The BEST Tree Sap Removal Product for your Car is?

  • Published on Nov 13, 2015
  • Tree sap removal from car. What is the best product to quickly and easily remove tree sap from your car? In this video I test 12 different products and find one clear winner!
    Best Sap Remover:
    Commercial Sap Remover:
    Microfiber Towels:
    Defog your windows product test:
    Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes:
    Can a fuel additive increase HP?
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Comments • 2 944

  • Scott Yonan
    Scott Yonan 14 hours ago

    Hand sanitizer works best

  • willy pool
    willy pool Day ago

    Hollysmogs batman chris got it !!!

  • wheelstandr
    wheelstandr Day ago

    I didn't watch the video because I already know the answer. Not sure if you tried it in the video, but gasoline works the best. A blue-eyed black man from the Carribean taught me this while he was visiting his wife in Minnesota. I should have been telling him how to do it, not the other way around. I don't think there are pine trees in the Carribean!

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody 2 days ago +2

    Thanks for saving me money and time. Hand sanitizer works 100% perfect and took about 3 seconds.

  • pcdubya
    pcdubya 3 days ago +2

    Thanks for that. My kid who doesn't give a sh-t, parks right under a friends giant pine tree and I need to remove. Most of those will work somewhat if you take your fingernail or an old credit card or something to get down in to the sap glob, as it hardens on top. Alcohol does seem the best though.

  • fatcapital88
    fatcapital88 3 days ago +1

    Thanks for posting and saving me the time and money of trying commercial products.

  • Mark Ho
    Mark Ho 4 days ago

    I agree chainsaw works the best

  • Mark Ho
    Mark Ho 4 days ago

    I think peanut butter

  • Mr Mr Jims
    Mr Mr Jims 4 days ago

    Googone removed paint on my car

  • Leon og
    Leon og 5 days ago

    WD 40

  • J.C.
    J.C. 5 days ago

    Thank you. I thought it was bird sh*t at first. The alcohol did the trick

  • Queenie Jackson
    Queenie Jackson 5 days ago

    The rail the mail

  • Rebel9668
    Rebel9668 5 days ago +1

    Something I've found that works really fast and easy for tree sap is that stuff from Dollar General Store called Totally Awesome.

  • Romir Singh
    Romir Singh 6 days ago

    Hand gel

  • Luke BC
    Luke BC 6 days ago


  • veniplex
    veniplex 10 days ago

    Use de-icer. It works great.

  • Jerry's Outdoor Car Adventures

    Real pine

  • I Frenchy
    I Frenchy 12 days ago

    Use Goo gone.

  • Jordo Ingle
    Jordo Ingle 12 days ago

    IS MAYONNAISE AN INSTRUMENT?? Patrick...but you can use it to remove sap.

  • coolness 8123
    coolness 8123 12 days ago

    Chemical guys citrus soap works great for this

  • D. W.
    D. W. 15 days ago

    I used liquid wax, First cleaned with a quick detailer for dirt or other, then put a blob of liquid wax on the spot let it sit. the rubbed it in with a microfiber cloth. Cleaned the spot and waxed at the same time, then buff dry nice shine.

  • Zoran
    Zoran 15 days ago +1

    I used Goo Gone Automotive but it had the same results as the video (had to re-apply multiple times to fully get rid of it). It's better for your car paint than the non-automotive version.
    However, now I'll just use rubbing alcohol 70%, maybe even dilute it bit more.

  • Kevin S.
    Kevin S. 16 days ago

    I was hoping to see Mineral Spirits in your line up; curious about that one. I happen to have some 90% alcohol here for cleaning my pipes so will go ahead and use that, as you so effortlessly did on your Vic! Thank you

  • redski78
    redski78 19 days ago

    Pure lemon oil... works fantastic and doesn’t harm the paint

  • Brayan Rodriguez
    Brayan Rodriguez 20 days ago

    ChrisFix can you do this on windows?

  • eurosonly
    eurosonly 20 days ago

    The best method that I've found so far to work is just hope for a rain storm to come over and wash away all that sap. And best of all, it's free! No seriously. We had a rain storm here one day and it washed away all the tree sap that was stuck onto the car. I tried a few expensive remedies which did not work.

  • D Jauné
    D Jauné 20 days ago

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I paid $10 for a bottle of automotive goo gone, and it didn't work, but hopefully will come in handy for something else. Most of the tree sap came off with the sprayer at the car wash, but it still left a thin layer and nothing could remove it. The alcohol took it right off with no effort!!!

  • mule5150
    mule5150 21 day ago

    is this gonna be a long friggin story ......?????

  • Kelly Rountree
    Kelly Rountree 21 day ago

    .99 cent bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol and elbow grease

  • Tim Bacchus
    Tim Bacchus 21 day ago

    Thank you so much will try rubbing alcohol never tried it.

  • Tim Bacchus
    Tim Bacchus 21 day ago

    I use dawn in water

  • gruntled_66
    gruntled_66 22 days ago

    Did anyone mention that old, hardened sap is WAY tougher to remove than fresh sap?

  • MoSuckah MaJones
    MoSuckah MaJones 22 days ago

    Spray 9

  • TheNorthwood20
    TheNorthwood20 22 days ago

    Why do recommend products that ruin your wax and window visors, you pompous , piece of shit? You car guys get reckless with your advices when you get famous; it's disgusting!

