Lion Air Flight JT610 - Crash Animation [X-Plane 11]

  • Published on Nov 1, 2018
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  • Wes McGee
    Wes McGee Day ago

    Great sympathies for the families. May God bless you all.

  • Gymnastic girl
    Gymnastic girl Day ago

    Is that a game?

    • Avinations
      Avinations  Day ago

      +Gymnastic girl it is a simulation:)

  • Adharsh Nair
    Adharsh Nair 2 days ago

    I feel so sad for them😯😯😢😢

  • H. G. Wells
    H. G. Wells 3 days ago

    Very nice gaming animation... How did you do that and what material are you using?

  • Calvin Abad
    Calvin Abad 3 days ago

    Philippine Airlines is better than Lion Air. Oh wait, anything is better than Lion Air.

  • rick m
    rick m 5 days ago

    All planes made recently have an "auto pilot" installed, and this is the result. These auto pilots are controlled from the ground.... do some homework. Arab Air was the first known commercial flight hijacked this way, with identical results, blamed on innocent pilot. Flight 370 was another, but did not crash. Expect more accidents like this.

  • rolf johansen
    rolf johansen 7 days ago

    according to the news it was the flight computer, why don't they allow the automated computer system to be shut off and let them take manually control when it is not working? The pilots tried to fight the computer's decisions, and this is not the first time "Sorry Dave , I don't allow that" ---- idiots !!!

  • Calvin Abad
    Calvin Abad 8 days ago

    And this is why I'll never ride on Lion Air flights.

    NOOB GAMING 10 days ago +1


  • Алфт Ашари
    Алфт Ашари 13 days ago

    Amazing Lion air JT610 crash

  • Bogibogi 123
    Bogibogi 123 13 days ago

    We were in Indonesia tia summer and the scary thing is i think I was on this plane before it crashed

  • Nur Hidayah
    Nur Hidayah 14 days ago

    Kesian nya lion air itu yang terhempas di pangkal pinang.

  • AndrewJbro 23
    AndrewJbro 23 15 days ago

    um you used an 737-800 not a 737-8 max

  • Rasme Alem
    Rasme Alem 18 days ago

    Lion Air is Boeing's greatest headache. 90% of Boeing's 737s have been brought down by Lion Air. RIP to those innocent souls

  • Dalton Notlad
    Dalton Notlad 18 days ago

    The MCAS is a Boeing absurd implementation on the B737. And this is the result.

  • David A. A
    David A. A 18 days ago +1

    Look at the history of these two countries, Indonesia and Malaysia, how many accidents has happened to airliners belonging to these two countries? It’s crazy that someone in a right mind wants to travel with the airliners of either of these two countries. All accidents have been due to pilot error or airliner not maintaining the planes properly and or trying to save money on faulty equipments. That’s crazy, stay away from the airliners of these two countries.

  • Ali Baba
    Ali Baba 19 days ago


  • wananna salwa
    wananna salwa 20 days ago

    FilmCutter can you do transasia flight 222 in the next video?by the way,i like your video!you are soo profesional!😀😀😁😁😁😃😃

  • joshua nathaniel
    joshua nathaniel 21 day ago

    like .....can't these plane engineers build up a plane with some sort of a parachute system so incase of an emergency .............innocent people don't die

  • KittyKat Lover
    KittyKat Lover 23 days ago

    Pray for lion air

  • Asti Mashita
    Asti Mashita 23 days ago

    Im in that plane and i survived why? because i have a problem with my work so i leave the plane

  • John Bull
    John Bull 24 days ago

    Ive never trusted being aircraft.

  • Bruno Angelo
    Bruno Angelo 25 days ago

    Plane should have emergency parachute.. If plane problem then passengers can jump out from the plane.

  • Aquarian Deathstone
    Aquarian Deathstone 27 days ago +2

    Airbus a320neo is lot better than these Boeing idiotic features and attitude...

    Even Airbus a380 has no fatality till now...

  • Aquarian Deathstone
    Aquarian Deathstone 27 days ago +1

    That's Boeing 737 for you...

    Idiotic features.... Just if pilot off that idiotic and dumb auto pilot feature, the flight would have been in their control and all them have been saved...

    But these asshole Boeing didn't inform anyone

  • Ru Blox
    Ru Blox 28 days ago

    OH NO

  • abinandan acharya
    abinandan acharya 29 days ago

    Why plane crashes or errors happening even in 2018 after introduction of flights 100 years earlier?

