Insane Childhood Punishments

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
  • I have a tiger dad and ima share that experience. I gave him the hundred bucks so its a bribe, not an expose vid. Also I been sick so my voice sounds more like a granny smokin 5 packs a day than usual.
    Also thanks to my bro for voicing the Popo in this vid
    ALT LINK (If its not working):
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  • Alungoo Erdenebat
    Alungoo Erdenebat 29 minutes ago +1

    I fear no body
    But him
    *tabbes's dad*
    It scares meh

  • Nino Hello
    Nino Hello 33 minutes ago

    Do you have any more of your nine year old Rugrat gang stories

  • Ender Playz
    Ender Playz 2 hours ago

    Your dad is not that scary
    if he was scary he would already been smashing my head against my keykskskcjdjskfjizkzjnjxjxkkksksmsm

  • Dark Angel Saki
    Dark Angel Saki 2 hours ago

    Did you have a Blue Eyes White Dragon?

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr 3 hours ago

    Why are there some parts that always of your videos that get me and my brother laughing?

  • Lightning Cayo
    Lightning Cayo 3 hours ago +1

    Your dad had the right idea with the fire flies. They’re beautiful bugs

  • Jose Cortes
    Jose Cortes 3 hours ago


  • TJ’s Aviation
    TJ’s Aviation 4 hours ago

    The snow one can actually get a parent arrested

  • RutaigaX
    RutaigaX 4 hours ago

    i almost threw up from laughing too much

  • The magic kingdom
    The magic kingdom 4 hours ago

    Can you six scribe to my TVclip channel it’s called the magic kingdom

  • Sir Meow
    Sir Meow 5 hours ago

    your dad would be a great jojo character

  • Grymbaldknight
    Grymbaldknight 5 hours ago

    No offence, but this somewhat explains why Tabbes can seem cray or intense sometimes. She's not like most girls, and this is almost certainly the reason.
    On the other hand, Tabbes seems remarkably well-adjusted, all things considered. She doesn't seem like she's going to be the same kind of person as her dad, and that's honestly excellent. Good for her. I hope she's been able to process things.

  • Iron Studios 1000
    Iron Studios 1000 5 hours ago

    Anybody notice the Stewie face

  • Black Magic
    Black Magic 6 hours ago

    Be afraid of the bat.

  • Puppy Lover
    Puppy Lover 7 hours ago +1

    Please don’t mention club penguin it’s really sad because it doesn’t exist anymore!!! ☹️🥺😰😥😓😞😞

  • Cora Sweetheart
    Cora Sweetheart 7 hours ago +1

    Can we give a thanks to Tabbes because she paid her Father $100 for us to know this story

  • Marolina Moncrief
    Marolina Moncrief 7 hours ago

    1:53 I was dying

  • Nikki Riv
    Nikki Riv 7 hours ago

    Please stop this

  • Noahj Evans
    Noahj Evans 7 hours ago

    0:45 how dose her head go from a circlr to half a circle

  • Sushi Lover
    Sushi Lover 7 hours ago

    9:00 🇨🇦 bruh

  • tee hee
    tee hee 8 hours ago

    0:55 i put the speed at 0.25 she sounds like the other father from coraline... yikes
    also you should put the speed at 2 at 0:38

  • Weird but I don’t care blackpink fan boy83

    Tabbes your dad was a manipulator because you forgive him for all the abuse he did.

  • gacha food Rocha
    gacha food Rocha 9 hours ago

    Please upload more videos

  • very tall midget
    very tall midget 9 hours ago +1

    Tabbes I love i

  • Dakota Martinez
    Dakota Martinez 9 hours ago

    I hope I would not be like your father.
    I hope you, and your family are well.

  • Penguinson Jr
    Penguinson Jr 10 hours ago

    So this is what Stewies up to these days

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee 11 hours ago

    2:48 I had a table like that but it was bigger ;-;

  • Ultraman Ginga
    Ultraman Ginga 11 hours ago

    You spent money on electronics for ur pops to break them *sigh* Nice

  • Coffee Toffee
    Coffee Toffee 12 hours ago

    So when’s the next upload!?

  • whade62000
    whade62000 12 hours ago

    Hello, police? There’s an FBI trying to break into my apartment.
    then yozu wach them fight each other

  • Electrightning Dragon 2

    I'm unlucky I have Asian parents...
    *I* *have* *Suicidal* *Thoughts* *very* *often*

  • Cole Everett
    Cole Everett 13 hours ago

    Im gonna be an uncle

  • Theo Greenhalgh
    Theo Greenhalgh 14 hours ago

    tabs dad is an scp

  • Bird lover For Life
    Bird lover For Life 15 hours ago

    Heh, sounds exactly like my dad🙄😞

  • heyits mocha OwO
    heyits mocha OwO 15 hours ago

    Does you’re brother have a channel? please answer Tabbes

  • Gaming Boy
    Gaming Boy 18 hours ago

    how is polar???

