Actress Felicity Huffman pleads guilty in college cheating scandal

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • She broke down in a Boston courtroom, telling a judge that her daughter had been getting extra time on tests since she was 11 and was not involved in the scam.

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  • Angela Camlin
    Angela Camlin 22 days ago

    She stepped up and took responsibility, unlike Laurie Loflin. Felicity doesn't have additional charges like Laurie, so a light sentence along with a heafty fine would be appropriate. Laurie most likely will get a long sentence, unless the jury consists of a few bleeding hearts that will result in no jail time.

  • Ellie O'Brien
    Ellie O'Brien 27 days ago +1

    For $500,000 my child better be getting into Hogwarts, forget USC

    • AD Smith23
      AD Smith23 19 days ago

      She only did $15,000 it was Lori who did half a mil and says she's innocent.

  • ysaechao3
    ysaechao3 Month ago

    4 months in prison that's it??! That is ridiculous 😵

  • Crank I. T. C. Paranormal Special ghost person

    Just because the prosecutor recommendation is 4 months doesn't mean that is what they can give her ,it 4 to 10,the judge can impose 10 months,useally when it's cooperation then they will take that,but Lori laughn isn't going to be able to to have any wiggle room for leantlessly,they said money got them into this so money isn't going to be the punishment. For this it's because it's and $$ amount and $$$ involved.laughn is so screwed!!

  • Crank I. T. C. Paranormal Special ghost person

    Well her story is understand able ,she admitted it owned it ,and is facing it,it's not much more you can expect from her,that had to be hard to do,she's not playing a game with bullshit excuses and buying rich lawery s and trying to buy her way out unlike Lori laughn is doing, Huffman has an Oscar award were does Lori laughn feel she more famous? Again Lori worrying about imagine,geazz that's pathetic!! Seriously she's terrible, but that's my opinion and it's worst now.

  • Cristina Morris
    Cristina Morris Month ago +1

    I’m glad she’s taking responsibility and is pleading guilty. Lori L on the other hand is a fool and is being very arrogant and I think they’ll make an example out of her!

    • Crank I. T. C. Paranormal Special ghost person
      Crank I. T. C. Paranormal Special ghost person Month ago

      I was thinking that,she said it seemed that they wasn't trying to make an example of Huffman apparently Lori was watching the out come, i!.m thinking , they are saving the example for them , Huffman did what you surposly should do,and what they want, cooperation , I can't believe that Lorie an husband doesn't get this, they are in for an big surprise,geaz they aren't doing anything but stalling and costing the costs money for an trial.

  • James Smith
    James Smith Month ago

    So how does that help the peaple that are supposed to be there in college that couldn't get in and where passed over because of this scandal? Oh I know it doesn't. A opportunity missed oh well .

  • cryptoskygreen7
    cryptoskygreen7 Month ago

    .White privilege,similar thing happened a few months ago & the black Teachers got 20 years FAKE TEARS & A LIAR.

  • Connie Crawford
    Connie Crawford Month ago

    Where is her husband Bill Macy? He should be there.

  • paul yi
    paul yi Month ago +1

    Cheaters will always meet their downfall and face negative consequences in the end.

  • po
    po Month ago

    It's not the point if she goes to jail or not it's the stress in the worry that Eat You Alive knowing you may go to prison

  • puregoddessuniversity

    She made a mistake and she is owning it. Not the first person to do so. People are wanting to see her spend years in jail. Meanwhile gang bangers and girlfriend beaters are out making millions selling music. She did what a lot of rich people do. She just got caught.

  • outoftime
    outoftime Month ago

    she didnt kill anyone. jesus...

  • BabylonianDynamics
    BabylonianDynamics Month ago +1

    Being honest: her being in jail means nothing to me. It’s not the same type of justice for murder.

  • Danny Danko
    Danny Danko Month ago

    She doesnt give a God damn fuck, she's an actress. Shes acting.Period.

