10 Most SHOCKING Deaths Caught on LIVE TV


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  • MatthewSantoro
    MatthewSantoro  Year ago +3626

    Hey guys. Two things I want to address that I'm seeing in the comments:
    1-it appears my source on Ayrton Senna was wrong about his nationality. He was Brazilian, not Italian. He only died in Italy. Sorry about that!
    2-A lot of people are asking why Budd Dwyer wasn't on this list. Contrary to popular belief, his suicide was not broadcast live, therefore he was disqualified from this list.
    Hope that explains everything!

    • Truck Bois
      Truck Bois 9 hours ago

      Did you heard how a monster truck took a 6 year old boy's life at a Monster Jam show in 2009

    • Xedrex Gaming
      Xedrex Gaming 6 days ago

      MicroMattGaming Kennedy’s homicide wasn’t caught on news, it was recorded by a bystander.

    • R J
      R J 8 days ago

      +Rooks Cook Book The hockey player was Clint Malarchuk. He survived. How you didn't know that, when it was very well-publicized, is beyond me.

    • Kelly Q
      Kelly Q 18 days ago

      Wait, so they aired his suicide intentionally? Because I remember being a kid watching it, that’s crazy.

    • Alucard Peach
      Alucard Peach Month ago

      +Luna Star Summer Hope I had just been sent home from the hospital with my newborn son that day. My parents came to help me out and my dad put the race on about 5 min before the wreck. My first day home with my first child and that happened. I'll never forget it. I was breastfeeding my son later that year and turned on the morning news just in time to see the plane crash into the twin towers. Sometimes things happen that are so shocking that people remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when it happened, and those were 2 of that type events for me

  • Truck Bois
    Truck Bois 9 hours ago

    I live in Phoenix, AZ

  • Shalee Andrews
    Shalee Andrews 18 hours ago

    What about the guy who thought he was wearing a fake collar bomb to rob a bank and than his head actually blew off on live tv.

  • Ceridwen Nytewell
    Ceridwen Nytewell 22 hours ago

    Matt is it bad your eyebrows turn me on

  • Edward Ravenbear

    One that should have been here is the LA bank robbery and shoot out all captured live and the deaths of the shooters.

  • tg rocker
    tg rocker Day ago

    what about owen hart at a live wwe ppv

  • Bria Merrill
    Bria Merrill 2 days ago

    Why didn’t u do Kennedy’s assination

  • Delores Lute
    Delores Lute 2 days ago

    Hey Matthew you left out budd Dwyer. Delores

  • James Flanagan
    James Flanagan 3 days ago

    Ummm, Lee Harvey Oswald? Owen Hart?

  • Jamee Tengco
    Jamee Tengco 3 days ago

    I live in manila

  • The Olympic Class Gaming

    do part 2!!

  • Emit Raw
    Emit Raw 4 days ago

    The Turkish security guard that assassinate the russian diplomat while he was addressing the media.

  • Lauren Woods
    Lauren Woods 4 days ago

    Here's an idea: don't bullfight.

  • SCARlet_DRaKox13
    SCARlet_DRaKox13 4 days ago

    Meanwhile.. Americans still wont ban guns

  • juan lopez
    juan lopez 5 days ago

    theres 1 and im glad you didnt post the attacks on 9/11...thank you for using good judgement and taste....

  • to be
    to be 5 days ago

    i remember number nine. it was very sad.

  • OneWithTheWind
    OneWithTheWind 7 days ago

    Owen Hart perhaps?

  • Steve Gresham
    Steve Gresham 7 days ago


  • Jack Skeleton
    Jack Skeleton 8 days ago

    Does anyone think this is kinda weird that he is kinda happy????

  • luckylirith
    luckylirith 8 days ago

    dunno if its been said yet but the reason for the attack on the dutch royal family has been known since a week after the attack, the man used to be a member of the police , specificly the ones in charge of safety around large events. he pleaded for better security regarding well.. cars. but since nothing ever happend they laughed at him and at one point fired him. so he decided to show how bad it was. prepared to take lives including his own .

