Introducing: Amy's Baking Company - Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Dec 2, 2015
    Amy's Baking Company almost needs no introduction, but just incase you aren't familiar here is everything you need to know about the restaurant and it's owners.
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  • southern daze
    southern daze 4 hours ago

    She has such a punchable... THROAT.

  • Princessofnada87 j
    Princessofnada87 j 4 hours ago +1

    2:42 I thought Amy was going to stop Sammi she just join lol

  • Jacob
    Jacob 8 hours ago

    Man I'd slap that bitch back to his country... oh wait nvm someone already did that

  • Michael Hornbeck
    Michael Hornbeck 15 hours ago +1

    Cashier: FUCK OFF
    7 seconds later

  • E. Reyes
    E. Reyes 19 hours ago

    I really hope this place is out of business now.

  • _Monarch
    _Monarch 22 hours ago

    If he touches me one bit, He’s not gonna wake up

  • Wiktor Wiktorowicz
    Wiktor Wiktorowicz 22 hours ago

    '' The food we're making is going straight to the bin but I decided to open a restaurant which serves terrible food and have to throw it away''

  • HamokaIsPuff
    HamokaIsPuff Day ago

    When Amy says this is redicilous,she sounds like Chloe from miraculous.

  • Hazel Lapidario
    Hazel Lapidario Day ago

    she had her own TVclip channel lol

  • Amanda Witherspoon

    I can't think of a job suitable for that woman's level of crazy and bad attitude. She is completely delusional.

  • Junior Rodriguez
    Junior Rodriguez Day ago +1

    Wtf that guy acts like they ordered a fuck off not a pizza

  • heart attack on a plate


  • Rumple Foreskin
    Rumple Foreskin 2 days ago

    He said "I fuck you!!"

  • Alexander Kopoev
    Alexander Kopoev 3 days ago

    Let's pray for this family

  • KC S
    KC S 3 days ago

    Wow. Dinner and a show

  • Jessica Rabbit
    Jessica Rabbit 3 days ago

    He wanted him to pay for the food he never got? 🤣🤣

  • 높은 희망
    높은 희망 3 days ago

    The thumbnail creeping me

  • Everything
    Everything 3 days ago

    XD i love the people

  • Johnny Rave
    Johnny Rave 3 days ago

    "Dont call the police u crazy", for what sammy, so u guys wont get exposed for being total assholes to ur customers and for physical threats

  • Michael T. Sanchez
    Michael T. Sanchez 4 days ago

    Why didnt these 2 guys call the cops for assault

  • Michael T. Sanchez
    Michael T. Sanchez 4 days ago

    This chic looks n reminds me of one of my exes. Bi Polar from hell. But my ex was Hispanic so thats BP everyday

  • UnKnown User
    UnKnown User 4 days ago

    Yes, pay for food that never arrived. Ah yes. Food that took 1 hour+ and never arrived. Call police who have better things to do then watch them argue about money that they dont deserve and dont have to get

  • Experiment Master
    Experiment Master 4 days ago

    expect nothing less from a drug dealer and a fraudster.
    Sami used to be a big time drug dealer, and Amy stole someone's SS number.

  • Potato Dude
    Potato Dude 4 days ago

    I feel so bad for the server.

  • set clock --:--
    set clock --:-- 4 days ago +1

    Amy's Baking Company ⬇⬇

  • KSM
    KSM 5 days ago

    They are paying you top.doller for the food you Nob if you cared about people starving you'd give free food out

  • Ken Martin
    Ken Martin 6 days ago

    She is like her pizza....half baked! With a side of Sammy crazy

  • Brent Wunderlich
    Brent Wunderlich 6 days ago

    Wow she's just a disgusting person. Somebody slap some sense into this bitch and the owner yelling at the customers.. wow! Shut ur business down!

  • chris shields
    chris shields 6 days ago

    "I'll fuck you!!" lololol

  • blockpq
    blockpq 6 days ago +1

    this is why i am here

    DDDWA 6 days ago

    they sound like most csgo players lol

  • veddie knows when
    veddie knows when 7 days ago

    She looks a bit like a deranged Annie Lennox 😂

  • Glorious Content
    Glorious Content 7 days ago

    Blizzard. I work in a restraint, and I don't know how this is possible. I'm northern sure what it would take to stage this.