  • Bigfan Of Most things
    Bigfan Of Most things 29 days ago

    Nicely done! Im curious how you actually knew what happened EVEN THOUGH the pilot black box wasnt found at the time you made this

    Either way, lets do good things to respect the victims of this crash

  • eliyani eliyani
    eliyani eliyani 29 days ago

    Poor people😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jennie Kim
    Jennie Kim Month ago

    *Boeing just got sued. I repeat Boeing just got sued by one of the victims of the parents.*

  • tulfly_ cz
    tulfly_ cz Month ago

    Its real or theory?

  • Ton Ka
    Ton Ka Month ago

    So means there something wrong with type of boeing but we still use it?



  • Jenn Blue
    Jenn Blue Month ago

    I'm so confused. What happened with this plane? Why did they ask to go back but never did and how did it end up doing a nose dive?

  • logistik lantas
    logistik lantas Month ago

    Oncom oncom sendiri

  • Jason Haradyn
    Jason Haradyn Month ago

    I think a major problem here was the idea to roll out these new planes and just assume that pilots have enough experience to figure things out instead of actually training them on something new. This is a product of our fast-paced society and wanting to do things to save time and money: it is costing lives. As humans, we should reevaluate our priorities. Right now, it seems that money and time are more important than human life. A sad fact.

  • LH101
    LH101 Month ago

    FilmCutter, I wish you the best with this channel, you have a great opportunity to grow this!

  • Aviatorspot
    Aviatorspot Month ago

    Lion Air is listed in the top 10 unsafe airlines in tje world! So fly at your own risk and no compensation also!

  • Mon Min
    Mon Min Month ago

    Am not an expert in engineering buy Why cant boeing or airbus install a giant parachute at the aeroplane as a last backup in case of emergency crash?..This will at least reduce the crash impact and save the life of passengers...

  • raga cemplon
    raga cemplon Month ago

    RIP smoga semua korban khusnul khotimah Amin

  • Zamaluddin Afghani
    Zamaluddin Afghani Month ago

    saya turut berdka cita semoga yang mati.......masuk surga aminnnn

  • Steven Lim
    Steven Lim Month ago

    My deepest condolences .. please pray hard for this not to happen again in the near future..

  • Polar Polaritas
    Polar Polaritas Month ago +1

    Can a 'Lion' fly? I never wanna take a flight with u

  • Lovina Adinda Michella

    4:03 ooh no

  • Wutangkilla1
    Wutangkilla1 Month ago

    This is dope. Make more of these 👍✅

  • Chang Novi
    Chang Novi Month ago

    Be strong indonesia and rip for all the victim😭😭😭

  • Ben Matmoeklas
    Ben Matmoeklas Month ago

    My sincere condolences💔

  • Denis Triton
    Denis Triton Month ago

    Почему падают Малазийские самолеты?

  • Kwan Ming
    Kwan Ming Month ago

    R.I.P to all the victims of this tragedy, hopefully they will find the cause so aviation is safer and this will never happen again.

  • Vitrio Wibisono
    Vitrio Wibisono Month ago

    WTF the plane was a boeing and rendered as an aribus?... look at the plane wings.. that was an airbus wing...


    Mampir ke chanel situbondo saya KAWAN

  • George Petrov
    George Petrov Month ago

    What’s your point with this video u fucking idiot leave people sorrow alone !!!

  • Sue Bellamy
    Sue Bellamy Month ago

    How can it be a 737 with 189 pax on board? They don’t even hold that many even with crew!

  • Kastro Budiman
    Kastro Budiman Month ago

    Boeing is the main culprit in this case...if you buy a new car, you will never expect to find any display or engine problem...This is an aircraft for God sake.

  • Scott Jablonsky
    Scott Jablonsky Month ago

    As an aircraft mechanic, I cannot see the pitot static system being the problem. They reported flight control problems. As this is a fly by wire aircraft, I would look for wires chewed by a mouse, this would explain a lot.

    • Scott Jablonsky
      Scott Jablonsky Month ago

      +Robert Dean True, both were brought down bt the flight crews, in both cases it was night time, and the aircraft were fully functional. The pilots had no visual references. 447 was found to be pilot error. This flight was on a bright sunny day, and apparently the flight controls did not work. Not many things can cause flight control surfaces to not work. Some possibilities are a loss of all hydraulic fluid from all hydraulic systems, going too slow, or a loss of all flight control computers, or wiring.

    • Robert Dean
      Robert Dean Month ago

      obstruction of static ports and the effect on flight management computers and instrumentation have caused at least two functioning aircraft to be brought down by their flight crew. Aeroperu 603, Air France 447.

