• Published on Jul 13, 2018
  • WHY I REALLY LIVE IN MY CAR | Katie Carney
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Comments • 3 530

  • Deanna
    Deanna 3 hours ago

    You literally said everything I've been trying to explain to people for awhile especially my mom. I drove cross country back in 2016. My traveling story goes on forever but right now I'm back home in NY living in an apartment and I'm ready to go back on the road. My mom doesn't understand it she tells me I'm unstable. But I tell her look how many people live a "typical lifestyle " and end up taking their own life. I don't feel like I'm not unstable I found out a lot about myself when I lived in my car in CA and yes I would do it again. I wish I had documented my journey but I was honestly embarrassed to let the world know I was living in my car. But after watching this video I'm kind of motivated to it all over again except this time record it all. Thank you for sharing.

  • Texas3
    Texas3 3 days ago

    I totaly get this and i like the idea. Iv been thinking of doing the same thing, its actually why im watching this rn. I dont have the gift of gab so i idt i could make it on youtube. Probably just go to NM or AZ, work and live from my car til i can afford something. How or where do you take a shower though?

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson 7 days ago

    Your so pretty am planning on living in a van soon marry me

  • Dac Kim
    Dac Kim 8 days ago

    This is for curiosity, what do you do when you horny? Beacause you travel all time!

  • TheJawow
    TheJawow 8 days ago +1

    Ever get tired of working online, you have a promising career as the prettiest auctioneer ;)

  • Pedro Ribeiro
    Pedro Ribeiro 9 days ago

    Katie how are I hope you are good, little suggestion because I also live in my car whycdontvyou tinted your windows for privacy after all you are a girl and one should always be careful. Cheers be happy and thank you for your videos!!

  • ReCycle Spinning
    ReCycle Spinning 9 days ago

    Your a fast talker....hehe. congrats to you. Not buying in to the gotta get a Mcmansion craze...talk about nuts. Mortgages that will make you faint....

  • Silent Echo
    Silent Echo 10 days ago

    I believe you 100 % I'm doing it 2....you have FREEDOM,,, you cn come and go plus you can take your bed with you... haha slow down you'll get a ticket.... wait will you repeat that 1 more time? Your cute.

  • David Filestra
    David Filestra 13 days ago +1

    she looks like jennifer white... just saying

  • XMattingly
    XMattingly 13 days ago

    A Yaris?? 😳 Daaamn, those are tiny cars... props for making it work in one of those. 😎👍

  • Lex Stacks
    Lex Stacks 14 days ago +1

    When you do eventually have to get a different car, i would stay with a Toyota. Maybe a little bigger one though. But if your driving all over putting miles on your car, stay with the most reliable car brand. Toyota!

  • Lochana Pasyala
    Lochana Pasyala 15 days ago

    i would give her apartment if she was my gf

  • lumachinomenolattola
    lumachinomenolattola 15 days ago

    I find this so depressing. Give her few years and she will look like what she really is: disturbed.

    LEMONHEADHEBREW7 15 days ago

    Selling pussy life😂😂😂

  • Megan Qualley
    Megan Qualley 18 days ago

    What about a tiny house on wheels??

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady 20 days ago

    Your awesome 👍

  • Tawana Williams
    Tawana Williams 25 days ago

    I'm. A little older than you.but you sound like me.whats your zodiac sign...I'm starting van life in 3days.

  • channel surfer
    channel surfer 26 days ago +1

    Maybe this is b.s. and she is trying to get sympathy and $$ from viewers. Or else why would she have her car staged like that? If I lived out of my car I would make it look like I didn't live out of it.

  • Travis Kelley
    Travis Kelley 27 days ago

    You should become a truck driver

  • Joey X Smith
    Joey X Smith 29 days ago

    Better get a van rather than a car. Be easier to sleep and move around in.

  • El Tarrants
    El Tarrants Month ago +1

    I would love to do what you are doing! Would be sweet! And as to not being able to do what you do..... Do not think about it just do it! Pick it apart your brain will convience you that you can not do it!

