what senior prom is actually like

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • what senior prom is actually like. senior prom vlog part 2! i kinda do a story time / talk about the process of prom. and i also had my guy friends vlog what they're grwm for prom from a guys perspective. it's an interesting video but here is my very last high school dance video... GRADUATION SOON

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  • Life as me Charli
    Life as me Charli 3 days ago +2

    I live in Australia so we don’t have prom or many high school dances

  • Wes Polley
    Wes Polley 4 days ago

    Over the years I have put on Full moon Dances, Rock N Roll dances & gone to so many dances as I love to dance & still love to boogie

  • Sophie Leeson
    Sophie Leeson 6 days ago

    Is it just me or does she look like Emma chamberlain
    Like if u agree👍

  • Laura&Mary
    Laura&Mary 7 days ago

    hi there! we're new youtubers who just uploaded their first ever yt video (a prom grwm) and we'd really appreciate it if anyone checked us out! :)

  • Lauren Tucker
    Lauren Tucker 7 days ago +1

    She broke up w jacob?

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 7 days ago

    "BUt heR hAndS feLl ofF" im dead😂😂

  • june astarays
    june astarays 12 days ago +1

    what's the song at 13:19

  • Sofie Anderson
    Sofie Anderson 12 days ago

    12:20 you take off your shoes at prom?? I'm confused🤔

  • Caro LA
    Caro LA 20 days ago

    We don’t do dances or a prom like US people do, I’m from Colombia🇨🇴, it was really amazing to finally KNOW how proms are in real life tho. such a good experience, my graduation was on 2016, we had a small party that same night, not like in a big place, maybe a house or even the school, and that’s all. US students, enjoy this things please🥴🥴

  • mali goebel
    mali goebel 20 days ago

    Wow our dances are hardcore rap in the gym and everyone’s grinding while high or drunk

  • isilay yaman
    isilay yaman 20 days ago

    is it just me or did she say sweat/ sweating a lot ahhaahahahaha

  • Gamergirl 101
    Gamergirl 101 22 days ago +1

    When I was scrolling through comments all i saw was my aunt hands fell of and i was confusef

  • B - Dudette
    B - Dudette 26 days ago +1

    *Sobs* I don't think ill have a date for my prom, i hope i do- but i doubt it

  • Brianna Ollis
    Brianna Ollis 28 days ago

    Where is the dress from?!?!?!

  • Ellery Ames
    Ellery Ames 28 days ago +1

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    The boys: uh I think imma go grill some hot dogs
    *grills 130 hotdogs*

  • Kaileigh Bloom
    Kaileigh Bloom 29 days ago

    Our school requires us to be in school for a half day so prom is so stressful because we can’t start really getting ready till 1 ish and then have to leave to go to prom at around 430-5 and junior prom is even worse because you have to go to the school at a certain time to be able to make the bus to prom it’s so stupid

  • Shahad A
    Shahad A Month ago

    I feel like i just watched a movie

  • morgan lamey
    morgan lamey Month ago +1

    girls before prom:starts getting ready 4 hours before it starts and gets ready all together with a bunch of people
    boys before prom: grills 130 hot dogs sells a car and takes SAT tests then throws on their tuxedo in a few seconds then picks up their date

  • Carissa Phillips
    Carissa Phillips Month ago

    Hannah: Oh it wasn’t that much money everyone pitched in 45 or 50 dollars.
    Me *does the math* 😑 it was $700

  • denise morocho
    denise morocho Month ago +4

    she makes it sound so complicated but honestly, us girls can go with no makeup, zero jewelry, and if we wanted too, with sweatpants and a t shirt, its not that u HAVE to do all of what she listed, go however tf you want, however your confortable, its just prom.

  • HeyIts BrookeXX
    HeyIts BrookeXX Month ago +2

    Awww she looked gorgeous, and her date jhheeeezzzz 😍😍😍Xx

  • I Don’t Know What To Call This

    Her prom date reminds me of Peeta from the Hunger Games and now I can’t unsee it 💀😂

  • SavageGirl 13
    SavageGirl 13 Month ago

    I'm homeschool, so I'll never know whats its like. But what could I do instead

  • Kirstie Wood
    Kirstie Wood Month ago

    Literally no one:
    Guys: ImMa Go GriLL sOmE hOt DoGs

  • Alaina McCormick
    Alaina McCormick Month ago

    Moral of the story

    My prom is shit 😂

  • Axhela Lugaj
    Axhela Lugaj Month ago +3

    Question: why the hell is Gabe single?? Wth he is so good looking and he seems like a nice guy

  • Jenna Hauser
    Jenna Hauser Month ago

    her boyfriend: iTs ShOrTeR.

