1969 Dodge Charger Daytona 426 Hemi - Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 335

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • This 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona is the stuff of dreams… it’s wearing a great color, it’s got the super-speedway stabilizing rear wing, and it makes it all happen with a 426 Hemi under the long-nosed hood! Gary Riley shared this beautiful specimen with us - believed to be one of 40 or so built - at the recent Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show in Chicago. The car is part of The Brothers Collection.
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    1969 Dodge Charger Daytona 426 Hemi - Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 335
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  • Dean Williams
    Dean Williams 24 days ago

    It's not a Dana rear look at the window sticker it has a 355 gear ratio not a 354 or a 410 it's definitely not a track pack car !!!!!😰 oh and by the way it's not Hemi Orange it's Omaha Orange get your facts straight !!!

  • Diecast Em
    Diecast Em Month ago


  • Louis Kats
    Louis Kats Month ago

    What an amazing muscle car, absolutely floored me
    Everything about it is amazing, love the colour combo
    Louis Kats from Australia 👍

  • Adamya Banswar
    Adamya Banswar Month ago

    great video as always...

  • Charles Dalton
    Charles Dalton Month ago

    I’ve always known the fender “scoops” where for suspension travel as well as air extraction

  • Adam Breckenridge
    Adam Breckenridge Month ago

    At 17 years old I have yet to see daytona charger with my own 2 eyes but i have seen a couple superbirds cruising around before

    BLUE DOG Month ago

    My friend's dad has a buddy who's mom was banging a guy who lost his eye ball in a fist fight so he sold his false teeth to get a tank of gas for the drive back to Toledo ...he got the same car ...he let me drive it ...I thought its ok ...but no big deal ....Because my mom's friend is married to a guy named Bob who used to be a hooker named Crazy Bitch from Texas who killed a guy with a rubber dick in Arizona back when pure cocaine was more common than a cat that shits fur ...Anyway, he had one of these cars ...until the crazy old Mexican lady Maria Loco Lopes used a pointy knife to skin a dead squirrel that got stuck in the fan belt on a hot summer day ...yeah, one of those cars pulled in ...and the guy that owned it got caught fucking a ciyoti ...No one talks to him ...He wears dark shades ...and always smells like old smokes ...He had one ...but lost it playing Liar's Poker with the Devil ...yup, he's red ...So, yeah ...its True ...ask my mom, she'll tell ya ...I'm full of shit ...But, that's because I'm Retarded

  • TheElectronMan
    TheElectronMan Month ago

    I get the nostalgia of this car but sorry is is ugly as heck and handles like a boat and in today's technology is slow in comparison. Now days I can get 28 mph and walk right past this dinosaur...

  • Mark David
    Mark David Month ago +1

    Something is wrong!....On the Dealer sticker it says "D56 axle ratio 3.55" and the guy says it's a Dana...Well if it was a Dana it would have a 3.54 gear...just saying

    • Dean Williams
      Dean Williams 24 days ago +1

      Or it'd be a super track pack with 4.10 ...

  • Marcelo
    Marcelo Month ago

    Parabéns pelo carro. Espetáculo.

  • Sam Spade
    Sam Spade Month ago

    I'd love to drop the hammer on that Daytona about 2am on a long straight road!! The musclecars were so beautiful brand new, how could you decide on just one?!!! Good video, keep 'em coming!!!

  • Heartofthacity
    Heartofthacity Month ago

    Booo! Drive it!

  • William Aviles
    William Aviles Month ago

    Sad that these cars just sit 98% of the time. The car was made to ROAR THE TRACK. Still if it was mine, I would take it out more. 😈

  • Stacy boulderdash
    Stacy boulderdash Month ago

    People who don’t drive their cars shouldn’t have them! Pass it along to a true enthusiast. You can’t take them with you when you die. And for any newborn, that will be very soon.

  • Bruce Bryan
    Bruce Bryan Month ago


  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson Month ago

    Wonder how much $$$ a Hemi Daytona or Superbird would fetch at an auction. I know the Daytona was more rare. I'd take a 69 Charger 500 over any of em. Not as good on the track but 100x better looking and also more rare. Only 392 Charger 500's were built in 69. The 426 Hemi versions must be really scarce

  • iranclassiccars
    iranclassiccars Month ago

    1 thumbs down and that is me ( i lied)

  • Squirmin Herman the one eyed German


  • Dutchman 72
    Dutchman 72 Month ago

    That was cool !

  • Fire .Phoenix
    Fire .Phoenix Month ago +1

    this is actually one of the cars on my 2020 American Muscle Cars calendar :-) it doesn't look exactly the same as far as color but, outside of that, it's the same one. so, that's cool.