  • ViYanni Gacha
    ViYanni Gacha 7 days ago

    "This isn't cooked right, it's raw!"
    Amy: "Okay I'll fucking burn it for them"

  • ViYanni Gacha
    ViYanni Gacha 7 days ago

    She looks high as fuck

  • Elite DF
    Elite DF 7 days ago

    And Chef ain't even there yet...

  • BANKO007
    BANKO007 7 days ago

    They need a psychiatrist. The customers should sue those bastards

  • Yan Chan Yan kun
    Yan Chan Yan kun 8 days ago +1

    Sammy chill tand stop just stop it

    Get some help!

  • outinsider
    outinsider 8 days ago

    This sounds worse with sound than subtitled.

  • SpanishFly120
    SpanishFly120 8 days ago

    Now, don't get me wrong. Often times customers at restaurants (like the ones who come in with a table of 10 five minutes before close instead of exercising common decency) do behave like dicks, yeah. But...these people didn't actually do anything bad at all. I mean, well, aside from having the bad fortune of going to that restaurant in the first place.

  • Caribbean Girl
    Caribbean Girl 8 days ago +14

    They both need a mental institution😨....espicially the wife she looks physcotic...omg.....🤤 they're both Looneytoons😲😲

    • Johnny Rave
      Johnny Rave 3 days ago

      I dont understand y they didn't get sued by the guys, there doing threats and cussing at them

  • uhh dude that would be salt

    You can see the crazy in this bitch's eyes

  • Galaxy 4476
    Galaxy 4476 9 days ago

    The male owner is smart. He doesn’t want the police involve cause he knows what is going to happen.

  • Ghastly
    Ghastly 9 days ago

    Let's all put amy baking company on the prayer list😇😇😇

  • loner dude
    loner dude 9 days ago +1

    when he says chewy it sounds like chewbie

  • Marie Fisher
    Marie Fisher 10 days ago


  • Darren Reinhart
    Darren Reinhart 10 days ago

    All I can hear is”FUCK YOU”

  • mik mik
    mik mik 10 days ago +1

    "Madir pakir yu ar!"

  • Milkyway Anime
    Milkyway Anime 10 days ago

    I laughed my ass off, no joke

  • RoachdoggJR
    RoachdoggJR 10 days ago

    "There are starving people in the world"
    ...but they dont pay to eat trash

  • Aoyai baba
    Aoyai baba 10 days ago

    Lmao! That woman looks more like a hooker than a chef. I could already imagine that face blowing some BBC and tell the camera how yummy it is lol!

  • Dragonslayer 901
    Dragonslayer 901 11 days ago

    It's amazing that grandpa there didn't have a heart attack during his fight with the customer lmao

  • Ting Tong
    Ting Tong 11 days ago

    Lol wow lol

  • Fight Teen
    Fight Teen 11 days ago

    calling the police ha!

  • Fight Teen
    Fight Teen 11 days ago


  • Rey
    Rey 11 days ago +3

    Sami: *Swears and threatens a customer for not paying for food they don't like*
    Customer: Are you kidding me?

  • tangee o
    tangee o 12 days ago

    They are insane,lol.

  • Warhead Recon
    Warhead Recon 12 days ago

    I like how he say the pizza is coming like the pizza is some person driving to the restaurant or some mythical creature

  • elliot green
    elliot green 13 days ago

    What a pair of unprofessional lunatic cunts 😂😂😂

  • Cobalt bliss
    Cobalt bliss 13 days ago

    Its amazing the cameraman survived that

  • Light
    Light 13 days ago

    Okay I feel gross after watching this... the guy literally said nothing wrong and they're calling the poloce and yelling at their customers? wtf?

  • Isahaq Yusuf
    Isahaq Yusuf 15 days ago +1


  • calvin condos
    calvin condos 15 days ago

    I hope they are no longer in business.

  • pompom
    pompom 15 days ago

    the thumbnail is fucking scary

  • ‘ Zormyy
    ‘ Zormyy 15 days ago

    What it be
    What it do
    Hi my names Amy
    Oh, I’m retarded too

  • Jake Benito
    Jake Benito 16 days ago +1

    Am I the only one that wants to fuck the crazy out of Amy? Lol I don’t know why but I swear I would fuck her silly

  • Greenock 195 195
    Greenock 195 195 16 days ago

    I would knock amy out.

  • Nasser Alzaabi
    Nasser Alzaabi 16 days ago

    I would strait up tell everyone to leave...

