The Super Google Pixel 2 Camera Upgrade!

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  • Jonathan Morrison
    Jonathan Morrison  2 months ago +242

    The Pixel 2 Camera is AMAZING. Here's how to make it even better! πŸ‘πŸΌ Case link for those interested!

  • Kayzef2003
    Kayzef2003 Day ago

    LG V30 does this without any addons

  • Shimu
    Shimu Day ago

    Note 8

  • Aayush Sah
    Aayush Sah Day ago

    iPhone X

  • Lionheart
    Lionheart 2 days ago

    All phones are holding back on the tech.Why don't they make the sensor larger?

  • Redwan Hossain
    Redwan Hossain 3 days ago

    What pant was he wearing at 5:20

  • Levi Carroll
    Levi Carroll 3 days ago

    kind of like you could just step forward or backwards to achieve the same shots as the telephoto lens, I don't see a big difference, just looks cropped in one of the photos.

  • girlsdrinkfeck
    girlsdrinkfeck 4 days ago

    he looks like kevin from american pie

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel 7 days ago

    if you buy the pixel 2 XL or pixel 2 then you have to buy the moment lens

  • J J Hernandez
    J J Hernandez 8 days ago

    Good review

  • Vishnu Murthy Raju
    Vishnu Murthy Raju 8 days ago

    Hey I would like to know if the case and lenses are available for Xiaomi mi a1

  • AQ
    AQ 8 days ago

    I was excited for that built in feature in the LG G6.. then I got the phone and boy was I disappointed!!! Good concept but really aggressive software and bad post processing destroys a good image. All photos had a yellow tint. Low light was JUST AWFUL and Let's not talk about the Selfie Cam... it's unusable.
    And no, it was not a defect unit... LG just shipped the phone quickly and cut corners. Even for its Snapdragon 821 it was not performing as fast as it could do.
    I returned it and went back to my iPhone 6 Plus which SURPRISINGLY takes MUCH BETTER PHOTOS considering it's 3 years older than the G6.
    I will wait till the Pixel 2 XL get a price cut and will go for it. Or OnePlus 5T. Let's see.

  • mamba109
    mamba109 9 days ago

    "It's like in portrait mode all the time"
    That's me whenever I use my f/1.8 - 2.8 @ 24 - 75mm lens on an actual camera.

  • It’s me Bertrand
    It’s me Bertrand 11 days ago

    Cool!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ€“

  • Gilbert Bio
    Gilbert Bio 11 days ago

    Nice T-Shirt Bro

  • Ms. Miya
    Ms. Miya 11 days ago

    What kind of tripod are you using for the pixel?

  • dnis aku
    dnis aku 11 days ago

    What the..... That's amazing bro..

  • Jiggery
    Jiggery 11 days ago

    I like the wide angle but the software for portrait mode saves you have to get the telephoto lens, unless you're a big fan of video on your phone.

  • The Nerfinoid
    The Nerfinoid 13 days ago

    Xperia XZ1 and XZ Premium

  • GP Patrol
    GP Patrol 13 days ago

    nooo even my iphone 1 has a better camera because thats an android. apple alwasy better!

  • Walker Guy
    Walker Guy 13 days ago

    The red hydrogen one has the best camera on a phone

  • Kaveesh Pasindu
    Kaveesh Pasindu 13 days ago

    Damn that piece of tech tho...

  • Aman Talreja
    Aman Talreja 14 days ago

    Better buy v30 lmao

  • Abs0lute Z3r0
    Abs0lute Z3r0 15 days ago

    that streak is a chem-trail line O_o

  • ShierKnight 1336
    ShierKnight 1336 15 days ago

    I still can not believe that it's a standard Pixel's camera, bcuz.... it's very dope!

  • Rahul Nath
    Rahul Nath 15 days ago +1

    My fav Jonathan

  • Sidhanta Choudhury
    Sidhanta Choudhury 15 days ago

    beast camera, and again one upgrade on it O.o wao

  • Amit Kamble
    Amit Kamble 15 days ago

    I love pixel camera
    The best camera in 2017

  • Hvguy
    Hvguy 15 days ago

    the factory camera has a garbage lens, I have to walk like 25 fucking feet away to take a full portrait of someone.

  • 19Anonymous94
    19Anonymous94 15 days ago

    is there one for pixel xl??

