The Logan Paul Interview.

  • Published on Jul 27, 2018
  • Logan's impact on TVclip has been far and wide. The controversies around the suicide forest video and other negative things he's done has had an impact on yt that was felt by a lot of the creator community. I wanted to understand why he did what he did and what his true intentions were moving forward.
    this interview was recorded July 20, 2018 in New York City.

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  • CaseyNeistat
    CaseyNeistat  6 months ago +12771

    my intro explains why i did this interview, if you want to skip the intro --> 3:26

    • legohead
      legohead Month ago


    • Emerson_able
      Emerson_able Month ago

      Casey well done but interviewing this guy is like arguing with my preteen son, pointless to be honest. His channel is a mistake but the Japan incident is a huge mistake. I don't waste my time watching his content all kids should do the same

  • Arthur Robinson
    Arthur Robinson 16 hours ago

    Logan Paul is so fucking boring.

  • Mellissa Cross
    Mellissa Cross Day ago

    20:19 not very bright. He's trying to educate us when he's the one who doesn't get it.

  • Joshua Whiteshirt
    Joshua Whiteshirt 3 days ago


  • Young & Rich WOO
    Young & Rich WOO 3 days ago

    damn it was so painful to watch this lol

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 3 days ago


  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sanjeev Kumar 3 days ago +1

    8:23 I'm vegan now

  • Tori Blazze
    Tori Blazze 5 days ago

    The car horn just tripped me out! lmao

  • Chef Catman
    Chef Catman 7 days ago

    What are you filming with here? You said “These shut off after 30 minutes” just wondering what you are filming with

  • HRjobs 1977
    HRjobs 1977 9 days ago

    hate that...... logan paul.

  • Mark Clifford
    Mark Clifford 9 days ago

    Why is it Casey that he has to carry this around with him forever? Can someone not make a mistake? Like really if you think he should carry that for ever you should be ashamed.

  • WiredDragon7429
    WiredDragon7429 9 days ago +1

    Honestly, I didn't like Logan or jake paul before the incident and when the horrible thing happened I was pissed but thinking about it now we're all just humans and no one will ever be able to choose the best choice. Yea some people are big dicks but if we are saying shit things to logan than we are so wrong because there are a million more people in the world who are a lot worse. But people can still go back to the right path and the best thing about us humans is that we learn from our mistakes and that's why we are so successful. So let's just give him a second chance but not forget what he did. People are also way too harsh on the internet. It doesn't help by talking trash to a guy who did the wrong thing. I think it would help a lot more if everyone tried helping him and giving him advice and actually make him want to change and he might actually do but right now I am only seeing people wanting him to just go to hell.

  • PBM
    PBM 9 days ago +1

    I'm vegan now

  • kolina b
    kolina b 10 days ago

    Here after the Happy hour podcast from JaackMaate

  • The Slow Mo Guy
    The Slow Mo Guy 10 days ago


    SOMETHING FUNNY 11 days ago +1

    Logan is my inspiration

  • Petrescu Paul
    Petrescu Paul 12 days ago

    Paul Logan is lokk like 35 years not 22

  • Saimo k
    Saimo k 12 days ago

    This come after fousey 15jul breakdown

  • Hardik Goel
    Hardik Goel 13 days ago

    do you casey?

  • Kyle Parks
    Kyle Parks 13 days ago

    Haha Casey was a douche to Logan

  • Ryan Ramsey
    Ryan Ramsey 13 days ago

    He has no regret, he needs to find out who is is with the cameras off before a come back.

  • Daniel Allsup
    Daniel Allsup 13 days ago

    Look at the shirt he is wearing. I think it is so ironic that Logan Paul is annoyed at the passing vehicles when he was horrible loud in his neighborhood. He doesn't get it. He needs to go away.