  • victor gamez
    victor gamez Month ago

    I just started sleeping in my car because I'm attended a university that is 48 miles away from my home. I have a morning class and with the traffic I didn't want to risk being late, and didn't want to rent a hotel because that would get expensive considering that I already pay a home mortgage. I use the school recreation center to shower in the morning and use a kitchen in the staff lounge to store food. After doing this for the Las month I regret not living in my car when I was in my early 20s. I been making over 100k the last 12 years and I could have saved half of the income I made and bought a home cash. There are so many resources out there that makes living in your car practical. And talking about goals, I'm in school because I want to be a school teacher and not work as an electrician anymore. Good look and God bless you!

  • Joseph
    Joseph Month ago +1

    The title should restate 'Why I really live in my car on TVclip video' lol.

  • Janel ann
    Janel ann Month ago

    I see you LOVING tiny house living !! ❤

  • j Brown
    j Brown Month ago +1

    Calm down please

  • butterbagboy
    butterbagboy Month ago

    Man tat

  • meborelol
    meborelol Month ago

    You got so real in the end about excuses

  • Raiel Swarmz7
    Raiel Swarmz7 Month ago +1

    wait so do you work or not? and of your parents have a house why don’t you just stay there

  • The Bagel
    The Bagel Month ago +1

    Shorten your vids a bit and slow down your talking. Or don't.

  • Natalie Bazil
    Natalie Bazil Month ago

    I like it too. Some of my happiest moments was after work in my car.

  • Carl Aiello
    Carl Aiello Month ago +1

    Meth mother fucker Meth!

  • edwin titus
    edwin titus Month ago

    You are so good

  • Delhivines
    Delhivines Month ago


    ZMTGV Month ago

    You should visit Juneau, AK

  • Odalys P
    Odalys P Month ago

    How do you vent the car and breathe in there especially during the Summer?

  • JohnnyJolt
    JohnnyJolt Month ago

    There is something about you that I really like. You are very interesting and you have great presence.

  • Yelena Yashchenko
    Yelena Yashchenko Month ago

    You inspire me

  • francis tracz
    francis tracz Month ago

    Your lifestyle seems super fun, but you need a van! That seems like it would fit your “traveling” lifestyle much better! Either way, you’re fucking rad and keep doing you! Also lived out of my truck for 45 days just for fun. Ok now your video just said you don’t want a van. Well keep it up! Many of us are jealous of your lifestyle!!

  • shananegans onwheels

    You're awesome! living your goals and all positivity. I travelled in a Veloster and loved every minute of it.

  • Jason Abbott
    Jason Abbott Month ago +1

    You should get a nicer setup Maybe.

  • deborah darr
    deborah darr Month ago

    Why do you ask people for money??? I mean this is your choice and, you do work! 🙃

  • Terrence Le
    Terrence Le Month ago

    I admire you! 😍💪👏

  • jade foshee
    jade foshee Month ago

    what state do you live in?

  • Julia Metcalf
    Julia Metcalf Month ago

    Guess you don’t like gardening.....

  • stephan schloesser
    stephan schloesser Month ago

    How can a human talked so much you'r breaking every nerv on 2 minute watching your clip never again

  • Jennifer S
    Jennifer S Month ago

    Jesus what are you on?

  • Jett Jo johnson
    Jett Jo johnson Month ago

    Your , nomadic.
    So am I.
    But , having a home base is needed.
    I returned from living in south America and could not find an appointment do to they did not take out of country Pryor address, and did travel a lot.
    My friend in control ice slip long island had been wanting me to visit her.
    So I did, its was nice there .
    I ended up just buying a house after I left long island after being there for about a month .
    Patty was awesome.
    We first met on the big island in hilo.
    I bought a sailboat when I return to Alaska.
    Yeah I was gone for years and when I returned to my house , squatters had been living in it for over 5 years .
    They now are the owners .
    My truck at the time I was getting paperwork, ready to file an eviction, was stolen.
    I then had to fly back up to Alaska to replace my documents.
    Yes the same people, stolen my truck and forged the title .
    It was a nightmare.
    By time I was able to finally file , they had been given the deed by the court .
    The restraining order they got when I was in Alaska was not correct, they used my house address there , and they lived there , squatters.
    So I did not know about it and they won by default.