  • Antonio Santiago
    Antonio Santiago Month ago

    Maybe her kids are not smart enough to know! and You known she not going to jail!
    She part of the 1%! if She was part of the 99% She could of gone to jail for years on a marijuana charge!
    and they say! ( ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL! )

  • Grandmabus2 Johnson

    How dare her play the special needs card. Do you know how many parents of special needs children are fighting to further their child’s education!!! Come on. Until I heard her reasoning, due to her daughter having neurological problems, I was hoping for the best for her. Dang it I’m upset.

  • Mark Wood
    Mark Wood Month ago

    What. You asswipes cant kiss these treasonous elite ass anymore....lmao..and this sick bitch hates Trump...another criminal hates do all you treasonous scum.

  • TheGrandy123
    TheGrandy123 Month ago

    Lorin should do like hauffman

  • HookedOnChronic42O
    HookedOnChronic42O Month ago

    Fuckin worthless

  • Zee _LolaJ
    Zee _LolaJ Month ago +5

    If I were the judge, I'd make her pay to send a few low income, high achieving students to College.

  • Sammi Jo Arpan-Cox
    Sammi Jo Arpan-Cox Month ago

    Hi please add closed caption thanks 💕

  • Painkiller Jones
    Painkiller Jones Month ago

    Big fucking deal

  • Da Sh
    Da Sh Month ago

    She MIGHT get 4 months in jail (which means less will be served if jail time is a punishment at all) for a very serious crime. A young black male gets 12 years in prison for kissing a woman. Yet many still expect all to proudly respect the national anthem or gladly recite the pledge of allegiance in school. Definitely the AmeriKKKan way.

  • Cpt.Flippy Birds
    Cpt.Flippy Birds Month ago +2

    There's a difference between tears of remorse and tears of regret....

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    Who cares this isn’t news

  • Cory Cyronak
    Cory Cyronak Month ago

    Dumb ass

  • George Kaler
    George Kaler Month ago


  • Veronica D. Giovanni

    Five Atlanta teachers, all middle class and Black, each received 5 YEARS in prison for changing grades on a standadized test. How in the world will Huffman only serve 4 months for this? Did the university kick her lazy, no ambition, UNQUALIFIED adult daughter out of school? The crime is in the slap on the wrist that this woman is getting. I'd like to see her daughter's real high school transcript.

  • Sawhney Rules
    Sawhney Rules Month ago

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, more action is needed.

  • busybody1
    busybody1 Month ago

    guilty plea is a no brainer, everyone knows White collar crime goes unpunished


    Jail time is what it should be

  • Good Boy
    Good Boy Month ago

    Proud of her. 4 months sounds reasonable

  • alex Aguilar
    alex Aguilar Month ago

    4 months should be 4 years

  • John-Paul Nagel
    John-Paul Nagel Month ago +2

    I give her credit She at Least Was Honest
    Not Excusing But Giving Her Credit

  • Lillian wan
    Lillian wan Month ago

    Irony, in desperate houses Linet pribes a boys playing baseball to have a weak throw to make her son win. 😭..

  • darkjqguar0969
    darkjqguar0969 Month ago

    4 months in jail and 20 thousand dollars in fines ?
    While a kid being caught with 2 ounces of marijuana gets 2 years in prison.
    America's Justice Department starting to Smell like shit. Literally.

  • The 4D
    The 4D Month ago

    So do the dumb arse rich kids have to resist the exams?

  • jakiiboi8
    jakiiboi8 Month ago

    Nobody can ever say America has a good justice system after these recent horrible examples. Jussie Smollet, the college admission scandal, there are so many examples recently of celebrates and rich people getting let off easy or being aloud to get away with stuff just for being rich and famous! It is disgusting!!

  • Kamikaze Kid
    Kamikaze Kid Month ago

    Ok I understand that now she’s sorry or she’s just sorry she got caught? Four months in prison if it was any regular person or middle class they be looking at five years tops

  • James Smith
    James Smith Month ago

    Felicity Huffman is sooo friggin ugly! What ever happened to Hollywood hiring good looking people? 😝

  • ResortDog
    ResortDog Month ago

    I was a lot more interested in Barr appointing a prosecutor to the DNC attempted coup!

