I Let My Best Guy Friend Pick My Boyfriend | Bestie Picks Bae

  • Published on Feb 28, 2019
  • It's a fact: Guy friends always give the best dating advice. So why not let them pick your boyfriend? In today's episode of Bestie Picks Bae, Emma asked her bestie Tristian to interview and pick the guy she should date. Did he choose the right guy for Emma, or is this a total mismatch? Watch and see.
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Comments • 8 024

  • Seventeen
    Seventeen  6 months ago +5906

    Would you want your guy friend to pick your boyfriend?

    • Xxgacha_kittenxX kitten
      Xxgacha_kittenxX kitten Month ago

      Yep, and if landon was in the group I would throw a chair at the ground
      Chai:*thrown on the ground*ow
      My freind Ethan: what they chair ever do to you?

    • Lhsd Dnvdmjcvvj
      Lhsd Dnvdmjcvvj 2 months ago

      Yes of course

    • Alanis Gonzalez
      Alanis Gonzalez 2 months ago

      Come thru with Chase’s social media’s like please

    • VFD
      VFD 2 months ago

      Yes, because he knows who I like and he would hopefully have mercy on me and pick my crush

    • NoticeableGamez :3
      NoticeableGamez :3 3 months ago


  • The Sentinel's
    The Sentinel's Day ago


  • The Sentinel's
    The Sentinel's Day ago

    So why not kevin. She said she like this guy who look kinda like kevin am confused

  • robogirl 1352
    robogirl 1352 3 days ago

    Kijani was in one of these series

  • Imani K
    Imani K 7 days ago

    How her best friend gonna do her like that matching her with jewfro😭

  • Gonçalo Lino
    Gonçalo Lino 8 days ago


  • inolzia
    inolzia 8 days ago

    These are the worst elimination questions ever wow

  • moon
    moon 10 days ago +1

    Chase is so cutee

  • Rosie's fvr potato
    Rosie's fvr potato 14 days ago

    They're so awkward together

  • Louise Baptist
    Louise Baptist 16 days ago

    These were the dumbest questions ever...

  • Victoria Strauss
    Victoria Strauss 16 days ago

    They are both shy so I think it would have been better to find someone more extroverted

  • Victoria Strauss
    Victoria Strauss 16 days ago

    9:08 i mean that’s kind of logical but also you could just smell the milk

  • Victoria Strauss
    Victoria Strauss 16 days ago

    7:34 killed me 😂

  • Marina Diaz
    Marina Diaz 17 days ago

    I don’t like any of the guys in this one. Well of course her best friend, is literally the best

  • Marina Diaz
    Marina Diaz 17 days ago

    “I’m a nice guy” RUN. R/nice guys has entered the chat

  • brooklyn ann
    brooklyn ann 18 days ago +1

    what’s chases @ 👀

  • Rochelle Ballah
    Rochelle Ballah 21 day ago

    I think the guy she’s looking for is Jeong Hoseok haha

  • Rochelle Ballah
    Rochelle Ballah 21 day ago

    2:55 *one year later & he still will not be able to read*
    (if you don’t get this...sucks to be you) 🤭

  • Maya
    Maya 21 day ago

    This was the dumbest episode ever y’all are some rats got him picking the boi from stranger things

  • camilli x
    camilli x 21 day ago

    what is that with that cereal question wtfffff

  • D&M f
    D&M f 22 days ago +6

    I need Instagram of Chase. Please! He is sooo cute 😍❤️

  • Mariela Rodriguez
    Mariela Rodriguez 23 days ago

    If I was on there w my friends they would of picked Kevin😂🖤

  • julia david
    julia david 23 days ago

    did they work out-? cause what’s jared’s insta 😭

  • fenek0187
    fenek0187 24 days ago

    yall just gon let her bra strap hang off like that? wow...

