik 18 days ago

    Even if it's an archaic belief, that bit about pathological lying hits somewhat close to home. I can easily lie about absolutely anything to anyone with a straight face, and I'm naturally good at it. Always been. I probably developed this trait further as I had to fake sick a lot as a kid because I was terrified of going to school.

  • Girl'sDarkMind
    Girl'sDarkMind 20 days ago

    I have BPD too. I never understood it, my psychiatrist never told me what it is.

  • pies muis
    pies muis 20 days ago +1

    I was misdiagnosed with borderline. I have adhd diagnosed when 17, and autism diagnosed at 27 it is rare but much different than BDP, I was re-diagnosed this year. I am female just watch out with misdiagnosing because it doesn't help you

  • Abra Morgan
    Abra Morgan 20 days ago

    What a wonderful video! Thank you for all of the hard work you are doing to make your recovery visible and to give hope to others. I wish you all the best!

  • Zen Taplac
    Zen Taplac 21 day ago +1

    I have all these symptoms and It hurts my head knowing these. Thinking about it, I had this for a long time but I wasn’t aware of this till I watched an episode from SBSK and researched more about it. I’ve been denying to myself that I might have a disorder because I’m not diagnosed to any. Now I’m thinking of reaching out to a professional but at the same time I have no enough money for it yet.

    • Zen Taplac
      Zen Taplac 20 days ago +1

      Hey pies muis, thank you so much for your advice. Just before I learned about this disorder. I’ve already been struggling with my overthinking, sleeping and mood swings. So I tried meditation with the help of some apps too. I also diverted my mind to video games and art. I would definitely give Wysa a try! I really want to help myself and I thank you for your reply. Have a good day!

    • pies muis
      pies muis 20 days ago +1

      Hi friend, Don't get to caught up in the symptoms but learn why you act the way you do , work with a feelings list. Remember everyone is unique and this uniqueness only can make the best you. Also cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps alot to re frame your thoughts etc. I use a free app called : Wysa it really helps me i think you can really benefit from. Good luck

  • Charles Magalhães
    Charles Magalhães 21 day ago

    Nice vídeo, ty Man!

  • qweqwadadasdadsf
    qweqwadadasdadsf 22 days ago

    I dunno...those listed do seem familiar, but couldn't those apply to any person. Also sort of going to psychiatrist after knowing lot of this would be as if fishing for diagnosis. And to have some diagnosis to blame all your troubles on. To have this sort of group to belong to "look we're the special kids" and so on and so on. Like alcoholics go to the meeting and it's the only thing they talk about after.

  • Harry van de Vorst
    Harry van de Vorst 22 days ago

    BPD is one of my diagnoses, but I have learned to live with it. So if I can do that, you can do it! I wont say it's easy, and it's a fight you do in a short time, no, it took me years. But the sunny side is that I can help people now with the experience I have, things I have learned. This path brought me more than my new health, it brought me a new life!

  • Unknown
    Unknown 22 days ago

    I just want to die, now. I have nothing to reach out for help. They'll not understand me, even my parent. I pushed away my bestfriend, and he didn't ask me what's wrong. No one cares. They didn't see if I'm really okay or not.

  • Davian Quezada
    Davian Quezada 23 days ago

    I think this is me

  • Ulen
    Ulen 25 days ago +1

    I burst in tears when i'm watching this video. Thank you for sharing this, now i don't feel really alone anymore..

  • Ashton Wolf
    Ashton Wolf 26 days ago +1

    I have it too BPD sometimes i feel like A Monster...

  • Jovi Titterton
    Jovi Titterton 26 days ago

    There isnt any in your face help in britain. People are dieing from it but the help is non existent in the uk. If im wrong message me directly and help.

  • Kiera Bennett
    Kiera Bennett 26 days ago

    this video helped me feel less alone. thank you for making this. 🖤

  • theTruth
    theTruth 27 days ago +6

    BPD gang where you at? I love y’all we got this💪, stay strong❤️

  • onetaothree
    onetaothree 27 days ago

    What if there’s no one to reach out to.

