Ben Carson points to Trump's policies as proof he is not a racist

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson weighs in on President Trump’s feud with the 'squad.'
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Comments • 2 575

  • Felipe Arango
    Felipe Arango 2 months ago

    Oh wow they really are brainwashing you guys. You guys should really get news from more than one place.

  • The Cucumber
    The Cucumber 3 months ago

    Is he racist? No he is not. Tnx have good day you too, lol really?

  • cromagxx
    cromagxx 4 months ago

    malevolent press needs to be held accountable!!

  • Diane Dubuque
    Diane Dubuque 4 months ago

    I think Carson made a mistake bringing up the fact that Jessie Jackson used to praised Trump’s savvy business aplomb not once, but twice. That was back in 1998/99. How things have changed with time. How does Jessie Jackson feel now? Jackson in 2018: "The language of Donald Trump has been a source of shame for our nation. Humiliation and untruth". Jackson also referred to Trump as a "racist" who is a "weapon of mass destruction"

  • casey massey
    casey massey 4 months ago

    Creepy troll traffic....

  • 정용한
    정용한 4 months ago

    We love mr Carson he's honest and very humble a man God bless you and mr Donald Trump president that's why mr Donald Trump love him too.

  • V.
    V. 4 months ago +2

    "The Squad " are the true racists!

  • gamer ED 0
    gamer ED 0 4 months ago

    We need Obama

    • ltzEu
      ltzEu 3 months ago

      Obama was trash.

  • M Hilde
    M Hilde 4 months ago

    I'm sure glad, he never operated on my brain!

  • Rainbow Cats Are AWESOME!!


    • Michael I
      Michael I 23 days ago

      Trolls like you are useless, and will soon disappear.

  • Retired Early 53
    Retired Early 53 4 months ago +1

    Ben Carson = Uncle Tom !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • robert zhao
    robert zhao 4 months ago

    i like to see how a black person knowingly lying for trump ,wait until he tells you to go back from you come from

  • Mr. Sir
    Mr. Sir 4 months ago

    Get off the B.S questions about trump being racist. it's a sideshow to keep people looking and paying attention to something that is irrelivant and untrue instead of allowing media and members of the house to tackle real issues like immigration and healthcare, jobs and so on. Who the heck cares about someone slandering the President Of The United States Of America. If these woman "the squad" care about their country and the great people in it then they would end this charade and grow up instead of acting like a teenage activist group saving panda's. Get to the point and get to the main issue's. Vote For trump. God Bless America

  • Wilhelm Geisler
    Wilhelm Geisler 4 months ago +1


  • jlsmijan
    jlsmijan 4 months ago

    Love Dr. Ben Carson!

  • Jeronimo Boror
    Jeronimo Boror 4 months ago

    the truth will always come to light, whether today or tomorrow will be judged. But God will judge him. I don't understand why people who are studied put their hands in the fire by a man who doesn't even help them ... !! God bless Amarica

  • Kelley Sauer
    Kelley Sauer 4 months ago

    Carson's statement was the first time I ever heard that Jesse Jackson had presented an award to Trump in the past for his efforts to help African-Americans. Amazing how the media has kept that a secret.

  • Tom Shufeldt
    Tom Shufeldt 4 months ago

    Theres to much garbage around trump . Why dont we start over with someone fresh new and better. We are america and we can all always do better . We should come together as a people and elect someone "better" cus if you think weve hit a glass ceiling with trump , you all are sadly mistaken
    "Make america better than before". Not just great again.....

  • Jax Paradize
    Jax Paradize 4 months ago

    This is the first time I’ve heard Ben Carson speak. I want to hear more of his thoughts. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Best source and all...

  • Steve Preston
    Steve Preston 4 months ago

    Did all Trump supporters eat paint chips as kids.

  • slindauer2008
    slindauer2008 4 months ago

    Hispanics are benefiting from the crisis of foreclosure fraud and manipulations to drive Middle Class families out of our homes. It's still happening.

  • steelerfan77777
    steelerfan77777 4 months ago +1

    God bless Dr Ben Carson! And President Trump!

  • Mark Sanders
    Mark Sanders 4 months ago

    Now the Goat Squad will say Carson a Racist and say he’s not black look at the Squad ‘s lies intussusception !

  • paulo roberto
    paulo roberto 4 months ago


  • kahsay ftsum
    kahsay ftsum 4 months ago

    Mr carson! Racists are killers and they eliminate first those who are close to them . Get rid of them . You belong to a great race.

    BBQ RibsTODAY 4 months ago

    That "squad" needs to line up for a firing squad.

  • Fernando Silva
    Fernando Silva 4 months ago


  • BILL E
    BILL E 4 months ago

    I'm hoping Carson runs again at some point.

  • Marnorie H White
    Marnorie H White 4 months ago

    We The People stand with Trump.He is not Racist.We appreciate Ben Carson because he is honest.Thank you Ben Carson.We must stand with Israel and with Christians.