    Later the judge removed it from my record however , he could do nothing about my house.
    They had sold it and left state .
    Plus , my truck was a 5th wheel dually and my 5th wheel trailer, a newer 36 foot 3 slide out , also was never returned.

    Go figure.

  • Leah Vlasek
    Leah Vlasek Month ago

    Good luck. Amazing. Your having fun with your life more power too you.

  • jason coughenour
    jason coughenour Month ago

    I don't think you live in your car.
    I think you're lying.
    yeah,you're full of shit

  • Tiny's Transportation Tiny Unis

    She sounds like she’s Wired. Full of energy for a person who lives in a car for years. Don’t look depressed or sleep deprived. Talks to fast. Same conversation, different wording. Buy a van or recreational vehicle. Good looking girl with no man?

  • Papito Hernandez
    Papito Hernandez Month ago +1

    I think that you not stupid, you are real smart person, and you know very well what you doing,😉 you living better the wath a lot of this cawards know about you👍

  • Ember2460 Harrington

    Where do you stay if your car breaks down and it has to be in a shop for several days?

  • Horatius Regeneratione

    I'm selling my 20 acres in Terlingua Texas to buy an ultralight rv. You can have great mobility with a small rv and 4wd

  • Frederick Delius Legacy - And Far Beyond

    You and Delius share something. You're both very cosmopolitan and world travelers. 1 29 19.

  • Dwain Marsh
    Dwain Marsh Month ago

    I like your goal. It's fun to listen to you talk. Some of the vids I watch the person talks so slow.

  • Zach Beauchemin
    Zach Beauchemin Month ago

    I live nomadically out of airbnbs, sleep in my car a lot on the weekends but it is kind of tough with a dog

  • Jul ofDenial
    Jul ofDenial Month ago

    Katie, I'm sorry people are generally idiots with narrow frames of reference. Keep walking your path and keep making your own decisions. Jesus loves you too, sweetie!

  • Andrew Le
    Andrew Le Month ago

    I can imagine living in my car for a road trip ... for maybe a few weeks, but not long-term... still would need a regular roof over my head and four walls, easy shower/toilet usage etc.. But cool than you enjoy living/sleeping in a car...

  • Richard D
    Richard D Month ago

    Damn …. I cant finish this video ….You talk so fast it gives me a headache . I will try a different one . It could be me I have had about 6 beers. But I feel like your yelling at me.

  • Bill Daniels
    Bill Daniels Month ago

    Trying to make a living on living in your car making it into a TV show ok sounds cool great job you look like that one actress so good looking so that's working for ya I'm buying it but slow your roll and talk easy ya know I like ya so far

  • Charles Calthrop
    Charles Calthrop Month ago

    Kate Carney........do you know your name is cockney rhyming slang for Army.

  • Estefany Baltazar
    Estefany Baltazar Month ago

    To the people who have nothing but negative things to say. This is her life, she isn't hurting anyone, it's not her fault everyone else hasn't thought about this before they had a family. She is not paying rent and enjoying the road. Experiencing life in a different way and she is still a taxpayer. You keep enjoying your life Katie, after all....you only die once 🖤 YODO.

  • Dannymal
    Dannymal 2 months ago

    Totally agree. Love it. Please keep it up. I'm so happy I found your channel. It's so much fun for someone who lives in their car.

  • Puck You
    Puck You 2 months ago

    When the car's a rocken...Don't bother knocken ...

  • Mark Davis
    Mark Davis 2 months ago

    I have always wanted to travel in a class b, and my wife and I will when the kids graduate from high school!! 4 more years....