  • MUFC
    MUFC 14 days ago

    Mate I don't really like Logan Paul but I thinks he made a big mistake with yes men around him he fucked up and he's very remorseful and you can argue he's lying lie he's apologised and he is outright saying you don't have to sympathise with him but he's young man who's messed up and just wants to fix what he's done wrong like put it in the past yes what he's done is wrong but he's trying to put thinks rights just my opinion

  • Kavouris Kavouropatis
    Kavouris Kavouropatis 15 days ago +1

    In case you didn't know he is from Ohio.

  • JStiebel09
    JStiebel09 15 days ago

    As a former heroin addict I just stare at Logan Paul’s bicep vein with just envoy. Wish I had that bad boy back in the day 😂

  • Anaisha Hatherall
    Anaisha Hatherall 16 days ago

    great questions from casey! lots of white noise from logan. like dude. ya not in the prinipals office. you arent a chiid. answere the questions!

  • Health, Weight & Real Talk

    Casey is like,”this is some bull shit.””

  • Noëlle Seabrook
    Noëlle Seabrook 18 days ago

    Why the heck is Logan so red?! Jeez!!

    • Noëlle Seabrook
      Noëlle Seabrook 5 days ago

      +SHREQUED Your comment literally made my day. That's hilarious. Lmao!

      SHREQUED 6 days ago +1

      Because his name is LoGaN ThE LobStEr

  • alexis llerena
    alexis llerena 20 days ago

    wtf is vídeo in playlist of YT " depilación vaginal ? "

  • Pink Flower
    Pink Flower 21 day ago

    Maybe I'm wrong, but talking about how it was a bad decision sounds like he can't feel or empathize, like he can't tell which is ethical to say an which isn't.

  • Sofie u
    Sofie u 21 day ago

    “I’m vegan now”
    Yeah lol that didn’t last long ...

  • BTR
    BTR 22 days ago +1

    Now this "interview" makes sense, as Casey's going to be in a film with Logan Paul on February 8th.

  • Clive Stephenson
    Clive Stephenson 22 days ago

    I didn't even know who Logan Paul was and had to Google what he was apologising for but even I can see he is an immature asshole...this is a role-model for our children?...god help us!

  • Desert Rose
    Desert Rose 22 days ago

    Casey’s interview was great? Although My feeling towards Logan Paul is that he is a narcissistic Sociopath. Period

  • JHOG
    JHOG 22 days ago

    LP responses: please don't let me go under, I have changed, I'm a vegan and will literally say or do anything if you keep watching my videos.

  • Samantha Jo
    Samantha Jo 23 days ago

    He'll answer a question immediately with what he think Casey wants to hear and the more he talks, the more narcissistic and self centered he sounds.

  • The Tane Tribe
    The Tane Tribe 23 days ago

    All I hear is me me me me. Oh don’t forget the maverick merch t-shirt. Jake Paul everyone

  • mii car
    mii car 23 days ago

    a fly on the wall of an OG trying to set straight a young shit-stain. i hope some things got him least down the road.

  • Matthew Garrity
    Matthew Garrity 24 days ago

    interesteing now when you wath this back

  • Arnold Tatis-Algarin
    Arnold Tatis-Algarin 24 days ago

    i'm vegan now.

  • MariModoAvión
    MariModoAvión 25 days ago

    a sociopath, nothing new

  • Fortnite
    Fortnite 26 days ago

    who else came to see the dislikes

  • roy matar
    roy matar 27 days ago +1

    I hate this! Logan made a mistake, apologized and raised awareness. People need to move on and stop pressuring him of being someone he is not.

  • Patrick Dropping
    Patrick Dropping 28 days ago

    Logan shits on the world, LEAVE HIM ALONE! Greetz Chris Watts

  • kent jacob
    kent jacob 28 days ago

    I disliked this cause of casey

  • kent jacob
    kent jacob 28 days ago

    Clout chaser lol he says do you make videos to get clicks so tell me why you made this vidoe?

  • Sarushca
    Sarushca 29 days ago

    The Lord has a way to humble us all I guess he is trying to pull a Kardashian’s and turn a “mistake “ in to $$ I personally don’t think he regrets it . Being from another country taking a photo of a dead body isn’t as big of a deal as it is in America with that being said I think he will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal which is fame + money if that’s #1 in your life you will be a 💩 person .

