Battlefield V Xbox One X (Gold Rush) Bundle Unboxing!

  • Published on Nov 29, 2018
  • Battlefield V Xbox One X (Gold Rush) Bundle Unboxing!
    Battlefield V Xbox One X (Gold Rush) Bundle Unboxing!
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  • miles corley
    miles corley 4 days ago +1

    Cool Unboxing Video 👍

  • Danny Herrera
    Danny Herrera 2 months ago

    Did he say"Xbox gay pass" 🤣

  • Loso Banks
    Loso Banks 3 months ago


  • Raymond Licon
    Raymond Licon 4 months ago


  • Eaphen Samuel Pace
    Eaphen Samuel Pace 4 months ago

    Digital >>>

  • r4j
    r4j 4 months ago

    Trying to decide between this and the standard black one. This ones more expensive where I live but oh boy it looks sick!

  • Michael Castellano
    Michael Castellano 5 months ago +1

    I bought this on black Friday when I opened in and saw that it was part gold, i was crazy excited!!! I thought it was a standard black xbox one X. What a bonus!!

    • Reloaded Past
      Reloaded Past 3 months ago

      @Michael Castellano Thanks brother, can't wait :D Happy gaming!

    • Michael Castellano
      Michael Castellano 3 months ago

      @Reloaded Past Sorry to hear that you weren't happy with your purchase. To each their own, I never cared for the colors on the controller since the colors dont match the controller color. I like it because its a flat gold versus and shiny bright gold. I hope you are able to get the standard one soon buddy!

    • Reloaded Past
      Reloaded Past 3 months ago +1

      ​@Michael Castellano Thanks for the answer buddy. I'm honestly super childish and choosy when it comes to this stuff. I had ordered it about a 7 days ago and it arrived today, refused to pick it up at my local mail shop, as i had entirely changed my mind after seeing the unboxings. Had to pay 22 additional bucks for shipping :( I honestly despise the look, it just doesn't feel right with the bronze color gradient and the controller buttons doesn't have the traditional colors, they're just pitch black. It just looks like they forgot to paint the other side of the xbox. Now I just payed 60 extra bucks on top of the shipping fee to get the robot white, sadly it only comes with fallout 76, as opposed to the gold rush that comes with BF5 deluxe and I have to wait another week for delivery :/ . Atleast BF5 and 1943 is included in EA access. The robot white just looks gorgeous. I won't be buying a console for atleast 3+ years, so I might as well get one that I like. I have wasted a lot of money by being an idiot and not researching before I pay 400+ online. I have some serious OCD issues when it comes to these things. Thanks for your answer, I'm glad you liked the console though buddy :D

    • Michael Castellano
      Michael Castellano 3 months ago +1

      @Reloaded Past I prefer not having the colors. It's up it you man. You gotta think that 95% of everyone has the standard xbox one X, if you get this one you'd have an exclusive version. I'm loving the console.

    • Reloaded Past
      Reloaded Past 3 months ago +1

      Does it look good? It doesn't appeal to me to be honest. The controller buttons also doensn't have any colors

  • Michael Castellano
    Michael Castellano 5 months ago


    CHIRAG. KLEIN 5 months ago

    madarchod teri maa ki chut bhosadchod lawde ke bal yo yo yo lowde papi g funk gand fati ke lawde

  • PhantomMatrix
    PhantomMatrix 5 months ago

    Looks like microsoft left a misprinted dot on that xbox one X. lol 5:14

    RREDDWARFF 6 months ago


  • John Boko Show
    John Boko Show 7 months ago

    Xbox One SeX

    KING ZOOM 8 months ago

    The Xbox is gold and storm grey which was the color of the battlefield 1 Xbox One S. I enjoy your videos but when I watch them I feel uninformed & feel like you should do a little research on the items your unboxing. It would probably help pull some interest.

  • Warmachineguy
    Warmachineguy 8 months ago +1

    Download codes are anti consumer.

    SAOUOA 8 months ago

    You remind me of king Alex hd

  • Micah Bush
    Micah Bush 8 months ago

    Is this bundle limited time?

  • Khwab Bansal
    Khwab Bansal 9 months ago

    Man what's the price

  • TheJoonbug
    TheJoonbug 9 months ago

    Omg shouting in my face right off the bat! Dislike

  • DontThrowTo20
    DontThrowTo20 9 months ago

    Is this game worth $29.99 at GameStop?

  • KnoghtRiderMSM
    KnoghtRiderMSM 9 months ago

    Dude ur smart

  • belikov Zalenudd
    belikov Zalenudd 9 months ago

    Where is the code for bf1? Didn't see you mention that at all

  • Ignacio Tamayo
    Ignacio Tamayo 9 months ago

    You talk to loud homie

  • PrestigeNutria
    PrestigeNutria 9 months ago

    I thought this was mighty duck for a sec💀

  • Car Piano
    Car Piano 9 months ago

    Should i get the black xbox one x or the gold rush ... the black one look cool cause the matte black

  • Assassin Chopper
    Assassin Chopper 9 months ago

    400th like!

  • Spartan Jon
    Spartan Jon 9 months ago

    I'm seriously considering buying this...

  • Pickle Jar
    Pickle Jar 9 months ago

    No headset?

    • TopShelfGaming
      TopShelfGaming 9 months ago

      they stopped putting headsets in them with the original xbox one... so like 3 years ago

  • Styphyx
    Styphyx 9 months ago

    they should sell this with the Phantom Black controller instead of that boring sucky one

  • Pepsi is good
    Pepsi is good 10 months ago

    Where is the BF1 Revolution?

  • Kartikeya Parekh
    Kartikeya Parekh 10 months ago

    0:00 What language is that?

