13 TRUE SCARY STORIES [Compilation Vol.18]

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  • UNIT #522
    UNIT #522  5 months ago +241

    This is a compilation of stories I've done in these last few months, consult the time table to skip past stories you've heard before:

    Story #1 (0:17)
    Story #2 (5:57)
    Story #3 (11:57)
    Story#4 (15:44)
    Story #5 (23:09)
    Story #6 (26:04)
    Story #7 (33:20)
    Story #8 (37:47)
    Story #9 (40:30)
    Story #10 (44:54)
    Story #11 (50:44)
    Story #12 (56:09)
    Story #13 (1:17:43)

    • Patrick Reilly
      Patrick Reilly Month ago

      Right on u shared

    • Rick Slick
      Rick Slick 4 months ago +1

      UNIT #522 See if you can find some stories from Gary Indiana. I'm from there and it's a shithole of a city. Even had the title "murder capital " of the U.S. a few times. I dig your stories, keep up the good work. You're the best story teller on youtube

    • CYPHODEUS 69
      CYPHODEUS 69 4 months ago

      Maybe you don't see there comments.

    • CYPHODEUS 69
      CYPHODEUS 69 4 months ago

      They are blocking your subscribers.

    • Tarshae Cartee
      Tarshae Cartee 4 months ago

      I found a story that reminds me of on of your stories.... facebook.com/1714723752151739/posts/2207227239568052/... True

  • GuySensei8
    GuySensei8 3 days ago

    Look saints row isn’t even a good game let alone saints row IV. Stick to Grand Theft Auto IV, much better experience!

  • I Hoard Boner Pills
    I Hoard Boner Pills 4 days ago

    bs.. the first guy didn't say anything about it in front of his parents, because he was afraid they'd say he could never go back there, but at the end he said he's never going back.

  • sup dude
    sup dude 7 days ago

    the first story was a bit disappointing. should qualify only stories that have endings where they find out what is so creepy

  • Jason Douglas
    Jason Douglas 10 days ago

    I looked up Daniel Leplante , omg that's some extremely scary stuff ( if true) that guy was fd up

  • eragon 6213
    eragon 6213 16 days ago

    They checked there Neighbors for red dots that’s racist

  • Sandra Gross
    Sandra Gross 19 days ago

    I was So Happy to find this upload from Unit #522. I Love his Stories Narration, his voice is perfect & helps me sleep. Thank you Unit #522, You're The Best.

  • Serrafina Jennings
    Serrafina Jennings 20 days ago

    Sees body being thrown into shallow grave, does nothing. Sees that the person wasn’t dead and got up. Could be alive and bleeding in woods, does nothing. Boy what kind of piece of shit are you?

  • Tyler Farrow
    Tyler Farrow 20 days ago

    What video is that creepy Charles manson story on?

  • Ems LionHeart
    Ems LionHeart 25 days ago

    Why the hell wouldn’t you call the police - someone (a young woman) could have been badly hurt and disoriented, wandered into the woods in a daze, not knowing what they’re doing-maybe due to concussion. I sure hope that one is made up...horrifying that they’d not tell their parents or anyone about seeing two men toss something off a truck in middle of night. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Ems LionHeart
    Ems LionHeart 25 days ago


  • VaBeach Beach
    VaBeach Beach Month ago

    God, I remember when we got our first home computer and internet. I also remember the first time I seen a DVD player. Obviously I had seen CD’s but I remember when I seen a DVD player I thought it was the coolest thing that it looked like a CD and you didn’t have to rewind it and could start the movie anywhere you wanted without fast forwarded it. I saw the DVD player at my friends house he had it set up in his room I was like, “ what the hell is this” lol. I was born in 83 so the internet got popular in my teens.

  • frank west
    frank west Month ago

    what about bring a fruy with you in small fruy nice joke ha

  • Default Name
    Default Name Month ago

    You know its real strange but all the bad guys sound the same...what gives? Hmm...I’ll need to ponder this for a bit..what could it be?

  • CoRp Stormy
    CoRp Stormy Month ago

    I only dislike the video to get it to 400 I’m sorry my OCD is to strong😢😭

  • Grant Wiley Esq.
    Grant Wiley Esq. Month ago


  • Androniki T.
    Androniki T. Month ago +1

    *Alright folks I’m going full screen wish me luck*

  • URAGAN90
    URAGAN90 Month ago

    first story... yeah... whatever

  • Mr Kipling
    Mr Kipling 2 months ago

    The amount of young petite women who go out for night walks in these stories astound me. They go out for these walks on their own and expect nothing to happen to them. Yeah they should be able to do this without fear of harassment or trouble but that’s in an ideal world. Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world.

  • Antknowledge
    Antknowledge 2 months ago +1

    Plot twist,the first story was how the Australian fires started

  • Cindy Brackett
    Cindy Brackett 2 months ago +1

    I am getting sick and tired of people using mental illness for any excuse in the worldthey act like we're some kind of deduce that were dumbest up their stupid or very very smart

  • unpataunpata
    unpataunpata 2 months ago +1

    I accidentally walked in on my grandparents having sex...mortified

  • Mia Torres
    Mia Torres 2 months ago +1

    Abby ❤

  • William Romkey
    William Romkey 2 months ago +1

    The first story sounds like a malevolent entity of some sort

  • Jaroslav Šváha
    Jaroslav Šváha 2 months ago

    I can't watch these anymore... I get too irritated at how stupid some people are.

