Trump Was The Laughingstock Of NATO

  • Published on May 27, 2017
  • Handshakes that never end and shoving the Prime Minister of Montenegro had some world leaders chuckling amongst themselves.
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Comments • 5 556

  • Sreenivas GV
    Sreenivas GV 5 days ago

    Yeah they would be laughing together when US finally pulls out of NATO and then Russia picks them one on one. Without US, NATO is just a paper toy. Especially at this time when Russia has invaded Crimea in Ukraine, Invaded Abkhazia and South Ocessia in Georgia and also in Maldova.

  • Adam Zaidi
    Adam Zaidi Month ago +1

    Are you kidding me? Just some more fake news! All of the NATO allies have been taking advantage of the United States and its taxpayers for the longest time now. Most of the Allied Nations don't even pay their full share. We pay more into NATO than all of the countries combined so that should tell you something. They tried to box our president in to make him look like a fool and disrespect our country so now people want to start bashing our president for sticking up for us and not letting NATO take advantage of the American taxpayers? We should be thanking him! I used to hate President Trump and I didn't even vote for him in 2016 ,but honestly he's doing a damn good job and it's time we start giving him a little credit. I'm glad we have a leader now who's going to stand up for us. This is not the Obama Administration anymore! This is a true leader and an alpha male. Thank you for sticking up for us Americans! God bless President Trump and most of all God Bless America!

  • Lawrence MacDonald
    Lawrence MacDonald Month ago

    Trump is a embarrassment and Nancy will bring him down fast

  • Douglas K. Young
    Douglas K. Young Month ago

    No secret kickbacks, no to Nato... isolationism simply means vulnerable in military history, but "who cares"... #BRAINSPURS and #BONESPURS.

  • Barbara 96
    Barbara 96 2 months ago

    We all Love Erotic fanfiction 👍

  • papas99
    papas99 2 months ago

    Trump rules

  • Niharka Suryvanshi
    Niharka Suryvanshi 2 months ago

    Donald trump is an American embaresment

  • Trevor Waller
    Trevor Waller 2 months ago

    You're trash

  • princess melody
    princess melody 3 months ago

    Thank you Stephan it's generous Ramadan actually 🙂🙂🙂

  • Hamilton Jet Sport Association

    The World is laughing at the French you Idiot Colbert. You would be one of those French Soldiers with the Gun never fired, dropped only once. One day your ongoing rhetoric will bite you in your Arse.

  • Jack Barry
    Jack Barry 3 months ago

    How r u lot still salty he won, get over it how old r u lot

  • Mandraquex3000
    Mandraquex3000 4 months ago +1

    Hey guess what... Hillary Clinton lost get over it already!

  • JMCherryTree
    JMCherryTree 4 months ago

    And the UN😂😂

  • KING Christopher Paul Hutchinson

    Bet you wish they laughed at you like that, huh😂

  • joe segovia
    joe segovia 4 months ago +1

    We have a president with more sexual activity (womanizing) and accusations than deposed senators and committee members AND THE FOOL IS STILL HERE . WHY

  • Uncle Joe
    Uncle Joe 4 months ago

    6 seconds out of a 35 min speech 3 leaders snickered.

  • Adi
    Adi 4 months ago +2

    Now at the UN General Assembly 2018 the leaders of the world laughed at him 😂😂😂

  • kingsgate15
    kingsgate15 4 months ago

    Hurry up Robert Mueller.......please.

  • mohamadreza ehteshami
    mohamadreza ehteshami 5 months ago

    I really like this show but people cheering got on my nerves really

  • Lisa Lisa
    Lisa Lisa 5 months ago

    Steven I love you will you couldn't get a tan if you ordered on Amazon Prime

  • Julie W.
    Julie W. 5 months ago

    I love how Trump says, "Not paying what they SHOULD be paying." According to WHOM??? What HE wants to happen? Sorry - doesn't work that way. Contrary to what your media says, Donald Trump is NOT the leader of the free world. He's the leader of the United States. The various NATO countries are only SUPPOSED to increase their defense budgets to the 2% agreed goal BY the year 2024. THAT is the agreed deal. Guess what asshole? It's currently 2018 (2017, then). Just because you WANT them to increase it to 4% immediately (which is ridiculous) does not mean THEY agree to that. You see, that is how NATO works. It is very disturbing to me that Russia has an agent (Donald Trump) inside the NATO meetings.

