Woman throws chair from Toronto condo balcony

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • Police are seeking a woman who was filmed throwing a chair off a Toronto condo balcony that overlooks two major roads below.
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Comments • 3 193

  • Huylie Ally
    Huylie Ally 7 days ago

    Why tf does that guys voice sound like Kermit the Frog-

  • The Plague Doctor/Scp-049TM

    PLOT TWIST they approached the woman in the video to ahow her the video

  • Ctrl-Z
    Ctrl-Z 24 days ago

    If this was done by a man, no men would be calling for him to be killled for it.

  • Rule Breakerrz
    Rule Breakerrz Month ago

    And they say Americans are crazy? lol. Canadians are crazy too haha

  • Jonathan Baldock
    Jonathan Baldock Month ago +1

    Wasnt too difficult to track down an Albino who is 19 but looks 45.

  • Sam LSD
    Sam LSD Month ago

    Who's this dumb broad?

  • S R
    S R Month ago

    imagine a black or native dude had done it

  • Daijakake
    Daijakake Month ago +2

    "... I noticed there are a lot of faces I haven't seen before"
    *random girl opens door from behind*
    Perfect timing 😂

    MTBEERWAH Month ago

    What is wrong with people ??
    Mental assessment needed.

  • AnimeWeeb 69
    AnimeWeeb 69 Month ago

    The police yeeted her into prison

  • Chair
    Chair Month ago

    I think I got a concussion

  • Buttocks biter
    Buttocks biter Month ago

    Harley Quinn of Toronto?

  • Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22

    The car that had the hole in it are those baby wipes he could have killed a baby!!!

  • Sasha DIY
    Sasha DIY 2 months ago

    I think it was Wengie

  • CT Gilmore
    CT Gilmore 2 months ago

    Burn her

  • 이혜림
    이혜림 2 months ago


  • LoliMaster 69
    LoliMaster 69 2 months ago

    Why dont they just bar the windows of the higher floors so this wouldnt happen? Like in China i remember the apartment i was in they barred every window to keep out thieves and prevent people from doing dumb stuff and after seeing this video they were right

  • devin ptacek
    devin ptacek 2 months ago

    I wanna know the conversation that happened before she chucked the chair

  • Javier Esposito
    Javier Esposito 2 months ago

    Damn... Daeneris be wilding.

  • Ryan Cheverie
    Ryan Cheverie 2 months ago +2

    She's blond people so she technically was unable to think

  • Ian Paling
    Ian Paling 2 months ago

    All the warnings of a toxic mix of narcissistic, borderline and histrionic behaviour but who care to diagnose serious mental health problems nowadays it is just the way of the world, psycho does as psycho is!

  • Dan Buchardt
    Dan Buchardt 2 months ago

    If a guy did this it would be an attempted murder charge.

  • A Weird Fox Who Has No Reason To Be Here

    Yo is it bad that I genuinely don't give a feck

  • 3506Dodge
    3506Dodge 2 months ago

    She must have been watching the movie Network....."I'm made as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

  • tyler hansen
    tyler hansen 2 months ago

    That literally should be attempted murder or attempted manslaughter if there is such thing. A misdemeanor charge is too easy. There are probably a lot more people willing to do something like that if all they get is a misdemeanor... horrible

    UNCHAINED SHAMAN 2 months ago

    *not going to forget this and let it be settled silently*

  • Round One
    Round One 2 months ago +1

    that white women looks like a dead corpse

  • JoJ101
    JoJ101 2 months ago

    the easiest way to be famous

  • Cory Moses
    Cory Moses 2 months ago

    The restate on the chair was over $800 a month until it reached the ground, then $1000 a month.

  • mya stans Joe Mazzello
    mya stans Joe Mazzello 2 months ago

    It didn't really take my breath away.

  • m s
    m s 2 months ago

    She should be locked in a tennis court and have chairs thrown at her

  • Thomas Finley
    Thomas Finley 2 months ago

    Leftist thought: She's a woman. Her group identity should supercede her individual identity. Women are therefore out of control and need to be controlled so they don't bring further destruction. Hahaha

  • The Garf
    The Garf 2 months ago

    I’ve always wanted to do this

    REAL.NIGGA DAS ME 2 months ago

    Y tf dint u show the chair hit the ground stoopid

  • Anna Bortion
    Anna Bortion 2 months ago

    *w h y* ?