  • paul joe
    paul joe Month ago

    Poor ricers

  • Greg Fair
    Greg Fair Month ago +1

    That is my dream Mopar hands down!!!!!!! I absolutely love the 1969 Charger Daytona!!!!! I know where an Y7 red white rump stripe, black interior 440 727 torqflight car is just sitting wasting away! It's extremely sad!!!

  • acts2210
    acts2210 Month ago +2

    I knew that Hemi Daytona was a rare car I wonder how many of them exist with original numbers matching parts

    • bailey9r
      bailey9r 15 days ago

      Out of 43 made there are about 120 left (just check ebay) ;

  • Brett R
    Brett R Month ago +2


  • Archie Bunker
    Archie Bunker Month ago

    NASCAR racers had to lower the front to the ground so much the tires rub the inside top of the fenders so they made the bulges in them for tire clearance, so Dodge had to add them to the production cars, it's crazy to think they had a hard time selling these to the public and what their worth today.

  • Pete Medina
    Pete Medina Month ago +2

    Awesome car heck of a price back then considering what they're worth today

  • Matthew Berry
    Matthew Berry Month ago

    Will the Mopar experts please chime in but the way I understand it is even if it is a Hemi car or 440 or 440-6 and an automatic it comes with the 8.75 inch rear end based on the window sticker this car has the Performance axle package and then it lists 355 gearing 355 gearing was available on the 8.75 if it was a Dana like this guy says it is it should be 354 gearing I believe so something isn't right here either the window sticker is wrong or the guy is wrong from what I understand is if it was a Hemi car or a 440 Car or 440-6 and stick shift then it automatically got the Dana but the automatics were 8.75

    • Matthew Berry
      Matthew Berry Month ago

      @RTLL just looked up the A36 performance axle package it was mandatory on automatic Hemi cars it included the Hemi suspension 26in radiator 7 Blade fan and Sure Grip differential it was optional on other engine combinations but mandatory on the Hemi so the guy is wrong although it could have been some Oddball combination where the Dana was optioned out possibly but why would it list A36 performance axle package it should have listed super Track Pack instead hopefully other Mopar guys will chime in

    • RTLL
      RTLL Month ago

      I'm not the expert you are asking for. But I'm pretty sure you're right, going by what I know about the E-body cars. On the other hand, there were several "axle packages" so it gets confusing. And I think content varied by car line . So, for example, the A36 package in a B-body like this Daytona may have had different content than A36 in an E-body (or A-body, or.....)

  • Gary Bunch
    Gary Bunch Month ago +5

    One of my favorite cars is the dodge Daytona. I’m not sure why I like it over the Plymouth edition so much better but I do.

    • Gary Bunch
      Gary Bunch Month ago

      I think you nailed it. I don’t like a vinyl top on anything and never have. I grew up near Morton Illinois in the 80’s and a guy had one with a 440. One day it was in the driveway and I stopped my gmc and walked up to ask the owner if I could see up close. I will never forget being 16 and shown the car.

    • Jeremy Thompson
      Jeremy Thompson Month ago

      I like the Daytona better too. I think mostly because all the Superbirds had vinyl tops. The one thing I like better about the Superbird is that the 440 Six Barrel was available in 1970 in any B-Body or E-Body. In 69 it was only available in an A12 Roadrunner/Super Bee...my favorite muscle car ever

  • 12bucklemyshoe1
    12bucklemyshoe1 Month ago +9

    That one thumbs down is Bill France

  • Musical Help
    Musical Help Month ago

    I've heard people call their car their "baby" but pampering it is bit much :D lol

  • TA DuFine
    TA DuFine Month ago +2

    Always a cool place to be !

  • PlymouthDuster 225
    PlymouthDuster 225 Month ago +2

    Great car. I read in a book that only 70 Daytonas were built with the 426 Hemi. I have always wondered how many were 4 speeds and how many were automatics.

    • hypocycloidiaspora
      hypocycloidiaspora Month ago +1

      According to Wikipedia, 22 were equipped with 4-speeds and the 426 Hemi. I have heard that with wing cars, the Hemi / 4-speed cars were all destined for track use, not the street... I am curious about how the cars were allotted, it would seem there would be high demand among privateers for Hemi / 4-speeds, but the demand for any street wing car was slim.

  • Randall Montejano
    Randall Montejano Month ago +4

    What do you guys think about the upcoming dodge charger Daytona for 2020 which is basically a widebody hellcat with a paintjob? Does it stick true to it's name? I don't think so!

  • C Smith
    C Smith Month ago +1

    Great car.

  • tom smith
    tom smith Month ago +2

    the orange paint looks darker on the nose and on the scoops (fender bulges) or is that the lighting?
    "pretty much original" he says . original sticker price -- $4000. i'm still kicking myself for not buying one when I had the chance back in 1971.