  • MyloNoire
    MyloNoire 16 days ago +1

    If I went to that restaurant and the owner would yell at me, I would break his glass jaw

  • HIMI2003
    HIMI2003 17 days ago

    I'll kick that old man ass,

  • Eggsdayz
    Eggsdayz 17 days ago

    The thumbnail says it all

  • TBALLZ_973
    TBALLZ_973 17 days ago

    No wonder why that place was going under!!!!!:/

  • Jess poops Stuff
    Jess poops Stuff 17 days ago +1

    *For anyone wondering what happened to her restaurant, just look at this article released after :*

    "Amy's Baking company is no more: Notorious Kitchen Nightmares restaurant closes after owners threatened to stab customers, stole from their own staff and broke iron-willed Gordon Ramsay"

    This tells you how horrible and a waste of life these managers are. Thank god it closed.

  • The Burydell Diary
    The Burydell Diary 18 days ago

    Batshit crazy.

  • Joseph Cirilo V Vergara

    This is getting RAGE...

  • yung daubeny
    yung daubeny 19 days ago +2

    Category : Entertainment

    I mean they not wrong tbh

  • Gian Gian Gian
    Gian Gian Gian 19 days ago


  • Roni Caquias
    Roni Caquias 20 days ago

    I just paid attention to the thumbnail! Believe me when I tell you, that EYES are the window to the soul!!! What do you see when you look into Amy's eyes?! I see a crazy ass female who is "knocked off" & has a great chance of losing her shit & harming herself or someone else!!! I see why folks fear her; she is not wrapped too tight!🤔👀😷

  • Roni Caquias
    Roni Caquias 20 days ago

    I hope and 🙏 that these 2 HAVE NOT, CANNOT & WILL NOT REPRODUCE!!! Can you imagine living with these 2 emotional clowns?! She is a weakling & HE'S a hot head...and they feed off of one another's negative energy!!! NO ESTÁ BIEN!!!😣😧😝

  • mish 21
    mish 21 20 days ago

    "not kidding you, I FUCK YOU" LMAO 😂😂😂

  • ben bishop
    ben bishop 20 days ago +1

    That old man is lucky he is still standing . You put your hands on people first then you will pay

  • Nael R
    Nael R 20 days ago


  • JJ Owens
    JJ Owens 21 day ago

    I would honestly have smacked that cow by now same with the old man. The way they talk to people is pathetic and vile.

  • Galaxy Star Nightcore
    Galaxy Star Nightcore 21 day ago +1

    The thumbnail gave me nightmares 😂

  • James Spencer
    James Spencer 21 day ago

    Do these morons have kids? I hope not.

  • James Spencer
    James Spencer 21 day ago

    Sammy and Amy are mental morons

  • James Spencer
    James Spencer 21 day ago

    These owners are a piece of work.... crap work.

  • Felisha Martinez
    Felisha Martinez 21 day ago

    This place absolutely does not deserve to be open!

  • killah Kong
    killah Kong 21 day ago


  • Ryan Truong
    Ryan Truong 21 day ago

    I'm having a hard time believing all of this drama is real. They escalated the drama for better rating.

  • steve gale
    steve gale 21 day ago

    I would smack that shxt in the face and the blonde scum bag. Those two are not even Apes.

  • KingNinja
    KingNinja 22 days ago +1

    3:39 me neither. This is a new level of mentally unstable disorder

  • Mitzi the evil ferret
    Mitzi the evil ferret 22 days ago

    ABC should have been named BCA. Batshit Crazy Amy's.

  • pancit canton
    pancit canton 22 days ago

    If they do that in my country, in just one day they will be kill and throw their bodies in the river.

    • steve gale
      steve gale 21 day ago

      What country is that? Arse lick county for poofters?

    TASHIMAYO kun 22 days ago

    Owner:gordon help

  • Travis Tan
    Travis Tan 22 days ago

    I would literally visit America to call the police on em

  • El wittinio
    El wittinio 22 days ago

    I wanna go there just to see how bad it is 🤣🤣

  • Jayson Jay
    Jayson Jay 22 days ago +1

    Nino would have baked that pizza to perfection and took a selfie with it!

  • mechadoggy
    mechadoggy 22 days ago +1

    2:56 “Don’t call the police. You crazy?” Hmmm, suspicious

  • Wendy Summers
    Wendy Summers 23 days ago

    He thinks he's the bloody god father ..