  • Brandon Archer
    Brandon Archer 2 months ago +1

    she is so beautiful

  • Corey Mondello
    Corey Mondello 2 months ago

    I have a 2014 Nissan Xterra and May use it to drive cross country. Any vid about living in car is helpful, thanks!

  • Josh A
    Josh A 2 months ago

    And so....

  • Roberta Christeen
    Roberta Christeen 2 months ago +2

    i lived in my 98 grand Cherokee jeep for years then i got old the V A GOT ME MY FIRST NEW HOME NOW i hate that im a slave to some mortgage company so me and my wife got a new jeep 2016 patriot to build up our credit enough to get the house now were slave to the car and the house im 58 she is 26 im on the way out and she is on the way in i got the house at my age so she would have it paid off by time she reach my age i love her and there nothing i would not do for her she the rock of my life

  • I Farted
    I Farted 2 months ago

    We are a rare breed, lived in my van... the only time I really felt alive

  • Ken Limon
    Ken Limon 2 months ago

    Sneeze marks chunks

  • Brian Evans
    Brian Evans 2 months ago

    Katie it's me again Brian the bee man and I am sure you have been told this before but you just like me and you would be a perfect truck driver. Lol have you ever thought about going to school and driving? I used to make very good money at it. But I lost my CDL license in 2008 got a DUI but anyway god has been good to me because if it wasn't for God I would have died along time ago but he ain't done with me yet. And my goal right now is to sell the RV and move into my van full time and save up for my bee farm . I'm going to have to save up and buy equipment as I go because my credit is bad and I love my bee's God has saved my life with honey bee's.god is good all the time. Love you too and God loves you too

  • Angela Oakes
    Angela Oakes 2 months ago

    I feel the same! I live in the San Francisco area, and my car living experience all started when I would sleep in my car because me and my partner would get in a fight. I have this spot by the ocean where I park my car and I crack the window so I can hear the ocean waves crashing. It’s so relaxing and my favorite place on earth is the ocean! And then my perception started to change. I realized I really loved sleeping in my car on by the beach and hearing the ocean every night. There’s a lot of other van dwellers who park where I do and we don’t get bothered. When I’m in my car, I look at the apartment complex across the street and think about how those people are paying $2000-$3000 if not more a month for “rent” and here I am happy in my car, hearing the waves crash and I don’t have to pay a dime except my car payment and it’s sooooo peaceful and I don’t have to waste that money on “rent”, my time and energy that I make money with at my job all day. There’s a stigma on those who car live, but I actually like it. I have places I can stay, can rent a room or apartment etc, but I really feel like it’s a waste of money! Especially in the Bay Area in California. Thank you for your videos and I’m am thinking soon I will either blog or post videos about my “car living” experience as well. I’m a free spirit and sleeping in my car has been an eye opening experience and I like it and it’s nice to watch videos of other people who like it too. : )

  • HondaRidgeline Enduser
    HondaRidgeline Enduser 2 months ago +1

    I have a awkard a question what if men want to hook up and smash you? Do u go to truck stops, friends pad or gyms to shower up so u dont smell like ass or crusted vag? You should try living in a offgrid tinyhouse

  • Heidi Bliss
    Heidi Bliss 2 months ago

    Spoiler : because she's mentally ill.

  • David French
    David French 2 months ago

    Be an over-the-road truck driver...you get paid for doing the exact same thing you’re doing...drive around the country,live out of your car,etc. Also, are you a Gemini? Seems like you are

  • gerry12250
    gerry12250 2 months ago

    Feeling sorry for you? Im jealous of you. The other day i got out of work at 11pm and was too tired to drive back home after a 16hours shift so i stopped at a rest stop on the florida turnpike and slept like a baby. It would be nice to find a job where i can travel like you and make car payments on my car and enjoy the country. Love to at least take one year off of work to try it out. Hopefully one day i can make it happen. I have a gym membership at la fitness and thats nstionwide so that can be the place where i can shower and just enjoy the country. Keep doing what your doing and live your dreams .

