Here's a Tour of the Most Expensive Rolls-Royce Sedan From 1973

  • Published on May 15, 2018
    This 1973 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow is the most expensive Rolls-Royce sedan of its era. Today I'm taking you on a tour of the Silver Shadow, which was the Phantom of its day, and I'm reviewing this Rolls-Royce to show you everything you need to know.
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  • Namboss Awesome
    Namboss Awesome Day ago +1

    doug is the type of guy that drives his ex to her new boyfriends house

  • Sixa Smith
    Sixa Smith 2 days ago

    man just when i start to think doug is good, i see him reading the cars manual

    LAFOLLETTER 3 days ago

    The 1973 Oldsmobile Toronado had a passenger airbag, and Buick, Cadillac, and Oldsmobile offered passenger and driver airbags as an option by 1974.

  • Z B
    Z B 3 days ago +3

    For the terminology by Rolls Royce this model was at its time a 'mass production' car. The first series suffered from suspension and brake issues until the revised series 2 came 1978 on the market. Compared to a Mercedes 600, the Silver Shadow was a bargain then the 600 had as new the double price of it. And was anymore hand built then the shadows.
    From all the classic RR and Bentley i prefer the Continental Flying Spur 2, with a James Young body a car for the real conoisseur! Btw this is a S2 not s S1 shadow

  • Baixista Solitário
    Baixista Solitário 4 days ago

    The steering wheel on this thing look like it was taken from a school bus

  • AndrewParkerGB
    AndrewParkerGB 5 days ago

    The cover on the roof is not vinyl, it is Everflex leather. The top Rolls-Royce in 1973 was the Phantom VI, but I don't think it was sold in the U.S. by then due to the chrome bumpers not meeting later safety standards.

  • Nate Staub
    Nate Staub 5 days ago +1


  • Paul R.
    Paul R. 5 days ago

    I enjoy your videos though I do find it interesting how many things you find interesting.

  • ZippythePinhead j
    ZippythePinhead j 5 days ago

    stop with the “type of guy” crap....its annoying

  • Jason Troy
    Jason Troy 7 days ago

    The hub caps do very little to improve its looks

  • Reub3
    Reub3 7 days ago

    I would love to see one of these with a diesel engine in it rolling coal lol

  • altafari
    altafari 8 days ago

    the locks are probably hydraulic, how hard would it be to make a mirror work on that system?

  • Егор Банников

    Когда будет перевод на русский???


    the G wagon still uses those doorhandles

  • charlesw62
    charlesw62 12 days ago

    My dad had this same car only in two tone black and silver and the LWB...We didn't have a chauffeur but I loved getting dropped off at school in this thing! I learned to drive in this car and allowed to drive it to school on occasion. My last memory of this car was getting dropped off at Ft. Hamilton on my way to boot camp in 1980.

    • RobotWookiee
      RobotWookiee 10 days ago

      Thank you for your service, Sir Charles.

  • m h
    m h 12 days ago

    6:03 What is that switch on the drivers' door panel under the window buttons?

  • Paul Johansson
    Paul Johansson 14 days ago

    You don't know shit Doug.

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap 15 days ago +1

    That's not a top-of-the-line Rolls. Witness the Phantom VI.

  • M von Sutherland
    M von Sutherland 16 days ago +1

    This modern radio is an insult for such classy interior!

  • scruffs
    scruffs 16 days ago

    Didn't the last gen Phantom have a similar steering wheel?

  • scruffs
    scruffs 16 days ago

    Do you have titanium knees?!

  • scootermann83
    scootermann83 18 days ago +1

    Cadillac from the 1950s would take issue with your power lock comments, definitely not unique in 1973.

  • Robert hentschelmann
    Robert hentschelmann 20 days ago

    "The handling isn't even slightly sporty."
    Yeah.....obviously. it's a Rolls Royce from the 70's!

    • Roland Métayer
      Roland Métayer 12 days ago

      Yes, I agree ! ! I thought this was a stupid comment ! If I had a Rolls Royce , I wouldn't give a fuck about it being SPORTY . I would drive my Rolls Royce while listening to some beautiful classical music . Mozart , Beethoven , Chopin , Strauss ! ! !

  • Julian T.
    Julian T. 20 days ago

    It’s a rolls Royce that rolls the rolls Royce phantom

  • Derek Holcomb
    Derek Holcomb 23 days ago

    I know the high beam pedal seems strange now, but my first car had it and I loved it. It was a 1974 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe pickup. It might seem like it would be inconvenient having high beams on the floorboard, but after you drove that way for a while you'd get very used to it, so much so, that you may be like me and miss it as a feature. You just drove around with your foot covering it all the time. I loved it.