    • Saimo k
      Saimo k 12 days ago

      U don't get it, he act after fousey breakdown in 15 jul

  • Newtslayer Productions

    To Casey, this is a great video your a very wise person and probably the best creator on the internet your changing the game bro keep it up

  • Newtslayer Productions

    Logan talks so loud

  • Blu
    Blu Month ago +1

    casey aint buying shit, lol

  • kong dal
    kong dal Month ago

    7:19 thought it was Casey sighing at him😂😂

  • Mackenzie Doyle
    Mackenzie Doyle Month ago

    Thanks for not answering any of the questions bud

  • ToThe Moon
    ToThe Moon Month ago


  • Forrest Man
    Forrest Man Month ago +1

    Pewdiepie is right, he is a straight up sociopath.

  • Mal West
    Mal West Month ago

    Who came after Shane’s video?

  • British Boxer
    British Boxer Month ago

    youtube could give people premium accounts with their ids with agreements and age restrictions to make it safe, instead of shutting down logan paul and other things that made youtube great again...they got where they are because of people like logan Paul, wake up TVclip!

  • LSD-Rick B-172
    LSD-Rick B-172 Month ago +1

    This guy a straight up Sociopath

  • Simon Van Keer
    Simon Van Keer Month ago

    Logan doesn't have respect for anything. And he makes a shitload of money with it. Everything is a joke for that idiot.

  • Frulp
    Frulp Month ago

    Casey's just like, why am I here with this idiot.

  • Mr. Track wheels
    Mr. Track wheels Month ago

    You are irrelevant

  • dolinick
    dolinick Month ago

    nope, i don't think i can watch this. don't even watch casey anymore. :(

  • Lalala123
    Lalala123 Month ago +1

    Logan is the worst. And when he uses “I was 23 or 22 at the time” as an excuse it doesn’t mean anything. I’m 23 and I can’t relate to his way of thinking on ANY level, so saying it’s an age thing is bullshit.

  • Nihal Shaikh
    Nihal Shaikh Month ago

    Both look same

  • Abby Hilde
    Abby Hilde Month ago

    I like how Casey wasn’t scared to ask any questions. I DIDNT like how Logan avoided them. He just went around them.

  • Clare Ellen
    Clare Ellen Month ago

    Yikes you can really see how hard it is for him to string a whole sentence together. Must be tough when you have the brainpower of a gnat

  • majorxdf
    majorxdf Month ago

    I think the bottom line here is that this guy is simpleminded, or mentally deficient. This is painfully obvious with every word that he utters. Why would anyone think it was a good idea to go into that Forrest and do what he did? Not only that, he keeps arguing with Casey. Casey is wise beyond his years and this guy would be smart just to absorb what he's saying.

  • erin corinne
    erin corinne Month ago

    Whatever happened to his documentary???🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Buckarooskiczek Productions

    Mmmmm, yeah okay, I am cynical. I got about 6 minutes into this interview when I first thought I couldn’t stand the bs. I should have trusted my gut. For sure the documentary about himself was a fine example of narcissism, for sure but you can bet, the “New Logan Paul” will be more of the same horse shit.

  • Roman Gutierrez
    Roman Gutierrez Month ago

    Being generally insensitive towards everything would and could also result in you being culturally insensitive. You're insensitive towards every thing so it makes sense you'd also be culturally insensitive... Cause you're insensitive towards everything. idk how everyone's missing that. Yea they sell the costume. does that mean they want you to fully dress as a Pokémon throwing poke balls at stuff and jumping on cars mocking people for being there in Japan and a part of the culture that the show is created around and lives in? No they don't you were being a dick and mocking Japanese folks and a part of there culture for... Well... Really the best reason: money and fame

  • Blake Lawrence
    Blake Lawrence Month ago

    I text Kevin from the suicide program everyday. we will do something in the future together....but right now I'm focused on the fight. Thats my main aim....