  • 전용웅
    전용웅 24 days ago

    It is fuking working well!! Thanks bro

  • Trevor Clapsadle
    Trevor Clapsadle 24 days ago

    detailing a customers jeep--- some really thick spots of sap----- rubbing alcohol (I use the 70% isoproopyl too) works amazingly!! no hard scrubbing/scraping---- and residue rinses right off!!!!!

  • Terrance Bia
    Terrance Bia 24 days ago

    I was thinking recently Tree sap is pretty concentrated, similar to dabs I smoke, to clean my rigs I boil a lil bit of alcohol and it turns it to liquid. Same here alcohol will remove concentrated sticky sustances apparently haha

  • Portuguese Princess
    Portuguese Princess 24 days ago

    Hand Sanitizer worked like a charm!!! Just watched this video and went outside to remove a few sap spots on the hood of my car. Thank you for posting this video!!! 😊

  • George Dube
    George Dube 25 days ago

    Heat gun, scrape off the majority then wipe off with alcohol👌

  • ChaosLord
    ChaosLord 27 days ago

    I like how you just found that Real Pine, I kinda had a feeling you didn't just buy it. I don't even think they make that stuff anymore. Plus look at the price and design on that thing; it's straight out of the year 1985.

  • Patrick Scoggins
    Patrick Scoggins Month ago +1

    I guess rubbing alcohol

  • luz guillen
    luz guillen Month ago

    I think hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol

  • YoungCrs
    YoungCrs Month ago

    Don't use the green side of the sponge T.T

  • Jessie Williams
    Jessie Williams Month ago

    Soapy wooder😬

  • Gary Fontneau Realty

    Goof Off works best from what I've found

  • Matt Leese
    Matt Leese Month ago +2

    Thanks, I just tried 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol and it did work to remove the sap entirely. I did read in other places that it's likely that the rubbing alcohol will also remove some finish on the car so you should probably follow up with cleaning the area of the remaining alcohol and wax it.

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  Month ago +1

      Yessir! Def clean and wax the area after you clean it.

  • Vanessa Bennett
    Vanessa Bennett Month ago +1

    Lighter fluid

  • Jason Holland
    Jason Holland Month ago +1

    If u have a black car, ur fucked bc nothing removes sap without scratching the paint!

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  Month ago

      You need to do paint correction afterwards with a swirl remover is all.

  • Vedran Buterin
    Vedran Buterin Month ago +1

    When I worked in carwash i learned best for inside is "Pulimax" cleans like magic and for all outside crap Decabit spray

  • freddievedder10
    freddievedder10 Month ago

    Thumbs up for the work of the video and macro camera. Best is Norauto spray.

  • Jessie Gonzalez
    Jessie Gonzalez Month ago

    Use gasoline on a towel my dad does that and it works amazing

  • OurBest
    OurBest Month ago

    i want your cam stand!!!

  • jorge chavez
    jorge chavez Month ago

    may nes?

  • Luan Rexhebogaj
    Luan Rexhebogaj Month ago

    Chrisfix soapy water

  • Flavius Stoican
    Flavius Stoican Month ago

    WD 14

  • Dingo Dangle
    Dingo Dangle Month ago

    Rubbing alcohol will strip the wax off your car though! My trucks paint started peeling a year after using 50% alcohol, hand sanitizer might be a better bet and waxing your car after either one!!

  • furtif massacre
    furtif massacre Month ago +1

    I put alcohol on tree sap that is on my car window ,but nothing happened!

  • Demetria E.
    Demetria E. Month ago

    Just take it through the Automatic Car Wash🤗🚘, it costs between $6-$10 for the wash💰

  • prashant modi
    prashant modi Month ago

    I choose alcohol

  • D Woods
    D Woods Month ago

    Thank you for making this. Tree above my truck got hit by lightning and a literal water fall of sap is all over it. This is going to save me a lot of time.

  • Vijay Sood
    Vijay Sood Month ago


  • Cynthia Lou
    Cynthia Lou Month ago

    Practical science! Thank you. Only wish I knew what sap was on your car....

  • Sabrina Acree
    Sabrina Acree Month ago

    What real pine did not work. well I know what to use now because I have trees on my job I'm trying to run 🏃 away from lol 😂

  • Sabrina Acree
    Sabrina Acree Month ago

    Pine 🌲

  • Indiadam
    Indiadam Month ago

    Chris, I know alcohol seems great to remove sap, but I suspect too strong!!! It's good for paint prep at 10-15% according to one source. I'd say this will heavily fog the clear coat and require polishing to restore. You can't tell that on a white car very easily, try a black one. Thanks for all the great videos!

  • unayza
    unayza Month ago

    I love you for this experiment and video!!!
    We have nowhere to park but under pine trees. Commercial products have disappointed several times, so I was ready to try home remedies. Thanks for saving me so much time and mess!
    Not only is this a useful information, but your presentation is concise, clear and well executed!

  • Dayton Thomas
    Dayton Thomas Month ago

    Hand sanitizer removed cooked on auction marker from my mustang and left behind adhesive from a crappy tint job so I figured that would work best

  • Jesse Owens
    Jesse Owens 2 months ago

    Didn't have alcohol but hand sanitizer worked 100% will wait till I get alcohol though. Nice demo!

  • CoolBreez
    CoolBreez 2 months ago

    Goo gone.

  • Shing Yip
    Shing Yip 2 months ago

    I think hand sanitizer is the best. Or hand San mix solves