  • micheal baca
    micheal baca 2 months ago +2

    I live in Portland Oregon Im gonna check the lake out

  • Zoie Mcbee
    Zoie Mcbee 2 months ago +1

    I’ve actually I think been to that lake but if I did I never felt anything my brother did but not me.

  • Kimberly
    Kimberly 2 months ago +1

    I have oficially listened to all of the compilations made by you. I need more stories. Hopefully you will post more soon!

  • There is no excuse for this


    .. *that feel when no flexible gf*

  • Kronk
    Kronk 2 months ago +3

    literally the first story, we went somewhere and we felt bad so we left and somebody else felt the same omg scary owo im poppy my pants omg scawwy

  • Bee
    Bee 2 months ago

    I absolutely love these videos they are great when I’m working out or doing homework. Your voice is great for story telling and the way you read is incredibly captivating

  • Sebastian Chilvers
    Sebastian Chilvers 2 months ago +1

    is the stuff with small fry lake true? I'm so curious if there are anymore stories

  • Evan Billings
    Evan Billings 2 months ago

    If you like horror you would love this new short story podcast Campfire Stories! The first season is based on the mysteries of the Appalachians!! anchor.fm/evan-b-billings Also on Spotify, Google Podcast, Breaker, and Apple Podcast.

  • Isaiah Cline
    Isaiah Cline 2 months ago +1

    Now isn't that the same house, and same still shot from the 90's REMAKE OF NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, with TONY TODD? Whom was also CANDYMAN.

  • Alex Young
    Alex Young 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who, when Unit says a place or person I search it up trying to see if that person or place exist, then actually gets a real search?

  • Cody Bennett
    Cody Bennett 2 months ago

    I dont get the second story. Why wait hours into the morning to see what was in the bag? Why not immediately go out and see what they dropped on the side of the road? If your to scared call for help wait for peope to come.and watch until help arrives than go and search. The story just doesnt add up to me.

  • Danielle Colangelo
    Danielle Colangelo 3 months ago

    UNIT! Love your stories! PLEASE make some more stories that are 1-2 hours or more long !! I LOVE your voice and how you narrate! Your the best one out there telling stories! Keep it up! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 🎊🎁✉️🎈 #scarystoriesforlife 😎😎😎

  • ola cola
    ola cola 3 months ago

    Oregon is a creepy state...big time child sex trafficking area too

  • Liquid Nitrogen
    Liquid Nitrogen 3 months ago

    A dozen+ women raped... crickets.
    Perp attacks a cop, cop's catch him next day.

  • NBA 2K20 Trolls
    NBA 2K20 Trolls 3 months ago

    Small fry lake stories can be searched up and all is the same thing

  • Nunya Bizness
    Nunya Bizness 3 months ago

    The story about the family that moved to Tennessee with their daughter sounds like foolish people with absolutly no common sense!
    1st u tell a neighbor ro fuck off the day ur moving in is absolutly asking for an issue!
    2nd your daughter is to friendly to strangers? That sounds like the dumb ass parents fault! Instill this into your children people! The smart, cautious kids have a way better chance of not getting kidnapped or murdered!

  • shantavanee
    shantavanee 3 months ago +1

    Thank you 😊

  • Karlo Pranjic
    Karlo Pranjic 3 months ago +1

    Lol I’m just playing TD5 and listen to this

    I know

    I’m weird

  • tehvespy
    tehvespy 3 months ago +1

    *Let me in, open this God damn door* 20:52

  • Shodeine
    Shodeine 3 months ago

    Stupid john

  • Patrick
    Patrick 3 months ago


    Doo doo squad add.

  • Lady Midnightx
    Lady Midnightx 3 months ago

    UNIT #522 legend!!!!

  • Thanatos animation
    Thanatos animation 3 months ago

    44:57 is to similar to my mom and dad she to took me and my siblings to Arizona except my dad would not be drunk he doesn’t really talk down to me anymore he knows I can beat his ass if you would like to know more I can make a story talking about my most tariffing experience with him one good thing came out of it tho I’m not scared of anything anymore.

  • Jakyia Weeks
    Jakyia Weeks 3 months ago

    So happy when the first story was based in my city Portland, Oregon

  • hairpiece_assassin
    hairpiece_assassin 3 months ago

    Dean Cain is a fuckin tool

  • Mark McGee
    Mark McGee 3 months ago

    Guys I swear to god the best way to listen to these stories is by yourself, no lights, eyes closed, half asleep! The narrator is smooth enough to where you can get into that twilight state and you envision these events like a nightmare it’s awesome! Happened to me the yesterday, I haven’t felt fear in years it was amazing.

