How Emirates Makes 225,000 In-Flight Meals A Day

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • Emirates Flight Catering in Dubai makes all the snacks, main dishes and desserts served aboard the airline's 200,000 flights each year. The facility runs 24-7, dishing out 110 million meals a year. Emirates' 1,800 chefs from around the world create region-specific menus for each flight.
    A previous version of this video inaccurately identified lamb chops as pork chops. Emirates serves only Halal food and has never served pork aboard their flights. We regret the error.
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    How Emirates Makes 225,000 In-Flight Meals A Day

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  • NK Production
    NK Production 2 hours ago

    Amezing 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Z Terke
    Z Terke 19 hours ago

    Is this all happening inside the airplane!?

  • airev jav
    airev jav 20 hours ago

    Wait but I had never received such meal from Emirates even being in business class :'(

  • lubnailajei
    lubnailajei Day ago


  • Soraya
    Soraya Day ago

    Am I the only one that actually likes aeroplane food

  • Aridor joskowich
    Aridor joskowich Day ago +1

    3:37 "high powered water lazer"
    i dont think she knows what a lazer is

  • Sri Raj
    Sri Raj 2 days ago

    2:35 typical ignorant western media with no proper knowledge of the Indian map .

  • Sri Raj
    Sri Raj 2 days ago

    Imagine if someone or some extremist group infiltrates this place and what would be the catastrophic consequences of people who would be served the food 🧐

  • Genes Gene
    Genes Gene 2 days ago

    no Chicken ADOBO no life

  • Bit Shining
    Bit Shining 2 days ago

    I don't get food which they showed here

  • Katarina Gajic
    Katarina Gajic 2 days ago

    Never ever I've seen 4,5 minutes video more educative.😱

  • Zaybz Touffie
    Zaybz Touffie 3 days ago

    Sometimes the hostess pass you by. That's economy for you. Sometimes I get a juice or water and the passenger next to me become invisible

  • Hira 123
    Hira 123 3 days ago

    Love flywih emirates

    VAIBHAV MISHRA 3 days ago

    India map should be correct
    Kashmir is in india

  • Mani MaNi
    Mani MaNi 3 days ago


  • Rudra Yagya
    Rudra Yagya 3 days ago

    khuskhus and bread 🥶🥶🥶😱😱

  • Te Ya
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  • Don Leon
    Don Leon 3 days ago

    Now show how American Airlines does it.

  • Y-Travel Travel-X
    Y-Travel Travel-X 3 days ago

    They can serve queen table like , I will still use Turkish Airlines 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷💕💕💕💕💕💕Loveee you 🇹🇷 Turkey 💕

  • Sakshi Jain
    Sakshi Jain 4 days ago

    Indians hit like for kachori guyssss!!!!!!!

  • Levi Baloch
    Levi Baloch 4 days ago +1

    Whats up with that?

  • Qazi Ali Raza
    Qazi Ali Raza 4 days ago

    I want to robe this truck xD.

  • ibsimo
    ibsimo 4 days ago

    روحوا استعيروا من جيرانكم صراصير وذبان من وجباتهم هههههه اكيد عرفتوا عن مين اتكلم

  • JC Suresh
    JC Suresh 4 days ago

    Its the service that matters Emirates 😡😡😡

    VOLTAGE GAMING 4 days ago

    Next type how they throw human shit in emirates

  • Himanshu Seth
    Himanshu Seth 4 days ago

    Maderchod india map shows wrong

  • Swarnaa Singh
    Swarnaa Singh 4 days ago

    Pack date in UV ink...
    Why don't they want me to see WHEN my food was packed 👀

  • Bridgit In The Kitchen [ 254 Upishi ]

    Meanwhile in an american airline, you get either water/soda/juice and a small bag of pretzels/cookie 🙆

  • Jay Daisuke
    Jay Daisuke 4 days ago +5

    Meanwhile in 2019
    TVclip January: -
    TVclip December: Why dont you watch making foods of airplane purposes
    Edited: Thanks for the 100 likes!

    • Maaz Kalim
      Maaz Kalim 3 days ago

      for aviation purposes* There! FTFY ☺️

  • Analog wid
    Analog wid 5 days ago


  • ronypaul mavely
    ronypaul mavely 5 days ago


  • Kishore Bonta
    Kishore Bonta 5 days ago

    Also generate so much of plastic waste .

  • Paul Skjott
    Paul Skjott 5 days ago +1

    Emirates, Great airline, bloody great ground staff

  • Mikee Toquero
    Mikee Toquero 5 days ago

    Incredible 🤘

  • Swayam Arora
    Swayam Arora 5 days ago +3

    Meanwhile in Sprint they can’t provide free water😂

  • Sehun Min
    Sehun Min 5 days ago

    this is so cool tho

  • Rana Afzaal bloemhof


  • Jake C
    Jake C 7 days ago


  • English Dept.
    English Dept. 8 days ago

    Opportunity for perfectionism.. packing the food.. serving the dishes

  • English Dept.
    English Dept. 8 days ago +1

    nd now I'm hungry while and after watching this 😋🤤

  • Next Level HD
    Next Level HD 8 days ago


  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma 9 days ago +1

    1:05 someone didnt cleaned the plate properly before putting in a washer.

  • privateny
    privateny 11 days ago

    The foq am I doing here?

  • Mootan Applesauce
    Mootan Applesauce 11 days ago +6

    Someone be going to America
    Server:would you like a hotdog and 5 fating donuts?

  • 2 creative Sisters
    2 creative Sisters 13 days ago

    N i c e

  • Vita Masli
    Vita Masli 15 days ago

    So.. those meals prepared in Dubai any other country?

  • sid V
    sid V 15 days ago

    Downvoted for wrong depiction of map. Good video overall.

    MANISH KUMAR 15 days ago

    please Emirates you show india full map including pok

  • Nuril Sarifah
    Nuril Sarifah 16 days ago

    This is why the tickets very expensive:3 what you pay what you get💙💙💙

  • Excel Gurung
    Excel Gurung 16 days ago

    And at last there will be wastage of food they're only showing how its eaten and made

  • Rowena Setienta
    Rowena Setienta 16 days ago


  • telugu spice
    telugu spice 17 days ago

    Tons of plastic will go to earth per day

  • Handel Nehemia
    Handel Nehemia 17 days ago +1

    In my country we are eating Fresh Air for Economy class, and sometimes our plane didn't even reach the destination

  • Tallulah
    Tallulah 18 days ago

    And when the Emirates flight lands in the UK (don't know about other countries) all leftover food & drink that hasn't been used on board is all thrown away. Even if it's still in the wrapper & hasn't been touched, hasn't even left the trolley, straight in the bin for "security reasons". While there are people starving. What a waste! 😡

  • Leann Queen
    Leann Queen 18 days ago +1

    I hope i can work here 😭

  • AJ Golosino
    AJ Golosino 18 days ago

    Why are they not wearing masks?

  • zala virendra
    zala virendra 18 days ago

    Travelers eat a lot I mean seriously 😅 we paid for it

  • Aka Jais
    Aka Jais 18 days ago

    Crisp kachori ❤

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    Bonjour! Ça va? Je suis content. Le crossiant a 5. Echantè! A bientôt!

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    ... hi O-O