  • ᴀᴠɪᴅ Belmont
    ᴀᴠɪᴅ Belmont 2 months ago +1

    What a lunatic

  • Nordmenn 0
    Nordmenn 0 2 months ago

    She’s a woman, she will get off easy. No jail time. Meanwhile guys do this with a small rock off a bridge and they get 5 years.

  • Tiarni Lewandowski
    Tiarni Lewandowski 2 months ago +1

    Who’s here from Kurtis Connor’s Podcast 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Sophia Luo
    Sophia Luo 2 months ago

    i apologize on behalf of this woman as a canadian

  • MrBlaze1boy
    MrBlaze1boy 2 months ago

    Hold on, I too was under pressure by the government and the people all wanting money for bills, rent insurance.
    My family struggling......I had to rob a bank....please dont send me to jail..............I know i had a choice to do the right thing.

  • Goldena Medina
    Goldena Medina 2 months ago

    I visited New York in 1989 and as we walked down the streets of Manhatten the thought of someone accidently dropping something from one of the windows simply terrified me. I was extremely nervous and happy to get indoors and happy to leave that area.

  • Galaxy Star Nightcore
    Galaxy Star Nightcore 2 months ago +2

    In Soviet Russia

    Chair throw youuuu

  • Stealthy Ow
    Stealthy Ow 2 months ago

    Its just chair dont be butt hurt

  • Mila Nilla
    Mila Nilla 2 months ago

    She kinda looks like wengie...I hope it’s not her

  • Bleh Blah
    Bleh Blah 2 months ago

    Boi is that Belle Delphine?

  • classicrockcafe
    classicrockcafe 2 months ago

    I think she did it to taunt whoever watched this.

  • Kamiabtaji k
    Kamiabtaji k 2 months ago

    Hey!! this is not gta or cod MS! THIS IS REAL LIFE NOT VIDEO GAME

  • Babie Aryanne
    Babie Aryanne 2 months ago

    Coked out prostitute

  • Dutch Van der Linde
    Dutch Van der Linde 2 months ago

    She needs jail time, its the only way we know she wont do it again. she needs to be punished

  • Ezra N
    Ezra N 2 months ago

    She's white and blond, what do you expect?

  • Kyng Kraken
    Kyng Kraken 2 months ago +1

    The person filming it should go to jail also

  • Beautiful day
    Beautiful day 2 months ago

    She’s clearly high on some kinda substance otherwise she’s wouldn’t have shown her face on the camera 😂

    DAN CAR 2 months ago

    ... 😏 ... YEET

  • Acailah Safar
    Acailah Safar 2 months ago

    Someone did that with a garbage bag and nearly knocked me out .. only in Canada wtf !

  • Gorga fence
    Gorga fence 2 months ago

    What a silly woman lol

  • Shaune Mienstra
    Shaune Mienstra 2 months ago

    Shouldnt she get a time out ? I mean thats how things work these days right ! Cant hold her accountable !

  • Levi Ross
    Levi Ross 2 months ago +1

    She was probably annoyed that day no clients...

  • - Dominguez
    - Dominguez 2 months ago

    Tbh it’s like something we would all want to do like just to see what would happen but I don’t think anyone should actually do it considering someone could’ve been harmed

  • straya bish
    straya bish 2 months ago

    Looks like Tana Mongeau

  • Blue Crow
    Blue Crow 2 months ago

    Came here from JKNews

  • aaronveegee
    aaronveegee 2 months ago

    How come all these news reports cut away just before the chair hits the ground? It sure looked like it was about to strike that last vehicle.

  • pprkt0
    pprkt0 2 months ago

    Toxic femininity

  • Jraybay
    Jraybay 2 months ago

    Whoever stood there and filmed it needs to get slapped too... She could've seriously hurt someone, or potentially killed someone, and she's out here smiling without a care in the world. Clueless twat

  • betotrono
    betotrono 2 months ago

    Uhhhh I'm sorry, throwing cinder blocks from an overpass is probably closer to "attempted manslaughter"??