  • Short Distance
    Short Distance 3 months ago

    4:20 can relate no intended joke on the time stamp

  • Shayna Wirges
    Shayna Wirges 3 months ago

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  • Sophia DeNault
    Sophia DeNault 3 months ago +11

    Dude I was shook when I heard the story in Michigan, I swear I never hear horror stories that take place here! Michiganders represents ✊🏼

    • Barbara Duma
      Barbara Duma 2 months ago

      We do have a lot of dense scary-looking woods here in Michigan. Also, it seems like the farther north you travel, the more you see tee- shirts and collectibles portraying Bigfoot. I’m not sure why.

    • Carbide
      Carbide 2 months ago

      Michigan here

    • Rougeone1972
      Rougeone1972 3 months ago

      I too is in MI. These stories are great..

  • Hope H
    Hope H 3 months ago +1

    The amount of people who decide not to tell police about these nefarious goings on is just.... It makes it hard to believe when they say that. Like, oh were you just too afraid or were you making it up and covering your tracks?

  • Cooper collette
    Cooper collette 3 months ago

    Nap time 😁💕

  • Reese Collins
    Reese Collins 3 months ago

    Getting tired of the female being stalked/attacked stories so fucking boring

  • Jeff Warsaw
    Jeff Warsaw 3 months ago

    First story is about a people being afraid of Nothing.

  • Sardonica J
    Sardonica J 3 months ago

    In old a beatup, pickup truck 27:30

    • Sardonica J
      Sardonica J 3 months ago

      wrapped me around his arms (lol) 32:38

  • Chris Stevens
    Chris Stevens 4 months ago

    Please watch my video on the Zodiac Z340 cipher. No tricks were used just a simple pattern. tvclip.biz/video/sAh4YN3mcRM/video.html

  • Abdikarim Ahmed
    Abdikarim Ahmed 4 months ago

    your story is amazing but it is scary

  • SitDownBeHumble
    SitDownBeHumble 4 months ago

    Story #1 is Hogwart's (Great Lake) anti-muggle magic

  • Stan Lee3000
    Stan Lee3000 4 months ago

    Thanks for making it 13.......

  • Yadira Rivera
    Yadira Rivera 4 months ago

    35 plus 18 is 53 is your dad 53

  • Prime Certified
    Prime Certified 4 months ago

    this is a best vid bro

  • Kayleigh Withee
    Kayleigh Withee 4 months ago +1

    I’m from Portland Oregon and the first story scared the shit out of me lmao

  • Deana Hopkins
    Deana Hopkins 4 months ago

    I have the chills

  • Multi-fandom B43N
    Multi-fandom B43N 4 months ago

    Why do I do this to myself when I’m home alone?

  • My ignorant opinion doesn’t count but,

    Wtf, I guess whoever wrote story No. 6 couldn’t figure out how to get their main character out of the house & to a gas station late at night.
    Unfortunately though they picked a pretty unlikely & rather unbelievable scenario if you, for 1, drive a car. 2, live in a city or anywhere at all that has gas station conveniently open during the day as well as night. Or number 3, does not have a reason like, (I’m sure this girl didn’t) to only be able to leave the house at night like because she’s a bloody fucking vampire.
    Sorry to be such a bitch but who the fuck leaves their house in the middle of the night when they’re already comfortable at home with the boyfriend & family, doing homework & relaxing to go fill up their car with gas at a gas station when they could easily go during the day tomorrow like the rest of human civilization. If she had enough gas to get to the gas station in the middle of the night, then she definitely has enough gas to get to the gas station during the day when she’s less likely to almost to get shot in the face by a bunch of drugged out, sociopathic nut jobs....

    • Destiny Blunt
      Destiny Blunt 3 months ago

      My ignorant opinion doesn’t count but, I fill up at night so I don’t have to do it in the morning cause it’s always busy and I got places to be.

    CH4NC3 G4MING 4 months ago

    My Scary Story

    It was the 31st of October and it was a school day.I stayed up the last night and when I woke up I was devastated.MY PHONE WASN'T ON THE CHARGER ALL NIGHT!!!!! DUN DUN DUN

    DA CARLY 4 months ago

    How I fall asleep ha

  • IG:Ftp.v1
    IG:Ftp.v1 4 months ago

    8:16 ok boomer

  • Lemon Boy and Peachy Girl Love Sara

    You should create a podcast

  • Cloven Soul
    Cloven Soul 4 months ago

    Mt Clemens is NOT in the upper peninsula of Michigan nor woodland. Even if the story is around 1990.

    • Barbara Duma
      Barbara Duma 2 months ago

      I think he said he was born in Mt. Clemens, but grew up in the UP, but I could be wrong.

  • Tiger
    Tiger 4 months ago

    Stoy2 i belive u

  • Ashley Lee
    Ashley Lee 4 months ago +1

    worst fuckin vid ever!!!!!!!!!

  • Ollie Grantham
    Ollie Grantham 4 months ago

    The most terrifying thing in the world is......... my nana chasing me while holding a flip flop

  • abdul doumbia
    abdul doumbia 4 months ago

    The only good creepy stalker is a dead one.

  • Lochlan Smith
    Lochlan Smith 4 months ago +1


  • Lara
    Lara 4 months ago +4

    i sleep listening to these am i the only one ?