How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
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    How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Comments • 23 059

  • Bianca Valdivia
    Bianca Valdivia Hour ago

    You guys are some sensitive little bitches, the girl in the blue blazer is being honest. It’s her preference. Just because people aren’t always gonna tell you what you wanna hear doesn’t make them jerks. Grow tf up and stop being little pussies.

  • Tomboy Nation
    Tomboy Nation 2 hours ago

    The Black Guy Is Cute Asf 😭and He's Smooth As Hell

  • Leniz Moreno
    Leniz Moreno 2 hours ago

    Carter, sweetie, you’re doing amazing!!

  • Umm Tea
    Umm Tea 3 hours ago

    The girl in the blue blazer was definitely a bitch to everyone in high school and thought she was the shit 💀

  • Victoria Moran
    Victoria Moran 5 hours ago

    To they know how they make people feel bad about their selves

    Srly this to much of a video

  • Jamilla Posely
    Jamilla Posely 5 hours ago

    LMAOOO when blue blazer girl got into the line and he said “ think so? mmm-thank you.” and she got all aggressive like “YEAH, THATS IT YEAH.” 😭


    The girl in skirt was trying to be nice but she made it sound worst😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • Natalie Morales
    Natalie Morales 5 hours ago

    That tall guy wearing all black is super attractive damn😂

  • Billy Russo
    Billy Russo 5 hours ago

    The girl in the blue blazer is self obsessed. I don't mind that she was honest and spoke her mind but when she rated herself she put herself in 4th position whereas in reality she'll be on no 8 or 9.

  • Marina Maslakow
    Marina Maslakow 5 hours ago

    bro blazer girl was a bitch

  • sophia
    sophia 5 hours ago

    BITCH in the blazer

  • Szo Szo
    Szo Szo 5 hours ago

    Girl in blue has an ugly laugh to match her personality. Yikes.

  • MoonKat
    MoonKat 5 hours ago

    I feel bad for the Afro dude. He was always at the bottom because of his hair, he wasn’t unattractive but people disregarded him completely because of it

  • MoonKat
    MoonKat 6 hours ago

    The blazer chick was the ugliest person out there.

  • Laurel Matson
    Laurel Matson 6 hours ago

    Her: "I mean your tall but... *awkward silence*"
    Her: "Your bald." 😂😂😂

  • shahad alsanea
    shahad alsanea 7 hours ago

    This is problematic AF 😂and the girl with blazer .. the audacity!

  • newbz gamer
    newbz gamer 7 hours ago

    The hair you'd have to put it back
    Not if you turn around

  • Thepremiumcanal
    Thepremiumcanal 11 hours ago

    Ugly asses

  • Francis Olba
    Francis Olba 13 hours ago

    Ilah is beautiful AF

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S 13 hours ago

    Rating blazergirl, i can tell:
    Looks : 6
    Attitude: 0

  • Quest Rose
    Quest Rose 14 hours ago

    Society in conclusion :)

  • Clem Zeno
    Clem Zeno 14 hours ago

    omg i love carters pants

  • Clem Zeno
    Clem Zeno 14 hours ago

    this is me being stupid but is the tall black guy bisexual or is he just a really confident straight guy whos comfortable with his sexuality AHAHH

  • Austin Renato Altman
    Austin Renato Altman 17 hours ago

    Yo, blue jacket a bit of a c*nt right?

  • Gabriela Martinez
    Gabriela Martinez 17 hours ago

    DF is wrong with them carter and the Asian girl are hot why they rate them so low and the pale looking beautiful 10 hourglass figure woman in black was sexy as hell why they rate them such a low level

  • Josh Caraballo
    Josh Caraballo 19 hours ago

    I wish I could be on this show

  • The Great 98
    The Great 98 21 hour ago

    omg these videos are so interesting and fucking hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Austin Seago
    Austin Seago 21 hour ago

    Dude, I want to be the lesbians friend. She seems like a total badass

  • Kyle Lowry
    Kyle Lowry 22 hours ago +1

    I see why ppl hate the blue dressed girl, she's just plain on rude.😡

  • Haley Maes
    Haley Maes 22 hours ago

    black girl: "how can I be a 10?"
    girl the blue blazer: *turn white*

  • Naomi Espinola
    Naomi Espinola 23 hours ago

    Why does the girl in the blue blazer have higher standards than planes? I'd give her a 1.