  • Carmen Buckles
    Carmen Buckles 8 days ago

    he got to feel the pain of all the bulls he hurt.

  • Dave Cobb
    Dave Cobb 11 days ago

    Havent watched it yet but owen hart best be on here

  • Game Fright GF
    Game Fright GF 12 days ago

    Blue angel crashing, 9/11, The Challenger, 2002 Tsunami, and I can keep this list going

  • Andy Pazdioch
    Andy Pazdioch 13 days ago

    So no Eddie Guerrero heart attack

  • kwj jones
    kwj jones 13 days ago

    OH TOMMY COOPER WE HAVE A STATUE OF HIM NEAR ME BECAUSE *im pretty sure he was welsh* and im from wales

    ROBOTPETER101 13 days ago

    A year later and I still can't get over that thumbnail.

  • Logan malough
    Logan malough 14 days ago

    I’ve seen the uncensored version of Budd Dwyer suicide and I just gotta say; have a barf bag or garbage bin next to you. It’s graphic.

  • Logan malough
    Logan malough 14 days ago

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Felipe Castaneda
    Felipe Castaneda 15 days ago


  • A Duck that seen some things

    Did anyone realize he left out president Kennedy?

  • Bri Hime
    Bri Hime 16 days ago

    Chubbuck's suicide is now online. I saw it. It..... Was interesting to say the least.

  • Ludmila Sommerkamp
    Ludmila Sommerkamp 16 days ago

    Sorry but I applauded on the bullfighter one 👏👏👏

  • Marcus Estes
    Marcus Estes 16 days ago

    The Waco texas one

  • Paul Hawklord
    Paul Hawklord 17 days ago

    Glad the bullfighter got it

  • dm 771
    dm 771 18 days ago

    Ha pante brush ads

  • Switchs Techs
    Switchs Techs 18 days ago

    Budd Dwyer was insane

  • Karen Eastman
    Karen Eastman 18 days ago

    Tommy Cooper The Magician's death on the tv was very awful.:-(:-(:-O:-O that guy not taking his dog out of his car before setting it on fire is horrible.Why did he kill his or someone he knows' dog???:-O:-O:-(:-(:-(

  • Juan Rios
    Juan Rios 19 days ago

    I mean what did the guy think was gonna happen bull will attack

  • Justin Pate
    Justin Pate 19 days ago

    you got perfect teeth not be weird r u Canadian like me

    SCARFACE TACO 20 days ago


  • Mystic Rayquaza
    Mystic Rayquaza 21 day ago

    idk whats so funny bout the thumbnail

  • Brent Joos
    Brent Joos 21 day ago

    Love your videos Matt! But Senna is Brazilian, not Italian ;)

  • faze_ foxy
    faze_ foxy 22 days ago

    RIP Tommy Cooper
    Thank you 🙏

  • faze_ foxy
    faze_ foxy 22 days ago

    He said aerton senna was Italian 🤣😂 He was most famous for being brazilian

  • Eleanor of Aquitaine
    Eleanor of Aquitaine 22 days ago

    Dude hitting the crack pipe before making your vids?

  • Tammy Swank
    Tammy Swank 25 days ago

    Haha! I'm happy the Bullfighter died!😁

  • Me Me
    Me Me 25 days ago

    10 most shocking deaths but you have no clear video of any of them please go away

  • Tinkerbell Hufflepuff
    Tinkerbell Hufflepuff 27 days ago

    Tommy cooper was WELSH, not british

  • Wim Ivens
    Wim Ivens Month ago

    Did he really say Ayrton Senna is Italian ... oops

  • Michele Clifton
    Michele Clifton Month ago

    Terrible shame about the bullfighter NOT!

  • William Brown
    William Brown Month ago

    September 11 2001 incidents unfortunately.

  • Billy Sooner
    Billy Sooner Month ago

    Is that the actual footage of Christine!? I thought police and her family destroyed the two tapes.

