Bill Burr On Scariest Moment of Parenthood

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
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  • The Goalie
    The Goalie Day ago

    My girlfriend's water broke and within 15 minutes my daughter was out.

  • Danny Tonnessen
    Danny Tonnessen 18 days ago

    I had the exact opposite... when my water broke I was like oh I’ve got forever... 30 minutes later the head was almost out! 😆
    You know the clocks ⏰ running out and we’ve gotta gtfo now when they’re literally debating delivering your baby in the hotel... or if you can make the 90 *SECOND!* trip... and all while running with you in the chair up THREE flights of stairs and down THREE MORE BECAUSE IT WAS QUICKER THAN GOING AROUND THE BUILDING!! Then you really worry when you’re in the back of the ambulance 🚑 and you hear the driver literally screaming out the window *"GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY!”* at a taxi drivers, busses and even pedestrians outside the main entrance! 😂 God I love the Irish! ☘️
    I was in less than 5mins and my 4lb 6oz daughter was born so don’t just assume that you have time, I only waited 30mins! I waited because I wasn’t even in pain till the last 30mins! FYI After is waaaayyyy more painful lol!

  • Drew G
    Drew G 24 days ago

    My husband and I woke up from a nap to my water breaking. We both showered and drove to the hospital 5 minutes down the street. From 4cm on was a bit rough. My veins pushed out my IV for mild Norco at 8cm so I decided to just "push" through the rest. Labor (screaming/pushing) was about 35 minutes. She came out perfect and I healed up within 6 weeks .
    I'd always encourage natural vs epidural if you have a high pain tolerance. It may sound odd, but it's a beautiful pain I'd never take back or change.

  • Benedocta
    Benedocta 26 days ago

    Bill Burrs wife must be an actual angel or something.

  • kickn-aDead-cat
    kickn-aDead-cat 27 days ago

    Let’s see she was going to have a baby and she didn’t know what to do at all after birth. If you didn’t take the time to do a little research, you had nine months, you’re a freaking idiot.

  • mac berry
    mac berry 28 days ago

    It's funny but it's also sad when someone tells you for years that you have problem but it takes some strange or bad circumstance to realise it for yourself

  • Chris Stefanos
    Chris Stefanos 29 days ago

    Jesus.... You guys are stretching this Bill Burr content pretty thin.

  • Gabriel Maurer
    Gabriel Maurer 29 days ago +2

    Bill actually stole the "who i am as a person joke" from an old conan interview. Conan himself said it first

    • Gabriel Maurer
      Gabriel Maurer 26 days ago

      @Shallex okay so im not crazy! Yes, thank you for confirming. Yeah i cant believe more people haven't pointed this out, you even remembered the specifics better than i did

    • Shallex
      Shallex 26 days ago

      i thought the same thing. if i remember correctly Bill Burr tried to make the same joke basically when he was on Conan but couldn't quite find the words to make it sound good and funny, and Conan ended up giving him a much better and funnier wording for the joke that he ended up using.

  • Bon Qui Qui
    Bon Qui Qui 29 days ago

    Hila seems more outspoken after the birth of Teddy

  • Alex Force
    Alex Force 29 days ago

    Bill is my favorite psycho.

  • DelaKeksi
    DelaKeksi Month ago +5

    He remindes me of ",Red" from the 70s Show🤣🤣🤣

  • ol
    ol Month ago

    Buying a gun and having a baby. Oh boy......

  • Je Yi
    Je Yi Month ago

    Bill burr’s imagination is sooo funny

  • Adam Estrada
    Adam Estrada Month ago

    The way Ethan explained the baby and shotgun thing is so true. Lmao never thought of it that way

  • Gary M
    Gary M Month ago

    Ole billy short fuse 😂

  • Joe Dragon
    Joe Dragon Month ago +11

    My first was born premature and after it was done the nurse took him away... It was the most emotional stressful shit.. Hes almost 3 now.

  • JakesNation98
    JakesNation98 Month ago

    If ethan atarted walking down a school hall way toewrds me with a shot gun in his hands fully intent to shoot me I would lose that fight becuase id already be on the ground laughing too hard

  • 503 Workshop
    503 Workshop Month ago

    The scariest moment in parenthood is when you realize you have an overwhelming urge to fuck your kid.