  • Jessy
    Jessy Day ago

    The lesbian reminds me of the mom from The Fosters. I dont know if its her demeanor or what but I love her

  • Erica Zetterquist
    Erica Zetterquist Day ago +1

    nobodys probably gonna read this but i wanna list how everyone was beautiful (in my opinion) cuz watching this made me feel insecure and i just wanted to spread some good vibes around and remind everyone they are beautiful in their own unique way!
    1. Light eyes and dark hair are a really beautiful combo, nice body
    2. nice smile and super white teeth, nice body proportions
    3. thick curly hair, muscular
    4. very tall (long arms and legs), pulls off the bald hair well
    5. beautiful long hair, defined cheek bones
    6. SMILE, soft brown eyes
    7. blue eyes, contagious smile
    8. tall, strong jawline
    9. EYES, facial hair
    10. well proportioned body, eyebrows and hair

  • Joseph Rusciano
    Joseph Rusciano Day ago

    Girl in the jeans a bitch

  • Bella J
    Bella J Day ago

    The girl in the blazer is the most judgmental person I have EVER seen.

  • b-pin pandey
    b-pin pandey Day ago

    6:38 is the art on her tshirt a lakhe ?? Any nepali out here

  • Bailey Porath
    Bailey Porath Day ago

    The guy at 5:51 omgomg

  • Lovita
    Lovita Day ago

    I would have put myself at the end after saying those criticisms

  • daniel santos
    daniel santos Day ago

    That lesbian looks so threatening and friendly at the same time

  • Anoushka Mukherjee


  • Layomi Akanwo
    Layomi Akanwo Day ago

    sis in the blue blazer ain't even one to be talking she not even cute

  • Cole Crawford
    Cole Crawford Day ago

    Chick in the blue blazer needs to get judged by a 10/10 Alpha male to put her in her place.

  • sofieee
    sofieee Day ago

    ok but that guy that used to model,, DAMN

  • Silka Salih El Bey

    This is some rude shit. I hate this

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight Day ago

    Blue blazer is a middle aged ugly chick who dresses like a substitute teacher

  • Crystal Hunt
    Crystal Hunt Day ago


  • Crystal Hunt
    Crystal Hunt Day ago


  • Hely Pinho
    Hely Pinho Day ago

    What the heck is that? What is the purpose of all this, seriously??? You shouldn't make any more videos like this! The world is already full of bulshit!

  • Kevin Zetino
    Kevin Zetino Day ago

    White guys... damn it

  • Giromonda
    Giromonda Day ago

    Can we get a follow up on Carter and guy dressed in white and confidence?

  • Amber Vamp
    Amber Vamp Day ago

    Whos the hot girl in black, the first one?

  • Sprinkle Positivity

    Oh i adored that one guy he was so positive and he pointed out nice things about everyone showcasing the fact that everyone has something beautiful about them his entire vibe and interaction with everyone was wonderful and very inspiring i wish I knew what his name was but I didn't catch it if they used it

  • Abhishek Ajoodhea

    The guy with the big ass os the manlinees bloke ive seen. You rock man ! :D

  • Anwar Hussain
    Anwar Hussain Day ago +1

    Fuck the girl in the blazer

  • Bruno Lobo
    Bruno Lobo Day ago +6

    girl in the blue blazer crying reading the comments rn

  • Turi Minter
    Turi Minter Day ago

    This is such a stupid video why are they trying to be so PC your literally rating people on how they look stfu and give carter a fucking -11 she's so ugly

  • Mattelstown
    Mattelstown Day ago

    i like the black guy rating people hes super attractive lol

  • Aniya Thomas
    Aniya Thomas Day ago

    the girl with the blue blazer was such a bitch. and her outfit looked stupid and she cant walk in heels to save her damn life. #Fugly

  • Lizzie
    Lizzie Day ago

    Madison if i recall is her name, is a bit crazy lol. All these people bashing on her when i'm quite sure her brother(director) threw her in there to say some random shit because she can do it.

  • DepressedTeen
    DepressedTeen Day ago

    0:13 she feeling way... to good by herself

  • hello_m8teys
    hello_m8teys Day ago

    this is really sad, everyones beautiful in their own way

  • hello_m8teys
    hello_m8teys Day ago

    dunno how i feel about this lineup episode

  • Mondlunar
    Mondlunar Day ago

    How are the two black men about the same height when one is rated, but when the guy, that rated others, lines himself up he is like half a head taller?

  • Gamer girl 9003
    Gamer girl 9003 Day ago

    Personally, I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way (except people I don't like. Then I can't find anything I like about them) so it would be so hard for me to pick. As a straight girl with VERY low self-esteem, I'm jealous of all of those girls and I find all of them gorgeous, and the guys are either super stylish and/or cute, but I know for a fact that I would get a bad rating in this.

