Madonna - W.E. Official Trailer

  • Published on Nov 21, 2011
  • Official trailer for Madonna's "W.E." movie. For more info, please visit
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  • Edwin B
    Edwin B 10 days ago

    With time, This movie has been receiving better reviews by the public. I guess the critics shred it to piece because Madonna forgot to use a nickname while directing this film

  • yazminaable
    yazminaable 13 days ago

    beautiful movie i adore it

  • Marwan eissa
    Marwan eissa 21 day ago

    This movie is beautiful

  • MrRD1984
    MrRD1984 Month ago

    Beautiful movie

  • Rosey I.
    Rosey I. Month ago

    It's well directed but presenting them as a fairy-tale? They got stuck with each other leading aimles second rate lives.
    I'm glad the house of Windsor never gave her a title. She would've been even more loathsome. That homely, shallow, shallow woman. ( I mean man).

    Something was going on hormone wise and physically. She looked completely like a man. This is probably what fostered her anorexia? Fear of putting on weight so her body would fill out more like a man.

    Their lives were endless cocktails and shopping. It would've been a more interesting and realistic movie if it showed The Duke as her devoted SM slave and her endless boredom and frustration. With their family of pugs.

    Directed by a woman that when asked what makes people beautiful ? She responded, "money makes people beautiful.

  • ses t
    ses t Month ago

    Thank goodness this nazi sympathizer was stopped from becoming king. Don't forget the "files" of him planning to over throw his brother and become king again with Hitler.

  • davidsirmons
    davidsirmons 2 months ago +4

    WHY do I NEVER hear about such movies as this?????? JESUS.

  • bineozy
    bineozy 2 months ago

    Thank you my higher self 💜🙏🙏✍🧞‍♂️🧜‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️🍃☘🍀🍀🐌🐛🍁🐜🌵🌵🌵😍🤩💜👁✍

  • Wanda Blackwellkk90
    Wanda Blackwellkk90 3 months ago +1

    Excellent movie.

  • John Vincenti
    John Vincenti 4 months ago

    B.S. Madonna can't act. If she can direct, she can act. She just needs a good director and acting coach.

  • Germán Rivas
    Germán Rivas 4 months ago

    This is the "king's Speech"s alter ego.

  • Coolian
    Coolian 4 months ago +6

    I love the movie... A really masterpiece, so underrated just because it was directed by Madonna.

  • Khaidir Zaraai
    Khaidir Zaraai 5 months ago +1

    If we don't have Wallis Simpson, we don't have Queen Elizabeth II, we don't have Prince Charles, we don't have Princess Diana, we don't have Prince William, we don't have Kate Middleton, we don't have Prince Harry, we don't have Meghan Markle.

  • MrCherbear1990
    MrCherbear1990 5 months ago

    A $15,000,000 budget movie, and its not even fact checked correctly...Kinda sad really. King George III was Queen Victoria’s uncle, NOT the father of the Duke of Windsor. So he was dead LONG before 1936.

  • MrRD1984
    MrRD1984 6 months ago +1

    A very good movie.

  • Rajesh Kangali
    Rajesh Kangali 7 months ago


  • Carlos Soares
    Carlos Soares 9 months ago

    Amo esse filme. Madonna você é maravilhosa ❤

  • Shawnda Dupree
    Shawnda Dupree 9 months ago

    America is England politically. We understand that.

  • Rasim Əliyev
    Rasim Əliyev 10 months ago


  • Kate Conway
    Kate Conway 10 months ago

    This movie made my heart melt a little bit.

  • Moinuddin Mohammed
    Moinuddin Mohammed 11 months ago

    How to download this movie? I'm not finding it on any torrent sites

  • Carlos Soares
    Carlos Soares 11 months ago

    Esse filme é uma obra-prima 💘

  • Sam Greenblatt
    Sam Greenblatt 11 months ago


  • sarahlawless
    sarahlawless Year ago

    I found this love story fascinating until I found out they were partying with the Nazis.

  • Charliston Vasconcelos

    Madonna the Queen! 👑

    DANK MEMES Year ago


  • Maddie14
    Maddie14 Year ago +1

    What song is that 2:00 ?

  • andres segui
    andres segui Year ago

    Wasn’t this guy a nazi?

  • Victoria Jane
    Victoria Jane Year ago

    A beautiful love story!❤❤❤

  • Un Tiempo Para Recordar HD

    Better than A Star Is Born

  • Richard Helvie
    Richard Helvie Year ago


  • Richard Helvie
    Richard Helvie Year ago

    in and out.

  • Gina Sousa Branco

    A+mazing movie.
    The music, the actors, the story, the costumes, the photography, the direction, everything!!

  • Kimba Simba
    Kimba Simba Year ago

    Die Kommentare zu diesen Kinder Filmen sind unmöglich. Ich höre immer nur mein gott mein gott hoffentlich ist diese Person wirklich so fromm.

  • Joshua Osborne
    Joshua Osborne Year ago

    Does this movie have Abel krizenoisky’s score?

  • SatyendrA KumR
    SatyendrA KumR Year ago


  • SatyendrA KumR
    SatyendrA KumR Year ago

    satyendra kumar

  • Nigar Islamli
    Nigar Islamli Year ago +2

    1:00 is Haluk Bilginer from Turkey?

  • Bruce Finnie
    Bruce Finnie Year ago

    Love this movie.!!

