Insane Childhood Punishments

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
  • I have a tiger dad and ima share that experience. I gave him the hundred bucks so its a bribe, not an expose vid. Also I been sick so my voice sounds more like a granny smokin 5 packs a day than usual.
    Also thanks to my bro for voicing the Popo in this vid
    ALT LINK (If its not working):
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  • thatboi69
    thatboi69 Hour ago

    *Oh really that’s it. ): My dad would put nails in the belt and make sure all of them sinked in my skin*

  • memer
    memer 4 hours ago

    i wasd gwonded 4 å weak 4 brning d0wn my neaebhers houze

  • Diane Shearer
    Diane Shearer 5 hours ago

    Brain: either binge watch Tabbes or watch the Astros Game with fam?
    Me: To TVclip!

  • Unicornlove_iliceunicorn!


  • Blue Pencil
    Blue Pencil 7 hours ago

    Abusive parents don't get "better" over time, they just get old..
    Abusive people are less likely to attack a healthy grown adult (who can fight back, unlike a child) when their body is too old to have the upper hand anymore.

  • Noodle Wolf
    Noodle Wolf 7 hours ago

    😂😂😂🤣🤣My step-dad just hit me now, so yeah...."•v• this is the first time he hit me...

  • Jessiemations
    Jessiemations 8 hours ago

    God pops is abusive

  • Kermit Le frog
    Kermit Le frog 10 hours ago

    Yo these punishments are seriously messed up. Like that's not ok. She couldve died then and there, my mom doesn't let me step a foot outside if my hair is wet because she doesn't want me to get sick. And ripping a child's fav cards just because she didn't know what the bugs were is wrong. Every single one of them was messed up

  • assata mccombs
    assata mccombs 23 hours ago


  • Terrible animationTM

    7:55, eyes look like all might

  • Skylar Sky
    Skylar Sky Day ago

    Okay I sorry to say this but your dad sound awful!! What he was doing ain’t discipline, that was mother fricking CHILD ABUSE!!!!

  • Bethenny Torres
    Bethenny Torres Day ago

    Did he use a baseball bat can you bet video with a baseball bat or did he get the Pee Wee I didn't know in the video you said you anything you name it did he actually use the TV

  • Bethenny Torres
    Bethenny Torres Day ago

    You get for 4 war you trying 4 to say 5

  • Bethenny Torres
    Bethenny Torres Day ago

    Find a video that you make I got grounded I got grounded by burning down of my neighbor's house and then and then when you ask that to the question is said and the kids said because I'm 3 years old why did you make the kids say that and who the point that you use for the video do you like turn your voice into all these characters voices a priori open up we're going to give you three seconds to open up the door if you don't open up the door we're going to we're going to kick it I'm going to kick it down and I'm going to say get down that's what we do that's what we do

  • Bethenny Torres
    Bethenny Torres Day ago

    Panels and wind the video did you use this picture I know I can't show it because TVclip but they let anyone put pictures so why did you do that fight kid picture in the video and that kid even have ice cream in his hand find a picture from

  • Bethenny Torres
    Bethenny Torres Day ago

    That sounds like a you problem

  • Bethenny Torres
    Bethenny Torres Day ago

    I got tired of you by my brother my brother today punch me in the face though I gave you my brother punches me he hits me no other down what is what he used to hate your name in problem I'm probably on my make a video of it like how you did because you make a video of everyday life like your everyday life. So I'll probably do the same my birthday the best I got to get my revenge Alano house I break my brother's. That's how I got my revenge on my brother Peppa Pig is a tendo switch controller

    • Bethenny Torres
      Bethenny Torres Day ago


    • Bethenny Torres
      Bethenny Torres Day ago

      Imma make the animation about my everyday life like this TVclipr who and whom imma make animation just like this TVclipr yeah I make everyday life animation I am going to do everything I can to make the dip to make my everyday life animations do not caring what I put in my animation I like to give you two I like to give TVclip some everyday information about my animation even though it is so hard to drawing animations with color and people still don't watch them they don't appreciate what I can what is how hard it takes me to make these animation with colors that's why you make the animation plane no color no nothing nothing I say no no no no no no no no no color not today

  • Oscar Chavarria
    Oscar Chavarria Day ago

    Dose being spanked in the butt with a big stick

  • the gacha life group Amyah Brown

    I Be scared AF

    BOT LEGAL Day ago

    My Dad is like that sometimes but he's not that extra...

  • emina gracanin
    emina gracanin Day ago

    my mom always beats me because i get c really oh my god but i always love her

  • art and crap
    art and crap Day ago

    I've never gotten caught with my electronics... I have an owl plush that has a zipper pocket meant to hold a blanket. My parents forgot it stored things, if I heard them coming, my device went into the owl. I would grab it, hiding the zipper side under the blanket, and pretend to sleep. How to get it into your room? Mad dash: at bedtime, when nobody is looking, grab the electronic, and put in in your pants, under the shirt, over the underwear. Hold in in place or let the pants hold it. Run to your room and hide it (if your parents come into your room to say goodnight or to check on you). Always use earbuds (smaller than headphones, easier to hide) ,or mute it

  • Willow Rogers
    Willow Rogers 2 days ago

    What I hate your dad!!!!!