  • Alejandra Galvis
    Alejandra Galvis 2 months ago

    SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL I likeeee your videos [=

  • David Tomaselli
    David Tomaselli 2 months ago

    I'm glad you are happy and hope it is honestly true. My question is about your personal life. How badly does your life choices affect your ability to date or be intimate? Or does it not affect it?

  • T De Soto
    T De Soto 2 months ago

    I understand I grew up in the car with my mom, I make plenty of money but want to get back to simple.

  • Solitary Man
    Solitary Man 2 months ago

    Being a van dweller, it’s a “catch 22” the longer your out on the streets, the harder it is going back to the “sticks and Bricks” life. I personally love the freedom, and basically no responsibilities. Its a selfish existence, I don’t regret. To be honest, most people are tariffed and overwhelmed with the thought. More power to her, she is doing it her way !

  • Krampo
    Krampo 2 months ago

    The glasses are hilarious.😂🤣😅

  • IsaiX Nino
    IsaiX Nino 2 months ago

    Do what your heart desires , and you are so amazing .

  • Breki Solo
    Breki Solo 2 months ago

    You are adorable. Hope your doing okay!!

  • Amy Robinson
    Amy Robinson 2 months ago

    Would you ever travel outside America?

  • Hollyann Rose
    Hollyann Rose 2 months ago

    Please make more videos on what you eat in a day. That's my biggest concern of living in my car.

  • Ken Limon
    Ken Limon 2 months ago +1

    You dont really live in your car you have a nice place and you can really put things together!

  • Choose1 G
    Choose1 G 2 months ago

    Wake up

  • Choose1 G
    Choose1 G 2 months ago

    It will take many years to live in your car. She is a fake

  • Choose1 G
    Choose1 G 2 months ago

    She a fake

  • Loreal Madonna
    Loreal Madonna 2 months ago

    It's so weird that I found this video because for months now I have been planning to escape from my monotonous life! I am finally leaving it all behind and I'm never looking back! I just want to travel and work if you have any tips for me I would seriously appreciate that! 😊

  • Madison
    Madison 2 months ago

    Yeah, Connecticut will do that to ya

  • Anenome
    Anenome 2 months ago +1

    You rock!!!!!!!

  • Suzanna Nelson
    Suzanna Nelson 2 months ago

    How did you get your customer service job writing emails?

  • Shirley Pizarro
    Shirley Pizarro 3 months ago

    I totally agree with you when you pointed out that most people think you're homeless because of the choice you made. I just started living in my van 2 weeks ago and I love it. I have my own lil tiny house and I'm loving my minimalist life. Don't change for anyone and continue being you. Bravo 👏

  • No Show Joe
    No Show Joe 3 months ago

    I've lived in my car also. It was okay I guess. I later bought a Dodge camping van and it was much more comfortable.

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson 3 months ago

    Respect from LA

  • we the people
    we the people 3 months ago

    Simmer down

    HAMMERDOWN 3 months ago

    Why don't you drive semi truck its a home on wheels and you get paid.. i do

  • Matt
    Matt 3 months ago

    Katie, living in your own car is not as bad as some make it to be. I think the reason why some others make it sound so bad, is because the people that are living in their own cars, don't have to pay rent and I think other people are living in a home and paying rent, are mainly just envious, since they have to pay rent for personal home space and shelter. While the people living in their cars, don't have to pay rent and there have extra money to spend. But they still have personal space and shelter in the form of a car. The way I see it, if you can go without paying rent, sure why not. Your car is still your personal space after all. But it would concern me to live in a car, mainly due to security reasons. I mean what if someone where to brake into your car while you're sleeping in it? I know I would be really scared. Not because of my stuff getting stolen, but because like whats the robber going to do to me. Also, what about food? How do you cook your food? Or do you just eat out at fast food?