I Had To Start A New YouTube Channel

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
  • My New TVclip Channel - Truth Revealed

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  • Archie Hamilton Racing

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    • vincentAD
      vincentAD Month ago


    • Luke Giannos
      Luke Giannos Month ago +1

      It would be better if you change this channels name to Archie Hamilton Daily and the gaming channel to Archie Hamilton Racing.

    • Tony Bowden
      Tony Bowden Month ago


    • Garry Hinton
      Garry Hinton Month ago

      Archie Hamilton Racing I have subscribed to the gaming mate 👍

  • EthanFromLondon
    EthanFromLondon 19 days ago

    Only a few years later you seem so grown up! Nice change....

  • wincrasher2007
    wincrasher2007 Month ago

    LOL. So this is what it's come to. Can't get a decent racing gig, so will play xbox instead.

  • Chris Wiggins
    Chris Wiggins Month ago

    This whole video could have been cut down to 39 seconds imo

  • jonathan green
    jonathan green Month ago

    Welcome to 2019...a video in which a man sits in a chair and talks about other videos in which he'll be sitting in a chair playing a video game that simulates sitting in a chair driving a car around a track. And 44,000 people have watched it.

  • Marko Polo
    Marko Polo Month ago +1

    Archie, why don't you take your kart to tracks and race it? I enjoy the SIM action, subscribing to the new channel!

  • Kane
    Kane Month ago


  • Kane
    Kane Month ago


  • Kane
    Kane Month ago


  • Bucky - GJ
    Bucky - GJ Month ago

    Love hearing will from inbetweeners

  • Sergio Leiros
    Sergio Leiros Month ago

    I believe it would be a good content to create a board with results of invited people competing. The winner must come back to challenge the next invited, after few racers, the best 5 would try to get to the podium

  • jhil S
    jhil S Month ago

    Any racing series you are signed up for this year?

  • PumpkinSmasher88
    PumpkinSmasher88 Month ago


  • Game Racer
    Game Racer Month ago

    Signed up to both. Good idea to separate the two if old subscribers aren’t into the gaming side. I’m into both. Sim racing has come along massively. In the last decade. E sports are becoming a big thing now.

  • TGE clan
    TGE clan Month ago +1

    How about forza 4 cop it

  • MIke M
    MIke M Month ago

    I think the racing simulation stuff is pretty cool, but its boring to watch for me.

  • Soul Hacker
    Soul Hacker Month ago

    This video is just about anew channel. The old channel isn't down as the title might

  • Nothing Personal018

    Spoilt youth dem

  • Tom on Track
    Tom on Track Month ago

    The problem with the Sim content is there's no racing, it's so boring watching someone set lap times! Can't you enter some online races?

  • Alby Live
    Alby Live Month ago

    When are you racing the i pace again?

  • Full Throttle
    Full Throttle Month ago

    How does one start channel with performance cars with no money? How do you find and contact brands?

  • Skoocars Gaming
    Skoocars Gaming Month ago

    Do Forza👍😀

  • Mark Young
    Mark Young Month ago

    Are you going the festival of speed next month archie?

  • Ken Spear
    Ken Spear Month ago

    Good play mate.

  • Easy Hacker Safe
    Easy Hacker Safe Month ago +1

    That’s a pretty cool video👍. I am starting a yt channel but so far I have just created a website:

  • jdjonathan38
    jdjonathan38 Month ago

    Archie Hamilton virtual racing 🤔

  • Otis Horne
    Otis Horne Month ago

    So you didn’t have to but you want to make more money and focus this one only on car related things?

  • Rick Snow
    Rick Snow Month ago

    Gaming is very instructive well done

  • Dave Lomas
    Dave Lomas Month ago

    Archie the sim is crap. Just do it in your own time. Or just cancel the sponsor with the sim company and hand it back. To be clear nobody wants to see a f1 car going round the TT it’s silly content. Really starting to loose touch with your fans

  • pipnmaz
    pipnmaz Month ago

    Subscribed to the new channel. Always want to help and support.