  • logical memes
    logical memes 10 months ago

    boodi bad ga shoo bee sqrr ppllooo pp

  • THE Caballo
    THE Caballo 10 months ago +1

    Bought this , in Canada it’s an extra 30$ for the the BFv edition console . Which is cool. You get a different Xbox one x colour and a game that is worth 30 $ by the time you install it. No brainer for me who’s a sucker for limited edition stuff in general . I loved my Xbox one Halo 5 console better though .

  • matttzerminator
    matttzerminator 10 months ago

    Does it have a Battlefield 1 download code? Or just EA Access

  • GoodAtBeingNoob
    GoodAtBeingNoob 10 months ago +47

    for the first 3 seconds I was convinced he was speaking Japenese or something.

  • u sure buddy?
    u sure buddy? 10 months ago

    You are too uneducated to play that game

  • Fortnite Isbest
    Fortnite Isbest 10 months ago

    Nice Unboxing Video Of The Battlefield 5 Bundle Xbox One X Of The Unboxing.

  • A. K.
    A. K. 10 months ago

    I bought the same bundle, and i cant find anything about battlefield 1 in the bundle. In this video it wasnt mentioned, too. Anyone an idea where the game could be?

    • nate cable
      nate cable 10 months ago

      I think you use the access code to get bf1 only for 1 month than you can buy the physical disk of battlefield 1 revolution and you will have all of your data saved from the access code

  • dante rico
    dante rico 10 months ago +4

    my girl got me bundle this for christmas!!! i just gotta wait a lil more

  • Xboxone videos
    Xboxone videos 10 months ago

    The return policies at the store he gets his stuff must be really good

    • mrjcthe1st
      mrjcthe1st 9 months ago

      Xboxone videos they are probably sick of him by now lol

  • RidinInMyHellcat -
    RidinInMyHellcat - 10 months ago

    Still prefer a VCR

  • Alex Oborne
    Alex Oborne 10 months ago +3

    Physical copies all the way

  • Leevon robinson
    Leevon robinson 10 months ago

    Microsoft bundles are usually always code downloads PSN is almost all physical copies which I like

  • archival fiel agustin 27
    archival fiel agustin 27 10 months ago

    cool color xbox one x gold rush

  • Marwan Playsgamez
    Marwan Playsgamez 10 months ago +2

    I hate that Xbox is now discouraging physical games but good thing I’m on Sony’s side

    • Aaron Mcclure
      Aaron Mcclure 9 months ago

      @Marwan Playsgamez DLC, microtransactions and games as a service are taking over and its mostly because you can't resell these things

    • Aaron Mcclure
      Aaron Mcclure 9 months ago

      @Marwan Playsgamez you don't get it game companies get 0 from a used sell, taking away a customer. Game development isn't free

    • Marwan Playsgamez
      Marwan Playsgamez 9 months ago

      Aaron Mcclure games actually have the same price tag physical and digital unless they have discounts and also physical copies sell more

    • Aaron Mcclure
      Aaron Mcclure 9 months ago

      Guess you haven't noticed all the game companies that went bankrupt and microtransactions taking over? Buying and selling used games has a high price tag whether you and Sony realize it or not SMH and you thought you were smart

  • Animalia k
    Animalia k 10 months ago

    For Christmas he will probably buy or pre order Just cause 4 it's going to be one of his presents!!!!

  • Animalia k
    Animalia k 10 months ago

    U said u will do this video and u did!!!

  • Animalia k
    Animalia k 10 months ago +2

    If they included battlefield 4 and hard line that would be more better!!!!👍

  • mbk sanchez
    mbk sanchez 10 months ago

    When r u going to announce the winners for the iPhone xr?

    • mrjcthe1st
      mrjcthe1st 9 months ago

      I always felt like his giveaways were fake but I never really said anything

    • A Akd
      A Akd 10 months ago

      Never. He announced the winner for Iphone XS but the winner said that he didn't get it. You can watch the video and see it for yourself he's yt name is Timo G.

  • Sultan Murtaza
    Sultan Murtaza 10 months ago

    How much do u buy that for?

  • mason
    mason 10 months ago

    You need a new door not a new xbox

  • kale 26 playz
    kale 26 playz 10 months ago

    I want it

  • Ramis Khan
    Ramis Khan 10 months ago

    This bundle is soo cool 👌

  • Ex 25
    Ex 25 10 months ago +3

    Papi g funk looks like my neighbor

  • Mohaned SIFER
    Mohaned SIFER 10 months ago +2

    His next door neighbour just called and would like to tell all subscribers that he is going come in his open mouth and hopefully in the next thumbnails he would learn his lesson and keep mouth shut tight

  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Artist 10 months ago +1

    Have fun returning the console

  • Mohaned SIFER
    Mohaned SIFER 10 months ago +3

    Beware you can easily get severe ear damage in 0. 0 0 time

  • The Accidental Druggist
    The Accidental Druggist 10 months ago

    There selling these for $50 bucks American at the docks of “Isla de las Mujeres” near Cancún, Mexico where Xbox’s satellite headquarters is located.

  • The Problem
    The Problem 10 months ago +51

    “Et yop bop wadhup yutube is mi papagfunk was yerp everbodi.”

  • GhoST Squad
    GhoST Squad 10 months ago

    Maan, I just love his channel and he's a great TVclipr

  • XeoFalcon Shields
    XeoFalcon Shields 10 months ago +2

    Xbox one X should do another LE for gears 5 console. All red with elite controller bundle. That would be the only way I would want to get a one x. Until then, I will hold onto the gears 4 one s.

    • oldskoolstu
      oldskoolstu Month ago

      XeoFalcon Shields what do you think of the gears 5 LE one x ? I’m gettin that shit.