  • Devlins10
    Devlins10 6 months ago

    Now he's your president virtue signaller Colbert.

  • the rooster
    the rooster 6 months ago

    Not. But you're a laughing stock to the country arswhipe.

  • Markotik G
    Markotik G 6 months ago

    And one year later on, he’s the laughing stock of the world. Twat !!

  • Doellis Rowe
    Doellis Rowe 7 months ago

    Lol this dude is fucking lunatic. I'm so fucking ashmed. Why does he keep embarrassing himself and America. He just can't help himself and he is over 70 acting like this. The worse part (besides his deplorables) is he thinks he looks cool even normal but its pure cringe. And that weird as "I'ma alpha male " hand shake is the weirdest shit I've seen and this is the internet. I notice he didn't do it with Putin 🤔

  • MisterCool
    MisterCool 7 months ago

    Trump said the same thing Colbert's BFF Jon Stewart said about NATO on The Daily Show back in 2011, that the U.S. WAS NATO!

  • Destiny tran
    Destiny tran 7 months ago

    Trump has been doing great! I love my president Trump! ❤

  • Lisanne Hekman
    Lisanne Hekman 7 months ago

    I almost thought this was from this year haha!

  • Philosophy Beddoe
    Philosophy Beddoe 7 months ago

    This clown is worthless...who cares what a so called comedian thinks about trump or politics? Leftist morons..

  • Leonardo Artist of 16th Century

    Trump was far from laughing stock. Countries pay now sooner up to 2%.

  • SynthesizeMelee
    SynthesizeMelee 7 months ago

    Gavin free , I don’t smoke , and I know for absolute certainty , trump is nothing like liberals claim he is , pay attention

  • turu nending
    turu nending 7 months ago

    Love the comedy...hate the bias... No need to teach me politics on youtube for free

  • grrdpablo1
    grrdpablo1 8 months ago

    Hey pal, they're not laughing now.

  • SynthesizeMelee
    SynthesizeMelee 8 months ago

    Finally we have an adult in the White House and the children are throwing temper tantrums !

  • SynthesizeMelee
    SynthesizeMelee 8 months ago

    Dog 1 , I’m not out of touch , you are . 1/2 the country that voted for trump clearly still support him , and a growing number of Hillary voters are now realizing the awful truth of the democrat party and MSM , so when are you going to start paying attention ?

  • Oregon Cephaloproctic LLC

    Invite the Russians to sharpen their bayonets on Dutch skulls!

  • Paul Kersey
    Paul Kersey 8 months ago

    alpha males, real ones, don't have to shove people put of the way while looking very nervous during and after doing it...what an embarrassment

  • Paul Kersey
    Paul Kersey 8 months ago

    alpha males, real ones, don't have to shove people put of the way while looking very nervous during and after doing it...what an embarrassment

  • Ryan Tran Thompson
    Ryan Tran Thompson 8 months ago

    Atleast he isn’t a punk. And not afraid to show that he wants America first

  • the rooster
    the rooster 8 months ago

    Actually Trudeau was when his fake eyebrow fell. Lol. Dumbass globalist

  • Undertale fan For life
    Undertale fan For life 8 months ago

    Stephens joke writing is a laughingstock.

  • richard morris
    richard morris 8 months ago

    I'm so sick of the same formula late shows how about some live concerts & SHUT these half wits up

  • Wendy Alexander
    Wendy Alexander 8 months ago

    Great! Love it! Trump has no couth!

  • Jennifer Winchester
    Jennifer Winchester 8 months ago +4

    A year later and it’s still so embarrassing 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • SynthesizeMelee
    SynthesizeMelee 8 months ago

    We know you hate trump and that you and everyone in MSM would say or do anything to deceptively place him in a bad light . STFU . Colbert , you lose your man card , just go away . To the rest of MSM , either start being truthful with us or not , you’ll get no trust or credibility back until you stop your fake news tirade . America has had enough of you . Ok you still have some gullible snowflakes who are dumb enough to believe you , but they are dwindling in number . This country belongs to middle class , not the elitists and low information pinheads . The more you insult us and Don , the worse it’s gonna get for you . Go ahead , dig in and insist you know better , see what that gets you asshole

    FIST OF FURY 8 months ago

    Take Spanky for a real tan!!! Not that fake stuff where the have to use women's makeup to make him look like the morning of the living idiot clown

  • lee wang
    lee wang 8 months ago

    Why does Trump bleach his eye sockets instead of his asshole? And I don't mean Pence.