    • tom smith
      tom smith Month ago

      @Rod Roberts I remember what happened. in around 1978 gasoline and insurance prices shot up like crazy for muscle cars because people were wrecking them left and right. plus they had an oil embargo and OPEC turned the faucet closed and they had lines at gasoline stations around the country. I was going to get married in 1979 so I put my Dodge Charger 440 six pack up for sale. yes I regret it. but we can't see into the future.

    • Rod Roberts
      Rod Roberts Month ago

      If you had bought one would you have kept it? Many of us let our muscle cars go and regret it.

  • tom smith
    tom smith Month ago +3

    QUESTION: is the Daytona wing at a slightly more upright angle than the Superbird wing? I seem to have noticed that. Is it simply that the angle of the rear deck is different in the two cars? anyone know for sure?

    • tom smith
      tom smith Month ago

      @Mark Verstappen THANKS MARK.

    • Mark Verstappen
      Mark Verstappen Month ago

      It could be. The Superbird definitely though has it mounted slightly further from the rear of the car for aesthetics reasons even though it took away performance. They can change the angle of the wing portion so the angle of the supports doesn't matter that much.

    • Red 13
      Red 13 Month ago +3

      Yeah, I believe it is.

  • Motersickle Bum
    Motersickle Bum Month ago

    i lived just outside of Detroit and when i was a kid I saw these cars and Super Bees on portable parking lots being shipped to the dealers. notice that they sold these with skinny bias-ply tires. at the time we didn't recognize the danger. no doubt a lot of people died in these.

  • Fester Adams
    Fester Adams Month ago +5

    No burn out?

  • Joseph M
    Joseph M Month ago +3

    Ugliest car Mopar ever built.0

  • LightningBlueMeanie
    LightningBlueMeanie Month ago +2

    That is so pretty. Love the orange.

  • Vladimir Tserademowitz

    Always Love being a Hemi Bird! #EpsteinDidntKillHimself

    • Vladimir Tserademowitz
      Vladimir Tserademowitz Month ago +2

      thatallredheadude 1 I will do more investigation, but I am NOT Surprised! I have been exposed to “Disney Employees” exploits in the past

    • thatallredheadude 1
      thatallredheadude 1 Month ago +2

      did you know Disney cruises frequented his island? they also have a history of abusing children actors, such as Heather O'Rourke. but its just a conspiracy theory and Im crazy. hey did you catch the sportsball game last weekend?

    • Daniel Cannon
      Daniel Cannon Month ago +2


  • Mark Wegner
    Mark Wegner Month ago +6

    I saw this car at MCACN on Saturday. It's absolutely stunning!!

  • j swan
    j swan Month ago +6

    What a story, just like buying Amazon stock in the beginning and holding on through the years. From $1500 too ????. Thanks for sharing. Saw this car when I was at the show. Outstanding.

  • The Fett Fan
    The Fett Fan Month ago +6

    Without a doubt a very worthy addition to the Brothers collection indeed! I love that particular shade of orange paint colour!!

  • Erik Stenberg
    Erik Stenberg Month ago +6

    Beautiful. Imaging paying $1500 for it?

    • Motersickle Bum
      Motersickle Bum Month ago +1

      in 1969 it was just a weird, dodge muscle-car that rusted-out quickly if you drove it in the winter. i had a friend with a 70, 400 Charger and the front fenders were totally rusted through ON THE TOP and down low. GM's didn't do this....

    • Mark Wegner
      Mark Wegner Month ago +2

      My late friend used to sell cars back when this car was new. He said they had a hard time moving them, & that many were discounted.

  • L S
    L S Month ago +1

    Something about the front nose looks funny. It looks way too high. Maybe it’s the camera? Thanks for sharing it! 👍🏻👍🏻🇺🇸

    • RTLL
      RTLL Month ago

      I'm wondering if it has something to do with the taller, narrow F70x15 tires? We're accustomed to seeing these cars with shorter, fatter tires.

    • L S
      L S Month ago

      C Smith Thanks. I thought the lip spoiler looked too high off the ground.👍🏻

    • C Smith
      C Smith Month ago

      Good eye, wow, maybe it's new springs, I compared the relation of the chrome wheel well trim to the tire, you can see the top of the tire, and the blue one behind it at 1:02, you can see the top of the tire, but when I googled for pictures, the trim on most of the cars is only a few inches above the wheel, about 4" lower, that's crazy that you noticed that.

  • Red 13
    Red 13 Month ago +2

    Super nice!

  • Alexander Curtis
    Alexander Curtis Month ago +6

    It would be the ultimate Daytona if it had a 4 speed

    • Eduardo
      Eduardo Month ago +5

      Ok! But that's why it's so cool. Most Dodge Charger Daytona are 4-speed with Magnum 500 wheels and this one is automatic with incredible orange dog dishes. Gorgeous.