  • Tensolin01
    Tensolin01 Month ago

    Does the daughter still get to go to that college? Sad to say she didn’t get in with the right score, so shouldn’t she have to take the test again to stay in? Or get kicked out because she never should have gotten in in the first place? Knowing about this or not doesn’t mean she earned her place there at all.

  • DJ Relentt
    DJ Relentt Month ago

    Moral of the story everyone is full of shit

  • Front Runner
    Front Runner Month ago

    She 'Womaned up'...gotta respect her for that and taking it on the chin...still... the degree needs to be revoked and the fine and jail time need o be more!

  • Josif Maracine
    Josif Maracine Month ago

    Shame, Shame, Shame.
    Game of College Degrees.

    I AM HUMAN Month ago

    thats why you use your own brain..instead of cheating..sorry its what you get..and should get more..thanks

  • Jeff Lin
    Jeff Lin Month ago

    her acting experience finally pay off for the court performance

  • Trinh Nguyen
    Trinh Nguyen Month ago

    The rich and famous always think they are above the law. They are only sorry that they got caught! Hope they finally learn that money cannot always save them and solve all problems.

  • Name Change 94
    Name Change 94 Month ago

    This has illuminati written all over, its a broken system, the rich stay rich, i wonder why.............its FIXED PEOPLE.

    • Dennis Baird
      Dennis Baird 28 days ago

      @Name Change 94 haha.everyone knows the
      earth is hexagon shaped!

    • Name Change 94
      Name Change 94 Month ago

      Dennis Baird The earth isnt flat, space travel isnt possible, rockets dont work in space.

    • Dennis Baird
      Dennis Baird Month ago

      Name change 94:Yeah! And it PROVES the earth is flat, not to mention we live in a matrix , where the Mandela effect has recently changed many insignificant details of our world!

  • zacthecatty35
    zacthecatty35 Month ago

    Well that's her career over with isn't it?! Stupid cow. I'm glad these prosperous cheats never prospered.

  • GloveUpOrShutup
    GloveUpOrShutup Month ago

    WTF isnt her husband actor William H Macey being implicated also ???

  • Berenice Martinez
    Berenice Martinez Month ago

    Wow she’s prob taking the blame for her husband too bc they don’t their daughter losing both parents.... even though she’s not getting much time it will definitely be a humbling experience to go to prison.

  • Ernesto Rizo
    Ernesto Rizo Month ago

    4 months months in prison and for minority’s lessor chargers they get 4 year in prison and mark for life..👁4👁

  • John Bush
    John Bush Month ago

    She should go to jail.Oh so should you.You political liar.

  • Mike Perkins
    Mike Perkins Month ago

    Trump is a product of the college fraud.

  • Road warrior
    Road warrior Month ago

    Two-tiered justice system The Haves and Have Nots

  • Road warrior
    Road warrior Month ago

    4 months in prison what does that equal in real time with so-called good behavior 10 or 15 days

  • Ryan Sampaulesi
    Ryan Sampaulesi Month ago

    Out in a month

  • Sandlin22
    Sandlin22 Month ago

    Aw well every student on those campuses take part in the massive advantages brought by the rich kids parents. You think there's a good college in this country that isn't funded by the rich kids parents? So while it's bs that they buy their kids spot that money technically goes to everyone including the poor students and affirmative action students one way or another.

  • cesar a
    cesar a Month ago

    Bullshit after Bullshit ! Clear Example of this Fucked Up System we have, people need to start being kore outspoken and recognize that its only getting worse will all this inequality's, plus charge all the students theres no way in hell they didnt know, they all knew and participated, Let it be blacks and brown doing the same crime we get Crucified !