  • Mk3rocco18
    Mk3rocco18 Month ago

    Bro you have a dead trim

  • Andy white
    Andy white Month ago

    Here’s an idea, set a lap time in a car .i.e the GT3rs on the simulator and release it on the gaming channel. Then try and recreate the lap. In the real world to see how close you can get to it in a real car, use Tony’s if you don’t want to thrash yours, then release that on Archie Hamilton Racing. Double views, win win.

  • Morrissey
    Morrissey Month ago

    Tweet lando norris, he does alot of sims

  • SiyaBonga T
    SiyaBonga T Month ago

    Archie you look good

  • Usaf S
    Usaf S Month ago +6

    Next up, Another NEW youtube channel, Archie Hamilton Cooking !

  • Alistair Robertson
    Alistair Robertson Month ago

    Good call. The simulator stuff was crap tbh.

  • Sabfit4life
    Sabfit4life Month ago

    Good luck with it Archie hope it grows as much as this channel 🔥🤞💪

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith Month ago

    Much rather watch you play a game than spend time trying to get back into actually racing.. lol

  • Hercules Fouche
    Hercules Fouche Month ago

    We'll subscribe and watch. Love watching car racing in any form. Just leave records at the bottom of the screen so we know what the records are.

  • tom martin
    tom martin Month ago +1

    God you waffle on

  • Planedriver 84
    Planedriver 84 Month ago

    The same story retold over and over again for 13min.

  • Christian Ø. Rasmussen

    Cheers mate I hope your innovative thinking brakes through no matter negative comments. This is a another audience and new subscribers.

  • markko Peter
    markko Peter Month ago +2

    I` like your channel. I want to see more test of supercars. More vídeos with tom james and Tony, etc. More race trips. Some inside race cars. Comparation between supercars.But i doesnt like race simulations. Bla bla bla. Came on archie!!

  • Vxs
    Vxs Month ago +4

    Waffle Waflle, waffle, waffle. I’m starting a 2nd channel.

  • Marcus Wilson
    Marcus Wilson Month ago

    Looking forward to this, your literally living my dream well done lad u deserve it 👏

  • mick mat
    mick mat Month ago +11

    What's happened to your kart? I was looking forward in watching you race.

  • SSA Alleyne
    SSA Alleyne Month ago

    Stick the sim vids off this channel on there too for the new viewers 👍🏾

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago

    Archie Hamilton Gayminge. Nice

  • supasixfour
    supasixfour Month ago +3

    You were taking about buying the Mercedes last week spend some of that money and get a "cheap" track car as a project. Then go and give us a detailed track guide for every UK circuit and track day tips techniques etc. Could be a whole series in itself. Doesn't need to be a brand new 500bhp car. Think of the viewers and buy what we would buy, clio 197, focus st, civic type r, E39 M3 etc. You have knowledge and skills that people want to learn.

  • Jørgen Jørgen
    Jørgen Jørgen Month ago +2

    Looking forward to live-streaming of Leisure Suit Larry.

  • robs715
    robs715 Month ago


  • pirre97
    pirre97 Month ago

    If you could do high production track days. That would be great!
    P.S the additional channel is great! 😄

  • Garry Dawson
    Garry Dawson Month ago

    Green hell the GT3 RS. You now know the track on the game

  • tariq mohammed
    tariq mohammed Month ago


  • tariq mohammed
    tariq mohammed Month ago

    archie hamilton FAKE RACING

  • R Tap
    R Tap Month ago

    Good idea.

  • Fatwomanfarting
    Fatwomanfarting Month ago

    Drive normal supercars on normal circuits.

  • TGE clan
    TGE clan Month ago +2

    Plz reply to this I have been watching you since the Mercedes 4x4

  • morten carstensen
    morten carstensen Month ago


  • nicholas fraser
    nicholas fraser Month ago

    Knew the news would be shite

  • daniel mcelhinney
    daniel mcelhinney Month ago +1

    Double bubble💷💷💷 very smart!! 😉

  • FE BNR32
    FE BNR32 Month ago

    Oke unsubcribing rn

  • Rasmus Ø
    Rasmus Ø Month ago

    Archie Hamilton RACING - For vlogs
    Archie Hamilton GAMING - For racing..?