  • Nukbomb 27 yt
    Nukbomb 27 yt 4 months ago

    The Democrats and the squad are completely selfish people is only a decent of them in the Democratic party and people should understand Donald Trump is not a racist person

  • Chicken hard Sushi
    Chicken hard Sushi 4 months ago

    Very brain washed individual

  • Randy Purtteman
    Randy Purtteman 4 months ago

    Love that Omar and the "Squad" are allowing their hatred not only for President Trump ( which would be fairly normal for the liberal Democratic Party) for everything not Islamic or Socialist related provide us with so much entertainment. At least I would be if it weren't at times so scary. It is my considered opinion and firm hope that these four individuals do not in any way represent our society and culture. If our Society has indeed sunk so low as to truly be able to consider the four of them the new face of our Society and Culture then, I think, America has truly lost our soul. I mean consider this, last week when their own chamber, in a bi-partisan move, passed a 4.6 billion dollar bill for funding to help with the disaster that is our Southern Border, they voted against it!. They are suppose to support Socialism, one for all and everyone equal. Yet they prefer to continue their fight with President Trump and everyone else who thinks it's alright for cows to fart and Israel to be wiped off the face of this earth for no other reason than they are Jewish. Our immigration system has been broken for decades. The only people who can fix it is Congress and only when they grow up enough to quite throwing insults at each other and President Trump and do the jobs they were sent to Washington for. No, it's not to listen to requests from lobbyists (who I think should be outlawed) with their fists full of dollars or even your big contributors looking to get a return on their investments, but the people who for one reason or the other voted you into your office and send you Christmas cards or whatever.

  • yer da man
    yer da man 4 months ago

    So your a racist for upholding the law that was placed by people before you??

  • Somethings Gottagive
    Somethings Gottagive 4 months ago

    Those women are crazy and are ruining the chances of any other women to get in office. I am embarrassed for them.

  • Dana Fortier
    Dana Fortier 4 months ago

    I'm concerned that she is in Congress and cant read his actual policies

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 4 months ago

    Why Ben Carson is not head of the HHS or the surgeon General is beyond me, he is in a job that is below his profession. He should be ashamed of himself.

  • kahsay ftsum
    kahsay ftsum 4 months ago

    Mr. Carson! Watch out! The racists do not love you .

  • kahsay ftsum
    kahsay ftsum 4 months ago

    What ever omar says, she is new to a way of doing politics in america. Such a young politician should be loved and corrected.

  • kahsay ftsum
    kahsay ftsum 4 months ago

    Mr. Carson! I know you are a big man. Such a personality should not make such a big mistake as supporting a rascist

  • kahsay ftsum
    kahsay ftsum 4 months ago

    Mr. Carson! Study afro _ american and african agonizing history. At that time you will not defend trump.

  • jarsh charty
    jarsh charty 4 months ago

    case against Trump suggesting "racist" now well & truly closed. But nice distraction from Epstein saga

  • Cory Cloud
    Cory Cloud 4 months ago

    That one black friend!😂

  • Rocksteady Rein
    Rocksteady Rein 4 months ago +1

    Ben Carson knows President Trump very well, and for a long time. Ben Carson is an honest man and everyone should take his word for it. Past actions by Trump before he was President also prove he is not a racist. Dems have so over-used that word, it's ridiculous! The media are no longer journalists, they're leftist activists--that's obvious.

  • Feliciajourney
    Feliciajourney 4 months ago

    This is supposed to be We The People.! All Equal! Anyone that disagrees amongst each other or secretly your a Racist. God sees you and hear you. Shame on all of you!

  • justafanintexas
    justafanintexas 4 months ago

    Sorry they had to wake you up, Ben.

  • Astro Venus
    Astro Venus 4 months ago

    Love me some Ben Carson. Wish he could've got into office but it's great he's still in the mix. That newscaster....she did a good job but did anybody else think her voice was obnoxious?

  • sandy red
    sandy red 4 months ago

    Wake up call, Dem's favorite word RACISM Effectively Has lost its power and Democrats are in panic Mode.

  • Roberto S
    Roberto S 4 months ago

    The Koran commands Mohammedans to fake their loyalty to infidel institutions. They are allowed to obey the Koran, the Sunnah and the Hadith exclusively.

  • Señor Hilter
    Señor Hilter 4 months ago

    My luggage

  • vermary
    vermary 4 months ago

    Trump says the most awful things about the US when he has to compare the US against Russia.

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen he was #1

    This guy did my brain surgery when I was 5. Such a humble smart guy. Love ya Ben. Wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for you.

  • P B
    P B 4 months ago

    Sleepy Ben.

  • Eazy Enrique
    Eazy Enrique 4 months ago

    Minnesota what the hell is wrong with you guys, how could u vote such a childish, low IQ, jackass into office?

  • Lee Bart
    Lee Bart 4 months ago

    Truth be told, during the Rep primaries, I wasn't a never Trumper, I was more of a "a that point in time not so sure about Trumper". I would've voted for Dr. Carson if he were still in it when we voted in FL, but I also knew that win or lose Trump had a VERY important place in the process. Trump won it fair and square and THANK G-D ALMIGHTY he did!

  • matt lehnardt
    matt lehnardt 4 months ago

    Bartiromo is another LIberal spokesperson. too bad, smart ambitious lady.

  • matt lehnardt
    matt lehnardt 4 months ago

    The senator's tweet is 1000X more idiotic than Trumps could ever hope to be. That the president is a 'racist' who wants every 'brown' person deported is 1000X more mindless than, "You should go back to your country". Why? because because there are millions of 'brown' people who ARE citizens who came here legally and assimilated as Americans. Her hatred and anger has made her talk gibberish.

  • matt lehnardt
    matt lehnardt 4 months ago

    When Trump said she should "Go back to her country", he meant in a street sense; not what shows on paper, but what shows in her heart. Obviously its not America. As usual, Liberals get the real meaning all wrong, missing the real point.

  • Lucid Jackson
    Lucid Jackson 4 months ago

    black excellence

  • Jaddwick Stone
    Jaddwick Stone 4 months ago

    Good little house boy

  • VState60
    VState60 4 months ago

    Dr Ben Carson is an amazing human being. God bless our country for earning his service!