  • mazda rae
    mazda rae 2 days ago +1

    for revenge on my parent's i put lemon juice in my moms contacts

    • mazda rae
      mazda rae 2 days ago

      they ate all of my Halloween candy

  • Gecko o
    Gecko o 2 days ago

    Yea, when I was on third grade on elementary school the teacher used to hit us ten times on the nails with the eraser for each point that we got under a 10, that would be equivalent to A, my fingers bled any time, also on 4th we hat to kneel on boards covered with upside down bottle caps, no im not joking, all those were real punishments by the time that I was on elementary and it was not even so long ago. Did they work?, did they make me a better person?, fkn no, I was a good student, all that only made me hate school and my teacher, rot in hell ass hole.

  • DrixyJude YT
    DrixyJude YT 2 days ago

    I would for sure kick him in the balls when he punished me

  • Licen K
    Licen K 2 days ago

    Holy hell that is brutal

  • Mr Memes
    Mr Memes 3 days ago

    Tabbes just became a long dark character.

  • Michelle Pelsche-Ostapkovich

    "I was gwonded for a week for burning down my neighbors house."
    Me:Hey fbi we have a psycho kid here, he burned the neightbors house like fuck that shit why you ain't in jail? (made me laugh so much on that one)

  • lucas inman
    lucas inman 3 days ago +1

    Tabbs dad is in a new character for mortal kombat

  • bogoak1
    bogoak1 3 days ago +1

    1:11 Oh, that only be to you others. To me, Boris Johnson is the most hilarious person on mother earth

  • Spyraptor
    Spyraptor 3 days ago +1

    If you think Asian parents are bad
    Try meeting a Somalian one

  • Sweety Dhar
    Sweety Dhar 3 days ago +1

    My childhood in a nutshell 😶

  • winda XX
    winda XX 4 days ago

    (Me in my family)
    Me:*yells back*
    Mom:*slaps the shit out of me*
    Me:*gets a bloody nose somehow*
    Dad: winda stop fucking around!!!!
    Me: *starts crying cause I’m so fucking sensitive*
    Mom and Dad: stop crying before I give you a reason to cry!!!!!!
    Me: yo this is janky as fuuuuck

  • Chase Trechak
    Chase Trechak 4 days ago +1

    Theodd1sout mom: that is one M&M
    Tabbes dad: I will cut your hand off you little-

  • Kitty Cake
    Kitty Cake 4 days ago

    Wen my dad was a kid he tried grabbing food when my grandma was cutting it and she said put your hand down and banged it on the table cutting my dads finger

  • Porkemon909
    Porkemon909 5 days ago

    Batman + Spider-Man = Tabbes dad

  • sketchy Leader28
    sketchy Leader28 5 days ago

    Mexican punishment?

    SHUT UP BRUH 5 days ago

    He was extra as FUUUCK bruh you have 90 billion Consoles

  • unexpected chair
    unexpected chair 5 days ago

    *pass the abuse*

  • Luci Fox
    Luci Fox 5 days ago

    i was 17 years old when i realised that not everyone is beat half to death for not taking out the trash

  • Tomas Perez
    Tomas Perez 6 days ago

    That's me

  • Neely players
    Neely players 6 days ago

    Tabbes you should’ve went to a friends house while outside

  • GaryFTP
    GaryFTP 7 days ago

    you look like john wick around 0.47

  • Neely players
    Neely players 7 days ago +1


  • sam neko
    sam neko 7 days ago


  • Indo YT
    Indo YT 7 days ago

    XD when you were a kid ur just like me when I was a kid 😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Seng
    Michael Seng 7 days ago +1

    Oml finally I found. Someone That knows regular show :3

  • Sofia Karjala
    Sofia Karjala 7 days ago +1

    The fact that he never even said anything when she got sick makes me mad. It's obvious it was his fault and he acts like it wasn't?

  • Its bananna Time
    Its bananna Time 7 days ago

    My friends have uva cards sorry for bad grammar

  • Get Klaped!
    Get Klaped! 7 days ago

    Ur dads strict as heeeeeeeeeeeeel!!

  • Get Klaped!
    Get Klaped! 7 days ago

    4:02 tho

  • Strawberry Peach
    Strawberry Peach 7 days ago

    *after watching it..... *
    Me: He's the fuckin devil!

  • Potato power MIller
    Potato power MIller 8 days ago +1

    You make your dad buy the electronics so when he brakes it it’s his money

  • Nhi Hoang
    Nhi Hoang 8 days ago

    My friend: My parents don't abuse me-
    Me: *holy hell why are your parents chiller than ice?*

  • indeterminate. art
    indeterminate. art 8 days ago

    Oh wow. That's.. not ok. Sry you had to go through that

  • King George iii
    King George iii 8 days ago +2


    Old strict Asian: when I was nobody's age I could speak

  • •storm •
    •storm • 8 days ago

    Your Dad is pretty crazy cool vid

  • Yll Ibraimi
    Yll Ibraimi 8 days ago

    Loooooooooooooooooooool looks like you broke your hait