  • 6Lilies6Phillies
    6Lilies6Phillies Month ago

    Fuck this bitch. JAIL TIME!

  • Ivan Dmitry
    Ivan Dmitry Month ago

    She's GARBAGE.

  • Terri Merando
    Terri Merando Month ago

    4 fricking months in a posh corrections facility. She’s be out in 60 days. $20k fine is just laughable. 😒. Her fine should at least be the same amount of money she paid to cheat the system at kids college. 4 years is more appropriate sentence.

  • starskie96yt
    starskie96yt Month ago

    the judge should join her. she probably slid him a check too. what a disgraced judgement 😡

    • Brien
      Brien Month ago

      First of all maybe learn about our legal system before making dumb comments. This is what the prosecution recommended. The judge won’t sentence her until September.

  • Марина Карнаух

  • King
    King Month ago

    Now watch the rich get a slap on the wrist..

  • Emanuel P.
    Emanuel P. Month ago


  • Edward SB
    Edward SB Month ago

    Her sentence is her horse face no amount of plastic surgery can fix

  • cassie D
    cassie D Month ago

    Just because u r a actress doesn’t give u the r to do what u did. Pay up. U can also make a donation to the kids who r less fortunate than you are.

  • curtis grissom
    curtis grissom Month ago

    Pay your fine do your probation and go home, white justice!!

    • Sandlin22
      Sandlin22 Month ago

      Yeah whose worse I wonder? White collar crime like college scandals or minorities being responsible for 70% of annual murders?

  • red Buoy
    red Buoy Month ago +3

    You always have to keep in mind that some other, smarter and/or harder working, kid missed out on a place because of this fraud. So, how much do you think that kid could sue Huffman and Singer for?

    • Brien
      Brien Month ago

      You’d have to prove that you missed out due to this which would basically be impossible.

  • Artistic Endeavors
    Artistic Endeavors Month ago

    Well that stupid show she is on had an episode eerily similar plot during the time all this was happening. That sort of mockery has been happening for over 70 years! They think it's funny how they screw up lives. If I had been her I would be in prison for much longer than that. As would most others. Saying her daughter didn't know is another big fat lie. Boycott the entertainment business.

    THE TRACKCAR Month ago

    Here’s what I do not understand. Judges are willing to hammer families who paid the way for their children to attend a good college, but when a teenager Ethan Couch aka the “Affluenza Teen” who receives a slap on the wrist for killing four human beings in a drunk driving incident, well, where is justice then to be found? Great job with the justice system! Judges of America, I would be lying through my teeth if I said that you truly are making a difference and serving justice in its entirety in cases such as with Ethan Couch. However if you must hammer families who have used their wealth to provide opportunities for their children then, I’d hope that every wealthy family be looked into for crimes committed that may have otherwise gone undetected due to law enforcement and authorities turning the other cheek. Some, but not all judges also commit crimes and therefore too need to be investigated for unethical and immoral actions.

  • Rebel 2
    Rebel 2 Month ago

    I think it's too harsh of a punishment! Every real parent with a heart wants there child to be successful

    • Rebel 2
      Rebel 2 Month ago

      An this isn't news this is desperate reporting

  • Jim Rylander
    Jim Rylander Month ago

    She's only sorry, because she got caught. If she didn't get caught she wouldn't be sorry. Typical

  • Douglas Compton
    Douglas Compton Month ago


  • PlayerX
    PlayerX Month ago +1

    fake news reporting fake scores. facepalm :)

  • Jerardo Vazquez
    Jerardo Vazquez Month ago

    She need to go too jail

  • Jerardo Vazquez
    Jerardo Vazquez Month ago

    Crocodile tears who are we kidding please White should get away with it

  • Alan Austin
    Alan Austin Month ago

    Well, she's got of lightly! I wish her the best in the future, and to learn from this experience! 👍🇬🇧

    KiTT FOXXE Month ago +2

    Her white privilege card will kick in.
    She'll get probation and pay an affordable fine
    case closed

    • Tracie Parker
      Tracie Parker Month ago

      Plenty of white people in prison. So that would be RICH FAMOUS white privilege.