  • Dennis Lockhart
    Dennis Lockhart 2 months ago


  • HerrenGamingNews
    HerrenGamingNews 2 months ago

    Why would the reporter stand near the same place that the chair landed

  • Isabel G
    Isabel G 2 months ago

    I think the building manager should put a net over the winddows of ever building window

  • Safyria Blubyria Coyote

    The person who recorded it his name is carlen booth

  • Lee Mack
    Lee Mack 2 months ago +1

    Great way to end up in a cell with bubba

  • CC C
    CC C 2 months ago

    That's nothing. A buddy of mine threw a shopping cart off his 9th floor balcony in Toronto. Mind you, it was before the internet and in public housing so no one cared.

  • Coouge
    Coouge 2 months ago +1

    Marcella Zoia

  • Kasar Daily Vlogs for you

    Samantha wanamek

  • Warren Liu
    Warren Liu 2 months ago

    Y E E T

  • logsarefun
    logsarefun 2 months ago +1

    Fr she hot so it's ok

  • BradKozy
    BradKozy 3 months ago +1


  • The Lonely Lullaby
    The Lonely Lullaby 3 months ago

    thanx nl ;)

  • Linnie Reeve
    Linnie Reeve 3 months ago

    Please, put this woman in prison for attempted manslaughter. A perfect example of how the mental health system is failing us. So sad.

  • Julie W
    Julie W 3 months ago

    Just looking for attention

  • Solo KO
    Solo KO 3 months ago

    Dafuq is wrong with people!! Does nobody have any common sense anymore!

  • Dave B
    Dave B 3 months ago

    Makin' Mom and Dad proud....or that's the issue. An absent of parental guidance. There goes humanity. The internet and social media breed stupidity. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Mark my words.

  • Cricket 360 degree
    Cricket 360 degree 3 months ago

    Now where would you deport her because she isn’t brown ?

  • F_0cuS
    F_0cuS 3 months ago

    It was belle delphine 😂

  • Basil Ng
    Basil Ng 3 months ago +1


    LOOMAR X 3 months ago

    Hahahaha nice..i wish i be there nd get hit than i collect insurance..

  • s m
    s m 3 months ago


  • TheGr8stManEvr
    TheGr8stManEvr 3 months ago

    I'd do her.

  • Josh D
    Josh D 3 months ago

    The fact she left court with a smug smile clearly shows she has no remorse. Let her sit in jail until it all sinks in

  • amasoak47
    amasoak47 3 months ago

    Ban balcony chairs.

  • Ella Mae
    Ella Mae 3 months ago


  • Kevin Spratt
    Kevin Spratt 3 months ago

    this was obviously taken from an instagram account... can't they track her through that?

  • Andy J
    Andy J 3 months ago

    She is a cracked out hooker on molly at an air bnb

  • Kane Garvey
    Kane Garvey 3 months ago

    Take aff yer tap

  • Mikexbbbyz66b zdx ywvzv-; yb6b ifv f sccz Steder

    This girl is savage

  • Shawn Barbour
    Shawn Barbour 3 months ago +4

    Stop cutting the video before the chair lands

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 3 months ago +2

    She should get jail time.

  • Batz
    Batz 3 months ago +1

    10/10 chair throwing form, NBA potential. Just look at the flick of the rist.


  • Erica Brown
    Erica Brown 3 months ago +1

    meanwhile, black teenagers are shot dead by law enforcement for far less reckless behavior. #thisisamerica

    • f181234
      f181234 3 months ago

      Erica Brown this is in Canada Toronto specifically............

  • Jemand
    Jemand 3 months ago

    I threw a slice of ham (about 10 grams) out of the window while being in a fun and tipsy mood with friends. Even doing that I felt bad afterwards. No idea what she was thinking.

  • andree1991
    andree1991 3 months ago +1

    This is york maple leaf square. I work across this building in security and their security is useless. Drunks and hobos drink there everyday around the building and nobody does anything about it.

  • M H
    M H 3 months ago +1

    Charge her with attempted homicide