  • Crazy Scorpion
    Crazy Scorpion 9 months ago

    Trump, your Russian sanctions cost 100 billion euros a year to Europe, and all the refugees from Iraq, Syria, etc ... also cost a lot of money for Europe. The US are at the origin of those refugees because of the 2nd Gulf war, Buch and his lies !!! Who will compensate us for that ? And you will complain about a 2% of NATO deffence ?

  • H Kirk
    H Kirk 9 months ago +3

    Notice that PM Trudeau was the only one politely smiling at trump. Although, you know he wasn’t happy on the inside. That’s basically how most Canadian’s minds work; MUST.... BE.... POLITE... DON’T MAKE..... PEOPLE...... FEEL.. BAD!

    • Joshua Coleman
      Joshua Coleman 4 months ago

      H Kirk Okay that's funny!

    • Rose Stewart
      Rose Stewart 8 months ago

      H Kirk lol that's kind of true 😂😂😂 and I'm Canadian

  • Janie McAllister
    Janie McAllister 9 months ago

    yeah the description of the handshake really was some fanfic shit

  • Michael R.
    Michael R. 10 months ago

    yes keep laughing at Trump, keep going. Meanwhile rest of the dumbass Americans and rest of the dumbass retarded Western world wishing Islamic invaders a happy Ramadan. Why dont you bend over and take it while you're at it

  • Panchang 810
    Panchang 810 10 months ago


  • jessie james
    jessie james 10 months ago +1

    i am from another american relative and my daughter (whose father is american) were watching the electiions together . one on one side of the world , the other in another country. When the final results came in and trump won, our american relative said' The whole world must think we are mad, gone crazy!'' . Doesnt anyone tell him what a buffon he is , esp when he opens his mouth? or just like the story -THE EMPRESS's new clothes , everyone just plays along..

  • jessie james
    jessie james 10 months ago +1


  • Kasper Joonatan
    Kasper Joonatan 10 months ago +2

    I have never seen such a pitiful presidential behaviour like that when he pushed his way to the front. I'm so sorry for you guys in the States.

  • The Jokebrandt
    The Jokebrandt 10 months ago +2

    I give America 1-2 Presidents more then a civil war will break out between conservatives and democrats. You would seem to think that you aren't watching Americans insulting each other but North and South Koreans.

  • Barton Weinstein
    Barton Weinstein 10 months ago

    yah ok colbert, if your shit show has any ratings its due to the "Don". Just cut a check and mail it all to Trump Towers.Oh and you were an SNL writer , explains why the show progressively sucked as years passed by.

    • Kasper Joonatan
      Kasper Joonatan 10 months ago

      Yes that would be a good idea. 2020 Trump will be out of job and nobody's gonna hire him. He will need the money.