  • Kaiser Soze
    Kaiser Soze Month ago +27

    Reasonable introduction:
    "Hi Guys! Welcome Back to Archie Hamilton Racing! Today I'm announcing the release of a new channel!"
    [of course, this is clearly stated in the title of the video, but such an intro would be quite sufficient]

    "Hi Guys, and welcome back to Archie Hamilton Racing, and welcome to what is a bit of an announcement which is going to be happening today... it's one which is.. i"m not sure a lot of you will be expecting it. But what this video is going to be is me having a chat with you guys, and we're going to be talking about everything in regards to my channel, the future of my channel, and something else, which is happening as well.
    And the first time... uh... time I knew this was going on...uh, I thought, "right... well let's tell my current audience what's happening," and we're gonna... just have a little... y'know... me-to-you kinda thing and we're going to discuss it all...
    So!..." [continue with 13 minutes of a 5 minute video]

    Sorry, Archie, I like some of your content, but I have to rib you about your repetitive rambling. Usually I just stop watching, but I thought I'd make a bit of an effort to communicate this to you... It can really drag down the video. That, and your occasional screaming, repetitive clapping, forced exaggeration, etc. So, just look at your videos and practice. Script what you're going to say. Practice and re-shoot. These are basics methods for success in what you are doing.

    You're a handsome face to look at... if you haven't realized, that is one of the biggest reasons why anyone chooses to watch a TVclipr (with a few exceptions... *ahem* Parker). In addition to that you have cool cars. You do cool things with them. We think that you can actually race vehicles competitively around a track or road (we're hoping to see that applied successfully in competitive settings and all that happens around those events). So just highlight those things and your subs will easily increase.

  • david taggart
    david taggart Month ago

    You go boy the haters r going to hate... get tge on SIM sometime

  • HoldEmOne
    HoldEmOne Month ago


  • Peter Buckley
    Peter Buckley Month ago +4

    I'm glad you've done this, because sim stuff does not interest me.

  • Johnny Five
    Johnny Five Month ago

    So this channel contains no racing? Is the gaming channel going to contain any gaming? 🤔

  • Jonathan Snowdon
    Jonathan Snowdon Month ago

    Pointless. Just use the one account.

  • Car Lad Matt
    Car Lad Matt Month ago

    What about your R8 mate, you forgot to mention it xD

  • TheReal_ JLT
    TheReal_ JLT Month ago

    Good luck with the new channel! You busy busy man!

  • Jamie Bardon
    Jamie Bardon Month ago

    Splitting the channel for monetary gains! Joe Rogan keeps his talk podcast and MMA podcast on the same channel and isn't even bothered about the comments!!

  • David Allen
    David Allen Month ago

    I've subscribed as I'm hoping Tony will turn up.

  • The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7

    Seems your chasing the TVclip game and adrev more than a drive mate, which I can’t blame you on, certainly pays more than real racing...
    You will be buying a drift car next,,,,,
    At the very least do a game / real car comparison,
    You know Porsche gt in game round Silverstone and then go do it for real,,,

    • The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7
      The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7 Month ago

      What do the view figures look like when you tutor tge and tony on track? I think that’s awesome content, teaches people a thing or two, shows what’s needed to drive a car hard,,, just good entertaining viewing. I would much rather see that, and I get it’s expensive but so is buying 3 cars and designer clobber mate and I bet they don’t bring in the cash like the views would

    • The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7
      The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7 Month ago

      People like me came here for a behind the scenes view of the racing, not laps of Sloane street or virtual gaming, can see that anywhere,

  • Flamezilla
    Flamezilla Month ago

    Ill subscribe to Archie Hamilton Gaming if you play some fortnite