  • schizomania
    schizomania Month ago +2

    When Ethan's kid grows up he's gonna look like Bill Burr.

    • Kaylind
      Kaylind 29 days ago

      schizomania your comment made me gasp I love this

  • Jakker Green
    Jakker Green Month ago

    These people must be rich !!! because why is Bill Burr here ?!!
    the energy here sucks a$$ :(

  • Scotty Oakes
    Scotty Oakes Month ago +1

    Bill Burr came back after that last podcast??? What a guy.

    • Scotty Oakes
      Scotty Oakes Month ago

      @altostreeter it was a shit show last time over a year ago. Bill was trying to be funny on a few occasions by taking a few small jobs at Ethan, just in good natured fun. And Ethan got defensive and all the jokes flew over his head causing the entire podcast to be tense and awkward.

    • altostreeter
      altostreeter Month ago

      I'm out of the loop. Why is everyone talking about bill burr on the podcast?

  • Stany Douglas
    Stany Douglas Month ago

    Does anybody know the song at the end ?????

  • Andrew Mwesigwa
    Andrew Mwesigwa Month ago

    It must be a nightmare going through one of Bill's outbursts. Thank god he has a bit of sarcasm in his life that helps even it out otherwise am guessing he'd be another Hitler.

  • Jasper Waale
    Jasper Waale Month ago

    Like Bill, But I kind full of Mr. Ethan, we get you have a kid, so did 6billions others well more I guess, move on already

  • Evan Martin
    Evan Martin Month ago

    bill Burr, the only thing that could make me sit through this shitty podcast.

  • Rip van Winkle
    Rip van Winkle Month ago

    The average amount of cats Ethan's viewers have is at around 24.
    Can't believe Bill agreed to go to a podcast hostet by retarded people.

  • InfiniteDream27
    InfiniteDream27 Month ago

    4:45 he intertwined so many tangents, it's almost mocking my booze brain

  • Mat 37
    Mat 37 Month ago

    Wtf is wrong with you ? You brought your shotgun story while speaking of your child ? Defending against what ? Just hope you don't kill anybody by accident geeeez

  • Just a potato
    Just a potato Month ago +9

    Just watched 'F is for family' man its just a great show, bill did great voice acting, its like bill is telling his father's story. Check it out its on Netflix.

    • Since Day One
      Since Day One 27 days ago +1

      Great show cant wait for the next season

  • John /
    John / Month ago

    I love hila she's so beautiful

  • Kole
    Kole Month ago +9

    The scariest moment of parenthood is when you deeply accept that you had no right bringing an innocent child into this world... But at the same time, you realize that you’ve never understood what unconditional love is and accept that you have to do everything you possibly can to provide for your child to the best of your ability.

  • Brian Kavanagh
    Brian Kavanagh Month ago

    Bill hates this guy 😂 😂 😂

  • deshaun dozier
    deshaun dozier Month ago +3

    I’m glad bill came back on. The last one was a disaster

  • Jorge Padilla
    Jorge Padilla Month ago

    I fuckin hate people with small dogs and call it their baby.

  • Chris Peck
    Chris Peck Month ago

    I'm sorry to inform you but the actual scariest moment of Parenthood will be when you look into their Snapchat feed or whatever that will be in the future and find a sea of kids showing off they're little penises and all the drugs that they got from who-knows-where good luck and God bless.

  • Evan Belshe
    Evan Belshe Month ago

    That funny now

  • Lampadas Horde
    Lampadas Horde Month ago +1

    Ethan is such a child

  • Paul
    Paul Month ago +3

    One of the best standup specials I’ve seen in a long time. Chappell and Burr are killing it!

  • Sixto Torres
    Sixto Torres Month ago

    So bill is a fellow pilot, imagine him communicating with JFK tower being all sarcastic and shit.

  • MrSpeedyAce
    MrSpeedyAce Month ago +83

    Whoah look at Ethan “I’m-Not-Interrupting-Bill-Anymore” Klein over here.

    • Kazuma Tama
      Kazuma Tama 21 day ago

      @M Mac its a slightly different varient of wow.

    • M Mac
      M Mac 28 days ago +1

      wtf is a whoah?