  • miporsche
    miporsche 23 days ago

    The headrest's only purpose is to prevent whip-lash injury if rear-ended. Narrow is fine.

  • Heejun Suh
    Heejun Suh 23 days ago +2

    doug the type of guy to rate a rolls royce lower than the pontiac aztek

  • Warwick Rigby
    Warwick Rigby 23 days ago

    Doug darling, it must be difficult for a person from a errant colony to comprehend the philosophy and the nuance of the understated majesty, of this car. The most important "Has my bottle of Bollinger been disturbed during the journey" test, is all that matters, body roll and acceleration are to achieve this necessary calmness.
    As you chaps say, have a nice day.

  • Kareem Farhat
    Kareem Farhat 24 days ago

    3:30 That valve stem cap is definitely not from the 70s LOL

  • Tom O
    Tom O 25 days ago

    A 1970's Cadillac Fleetwood or Lincoln Town Car would probably match or exceed this Rolls in terms of luxury appearance and opulence. Sure, the Rolls has some real wood inside but other than that it just wasn't that much better than other luxury cars of the time other than having the Rolls-Royce name.

    • byteme9718
      byteme9718 8 days ago

      The ignorance of you colonials marks you as slobs who wouldn't know quality if it was right in front of them. You been indoctrinated into accepting shit.

  • Hosti
    Hosti 26 days ago

    8:10 notice the green LEDs, they have been invented only 2 Years prior

  • Cliff Carr
    Cliff Carr 26 days ago

    My father stated that Motorola was the stereo at that time

  • Gregg Mchenry
    Gregg Mchenry 26 days ago

    Good job !!

  • Joshua Law
    Joshua Law 26 days ago

    Doug, look. It was the 1970s. Nobody gave two shits about pedestrian safety. The hood ornament moved so it was much harder for people to steal it. THAT was the 1970s.

    • byteme9718
      byteme9718 8 days ago

      It moved because safety regulations mandated it.

  • Timothy Keck
    Timothy Keck 26 days ago

    If you don't even like cars, why do you do a show about cars?

  • Nate Staub
    Nate Staub 27 days ago +2


  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 27 days ago

    High class

  • Alex Burton
    Alex Burton 28 days ago

    I have a 2005 Bentley arnage, and believe it or not, it has less features than a 2001 Cadillac.

  • -KIMG-
    -KIMG- 28 days ago

    Uh... the Phantom was around in 1973, so how was this the “phantom of its time”?

  • Seadweller451D
    Seadweller451D 29 days ago

    Können Sie empfehlen Medikamente für Furz und Durchfall? Ich Furz wie eine große Trompete. Vollen Klang, wie ein Kaiser Furz. Mein Durchfall fließt wie ein Fluss!

  • craigpests channel
    craigpests channel Month ago

    2:25 our friend, the spirit of extacy

  • craigpests channel
    craigpests channel Month ago

    there is one of these on, Craigslist North Jersey, for $500
    today is 2/23/19

  • Shadow Astrology
    Shadow Astrology Month ago

    You can always count on Doug making me want these old classic quirky cars😂 nah not something new and sensible lets get one from forty years ago of course😂

  • U.N. Owen
    U.N. Owen Month ago

    Doug is starting to resemble Elton John on speed without the fashion sense.

  • Mark Wassouf
    Mark Wassouf Month ago

    Who remembers Shadow from GTA SAN ANDREAS?

  • M B
    M B Month ago

    Video was recommended and I was curious. Big mistake. Anyone who has lived through the decades these cars were new would find this tedious and riddled with inaccuracies and silly comments. My 69 Cougar had the lighter referred to as cigar lighter and this was by far not the earliest car to sport power locks. His interest in the "oddities" that were just common in cars of this vintage and they're not all that interesting. What's the point when there's inaccuracies and assumptions, weird.

  • Mike g
    Mike g Month ago

    That button that actuates the coolant light is probably an annunciation light tester. This is actually common in airplanes, and is used to test the "annunciation" lights, I.E. the coolant and other warning lights on the dash. Also another interesting side note...the lights are technically called "annunciator" lights, but You Tube spell check doesn't recognize this as an actual word haha! (google it) :-)

  • T Pann
    T Pann Month ago

    Stupid prick

  • T Pann
    T Pann Month ago

    I want to punch you in the face you disrespectful American inbred

  • T Pann
    T Pann Month ago

    Yank retard

    • byteme9718
      byteme9718 8 days ago

      I think the politically correct term is "special". We have to be very careful and think what words we use to avoid offending retards like Doug.