  • Seniors Penname
    Seniors Penname 11 months ago

    AMERICA FIRST: The same voting process that elected Barack Obama President also elected Donald J. TRUMP President. TRUMP is Americas’ choice for President and he was Inaugurated President on Jan. 20, 2017. America and the world acknowledged this. In four years TRUMP may be replaced, if America wants a change! This is how it works in America and the Free World! What else is there! COMMUNISM! Mission: Preserve “Real News” for Real Americans and Insure Real Americans can Review Real News! Thank you, for your countless comments of support for this ‘Real News’! Please, do your own research!
    OBCESSED with blaming others for the DNC and Clinton Defeats! Start with this gang of Corrupt Elitists! Clintons, Obamas, Lynch, Clapper, Comey, Mueller, McCabe, Rosenstein, Ohr, Podesta, Abedin, Weiner, Pocahontas, Brazile, Wasserman-Schultz, Creamer, Fake News Media,, Soros, DNC and GOP Elitists! Had the DNC Party not been “Bought and paid for" by Clinton, Bernie Sanders may have been President!
    Mueller stated, after TRUMP won, Russia started the “Not my President” movement to Divide Americans! Russian TRUMP Investigation $500M+; 16+ MThs; 400K+ docs! House Intel Request Investigation End! Conclusions: No Collusion!! No Obstruction! American Government wants to refocus on Actual Priorities! American House Intel Elected to End Russian TRUMP Investigation! Corrupt Elected Elitists Reject This!
    America must and will defend itself from Seditious and Treasonous activities within its Own Government! Corrupt Elected Elitists & Others Plot for Illegal Russian Trump Investigation to last TRUMP’s Presidency! Winning Elections isn’t an Impeachable Offence! Treason by Corrupt Elected Elitists is a Capital Offence! Government and AG Session Start Valid Request for a “Treason Investigation of Home Grown Traitors”! Treason Investigation, Legally Suspends Illegal Russian Trump Investigation, until Treason is dealt with!
    TRUMP credited with N Korea Denuclearization Talks! Idiotic DNC and Their Media fight to Stop Talks! TRUMP strives for better relations with Russia, China, even North Korea! Historical efforts mostly failed! Corrupt U.S. politicians and UN failures has united China, Russia, North Korea and Iran against Others! TRUMP kept campaign promise! Recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital! US Embassy to be moved! America must reduce paying 22% of UN’s Annual Budge! Others must soon start paying their fair share! America must end the practice of Funding Countries that are, in reality, opposed to American Interests!
    TRUMP kept campaign promise! Our New Tax Bill is America’s Competitive Advantage Internationally! TRUMP kept campaign promise! Unfair Trade Practices may be addressed with effective Trade Tariffs! President TRUMP works with Senators on Trillion Dollar Infrastructure and “Obamacare Fix or Replace”! Tax Bill Repealed ‘Obamacare Individual Mandate’! Now Americans won’t pay for not having insurance! President TRUMP works with our GOP and DNC Senators to reinforce and strength our Military Forces! President TRUMP and Congress hope to stop drug dealers ‘dead in their tracks’ with the Death Penalty!
    Sanctuary Cities, Counties and States are Accountable for 40 Million Illegal Immigrants, and their Crimes! Dear Illegals, who violate our U.S. Immigration Laws, “DACA Dreamers”, blame your parents, not the U.S. Yes To: DACA; Border Security; Immigration Merit Based; A Budget! TRUMP wants Bipartisan Solutions! DNC is ‘DACA 1st, America 2nd“! Shutdowns hurt Americans! Bipartisan Solutions must be America 1st!
    TRUMP transcended Democratic and Republican Parties and all of their Corrupt Establishment Elitists. The election wasn’t won by the “Anybody but Trump” GOP party. TRUMP won, in spite of the GOP party! This election was a David vs Goliath marathon. TRUMP spent millions vs the Corrupt DNC spent billions! TRUMP is not Americas “Moral Compass”! Voters chose TRUMP, disregarding personal & financial data! The choice wasn’t TRUMP vs Clinton. The choice was between the Corrupt DNC Party and America 1st!
    Every American knows that Comey did more damage to the DNC and Clinton, than Russia could ever do! Comey cares little for America. If he did, he would have challenged TRUMP before he was fired, not after! Had Comey not been fired, he would’ve never said “TRUMP HOPED I soon end the Flynn Investigation”! Comey admitted his Leak was His Plot to Impeach TRUMP! This confirmed Comey’s Seditious Intentions!
    IC Dir J Clapper, and his 16 branches were ordered by Obama AG L Lynch to hid Clinton Russian Dirt! McCabe, Comey and Mueller were ordered to call Clinton Investigation a matter by Obama AG L Lynch! Dossier Dirt on Candidates from Anywhere BUT Russia is OK, unless Dirt is on TRUMP and not Clinton!! The DNC used FBI TRUMP Dossier and Illegal FISA warrant to wiretap TRUMP, his Family and Others!
    Obama ignored Russia for eight years! TRUMP Wins! Obama Lies to FISA! Starts Impeach TRUMP Plot! FISA wasn’t told DNC and FBI paid for Dossier, by Steel & DAG B Ohr’s wife N Ohr, from Fusion GPS! Obama, via Flawed FBI Dossier and Illegal FISA Warrant, Ordered Illegal Russian TRUMP Investigation!
    Mueller won’t subpoena Corrupt Elected Elitist, to avoid all evidence of lying, to get illegal FISA Warrants! Mueller should have been recused as Special Council! TRUMP had interviewed him for FBI Directors Job! TRUMP expected Mueller to recuse himself! He didn’t! Mueller should now resign, like FBI”s McCabe did! Russian TRUMP Investigation should have been dismissed, with prejudice, due to. Illegal FISA Warrants! Illegal Activities is just cause for AG Sessions to Order a “Treason Investigation of Home Grown Traitors”!