    • Dennis Baird
      Dennis Baird Month ago

      Kiti Foxxe: white privilage worked for Jussie Smollet! ;)

    • KiTT FOXXE
      KiTT FOXXE Month ago +1

      @Mario Lopez well then I guess they don't get the white privilege like she does..!!

    • Mario Lopez
      Mario Lopez Month ago +2

      The other parents that were indicted were not all white.
      Just wealthy...

    • Leila A.
      Leila A. Month ago +1

      Money talks

  • HUKABUKtx67
    HUKABUKtx67 Month ago +2

    At least she seems to feel remorse which is more than I can say for that other B.

  • Fix It
    Fix It Month ago

    Ladies and gentlemen: WE GOT EMMM. (crab song plays...)

  • Pedro Portalatin
    Pedro Portalatin Month ago +8

    At least she pleaded guilty not that stuck from full house saying she's not guilty

    • jakiiboi8
      jakiiboi8 Month ago +3

      I get reducing a 20 year sentence too a 10 year sentence but not 4 fucking months that is a joke for admitting your guilt. Just because someone admits they did wrong doesn't mean they should get off so easily. I hope the Lori girl gets 40 years though the lying bitch!!

  • Theresa Gonzalez
    Theresa Gonzalez Month ago


  • Dany Trotta
    Dany Trotta Month ago

    Put the bitch in prison and say goodbye!

  • I Love The Uneducated
    I Love The Uneducated Month ago +1

    The daughter won’t have to work, so Felicititity was just doing this for appearances sake. Waaaaaah

  • Walter La Rue
    Walter La Rue Month ago

    Anger will take you where you dont want to poison,
    You keep it in your heart and you will hurt yourself and people around you..
    So many drunks and perverts, queers and fools are the result of Anger....
    Some times you cant see it and it distroys your body, blinds you to reality and is sick man really sick, you cant get into eternal life with hate, anger, bitterness and unforgivesness, vengeance are in your heart..The road to hell is paved with im sorry and hypocrites....
    Dont go there, forgive everybody, yea at least be willing...yea some vile evil things have happened, let it go...the allmighty said he would help if you believe in his words..
    Nothing, nothing is worth your mental and physical it

  • SmallTank
    SmallTank Month ago

    4 months lmao.

  • Raven The Witch Queen

    Since it's a white women she'll only get a slap on the wrist but look at what they did to Sandra Bland this is a white supremacist system and most ya'll mugs ain't WOKE to it like I am!!!

  • Miss Winter
    Miss Winter Month ago

    This isn't helping your child at all!

  • Heather Anderson
    Heather Anderson Month ago

    Tell us about the Trump hating Colorado shooter!!!

  • Tomy Boyle
    Tomy Boyle Month ago +1

    4 months in a place that has no fence,running and walking track,dorm rooms not cells,music rooms,card rooms,computer rooms,bocci courts,horseshoes racket ball,etc,etc and a million dollar book and plenty of paid interviews. The rich get richer.

    • Tomy Boyle
      Tomy Boyle Month ago

      @Dennis Baird I never even thought about the psychological damage her having to do her own nails will be. My bad.

    • Dennis Baird
      Dennis Baird Month ago +1

      To be fair, I've heard they only get their nails done every two weeks , that's pretty inhumane!

  • Deandre Sinclair
    Deandre Sinclair Month ago

    That's alot of money

  • right white
    right white Month ago


  • BladeRunner
    BladeRunner Month ago

    Haha sure your dummy daughter didn’t know lol

  • Me Tube
    Me Tube Month ago +2


  • misty blue
    misty blue Month ago +16

    Dont get it.She goes to jail for 4 months,and pays a huge fine,,,but Jussie Smollett gets a pass?His crime was outrageous,and inconceivable!

  • IAM8
    IAM8 Month ago +1

    Tears my ass