  • T Pann
    T Pann Month ago

    Duck head

  • Games, Simulatoren and More

    Nah the best and biggest was the big 600 Mercedes Kompressor

  • Games, Simulatoren and More

    Well i think the mysterius butzon warns you about the coolant and other possible problems

  • cardo
    cardo Month ago

    The low load level trunk was ahead of its time.

  • Frogman Smith
    Frogman Smith Month ago

    We had a '73 Ford LTD Brougham. 429-4 bbl engine. The horn was inside the rim of the steering wheel. Power windows, locks, 4-way seats, power antenna, landau top, (for the first time) radial tires, and it was at the INCREDIBLLY HUGE PRICE of $7,200 brand new! VWs were still under $2000!

  • Frogman Smith
    Frogman Smith Month ago

    Doug...have you ever wrecked one of the cars you're reviewing? If so, that would be a great blooper video.

  • noHweI/NoWay
    noHweI/NoWay Month ago

    another interesting thing perhaps to me alone, is the clock. It is a VDO. I remember this airplane Gauge maker from my father's Cessna, so it must be very precise, and, it was working still.

  • Steven Worthy
    Steven Worthy Month ago

    When does Doug look up what he says? First car with power locks? Power windows? Packard had Power windows before WWII. Power locks in the mid 50s. With hin being a car guy should know this.

  • John Plovanich
    John Plovanich Month ago

    This guy is a prick,uneducated,uninformed,no research and just makes stuff ad he goes.That is why I like Hoovie.

  • Die Party_Pizza
    Die Party_Pizza Month ago

    Thanks, that you‘re talking so clearly english and not too fast! I understand a lot, but I‘m 11 years old and I have english at school! (I‘m German)

  • M W
    M W Month ago

    It's not a Phantom Doug it's a Silver Shadow II, This review was so irritating I switched off after a couple of minutes.

  • cobrasvt347
    cobrasvt347 Month ago

    Lol could you imagine a new car with those same door handles bolted to it. That would be halarious.

  • Tomsawyerspit
    Tomsawyerspit Month ago

    Not impressed

  • Tomsawyerspit
    Tomsawyerspit Month ago

    So what were the switches under the window switches?

  • Tomsawyerspit
    Tomsawyerspit Month ago

    Pardon me ? Do you have any Grey Poupon ?

  • Tobias Naylor
    Tobias Naylor Month ago

    The button tells you what is wrong

  • Poppenspieler
    Poppenspieler Month ago

    Doug the type to wear briefs over his shorts...

  • Louie Yooui
    Louie Yooui Month ago

    Does it have aux?

  • Lucas Fancher
    Lucas Fancher Month ago

    The mysterious coolant button is a way more fitting horn for the Rolls than the actual horn.

  • Alan Johnson
    Alan Johnson Month ago

    Doug I kinda like your weird way of speaking but how was a standard Silver Shadow the most expensive Rolls of its time?
    The Phantom 6 was by far the most expensive RR and even the long wheel base Shadow cost more than the car you critiqued. Get it together old chap!

  • peter littlehorse
    peter littlehorse Month ago

    You missed out on a very nice feature. When you first turn the key to the RUN position (before you start it) the gas gauge displays the engine oil level. All cars should have that.

  • peter littlehorse
    peter littlehorse Month ago

    These are the best looking cars ever made or that ever will be made.

  • Paul Ripley
    Paul Ripley Month ago

    This guy is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  • Stuart Kennedy
    Stuart Kennedy Month ago

    I just wish he would take a breathe. I get exhausted listening to him

  • kineticdeath
    kineticdeath Month ago

    "obviously the whole thing is a circle" i love the Doug commentary lol. You heard it here, wheels were round in 1973!

  • Tips 4 truckers
    Tips 4 truckers Month ago

    "Quirkfest" I'm dying

  • Nega_Weeb
    Nega_Weeb Month ago

    imagine loaning doug your classic car and you find his 47 year old virgin leg hair on your seats.

  • YX Yang
    YX Yang Month ago

    It’s hard to imagine people went to the moon at the time of this car.....

  • nicolas castells
    nicolas castells Month ago

    The Phantom of 73' was .... the Phantom.

  • M. A
    M. A Month ago

    doug you a fukn lame head. type a guy I shoved and put in my locker in between classes. leave the old skool cars alone. u aint worth of evaluating them.u dnt know shi

    • Roland Métayer
      Roland Métayer 12 days ago

      That is what I call , coming out of the locker ! Maybe, its coming out of the closet ! Fuck it , Doug came out of something ! !