  • Pamela Ramirez
    Pamela Ramirez 26 days ago +1

    Her celeb crush looked asian and she said she want a guy who look like him. They should have picked kevin. I'm sure she would have preferred him lol

  • Giraffe Likes Ranch
    Giraffe Likes Ranch 27 days ago

    Kevin was lowkey cute haha

    SONAL SHARMA 28 days ago +1

    Worst episode I must say the questions were hilarious

  • Bahiyya Khan
    Bahiyya Khan 29 days ago

    fucking hell this girl is so irritating

  • Beckiie Cruz
    Beckiie Cruz Month ago

    I’m sorry but these baes are not baes

  • Agie On Loop
    Agie On Loop Month ago +1

    Alot of actors here

  • Agie On Loop
    Agie On Loop Month ago

    6:41 wait, i s d *O GS CH E ATING O N ME??????*

  • Tashalove209
    Tashalove209 Month ago

    “Just smell the milk” 😂

  • Agie On Loop
    Agie On Loop Month ago

    Omg that dude with the curly hair is so funny!! 😂

  • hwasa's thighs
    hwasa's thighs Month ago

    kevin looks like seungri

  • Hannah Abbasi
    Hannah Abbasi Month ago +1

    1) Cereal or milk?
    2) Nicki Minaj or Cardi B?
    3) Painting Nails or changing hair colour?
    4) Cats or Dogs?
    5) Why do you think I should pick you?

  • yes Yes
    yes Yes Month ago

    these questions are wack

  • Lance Williams
    Lance Williams Month ago +1

    Her hair needs a deep conditioner

  • Amari Wood
    Amari Wood Month ago

    Omg the guy with the milk before cereal 😭😭😭

  • Su san
    Su san Month ago +1

    Biracial babies all the way.

  • Chieftns Finest
    Chieftns Finest Month ago

    Females and their standards lol

  • CG Entertainment
    CG Entertainment Month ago

    I would kill it on this show jeez

  • The go Getter
    The go Getter Month ago

    I’m sorry y would anyone puts milk first

  • Emily Alicia
    Emily Alicia Month ago

    Kevinn all the way

  • Ken Seals
    Ken Seals Month ago

    they are SO AWKWARD JESUS

  • Ken Seals
    Ken Seals Month ago

    Kevin is adorable PLEASE

  • capturedfeelings
    capturedfeelings Month ago

    the way her best friend talks 🥵🥵🥵😩

  • Mickey Hersheys
    Mickey Hersheys Month ago

    She has had limited experience in relationship thus the set of questions.

  • Ceće Black
    Ceće Black Month ago +10

    chase and kevin are hot af if someone knew their insta @ pls let me know

  • Kayla S
    Kayla S Month ago

    I want Jared in my life😍

  • Xxgacha_kittenxX kitten

    Me:*throws chair:*
    My freind eathen:what they chair ever do to you?
    Landon:*runs and screams like a girl*

  • D.tt.wilding
    D.tt.wilding Month ago

    ma boi came for nicki shut ur ass up

    DTTDM Month ago

    (spoilers Jared and her didnt work)

  • Jordan Ruffin
    Jordan Ruffin Month ago +1

    Tristan is in the ultimate friend zone

  • Hiwot B.
    Hiwot B. Month ago

    i have a huge phobia of dogs due to some trauma i faced as a younger kid, but i would never say no to dating someone just bc they like dogs.....the questions in this were a joke

  • Emily S
    Emily S Month ago +1

    Can I have Chase? 😂🤤

  • Kyla Santos
    Kyla Santos Month ago

    Not tryna call him out like that but why was Jeremiah staring at the camera like that when he was first introduced 3:07😂😂😂

  • Nicole Duchitanga
    Nicole Duchitanga Month ago

    Wow these questions were fucking dumb

  • Isaac Torres
    Isaac Torres Month ago

    I would would have been like “nun of y’all of fit to be with my friend” 😂🤪

  • Mariale Cerro
    Mariale Cerro Month ago


  • Maria Diaz
    Maria Diaz Month ago

    Life lesson? NEVER let anyone else besides you choose your bae🤦🏽‍♀️