  • Gagansci the scientist

    Awesome camera ever in 2017 peace ✌️😎✌️

  • Regis
    Regis 16 days ago

    Google focused on making the camera so Good and the phone so shit

  • Andrei Andreev
    Andrei Andreev 16 days ago

    Those shoes are mighty ugly. Too bad people think otherwise :(

  • Redmag 706
    Redmag 706 17 days ago

    Wow love this and now this makes me be a camera loving person than a non lovein one

  • Tarquin Farquhar
    Tarquin Farquhar 18 days ago

    My next phone! So pumped!!

  • Channing Brown
    Channing Brown 19 days ago +2

    You know what else is AMAZING? The fact you captioned this video! A++++ (I'm Deaf and rely on CC for content)

  • Moksh Naidu
    Moksh Naidu 19 days ago


  • Samuel Lean Lugtu
    Samuel Lean Lugtu 19 days ago

    I'am not an expert, but cant you just step further backwards to cover more view instead of purchasing the 18mm lens?

  • SleptOn
    SleptOn 19 days ago

    Finally someone can confirm a natural bokeh effect can be had through the telephoto lens. Guess I’ll be purchasing the telephoto also.

  • Dan Wilson
    Dan Wilson 19 days ago

    Would have been nice for you to show a telephoto shot difference, like you did with the wide angle not everyone wants to use a telephoto like you did, thats what you could use a macro lens is for.

  • Amanda Lopez
    Amanda Lopez 20 days ago

    Get a G6 or V30

  • sanhit jain
    sanhit jain 20 days ago

    can't use the flash though !

  • Michael Truong
    Michael Truong 20 days ago

    What tripod is that??

  • Tech Wizard
    Tech Wizard 20 days ago

    I gone say about this is just "WOW"😐

  • dhanu nitee
    dhanu nitee 22 days ago

    Why don't u make a Google pixel 2 and iPhone X camera comparison @tldtoday

  • Gray
    Gray 22 days ago

    I can't seem to get this in the UK. I'm irritated.

  • sukhbir singh
    sukhbir singh 23 days ago

    clear and awesome image quality from phone no neet to buy point and shoot or even rx100...:D

  • sukhbir singh
    sukhbir singh 23 days ago

    amazing shoots i like pixel....

  • sukhbir singh
    sukhbir singh 23 days ago

    lens works great...........

  • sukhbir singh
    sukhbir singh 23 days ago

    pixel camera is best camera of all smart phones right now

  • Peter Arthur Henk
    Peter Arthur Henk 23 days ago

    so glad #teampixel

  • Nabeel Rizvi
    Nabeel Rizvi 23 days ago

    Pixel 2 is a beast

  • Jabbar Khan
    Jabbar Khan 23 days ago

    Amazing 😎

  • Sh Afnan
    Sh Afnan 24 days ago

    When will you do a video tutorial about your hair setting ??

  • Aashutosh Tiwari
    Aashutosh Tiwari 24 days ago

    This is really fantastic camera #tldtoday

  • Steros
    Steros 24 days ago

    Sexy af.

  • YouTube Review Therapy

    Good upgrade😊

  • 4 the love of tech
    4 the love of tech 26 days ago

    Great video Jonathan!

  • M.J Stewart
    M.J Stewart 27 days ago

    Very nice (PewDiePie's voice)

  • cremmers
    cremmers 27 days ago

    420 dislikes blaze it bois

  • Iago the turtle
    Iago the turtle 28 days ago

    hey john! i dare you to mount the perfect mobile video recording solution with the xl2( i've been trying to figure it out but the audio recording is tricky because there are no usb-c microphones specified to work with android out of the box or usb-c microphones at all )

    GERMICIDE812 Month ago

    Good vid. Quick tip for ya. Next time you are taking comparison photos, put them in the video side by side instead of one after the other. This allows viewer to study both at same time

  • Micah Cale
    Micah Cale Month ago

    Any discount code if we order from moment website?

  • Joshua Amador
    Joshua Amador Month ago

    Dude my wife and I just took family pictures and the quality of the images that the photographer took with her Canon are like the same as the Pixel with these lenses. This phone is amazing.