    • bip bong
      bip bong Month ago +8

      MrSpeedyAce Look at Mr. Big Shot “Learns From His Mistakes”

  • Beaujangles McJiggle
    Beaujangles McJiggle Month ago +5

    No. Not always.... I missed the birth of my second because he crowned in the 10
    Minute drive to the hospital and was out in the time between the wheelchair from the front doors of the hospital to the birthing room, whilst I parked the car.

  • Spook
    Spook Month ago

    BOUGHT A SHOTGUN ? WTF, ist he bipolar or smthg ? how the fuck can u own a shotgun.. im in lithuania i had to pass month or so of tests to get a pistol for defence

  • BigBurt-
    BigBurt- Month ago

    nice on you for getting a gun to defend your new family... even though hila is probably gonna be the one to use it if shit kicks off.

  • Sharp Money
    Sharp Money Month ago +2

    My wife was in labour for 48 hours. If it wasn’t for the gas and air, I don’t think I would’ve made it.

    • JamesAk
      JamesAk Month ago +5

      When my child was born we smoked crack to celebrate

  • Samurai Red
    Samurai Red Month ago

    Glad Burr came back and wasn't and ass last time

  • Donuutz
    Donuutz Month ago +5

    This Bill Burr guy reminds me of Frank Murphy from F is for family

  • to catch a fly
    to catch a fly Month ago +1

    Hila knows how to use a gun afterall she wasn't born in America.

  • JP c:
    JP c: Month ago

    Against ar-15 but bought a shotgun

  • Ashli Geran
    Ashli Geran Month ago +2

    I didnt want anyone to tell me anything about my baby haha I've learned over the years of raising my babies that doctors sometimes dont know how your kid will do with anything it's a whole learning process cause every woman and child is different

  • Morgan Fry
    Morgan Fry Month ago

    Bill, I emphasize with you.

  • aldemar
    aldemar Month ago +4

    y'all know Hila has a thing for Bill... look at the way she looks at him and twirls her hair... yikes

    • feckless clod
      feckless clod Month ago +3

      Ima Person2 what the hell is wrong with you Jesus fuck get a girlfriend

    • Ima Person2
      Ima Person2 Month ago

      I would normally agree that a women can smile at someone or pay attention to what they are saying without being attracted to them but Hila already saw Bill Burr emasculate her man. She probably does get a little wet when she sees Bill.

    • chinchu
      chinchu Month ago +1

      go have sex, and this is coming from someone who fucked just once in their life time

    • GamerGuy760
      GamerGuy760 Month ago +5

      @feckless clod Those comments are so fucking dumb and annoying...
      "Oof look at the way Hila blinks when Bill is speaking, she obviously wants to have sex with him..."

    • feckless clod
      feckless clod Month ago +4

      aldemar all you fucking losers comment this shit about every youtuber’s wife. MAYBE SHE’S A FUCKING HUMAN WHO CAN LIKE AND SHOW AFFECTION TO PEOPLE WITHOUT WANTING TO CHEAT ON HER HUSBAND??

  • Nathan Nunnery
    Nathan Nunnery Month ago

    “DiD yOu TaKE lESsoNs”

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Bless Bills wife.

  • Eddy Hep
    Eddy Hep Month ago

    Have children and risk the Jews taking them from you.
    I want to eat the flesh of young Jewish faces.

    DANI LØE Month ago

    Ethan should talk about how in some countries,like australia, babies are aloud to be born alive then left to die bc the mother doesn't want it anymore.

    • DANI LØE
      DANI LØE Month ago

      @weird girl009 how is that not true? Nsw state government just passed the bill, now it's just for the federal government to approve, im actually australian btw

    • weird girl009
      weird girl009 Month ago

      DANI LØE wtf that’s not even true

  • Polish Afrikaner
    Polish Afrikaner Month ago +2

    Why did you use a white baby in the thumbnail. His kid is half black.

  • softandcherries
    softandcherries Month ago +16

    Hila is such a pretty, down to earth mom.

  • Murray
    Murray Month ago +6

    I feel like Bill likes Hila and tolerates Ethan

  • Captain Voluntaryist, The Statist Slayer

    Every meme fag gen z commenting here have no clue who Bill Burr is. Thry be posting overused shit memes. Sad.

  • Captain Voluntaryist, The Statist Slayer

    am I the only one not interested in being a parent?

    • elemeclipse
      elemeclipse Month ago

      I suppose it's an age based thing, a lot of the times people change attitudes as they grow up. It's normal psychological development.