    DNC, Obama, Clinton and Others “Obstructed Justice” when they lied to Obtain Illegal FISA Warrants! Illegal Russian TRUMP Investigation’s failure to Impeach TRUMP will also promote a TRUMP 2nd term! TRUMP Failed Impeachment will be recognized as Treason Based Witch Hunt by Corrupt Elected Elitist! Failure to Impeach TRUMP Reinforces a “Treason Investigation of Home Grown Traitors” IS Warranted!

    TRUMP, Commander in Chief, endeavors to govern, all while enduring Fake Investigations and Treason! Fake News Media Polls and Stats were useless! Their best talent never foresaw Clinton DOA Presidency! Clinton had a meltdown drunken stupor when TRUMP won. That night she showed her presidential value. The DNC and Clinton’s day late insincere concession speech confirmed they’ll never accept their defeat. Corrupt DNC controlled Media were ordered to continue their Relentless Treasonous Attacks on TRUMP!
    TRUMP’s ‘No Holds Barred’ Sarcastic Attitude towards Elitist Politicians and Fake News Media is Just! Fake News Media didn’t stop TRUMP”s Presidency! Fake News Media promise to stop TRUMP 2nd term! Their Attacks are driven by Their Intent to Impeach Americas’ Duly Elected President! This IS TREASON! Billion Dollar Media are “The Fake Empire”! They Abuse the 1st Amendment! Their MO IS TREASON 1st! Federal Communications Commission can legally strip Seditious Fake Media of their broadcast licenses!
    TRUMP Cabinet Members are optimized for an imminent Treason Investigation of Home Grown Traitors! For eight years Corrupt DNC and Obama Infiltrated All Branch of Government with their Corrupt Elitists! Business as Usual, is over, in Washington! President TRUMP is purging Washington of Corrupt Elitists! Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and AG Regulatory Rules are wantonly violated by Traitors! Career Civil Servants don’t own America! They must be there to Defend America, not Destroy America!
    Corrupt Elected Elitist Seditious Plot to Impeach America’s President, IS the Legal Definition of Treason! Treason is a Conscious Decision! Social and Cultural Intolerance by Traitors will start another Civil War! TRUMP will never be president”! They were WRONG. TRUMP will be impeached. They were WRONG! Treason Investigation of Home Grown Traitors will also investigate Illegal “Russian TRUMP investigation”!
    Our Military Stands United with Our Government and Our President in Our Mission to Defend America! Mueller, the FBI and the DOJ will be ordered to surrender their material to Our Government & our AG! This Treason Investigation will look for Traitors within the IC, DOJ, FBI, Supreme Court and Congress! Treason comes with consequences! Treason is a Capital Crime! Treason is America’s Greatest Threat!
    Russia hacked the DNC! Obama used FBI TRUMP Dossier and Illegal FISA warrant to wiretap TRUMP! Countries all around the world, and this includes America, interfere in other countries elections every day! Logic, sadly, confirms Russia earned our gratitude for showing the world all of their internal deficiencies! Countries and this included America Must Repair their many internal defects, or stop using their internet!
    Obama begged African Americans to vote for Clinton and the DNC party, or he will be personally insulted! Obama begged illegal immigrants “You can vote. Don’t worry you won’t get caught”! IC & FBI did nothing! The corrupt DNC party doesn’t own the African American, Hispanic and Minority vote, and they never will! Fake News MEDIA refused to cover or talk about the DNC party and Obama’s Voter Fraud Participation!
    2007 Washington Post confirmed ‘BIRTHER’ started by Clinton, her campaign, and her DNC supporters! Obama’s lawyer, Alexandra Hill, admitted Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery! MEDIA as always MIA! Obama became a felon by providing his forged birth certificate to the government MEDIA as always MIA! Obama shadows TRUMP around the world discrediting him. Logan Act: Obama investigated for treason! Obama, a president on an American pension, today conspires to overthrow the country that elected him!