  • Carlos Monroe
    Carlos Monroe Month ago

    Jonathan is straight up flexing on our asses

  • Call Me Candy Man
    Call Me Candy Man Month ago

    lol bro that "streak" is a chem trail. cali is filled with them

  • Call Me Candy Man
    Call Me Candy Man Month ago

    Anyone here know if these guys have affiliates? I have like 15k insta followers and I want to start showing these off and get PAID at the same time ;)

  • Oil_Made_Billionaire

    Really hoping Father Christmas brings me a Pixel 2 this year

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen Month ago

    I will sell my Canon 70D πŸ˜‚

  • Avinash V Krishna
    Avinash V Krishna Month ago

    i am watching this video in my pixel.😎😎✌✌ the best smart phone in 2017

  • tung duong
    tung duong Month ago

    α»©ng dα»₯ng trΓͺn windows

  • Tony Perez-Carpenter

    I don't understand rich as bread!!!

  • Conan O'Brien
    Conan O'Brien Month ago

    Use the lens while walking on video I wanna see the OIS work with this lens

  • Andrew O'Brien
    Andrew O'Brien Month ago

    Pixel 2 camera 😍😍😍

  • chiNEz85
    chiNEz85 Month ago

    Ohmegod... They don't ship to Singapore....

  • Bennettone
    Bennettone Month ago

    Yeah let's reduce the amount of light this small AF sensor receives by adding lenses... good idea...

  • codypebbles123
    codypebbles123 Month ago

    But how good at protecting is the case ?

  • Fearbleeds
    Fearbleeds Month ago

    should've just came with a wide angle lens in the first place.. its so nice to have

  • Paranormal Response

    you guys make great videos.

  • Praveen
    Praveen Month ago

    Nice video

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    Impressive! I doubt I can justify it given I already have a DSLR. xD

    HOODINI Month ago

    Yooooo.what case is that?

  • Jabberwocky
    Jabberwocky Month ago

    Chromatic abberation triggered.

  • cinou pro
    cinou pro Month ago

    Note 8 or oneplus 5t

  • Lo Sukhram
    Lo Sukhram Month ago

    Jonathan, great video of the lenses. I just ordered my P2 XL and got 2...maybe 3 quick questions.
    1 - when using the lenses are you shooting using the camera's auto settings or are you shooting somewhat manual?
    2 - how do you feel the case will hold up with a metal plate for magnetic car cradle/holding purposes?
    3 - I shoot with an older 5D mkii but would like to trade off the bulk for the portable. What's your overall opinion of the P2 XL in regards to video and stills? Do you think it has the ability to be a daily shooter and give professional results?
    4 - OK i lied...i have another one. Any other accessories you feel are great for the P2 XL?
    thanks again for the awesome review and can't wait to get these for my own device.

    • Lo Sukhram
      Lo Sukhram Month ago

      also how well do these lenses do in low light compared to the stock lens?

  • Jeroen van den Raadt

    Those shoes are so expensive but still ugly as fuck 5:15

  • namco nimcoo
    namco nimcoo Month ago

    Google if you're watching this video to all you Google employess, do not change the screen to saturated in the next phone please. Make them even more natural so developers can go from iphone to android and make the pictures and games just how they intended not how this reviewers wanted like cartoons and stuff like that. The iphone x has natural colors yet they praise it but when is the pixel they just wanted something to talk about and its really pushing developers away. That's really holding android back and even with this iphone retards bashing a good phone like this android still beats apple but we need those natural colors please.

  • Sroiz Zat
    Sroiz Zat 2 months ago

    I want an iPhone X!!! :O

  • Dantai
    Dantai 2 months ago

    Whats the difference between using a wide-angle lens and moving further back to get a shot with the standard lens?

  • Nezarith
    Nezarith 2 months ago

    With the lenses i feel like the quality does get a little bit more blurry

  • Ade Ruhyat
    Ade Ruhyat 2 months ago

    I love iphones X but P2 XL got better camera so confuse about choosing one of those gadget haha

    RYANNRISING DLC 2 months ago

    Dude I like your hair

  • Jaci Lyn
    Jaci Lyn 2 months ago

    Great video good sir

  • Erick Seo
    Erick Seo 2 months ago

    have you seen any cases like this for the note 8? with mods to add lenses?

  • Noah Heimelijk
    Noah Heimelijk 2 months ago

    With the lens bruh 😱😱😱

  • gaming man
    gaming man 2 months ago

    I know you said to the Nike shoes in the movie where they went back in time you said so sick I saw the comment

  • Sam Richardson
    Sam Richardson 2 months ago

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  • Musical Planet
    Musical Planet 2 months ago

    Add some Good music

  • MusickLove247
    MusickLove247 2 months ago

    i was hoping you'd talk about the case though...

  • frlim solmon
    frlim solmon 2 months ago

    check out this new zeiss lens, same lens you find in sonys camera
    Ξ±7R III, link