  • Crazy Couple
    Crazy Couple Month ago

    This is so sad and scary

  • Drafting Services
    Drafting Services Month ago

    اشهد ان لا اله الا الله و اشهد ان محمد رسول الله . لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله العلي العظيم
    اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على رسولنا محمد و على آله وصحبه أجمعين

  • Torsten Rose
    Torsten Rose Month ago


  • Arly Kohar
    Arly Kohar Month ago

    Where your sympathy?

  • Higgs Boson
    Higgs Boson Month ago

    As usual....negligent on over lives is the game!

  • Rosana Sales
    Rosana Sales Month ago

    Nice video animation and good job

  • Татьяна Калашникова

    Не верю. Если бы машина клюнула вниз носом, при том, что неслась с высоты нескольких тысяч метров, набирая скорость при помощи работы 2-х турбореактивных двигателей - не нашли бы больше сотни тел. Нашли бы незначительное количество фрагментов тел. Судя по данным прессы, и "скоропостижным" рекомендациям "Boeing" - у самолёта не работали датчик высоты, и датчик угла атаки воздуха по отношению к крылу. Но погода была ясной, пилоты видели горизонт и могли реско толкнуть штурвал, чтоб отключить автопилот, который при некорректной работе этих 2-х систем, действительно, уничтожил бы машину. Пилоты не спали, они чётко понимали проблемы, которые существовали на борту, о чем свидетельствует просьба предоставить воздушный коридор и полосу. К тому же, на первых снимках с места трагедии виден самолет, который тонет. Не груду порваного и искареженного металла, а фюзеляж, разколотый пополам, что свидетельствует о том, что часть управления у пилотов оставалось. Жаль, что этой части не достаточно для того, чтоб сохранить жизни людей.

  • roberta violetta
    roberta violetta Month ago

  • Shariken ツ
    Shariken ツ Month ago

    Why the plane crashed?

  • Wiranto Setiawan
    Wiranto Setiawan Month ago

    My cousin was there...
    watching this animation wrecks my heart as if I could feel the fear she was feeling...

  • black man nathaniel

    They ain't need to be askin me why I don't be on no motherfuckin planes. I ain't tryin to die yet!

  • Barbara Ketskés
    Barbara Ketskés Month ago

    Looks like he committed Ritual Samurai Suicide with 188 onboard

  • Intelligent Horse
    Intelligent Horse Month ago

    And this is why I don’t fly. Can’t trust them, older planes, newer planes, don’t trust any of them.

  • VitaLux IUC
    VitaLux IUC Month ago

    Perhaps they had the plane so overloaded by jamming more people in it. Lets face it, they don't give a damn about safety, just their profit....I hope the bastards who make the decisions to jam more people and seats into these planes are made to ride in them when they crash

  • Ali G Mail
    Ali G Mail Month ago

    I do not know about aircraft, but is it possible to use other indicators for airspeed such as GPS? I know that many GPS map system can measure this.

  • anwar mithu
    anwar mithu Month ago +1

    my heartiest sympathy for them... may Allah give them jannah

  • Riddick tonn
    Riddick tonn Month ago

    Planes are glued together like a Lamborghini or Ferrari. The rivets you see are secondary backup if the glue fails. Just FYI it fails all the time if it’s not done perfectly and even then it fails over time.

  • Wagenctragen Aust
    Wagenctragen Aust Month ago


  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh Month ago

    Rest in peace!!!

  • Dede Fallo
    Dede Fallo Month ago

    sedih btulll 😢😢😢😢

  • I Like
    I Like Month ago

    Indians sucks!

  • Dmitri Kozlowsky
    Dmitri Kozlowsky Month ago

    My prediction on investigation. Malfunction, possibly obstruction, of Pitot tubes, and/or air data sensors, causing flight control system to think that A/C was stalling, and it did uncommanded stick pusher, to lower nose.

    • Dmitri Kozlowsky
      Dmitri Kozlowsky Month ago +1

      +Robert Dean Red tags covering Pitot and other ram air air data sensors, are among the most critical of a walkaround. I am not ATP, but I am in favor of walkaround done by both flight deck crewmen. PIC and his 1st Ofc. Both have to signoff when ground people take rad flags off the sensors. Right now, just PIC is required to walkaround. At night, bad weather, with aircraft this huge and sensors high off the ground, a man can miss something.
      Thus there is no evidence that PIC and 1st Ofc. made any errors. Boeing issued preliminary maintenance warning on air data and stall sensors.