    • Christine Pierce
      Christine Pierce 8 months ago

      Seniors Penname 📝Sorry but, you type way too much to read for a 4:21 monologue 🤷‍♀️

  • Valerie Smith
    Valerie Smith 11 months ago

    Orange is the new black!!!!!!

  • Azz Bro
    Azz Bro 11 months ago

    .... here is what the rest of the world thinks... not good for any of us...



  • Evon Williams
    Evon Williams 11 months ago

    This is really to funny

  • sweet Tea
    sweet Tea 11 months ago

    Colbert does really good impression of Donald Trump its hilarious every time I hear it. Information he give is the truth I just really hope he get impeached Enough of this fake President. We need a Real President that is fit for the job. He's literally a Big joke I can't take this clown seriously.

  • Atticus Finch
    Atticus Finch Year ago

    cornholebert did he take it in the ass backstage why does he run out like a girl

  • khadija hamdani
    khadija hamdani Year ago

    fifty shades of orange hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mark Kasprzyk
    Mark Kasprzyk Year ago

    Really. I worked for Motorola. We invented the cell phone. We lost 90 thousand jobs to na to under Bill Clinton and all manufacturing went to Mexico and China. And you say trump is the laughing stock! Really? You f'n schmuck. And for thousands to agree with you. Wtf!

    • jasofclubs
      jasofclubs 10 months ago

      motorola did not in any way "invent" the cell phone! the list of other companies and individuals who pioneered the technology is far too long to list here, but suffice to say that the earliest cellular networks were developed and first used in Europe, not the USA.

  • Pat S
    Pat S Year ago +1


  • Maria C Curet
    Maria C Curet Year ago

    Stupid Cadet Bone Spurs frump should be paying what he should be paying!!!!

  • Allen Hu
    Allen Hu Year ago +1

    Fake news Was The Laughingstock Of USA

  • Marco Fernandes
    Marco Fernandes Year ago

    What a massive retard president the USA now has,the whole world has now more respect for a toilet seat lol !!!

  • Alcagaur1
    Alcagaur1 Year ago

    NATO wasn't the end - even of the beginning of Butt-of-the-Joke Donny. People capable of joined-up thinking worldwide thank whatever divinity they recognize on a nightly basis that Trump was not visited on them.

  • JohnConnor333
    JohnConnor333 Year ago

    Trump is Boss. They don't like a boss telling them what to do. And he doesn't care if people like him or not ;)

  • JohnConnor333
    JohnConnor333 Year ago

    God Bless Trump. 8 Years President.

  • Sophia Kinasih Larasati

    Yay my birthday

  • Susie G
    Susie G Year ago

    I’m still splitting my gut over this video.

  • Great Muslim
    Great Muslim Year ago

    رمضان سعيد

  • Muhamed Muratovic

    You will miss wild Bill clinton

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr Year ago

    At 2:16, 🤮

  • Medic 135
    Medic 135 Year ago

    Bull fucking shit Stephen, he told them to pay up and you're just pissy because he's not Hillary. Grow up and get over it and cut the fake news, you used to be funny and now you're just pandering to a dying audience and it's pathetic.

  • Chio Chan Genocide

    Fifty Shades of Orange LMFAO

  • u_sernam_e7
    u_sernam_e7 Year ago

    Lol, he demonstrates on an international stage what an incompetent child he is.
    Lol, makin America.....(laughed at? Stripped of its influence? Confirmed to every human that trumps a sensitive, hilariously incompetent fuckwit worthy of no respect and total condemnation,) America great again guys! What this country needs is a full grown man with the mind of a toddler. Go America

    Also re trump aupporrers: god you're pathetic. Hilarious and pathetic

  • Matthew LeCrioux
    Matthew LeCrioux Year ago

    And NATO is a laughing stock to the US because you cant do shit without us :)

  • R L
    R L Year ago

    Trump is such a stupid idiot that he has billions of dollars and became POTUS with no prior political experience. Thankfully we have so many absolute geniuses (all left-wing, non moderate or right-wing) that have accomplished nothing with their lives to make fun of him and call everyone with different opinions idiots. Thank you snowflake liberals! What would we do without you?! :)

  • DianeCanDo Flamtaps

    What’s sad, is all the Trump supporters watch is FOX NEWS! It’s rare that they would ever see all these embarrassing videos or hear the stories because FOX will never, ever criticize or show what an idiot he really is. All FOX does is praise him and all his “winning”!! They also help to brainwash and promote Trumps belief of “fake news”. It’s so ridiculous!!!