  • Isak T
    Isak T Month ago


  • Fowl Luck137
    Fowl Luck137 Month ago

    Casey asked so many good questions.

  • Man Gear
    Man Gear Month ago

    I tried to watch the whole thing, but he is so full of shit, I had to stop. On the plus side, Casey you did a great job of holding him to the fire. That guy needs to be beaten to within an inch of his life every morning for a week or so. Maybe then he will change.

  • LiamBvids
    LiamBvids Month ago +1

    27:01 Logan flipping off Casey Neistat

  • Adam Harake
    Adam Harake Month ago

    2019 anyone

  • Lalala123
    Lalala123 Month ago

    Omg I just watched Shane’s video and now this and i feel more and more like Shane was right

  • Adam patrick
    Adam patrick Month ago

    Thanks for not plugging your merch-
    Plugs his merch

  • Sabina Moe
    Sabina Moe Month ago

    look the definition of gaslighting

  • Dj Bazinet
    Dj Bazinet Month ago

    You were absolutely too easy on him. I feel like everything he says is just a load of crap. It’s hard to take him seriously. I only feel like he’s doing this for pure selfish redemption of his own image. He is not worried about the impact he has on others at all.

  • Spicey The super doggy chin

    4:18 and 4:47 , Its confirmed . Logan Paul is Thanos .

  • 200K
    200K Month ago

    ...and he said he is colorblind

    MEMELORD Month ago


  • Zoie Woodyard
    Zoie Woodyard Month ago

    So many people came from Shane's video.....

    I did too.

  • Mr_Mendez 389
    Mr_Mendez 389 Month ago

    oh no

  • Spicey The super doggy chin

    Casey neistat is literally the new Dr phill .

  • Spicey The super doggy chin

    Logan Paul makes no sense

  • rachel.doremi
    rachel.doremi Month ago

    Yo, his influence is like Trump's, large and extremely seen as offensive... not that it isn't, but they just are the people that think before acting... I guess he is changing his image, but the changes from then to now... don't know yet

    • Saimo k
      Saimo k 12 days ago

      He take fousey place , its cult

  • Angie Evans
    Angie Evans Month ago +1

    I don't like Logan Paul. I don't feel genuine remorse coming from him. He seems to just want to save himself.

  • DOC Occ
    DOC Occ Month ago

    This is the dark side of logan

  • Dylan Gavlik
    Dylan Gavlik Month ago

    Logan clearly couldnt pass up a good deal on those outfits they were on sale leave him alone

  • Meeran Fakih
    Meeran Fakih Month ago +1

    What did he do?
    I m new here

  • mart urb
    mart urb Month ago

    Does someone know if Logan is still vegan? 🤔

  • Lays Guerrero
    Lays Guerrero Month ago

    I admire Casey effort to make this interview, but this guy is so hard to like. I know is not nice denied someone a space to explain his/her actions, but's hard

  • Smok Wed
    Smok Wed Month ago

    Look at Logan’s arm he’s like Quagmire in that one scene.

  • Kaybo
    Kaybo Month ago

    Yes Casey get him!

  • Kaybo
    Kaybo Month ago

    When I used to wear my maverick Hodie I would get soo many compliments. Then things happened and I stoped wearing it. I wore it the other day and I got soo much hate the only reason I wore it because it’s the only hodie I own.

  • Thomas Marriott
    Thomas Marriott 2 months ago

    🇬🇧 comment your national flag🇬🇧

  • Tazz1991
    Tazz1991 2 months ago

    So... you’re watching K-pop now ?

  • Trojanette83
    Trojanette83 2 months ago

    Very diplomatically done interview. I can think of a thousand different directions you could have taken this interview; but you didn't. Classy .......... very classy. Hats off to you.

  • Syahreza Aditya
    Syahreza Aditya 2 months ago +1

    I love ur videos casey but this is sh*t