    • Dmitri Kozlowsky
      Dmitri Kozlowsky Month ago +1

      +Robert Dean Pitot and Air Data sensor fail or corruption leading to FLCS fail, and corrective action is part of air crew training and certification. A stick shaker pusher puller is not going to override pilot commands. However I am not ATP. Catastrophes like this don't have single cause, but a chain of failiures. But for brand new airliner to suddenly point it's nose 60-70 degrees down makes no sense. Air data sensor failiure is one possible failiure mode. I don't think that there was catastrophic load shift, in the cargo compartment. Lion was on climb out so cargo shift would be rearward, screwing up CG . That would cause a sharp pitch up and a stall, leading aircraft to depart. An incorrectly set CG, by aircrew, could magnify a manageable CG shift into more serious. But this is a passenger aircraft not a freighter. The fuel alone weighs more then passengers and baggage cargo combined.
      A scary scenario is cyberhacking. Not of flight control computers, but of air data sensors and data flow , prior to input into FLCS computers. But this is all speculation. Boeing just issued a maintenance warning on corrupted sensors, based on preliminary findings.

    • Robert Dean
      Robert Dean Month ago

      Agree! Aeroperu flight 603,obstruction caused flight management computer to declare contradictory emergency alerts in rapid fire succession shortly after a nighttime takeoff completely bewildering the crew.Cabin audio tape recovered is chilling.Also Air France 447 obstruction blamed for stall.

  • Rey Versoza
    Rey Versoza Month ago


  • Владимир Дьяконов

    Уважайте чуства родственников жертв катастрофы . Нельзя размещать подобные симуляции .

  • mermaid meaw
    mermaid meaw Month ago

    is it possible for airplane to have big parachute for it own? so the force of landing is significantly reduced?

  • player1diao
    player1diao Month ago


  • Maz MnM
    Maz MnM Month ago

    Setiap kali pesawat dr negara asia jatuh hilang atau apa.. aku berasa sedih. Stay strong indonesia. Salam from malaysia. May the soul rest in peace.

  • i love my family
    i love my family Month ago


  • AGames Tester
    AGames Tester Month ago

    Swiss 001 said that lionair is very dangerous airline

  • ali video
    ali video Month ago

    This is the saddest thing one can ever imagined

  • legioner9
    legioner9 Month ago

    A part from the cause of the accident is a faulty pitch sensor, according to

  • Diski Domain
    Diski Domain Month ago

    It's fucking 2018.... surely some genius out there can create some system that at least gives passengers and crew some chance of surviving a plane crash when the engines blow etc?
    To me the sickest feeling is knowing that you have basically no god damn chance at surviving and airplane crash when malfunction happens.

    I can't remember where I saw it but this team were working on a system whereby the cabin gets hitched on to the plane separately. So in emergencies, the entire cabin dislodges from the plane and then had burners and parachutes to bring it to an easy landing. I hope that system eventually becomes a standard.

    • Marcel Lapierre
      Marcel Lapierre 26 days ago

      A lot of people have survived in crashes, but you can't escape the laws of physics, high speed impacts will kill you in all sort of vehicles, planes in particular are very complex and relatively fragile, like cars if they were built like tanks, they couldn't operate, like cars, most accidents are the result of human error, no transport vehicle is 100% safe, if you don't want to die in a plane then don't fly, but you have way more chances to die in a car than on a plane...

  • Besok Liburr
    Besok Liburr Month ago


  • Iana Rossa
    Iana Rossa Month ago


  • UV0023
    UV0023 Month ago

    Do you guys think it was an unreliable airspeed? or perhaps some of the flight controls were stuck?

  • kumara Daya
    kumara Daya Month ago

    RIP all passengers

  • Rayoscope
    Rayoscope Month ago

    Given the catastrophic circumstances, the flight crew and passengers take the sudden crash dive remarkably well.

  • Gangineni Chiranjivi

    may god give strength to the families for the loss

  • aku sarongan
    aku sarongan Month ago

    Aku turut berduka cita yaaaaaa....

  • ThatGuyPixel __
    ThatGuyPixel __ Month ago


  • Citra Dewi
    Citra Dewi Month ago

    Why the airplane is boeing 737 -900

  • Bob Boberson
    Bob Boberson Month ago

    Well, a ways to go to get to the other simulator channels. Telling a story is what makes Allec J.Bay so good for example. But the software here is excellent. Minimize the subtitles. Work to be done. Good effort.

  • Alen Abbas
    Alen Abbas Month ago +1

    may they rest in peace