  • JuicyFruitWarrior AI

    Do a 1958 Impala and class these dork kids up a bit

  • JuicyFruitWarrior AI

    Millenial idiots think anything about the past is weak, they are too STUPID to realize tech isn't luxury....its just a tool to convince them they are special, when in actuality they are SHEEP

  • Skelisorce Gaming
    Skelisorce Gaming Month ago

    So the button that makes the beep noise actually is quite a clever thing.
    Roll Royce controlled everything from the steering, throttle and brakes to all the electrics. So, because this was hydrolic back in the 70s, if the little beep noise is made to tell you everything to do with the hydrolic system is fine.
    The reason it said coolant on this Rolls is because theres probably a problem with the water pump, which is also hydrolic

  • Paul Stafford
    Paul Stafford Month ago

    This was not the Phantom of the 1970's. The Phantom VI was the Phantom available for sale during the 1970's The Silver Shadow was the base model in the range. The Corniche and Camargue were actually better and more expensive than the Silver Shadow. I just love how people talk about Rolls Royce thinking they know everything but they dont.

  • Matt fo
    Matt fo Month ago

    Really enjoy your reviews, Doug. They are refreshingly different from the norm.

  • Mike Sitter
    Mike Sitter Month ago +1

    Doug is the type of guy who pulls his shorts all the way down to his ankles at the urinal.

  • Dave
    Dave Month ago

    I’m from the 70’s and you don’t know $&;? about the 70’s.

  • Vlad Vlad
    Vlad Vlad Month ago

    There is a rolls like this in my city

  • del trotts
    del trotts Month ago

    Who cares , anyone ?

  • Michael Fitzgerald
    Michael Fitzgerald Month ago

    "the Spirit of Ecstasy appears to be a woman with wings". Well duh! Does that mean you've never seen a Rolls before.

  • Steve Varholy
    Steve Varholy Month ago

    The high beam toe switch is actually still a decent idea. You keep both hands on the wheel. It'salso easy to stomp on and stomp it off. Our 1973 Chevy had the floor button and it gave a good "click" when you stepped on it.

  • budes matpicu
    budes matpicu Month ago +1

    Thin steering wheel? Come on, you chauffeur is supposed to wear GLOVES!

    • byteme9718
      byteme9718 8 days ago

      +Roland Métayer These were nearly all owner driven.

    • Roland Métayer
      Roland Métayer 12 days ago

      Yeh , plus, who the fuck cares about the size of the steering wheel ? ? The rich person doesn't drive anyway ! !

  • SpencerMC Gaming
    SpencerMC Gaming Month ago

    0:46 that’s my favourite configuration for an S-class ever!! Black with 5 spoke wheels? Yummm 😍😍

  • James B
    James B Month ago

    Doug is the kind of guy that thinks power door locks and a cigar lighter with a lighted ashtray for all the passengers were luxurious 45 years ago.

  • scottey74
    scottey74 Month ago

    in the early 1980s my dad had bought a early 70's model Buick Electra that was nicer than that car and he probably paid less than $500 for it

  • —TheManInDboX —

    Power windows have been in cars since the 40s..
    The button is a systems check, you're low on coolant.. these cars used hydraulic brakes, and the hydraulic system was brakes, suspension and steering.. the button was a safety feature to make sure that system wasn't faulting, a dash light would indicate a fault in the system so you didn't die from driving it.. as if the hydraulic system fails you lose your brakes.. was a really brilliant system.. predates obd2 scanners by 30 years..

  • Michael Jordon
    Michael Jordon Month ago

    what was Bently's version of this car?

  • JET997u
    JET997u Month ago

    Doug: ALL cars had headrests in 1973. Those were mandated as of the 1969 model year, applicable to every motor vehicle sold in the USA. Also, power door locks were relatively common -- at least as an option -- by that year as well on everything from a Ford Galaxie 500 to a Cadillac Sedan de Ville.

  • JET997u
    JET997u Month ago

    The Spirit of Ecstasy, also called "Emily", "Silver Lady" or "Flying Lady", was designed by English sculptor Charles Robinson Sykes, a graduate of London's Royal College of Art, and carries with it a story about secret passion between Montagu, second Baron Montagu of Beaulieu after 1905, a pioneer of the automobile movement, and editor of The Car Illustrated magazine from 1902, and the model for the emblem, Eleanor Velasco Thornton.

  • Wayne Morris
    Wayne Morris Month ago

    Seriously? the Rolls Royce Phantom of the 70s!? N0 the Rolls Royce Phantom of the 70s was a Rolls Royce PHANTOM! in the 70s Rolls Royce was making the Phantom VI (or 6 to Americans) a wonderful coach built car for Royalty and heads of state no two were the same. The Silver Shadow was a big businessman's saloon a British Cadillac if you will. and most definitely NOT the top of the range for Rolls Royce. if you are going to talk about a subject at least get your facts straight.