  • Pack04 Pack04
    Pack04 Pack04 Month ago

    Where is bud Dwyer

  • fischyjo
    fischyjo Month ago +1

    Why does he keep making wierd faces?

  • Rolzana Lima Robson

    2:18 He was brazilian, and also very well known here in Brazil, definitely one of the most famous deaths here, caught everyone by surprise and was really sad.

  • alaundra romero
    alaundra romero Month ago

    how about Dale Earnhardt Sr. at the Daytona 500 last lap. I, as I'm sure thousands of others were watching that race. It was so sad that the Intimidator died

    JEREMIE MCCARY Month ago


  • Progaz
    Progaz Month ago

    youre so creepy stop being a creep like that..

  • Hillers62
    Hillers62 Month ago

    When it comes to the atrocity of bullfighting I always cheer for the bull...OLEY!!!

  • Jason Schauer
    Jason Schauer Month ago

    Dude. Do your 30 seconds of homework. The racer is possibly the greatest that has ever lived. His name is pronounced AIR-TON SENNA. And He was Brazilian and not Italian. 🙄

  • Krystal Skye
    Krystal Skye Month ago

    Racing Driver Russell Phillips, killed in a race in Charlotte, NC. One of the most brutal deaths in auto racing...his car was involved in an accident, turned onto it's side, the roof scraped along the fence and a caution light pole, ripping the entire roof away from the car, decapitating Russell, and grinding his upper torso along the fencing. Only his lower torso remained in the car, the rest of his upper torso was ground away. his head, still inside his helmet, bounced down pit lane. Not as famous as Ayrton Senna, but far more brutal. Even more brutal than Gordon Smiley's and Tom Pryce's accidents. I think motorsport accidents take up the most "live-broadcast" deaths. Chaps like Dan Wheldon, Dale Earnhardt, Blaise Alexander, Buren Skeen, Scott Kalita, and Don MacTavish have all been killed on live television. The 1955 LeMans disaster was the worst auto racing accident, but i don't think it was broadcast live, so it wouldn't count.

  • LilMissPenguin
    LilMissPenguin Month ago

    Who else cringed at the Spanish names? When he said D'Angel tho...
    No offense, Matt, love ur videos! A lot of people do the same, it's just, as a proud Mexican and Spaniard, I can't stand it...

  • Johnny Cat
    Johnny Cat Month ago

    YaY Lorenzo...!!!

  • Random Wierdo
    Random Wierdo Month ago

    This is why i stay inside nothing is safe

  • Jared Roberto Perez

    Shannon Stone and Budd Dwyer's deaths.

  • Mj Liquigan
    Mj Liquigan Month ago

    Rizal not Ryzal

  • Mark Younger
    Mark Younger Month ago

    This guy just wanted to show his face but cut the videos

  • Nic Mackowey
    Nic Mackowey Month ago

    hi Matthew.. how do you handle these disturbing video's mentally?

  • Matkin222
    Matkin222 Month ago

    Senna's death was tragic but I don't know if I would call it the most shocking. Tom Pryce's horrendous crash comes to mind; that marshal was ripped into so many pieces they didn't know he was even missing until they gathered everyone later.

  • Human Thoughts
    Human Thoughts Month ago

    The magician heart attack one reminded me of the home olate umpire having a heart attack on opening day of a Cincinnati Reds game back in the 90s. If you ever make another one of these you should add that

  • Emma Everyday
    Emma Everyday Month ago

    I’m from Smith Mtn Lake and we were all getting ready for school when we watched Alison and Adam get killed.

  • Bill Batross
    Bill Batross Month ago

    What about 911?

  • Ad Revenue
    Ad Revenue Month ago

    I remember doing about the black september massacre in Munich in history.

  • DrinkT - L3GO
    DrinkT - L3GO Month ago

    Senna was Brasilian, not Italian... *sigh* still great vid though!