  • Rio Aranas
    Rio Aranas Day ago

    being on this would’ve made my self esteem plummet soooo far down

  • Jazmin Lopez
    Jazmin Lopez Day ago

    That girl in the blue blazer may be pretty on the outside but the inside is garbage

  • Jazmin Lopez
    Jazmin Lopez Day ago

    This is hella messed up tho just saying

  • Jimin Wife
    Jimin Wife Day ago

    I just hate the whole video

  • Dzairi
    Dzairi Day ago

    "Unless you turn around" lool man doggystyled her af

  • ratison ;P
    ratison ;P Day ago

    im not even into white guys that much but damn that one guy made me feel sumn 😳

  • Kiki Kira
    Kiki Kira Day ago

    "your face a lil weird?" bItch, fuck off

  • Carrie Mcgregor
    Carrie Mcgregor Day ago +1

    Wth with the chick in the pants and blue jacket

  • Carrie Mcgregor
    Carrie Mcgregor Day ago +1

    I'm happy Carter got a 9

  • Natalie Cervantes
    Natalie Cervantes 2 days ago

    The girl in the blue blazer is so judgemental 😒 throw her away.

  • Jenn Wojack
    Jenn Wojack 2 days ago +1

    I'd fuck them all. Except blue blazer bitch.... She can eat my ass.

  • Violet
    Violet 2 days ago

    The girl in the black with a red belt was sooooo pretty! What the hell?! Wish I was nearly that pretty!

  • Gigi K
    Gigi K 2 days ago +1

    Red head judge seems like a narcissist to me. She was honest but lacked empathy. The brown curly haired judge at least felt uncomfortable answering what would be deemed hurtful. I tried to picture Red Head with Emma Stone and Anne Hathaway's personality. So much more likable. Better mute though.

  • Jenn Wojack
    Jenn Wojack 2 days ago +38

    _Quote of the Day_
    *"On a lesbian scale, he wouldn't turn me."*

  • Grace Nern
    Grace Nern 2 days ago

    omg everyone was so mean to Carter but she was hella cute! I loved her smile and her earrings!

  • arsette
    arsette 2 days ago

    why blue blazer gotta do the asian guy like that 😂😂

  • Yuqi
    Yuqi 2 days ago

    the black girl with the platform boots and the afro is so pretty and seems like she has an amazing personality and would be fun around.

  • Julia Chernov
    Julia Chernov 2 days ago

    RIP FAT WHITE WOMEN lol but then.... THE INFAMOUS BLACK DUDE swoopps in lol. Black dudes love fat white women for some reason lol

  • jessica farias
    jessica farias 2 days ago

    The girl in the blazer is a bitch. And she’s extremely ugly.

  • Liz Biz
    Liz Biz 2 days ago

    Bro i've never seen a guy act like that about a girl ( Carter)

  • brooke burruss
    brooke burruss 2 days ago

    Everyone hating on the blue blazer girl but holy shit she is so funny to me

  • Mary Lou Hacker
    Mary Lou Hacker 2 days ago

    The white girl is not attractive. not pretty enough to talk the way she is lmao

  • Jade Ruth
    Jade Ruth 2 days ago

    That half Korean guy was cute k

  • Saidie Jimenez
    Saidie Jimenez 2 days ago

    They should bring people with multiracial taste next time. One of the girl openly admitted that she only likes white guys so how is that fair judgement on the minority. Also at the end they should let the model rate the person

  • Kins Ley
    Kins Ley 2 days ago

    I knew as soon as the bigger girl came in that black guy would be all over that shitt man😂

  • Lucas Hungerford
    Lucas Hungerford 2 days ago

    The girl in the beginning was fine as hell

  • Gracie
    Gracie 2 days ago

    Why is the girl in the blue blazer such a bitch? She was definitely the type of girl in highschool who thought she was better than everyone else but everyone else hated her lmao

  • Queen ov Hell
    Queen ov Hell 2 days ago

    The one in the blue blazer is a solid 2, so how come a person that's a 2 (according to me) is bullying people like that. Arrogant and rude

  • jose the awesome
    jose the awesome 2 days ago +1

    Omg that first girl was gorgeous
    She deserved all those high marks

  • Mariah Barr
    Mariah Barr 2 days ago

    The guy with the big hair 😍😍😍

  • ophe teufel
    ophe teufel 2 days ago


  • Kai
    Kai 2 days ago

    Someone get me that man

  • Just A Strange Girl
    Just A Strange Girl 2 days ago

    1:40 does anyone else feel that was completely sexual assault causee????

  • Aniruddh Boda
    Aniruddh Boda 2 days ago

    Rate the blue blazer, with that attitude -10

    U rate now ......

  • K.Slimmy
    K.Slimmy 2 days ago

    8:03 toooook me out. They way she was trying to place him was like “I dunno what to do with you” 😂😭

  • Lucy Foster
    Lucy Foster 2 days ago

    The dude with crazy hair had great face and body--couldn't anyone see the potential there?