  • Claudia Distinto
    Claudia Distinto Month ago

    Weird sounds getting in the car 😂😂

  • ÄwkWàrdmĖrpfåÇe

    basic.not in a bad way. just basic.

  • Alexa Davis
    Alexa Davis Month ago +2

    Why does Gabe like actually remind me of stingy from lazy town

  • Kyra Veiht
    Kyra Veiht Month ago +1

    i love how no one is talking about how hannah’s date is literally so cute, like?

  • Noa Amiel
    Noa Amiel Month ago

    I literally will have only one prom in my “school time”

  • yourlocalkakker
    yourlocalkakker Month ago +6

    Every middle school girl: I’m So ExCiTeD fOr PrOm!!!
    My dutch ass: Haha we don’t even have highschools. lol 🙃

    • yourlocalkakker
      yourlocalkakker 26 days ago

      yeehaw yeah. We have middelbare school and universiteit. Haha

    • yeehaw
      yeehaw 27 days ago

      yourlocalkakker huh? y’all don’t???

  • Lily Smith
    Lily Smith Month ago

    "my aunts hands fell off" Im DYING

  • xKatie
    xKatie Month ago +11

    “It’s shorter”
    I DIED.
    That voice affect killed me 😂😂😂

  • Emily French
    Emily French Month ago +3

    “My aunt usually cuts my hair but her hands fell on”

  • Gatcha Dancer
    Gatcha Dancer Month ago

    My aunt usually cuts my hair but her hands fell off lol

  • Arlixqr Edits
    Arlixqr Edits Month ago

    Your date looks like Peeta from the hunger games and is sweet like Peeta from the hunger games. WAS HE TAKEN INTO THE CAPITOL AND PRACTICALLY BRAINWASHED TO!? (As you can tell I’m like the #1 fan of the hunger games:) my walls are painted quotes from THG and I’ve met Jen, josh and the rest of the cast + more) 💀 aha

  • Hayley Rodgers
    Hayley Rodgers Month ago

    When I heard her say "Luke, Joseph and Tyler," my brain immediately thought of Tøp because of the lead singer, Tyler Joseph lmao. #clikkie

  • Helena Azevedo Rezende

    ha ha

  • Grace Williams
    Grace Williams Month ago +2

    Her date looks like peeta melark from the hunger gams

  • Swimming giulia
    Swimming giulia Month ago +3

    Tyler: my aunt normally cuts my hair but...
    Her hands fell off!
    ~may 2019~

  • Laz
    Laz Month ago +1

    tyler is precious and needs to be protected

  • Pamela P
    Pamela P Month ago

    I'm already crying when I think, how ducking expencive all of that is gonna be

  • Lulu Lemon
    Lulu Lemon Month ago +1

    how come one of her friends looks like justin bieber

  • aliyah ortiz
    aliyah ortiz Month ago +4

    Hannah’s dress is so beautiful oml I want it 😩🙌🏽

  • No Regrets: Maddy and Kirkland

    I feel like she’s the mom of the group bc every group has a group mom

  • Chasing_Dreams101
    Chasing_Dreams101 Month ago +1

    Why was my 8th grade grad almost the same kinda 😂

  • Avineet Thind
    Avineet Thind Month ago +1

    11:30 does the music not stress out anyone else??

  • Junlem Wangsa
    Junlem Wangsa Month ago

    I'm sorry but she literally talk too much

  • Celina Ruiz
    Celina Ruiz Month ago +1

    i can smell the cologne from the car ride

  • sam defabio
    sam defabio Month ago +1

    "it's shorter" i cackled

  • Julia 0620
    Julia 0620 Month ago

    how old is Ella?

  • Taylor Elledge
    Taylor Elledge Month ago +5

    he decided to start grilling hotdogs.. on prom day..🤷‍♀️

  • Steffi De Rocker
    Steffi De Rocker Month ago

    well we don't have prom where i live :(

  • Joanna Mavromati
    Joanna Mavromati Month ago +1

    You’re so beautiful it hurts

  • idk oof
    idk oof Month ago +3

    hannah: you can flip the screen on
    *major zoom*
    *”no I can’t”*

  • Zoë Deleon
    Zoë Deleon Month ago +1

    “I’m driving right now... so, that’s interesting” lolol

  • Emily Rose123106
    Emily Rose123106 Month ago +2

    Her kids: who’s that? It’s not daddy?

    Her mind: what shall I say ....

  • Keepinupwitmell
    Keepinupwitmell Month ago

    New Vlogger . Help a sis out and subscribe. ( I'll do the same ) 🥵