  • taylor hitt
    taylor hitt 27 days ago

    Here bc I'm arguing w my fiance bc I blew up over absolutely nothing..once again. I've thought I had bpd for a while...it ruins everything for me. I feel the want to die every day. I am not "suicidal", just want to die. A

  • BeautifulSadSpac3
    BeautifulSadSpac3 28 days ago

    I was just diagnosed with bpd 2 weeks ago and honestly im so happy it all makes sense now. Ive been trying to get help for years and not one of my therapist even tried to ask for my symptoms. I even spent 6 month in rehab in MEXICO of all places. Until this most recent one. She is wonderful, and is actually trying to help me

  • Dominic Clay
    Dominic Clay 28 days ago

    For now I found that everyday writing about my feelings and emotions help to reduce symptoms, impulsness and etc. Also yoga and mindfullness, check out during the day how and what I feel, emotionally and in the body.

  • Dominic Clay
    Dominic Clay 28 days ago

    The same, the total box of symptoms. And I think its worth to reach out doctors, yes, but I could not say about my bpd to people around me, not even my mum, I am sure nobody would understand this who does not suffer from this. So I am investigating myself, reading all the books I can, Jungian analytics and Marsha Linehan and etc. I believe I am the only one who could help me and I believe in my victory with this illness eventually, it just has to be this way! Wish you all to beat this disorder and be truly happy🙏

  • Ashley Deardon
    Ashley Deardon 28 days ago

    My anger has to be the worst, I’ve blacked out at work recently and when I came back I had a huge bruise on my shin close to my foot so I can only assume I kicked something super hard, I just don’t recall it and that’s horrifying

  • Aparajita Chakraborty
    Aparajita Chakraborty 29 days ago

    I have crippling anxiety and depression. Some days it feels as if my mind is going to explode.

  • Daisy Daisy
    Daisy Daisy 29 days ago

    I constantly make it easier for others by being as independent as possible, but it would be nice to have someone I can rely on ❤️ I love intensely 💔 I worry that nobody will be able to love me, I feel helpless which leads to the despair of feeling broken, I know this may appear dramatic but it’s real for me

  • Daisy Daisy
    Daisy Daisy 29 days ago


  • Xander Cruz
    Xander Cruz Month ago

    The people in my life are about to jump ship, and when they do I will eat a bullet. you're welcome world. :)

  • Grega Sinanovič
    Grega Sinanovič Month ago +1

    For so long I was trying to find out whats wrong with me and why I act the way I do sometimes. Well now I found out. Sad part is that the people I love and people I would never hurt in a million years.. This gets the best of me and turns it into the worst version of who I really am. I just wish I could explain this to the ones that left so that they know that those outbursts aren't who I really am.

  • Samantha Besner
    Samantha Besner Month ago +2

    I was diagnosed with BPD, I can relate to all of this...having BPD sucks😞

  • Bethoc Fontenot
    Bethoc Fontenot Month ago

    There are 9 critereon for the diagnosis and a person generally has to meet 5 of them to qualify.

  • leelee 123
    leelee 123 Month ago

    I have BPD also

  • Traci Brown
    Traci Brown Month ago

    Thank you for sharing...well done

  • Fauzian 07
    Fauzian 07 Month ago

    I named my personalities

  • Kenshin Lopez
    Kenshin Lopez Month ago

    This is so helpful, my ex broke up with me with this condition she has. But I love her so much that I just can't give up on her, she also has PTSD, I'm gonna have to find more information about that. Because I'm not gonna give up on her like she did to me. It's why im trying to find answers. So, thank you. This article is really helpful, and I hope you find you're peace as well.

  • NefariousNic
    NefariousNic Month ago

    Thanks for this

  • Anabela Puczynski
    Anabela Puczynski Month ago

    Fantastic video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sarah Love
    Sarah Love Month ago +2

    Loved your video, hit a raw nerve everything you said. Is excually how I feel. I just wanted to thank you & for me to reaching out.