  • Jose Luis
    Jose Luis Year ago


  • lara
    lara Year ago

    madonna always wanted to live in this era

  • Ursula Powers
    Ursula Powers Year ago

    I need to watch this. I wonder if it covered the connections she had with Hitler? And Edward's connection to the Nazis as was discovered in the The Windsor Files found in Marburg.

  • D W A I N E
    D W A I N E Year ago

    This film was absolutely beautiful! I loved it! I loved Abbie Cornish's character the most

  • ZAID Takieddine
    ZAID Takieddine 2 years ago

    How can we buy the movie?

  • M
    M 2 years ago +3

    only got here cuz im bored and type "we" in google

  • Monique Amado - Artist & Life Coach

    Beautiful film, superbly acted.

  • Carey Coleman
    Carey Coleman 2 years ago +3

    Even if they were NAZI sympathizers, which as common of certain people back then, they were truly in love.

  • neethu palaksha
    neethu palaksha 2 years ago

    jus now watched dis movie.. its soul searching.. beautiful.. great piece of art..

  • Douglas Brook
    Douglas Brook 2 years ago

    This was a good film - I can't believe the bad reviews it got - the critics are ridiculous!


    alguien me pude decir el nombre de la cancion que sale en la pelicula en el minuto 17:00 por favor... mil gracias

  • Anna Katerina Nekrylova

    This movie is a part of figure skating history. Evgenia Medvedeva broke Yuna Kim's record for free skate program score to win her 2016 World Champion title. BTW, it was her first senior year. W.E. Soundtrack was her coach Eteri Tutberidze's idea and was choreographed by Ilia Averbuch at first for Yulia Lipnitskaya. But Yulia had trust issues with Eteri and thought this program may harm her career. She didn't like to take risks with "Dance for me Wallis" music and the whole idea of being deaf to each other in different meanings of this phrase. We hear but don't want to listen even if we are not deaf. And Eteri's daughter Diana Davis developed part-deaf illness due to wrong medical treatment at the age of 2,5. So Madonna can be proud. This year Evgenia did homage to Vogue at exhibition after winning European Champion title second year in a row. I'm writing this because "one world of kindness" might help M to overcome her recent troubles. Cheers from Russia.

  • Rodrigo Pecón
    Rodrigo Pecón 2 years ago

    What is the name of the song?

  • Rodrigo Pecón
    Rodrigo Pecón 2 years ago

    When will your faves?

    • Rodrigo Pecón
      Rodrigo Pecón 2 years ago

      Has had someone that believes in her projects? Madonna has experienced that emotion countless of times.

    • Road Rover
      Road Rover 2 years ago

      Have a flop movie? Hopefully never?

  • JC ARZ
    JC ARZ 2 years ago

    when its coming out????

  • soilofk
    soilofk 2 years ago +20

    This movie is sooooo amazing!

  • Iolanda Ribeiro
    Iolanda Ribeiro 3 years ago

    This film is wonderful !!!! I love this movie. Note10 !!!
    I watched more than twenty times. Congratulation Madonna!

  • James Sorongon
    James Sorongon 3 years ago

    What's the title of the song at the last part?

  • Aynura Adeeva
    Aynura Adeeva 3 years ago +2

    Where can I find out this film? Answer to me, please. It`s very interesting.

    • Aynura Adeeva
      Aynura Adeeva 3 years ago

      Excuse my disturbing you, but could you send this film WITH SUBTITLES for me, because I can`t understand some situation of this film,

    • multilingual megan
      multilingual megan 3 years ago

      +Aynura Adeeva "we"

    • Aynura Adeeva
      Aynura Adeeva 3 years ago

      Thanks, but what is film`s name?

    • multilingual megan
      multilingual megan 3 years ago


  • M Smedes
    M Smedes 3 years ago +73

    I say "Thank Heaven for Wallis Simpson". England got the King it needed in WWII.

    • tiotix
      tiotix 24 days ago

      Yes, the stuttering idiot and his fat wife were far better ...

    • Grant Kyle
      Grant Kyle 6 months ago

      @ladsrus 😂

    • Grant Kyle
      Grant Kyle 6 months ago

      You're a fuckhead

    • Normandine Franglish
      Normandine Franglish 2 years ago

      Back then , they had more powers as a Queen/King. This is also why they had done their best not to have Wallis Simpson as the Queen even as a wife of.. Because we say in France , behind each important man hides a woman. Checked.
      I am sure that all who were mean towards this loving couple lived downfalls on their own after KARMA.
      And seriously they moved in 36 , were in Germany in 37 , it was near France and the only place they were named as how they should have been. War started in 39 in France , the fact they went there 2 years before , did not make them bad people !!!!
      Windsor used to be a German name !
      Edward wrote a letter in 39 to Hitler to react in a peaceful way.
      And if you use the Brexit vote , the British people wanted to keep Edward VIII as their king.

    • ladsrus
      ladsrus 2 years ago

      @M Smedes
      Your entire premise is a fucking supposition you ignoramus.
      And there were precisely zero general elections during WWII.
      Serious question, have you ever actually bothered to read a book? I studied history to degree level fyi, so maybe this isn't a fair fight...

  • Hezekiah Rodriguez
    Hezekiah Rodriguez 3 years ago +3

    OMG! Did I just see Oscar Isaac? He played Poe Dameron in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", plus I love Madonna! Maybe I'll watch this movie. :)