  • ZalaTV
    ZalaTV Month ago

    5:35 karma

  • Impurrfections
    Impurrfections Month ago

    My mom and dad still smoke.. But I asked them last year, "Mom, did Papa used to smoke?" Papa is my grandpa. She told me "Yes, but he doesn't anymore cause of a heart attack." I could never make an image in my mind of him smoking.I asked my grandma a few weeks ago what it was like, and why. She told me this. "Well, you see.. He smoked all the time, just as bad as me. But, I remember it. It was about twenty years ago. It was July i think.. But he was watching TV in the living room, I was in my room watching TV also. Then i heard him screaming my name. I ran into the living room to see him on the ground breathing heavily. I then called the ambulance. They got there about three minutes later, he was taken to the hospital and he thankfully is still alive." That's about it what she told me. I'm thankful to still have my whole family almost, although my other grandpa died when my mom was a teenager. Thank you for reading this. Again, very thankful i have most my family. Please be thankful no matter how bad of a condition anything is. Everything will be okay for a day atleast. And again, thank you for reading.
    - Impurrfections [ Sierra ]

  • Ya Typical Depressed Bitch

    Man, two of these just so happened to take place on my birthday, August 23rd. That’s kinda unnerving.

  • Geraldine Delatorre

    Who else Was so excited to Watch the chick Blow her Brains But then it switched 😞😔😔

  • shreyas dhavali
    shreyas dhavali Month ago

    We like to see the videos.. Please show videos its a request 😊. Video content should be more please

  • pasatorn saetung
    pasatorn saetung Month ago

    I thought it was released on october yall now....

  • Way2Spooky4U
    Way2Spooky4U Month ago

    I was expecting 9/11 Jumpers to be somewhere on this list.

  • Jevan Red
    Jevan Red Month ago

    Good for the Bull

  • Dante Flores
    Dante Flores Month ago +1

    Boston Marathon

  • Desperadox23
    Desperadox23 Month ago

    The most deaths on live TV were at 9/11

  • FtCrystalFlower Star

    Mmm spooopy oh btw I have something funny when I was whatching Live Tv the host walked down wanting to talk to a person and all of the sudden fell down but he was alive.
    Just to light up from these dark stories :P

  • Rosalyn the cat
    Rosalyn the cat Month ago

    8:28. Hay you didn't tell them that his kids wus watching

  • nomad gamer
    nomad gamer Month ago

    ah, yes the 2009 attack on my country's royal family.
    i was only 5 when i saw that... i only now know what kind of horror i watched.

  • LordBaneThePlayer
    LordBaneThePlayer Month ago +1

    I know that manilla is in the Philipines because of a joke.

  • Jagdeep Brar
    Jagdeep Brar Month ago

    fav vid

  • Zatavia Calhoun
    Zatavia Calhoun Month ago

    The bombing live news.

  • Johannes Jakobsson
    Johannes Jakobsson Month ago

    Ayrton Senna was from Brazil.

  • David J
    David J Month ago

    Ayrton Senna was born Brazillian, not Italian.

  • Sing To The Clouds
    Sing To The Clouds Month ago

    I remember when Alison and Adam died in 2015 I think, I live in va and it was huge on the news when it happened

  • XXbeastmodejrXX
    XXbeastmodejrXX Month ago

    I was scared on the first one... I thought he was really gonna show her shooting herself

  • urpieceofheaven 2
    urpieceofheaven 2 Month ago

    Poor Bull, this is not a sport!

  • deimos wolfe
    deimos wolfe Month ago

    but.. Ayrton Senna is Brazillian

  • DIO Brando
    DIO Brando 2 months ago

    What About Columbine?

    JOHNDIAS13 2 months ago

    Bud Dwyer .....

  • Berdinderindas
    Berdinderindas 2 months ago

    the guy with the gun in the thumbnail is so photoshop

  • madmojo 1999
    madmojo 1999 2 months ago

    I seem to remember an attack that caused 3000 people to lose their lives seems 11 hijackers took control over 4 planes and destroyed the twin towers ....yeah that should be number one