    • SynthesizeMelee
      SynthesizeMelee 8 months ago

      DianeCanDo Flamtaps your the brainwashed fool , wake up

  • SaraKpn
    SaraKpn Year ago

    You had me at "50 shades of orange" XDDD

  • Ty Reuter
    Ty Reuter Year ago

    Fuck NATO, they can deal with their own defense. US and Russia need to smother the eurocrats in their cribs.

  • Cody Porter
    Cody Porter Year ago

    This isn't humor.

    BLACK HAT Year ago

    This moron simply could not have got elected as head of state anywhere in Europe!

    BLACK HAT Year ago

    We should shove NATO up that morons arse and expand PESCO to a full NATO replacement and remove the American military from Europe and send them back home!

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius Year ago

    Stephen Colbert is now seeing a psychiatrist. He can not go 24 hours without crying that President Trump is in office. Several ink spots were put in front of him and in ever one, he saw the president grabbing a woman you know where. Oh, by he way, four more women have just came out against Bill Clinton, they are suing, they said this happened after he left office, so boo...hoo....hoo.....for Stephen Colbert.

    • Roman Darius
      Roman Darius Year ago

      Stephen Colbert will go crazy if he has to mention that unemployment is down under President Trump. Oh, boo...hoo....hoo for the psychopath!!! heheh

    • Roman Darius
      Roman Darius Year ago

      Gottenhimfella----With the Stock Market going through the roof, and unemployment a 17 year low, you may have to get a job. Welfare will soon be over for the lazy.

    • Gottenhimfella
      Gottenhimfella Year ago

      Don't quit your day job, when and if you reach the age to get one.
      Your prospects as a writer of fantasy are not great, because your imagination tends to the pedestrian.
      And that's being charitable. Perhaps you should try for something in accounts.

  • Shinja Okinawa
    Shinja Okinawa Year ago

    The absence of psychotic drug induced smiles as we see on the Democrats is not proof of disapproval.

  • Shinja Okinawa
    Shinja Okinawa Year ago

    Trump Supporters grew quiet after the election, unlike the way Obama supporters continued to campaign for him long after the election was over with.

  • Cameron Beattie
    Cameron Beattie Year ago +1

    Doubt the majority of his audience knew where Montenegro is

  • Chris Montero
    Chris Montero Year ago

    His talking points make me sick you do not hurt the little man the little man out numbers the assholes greedy assholes at that

  • Chris Montero
    Chris Montero Year ago

    Trump is always going to be a self-centered piece of s*** his election was a fluke by the Russians doing a Cyber attack on our nation and if he is sitting with them in Vietnam right now it is to a certain extent even treason

  • Chris Montero
    Chris Montero Year ago

    Sorry guys in gals the wrong comment to paste I just got done watching Bill Maher I like him too

  • Chris Montero
    Chris Montero Year ago

    Well bless your heart Sarah Silverman we've all said something before that we do not realize the consequences for our words you're a human being and I think you know you screwed up a little bit but don't ever say again that our flag be red our flag is unity and respect

  • Ava F
    Ava F Year ago

    Sometimes it will just dawn on me that this isn’t a nightmare.

  • Andrew Hindi
    Andrew Hindi Year ago

    It's not supposed to be offensive to demand payment from allies, who have ripped Americans off for decades.

    • Gottenhimfella
      Gottenhimfella Year ago

      Andrew Hindi: "ripped off" is offensive as well as inaccurate

    • Andrew Hindi
      Andrew Hindi Year ago

      I disrespected nobody. Why are you stretching the truth?

    • Andrew Hindi
      Andrew Hindi Year ago

      Speak to me with respect if I have not disrespected you. Do you understand?