  • Tyler Schulte
    Tyler Schulte 18 hours ago

    are you planning to do a music fid

  • Shadow _Z
    Shadow _Z 18 hours ago

    Jaiden: I got grounded for a day
    James: My mum ate my M&M's to make me behave
    Tabbes: I got made to go out in a snowstorm and my brother's hand nearly got cut up.
    Me: My mum gave me days where I didn't have any technology for 3 days at a time
    Grandpa: YO! GET TF DOWN WEEBS!

  • Mika Shisoro
    Mika Shisoro 18 hours ago

    I couldn't hurt a fly but i could hurt a person :)

  • Ignas Jonaitis
    Ignas Jonaitis 19 hours ago

    Make more video's hore

  • rose just meh
    rose just meh 20 hours ago

    Tabbes where are u

  • Kevboyproductions

    Never knew her bro voiced the popo. Lol he did a good job.

  • xboxplayz29
    xboxplayz29 Day ago

    so today, i got punished. it HURT, they put me in a full snowsuit with a coat, snowpants, mittens, and boots so i get hot. then my leg got crushed bettween a drawer, then i got spanked a few times, then hot and cold water went down my pants. my punishment taught me a good lesson.

  • Sophia Kalenza
    Sophia Kalenza Day ago

    Wait..I just realized


  • Sophia Kalenza
    Sophia Kalenza Day ago

    This just makes me feel like I have the best parents and/or I am just a really well-behaved child

    But I have gotten a few punishments

    But not as terrible as these ones 0w0

  • Worthless Trash
    Worthless Trash Day ago

    Is this why her voice is like that and she was mute for so long? If so, it’s heartbreaking....

  • Frost Arctica
    Frost Arctica Day ago

    The forecast was so brick...IT COULD BUILD A HOUSE

    SHIBBY Day ago

    Some Mexican parents are strict like strict Asian parents

  • Jaxson _ 2099
    Jaxson _ 2099 Day ago

    “Pops” *shows picture of pops from regular show*

    YES! THIS LADY IS THE BOMB! Anyone else remember that show

  • Addison Mccarthy

    Ok where is your dad what is his name and what kind of knife would you like me to bring lol
    Also I would never do what your thinking I would do!
    I will let the cops do that!

  • HinataScarlet
    HinataScarlet Day ago

    I love yugioh cards as a kid because the art designs were amazing...but back then I didn’t know how to play and no boy ( at my old school ) didn’t want to teaach me or allow me to play with them. Also I couldn’t collect them because my mom thought it was for boys only but that’s ok! I drew my own yugioh cards.

  • GoldenKittyUnicorn264

    ur dad MUST go to hell

  • Bailey Gaming
    Bailey Gaming Day ago

    7:27 😂😂

  • colby mengata
    colby mengata Day ago

    0:02 does anyone else see stewie Griffin

  • Sarah Huang
    Sarah Huang Day ago

    im assuming the living room became a battle field

  • Tori Ani.
    Tori Ani. Day ago

    Some of these comments are awful, it’s like y’all are making jokes of a serious topic.

  • zonelex
    zonelex Day ago

    Where Tabs got the money to buy the shit in her childhood

  • fighter Master
    fighter Master Day ago

    Your dad is drunk

  • Wõlfie Playz
    Wõlfie Playz Day ago

    I was smacked as a young child but as I grew it stopped because it could have serious effects on me. I became really twitchy when someone asked me to come over to them, someone raised their hand near me, and would sometimes break down crying.

  • Jello Flan
    Jello Flan Day ago

    Being hispanic means I would be spanked for saying stupid. Screeeeeeeech.

  • Maqwi123 AJ
    Maqwi123 AJ Day ago

    0:41 *HERES JOHNNY!*

  • Random person over the internet

    Tables I thought you were a navy seal

  • Erick Ayora
    Erick Ayora Day ago

    Do a part 2

  • Erick Ayora
    Erick Ayora Day ago

    I’m a big fan

  • Eloise DA PIZZA LOVER :3

    Ur dad is crazy get revenge

  • Nikara Studio
    Nikara Studio Day ago

    Mom: *returns from a parent-teacher meeting*
    My sister( kindergartener): U will die in 3 seconds

  • Anne Belo
    Anne Belo Day ago

    Me: WHAT THE FU-
    Me: SHI-
    *at end*
    Me:.....Heh, fu-

  • Syren Scyth
    Syren Scyth Day ago

    Kid: I buyned dwon u hwouse
    Tabbes:why u not in prison
    Kid:ium twee
    Tabbes: you get a pass like from the government...
    Meh: yeah...Is it bad I've tried to do the same thing when I was like 3 I'm not kidding no shit I was 3 and my parents weren't exactly the most responsible and umm...they smoked so one day they left a lighter on the low coffee table and I kinda maybe...tried and succeeded to light it I destroyed my moms 4th favourite carpet...😂 my parents nicknamed me pyro 😂😂😂 ahh good times I got some crazy ass stories...and some pretty interesting nicknames...😁😂

  • ItsWenis
    ItsWenis Day ago

    Trading subs for aliens 👽 before they run out