Japanese Street Food - LIVE FUGU PUFFERFISH Puffer Fish Japan

  • Published on Jun 16, 2017
  • Fugu (河豚 or 鰒; フグ) is the Japanese word for pufferfish and the dish prepared from it, normally species of genus Takifugu, Lagocephalus, or Sphoeroides, or porcupinefish of the genus Diodon. Fugu can be lethally poisonous due to its tetrodotoxin; therefore, it must be carefully prepared to remove toxic parts and to avoid contaminating the meat.
    The restaurant preparation of fugu is strictly controlled by law in Japan and several other countries, and only chefs who have qualified after three or more years of rigorous training are allowed to prepare the fish. Domestic preparation occasionally leads to accidental death.
    Fugu is served as sashimi and chirinabe. Some consider the liver to be the tastiest part, but it is also the most poisonous, and serving this organ in restaurants was banned in Japan in 1984. Fugu has become one of the most celebrated and notorious dishes in Japanese cuisine.

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  • juan hernandez
    juan hernandez 42 minutes ago +1

    Soy el comentario en español q buscabas...mi opinión de este video es q "Para muchas personas es algo cruel q está comida real mente exista...tan solo ver cómo cortan al pez VIVO es algo muy CRUEL y perturbador..."

    DNMOH GD 44 minutes ago

    Petition to stop killing pufferfish because they are too cute

  • Dat Pilot
    Dat Pilot 48 minutes ago

    wrong video

  • Sara Eberahimi
    Sara Eberahimi Hour ago

    How dare you kill that puffer fish

  • Hussein sp
    Hussein sp 2 hours ago +1

    Why don't you cook them before eating

  • Hussein sp
    Hussein sp 2 hours ago

    Why don't you cook them before eating

  • Hussein sp
    Hussein sp 2 hours ago +1

    Ouch they forgot to feed him a carrot😩

  • Xzender
    Xzender 2 hours ago

    What the fuck this is?!!

  • Connor RK800
    Connor RK800 3 hours ago

    so ye live in peace underwater vibin' AND THEN BOOM U GET A KNIFE HEADSHOT AND UR A DAMN FILET

  • Ikhtisar Hernu
    Ikhtisar Hernu 3 hours ago

    RIP, puff....

    M1ILKMAN4 4 hours ago

    Pussy ass fish got skined alive😂

  • NaMeIs WiLL
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  • The Slime Block
    The Slime Block 4 hours ago

    Not eûæh

  • Daira Cuellar
    Daira Cuellar 5 hours ago

    Ojalá a ustedes también los maten

    • FEDE6545
      FEDE6545 43 minutes ago

      Solo están cocinando, es algo normal en el mundo

  • Juan Arce
    Juan Arce 6 hours ago

    Sra poff

  • Inferno Mommy
    Inferno Mommy 7 hours ago

    Hey another sequel just popped out in my recommendations!

  • LuksYT
    LuksYT 7 hours ago

    A 127k de veganos no les gustó el video

  • meaty cabbage
    meaty cabbage 8 hours ago

    Yo this gotta be sped up

  • Valor S
    Valor S 8 hours ago

    spongebob will never get his driver license forever :'

  • BJ Yank
    BJ Yank 8 hours ago +1

    Опасненькая однако еда ...

  • Burgzy
    Burgzy 10 hours ago +1

    1:39 poor thing was still alive the pain it felt 😓

    • Jordan Adams
      Jordan Adams 17 minutes ago

      Scientific studies have shown fish do not feel pain.

    • 単体行動
      単体行動 4 hours ago

      Since the nerve is cut at 1:26, there is no pain in the body.

  • Yu Moth
    Yu Moth 12 hours ago

    🥕 🐡

  • Altera Pars
    Altera Pars 12 hours ago +1

    Ебаные вы суки! Сколько боли рыба испытала!

    • Pump-stend off 2
      Pump-stend off 2 11 minutes ago

      Altera Pars особенно когда выходила в сортир

  • Charisonic558
    Charisonic558 12 hours ago

    Shit. I just realized I'm reaching the point where I'm beginning to lose track of trends and my slang is falling behind. I have a vague sense of what vibing is, but it's too new for me. Alright, keep scrolling, dont mind me having an existential crisis.

  • all_late_gamer56
    all_late_gamer56 13 hours ago

    Come back to this video that I watched when it first came out and all the comments are overshadowed by the "Oh piffer fish eat carrot vibe check haha funny uh oh stinky augh" comments

  • Drug Moment
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  • mubby
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  • Apolion
    Apolion 14 hours ago

    So this is what happened to Mr. Puff....

  • Depressed Chan
    Depressed Chan 14 hours ago

    poor pufferfish ;-;

  • balla x
    balla x 15 hours ago +2

    i wanna pet puffer and feed it carrots doe

  • Wisner Paul
    Wisner Paul 17 hours ago

    C'est trop cruel

  • Man With Four Arms
    Man With Four Arms 17 hours ago


  • fenn3ko yeet carrot
    fenn3ko yeet carrot 17 hours ago +1

    He looks dead inside

  • Z7 studios
    Z7 studios 17 hours ago

    Fatality chief wins flawless victory

  • WTO Visuals
    WTO Visuals 17 hours ago

    69 mil views btw

  • Tobi Cage N64
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    ALEK SAND 18 hours ago

    Tenian que filmarlo tan cerca, casi me como el telefono.... se ve delicioso... 🐟🐟🐟🐟

  • TRC 563 Gamez
    TRC 563 Gamez 19 hours ago +1

    æügh gah

  • Mr. ShinyHunter
    Mr. ShinyHunter 20 hours ago +1

    I hope the people that ate this *survived*

  • Robert PL9501
    Robert PL9501 20 hours ago +1

    No carrot no vibe

  • Andro Dunos
    Andro Dunos 21 hour ago

    Everyone gangsta until he pulls out the knife

  • Tiger Noxious
    Tiger Noxious 22 hours ago

    Rip 😭😭😭

  • Juan Manuel Payan Adame

    NOOO pobre pez globo 😭😭😭

  • buggle Join
    buggle Join 23 hours ago +1

    Vegan time

  • Michael Atorn
    Michael Atorn 23 hours ago

    Who fed him a blue m&m?

  • C G T
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  • Mont
    Mont Day ago +1

    Does it hurt when it bites you

  • Alicia Tila
    Alicia Tila Day ago


  • Alicia Tila
    Alicia Tila Day ago

    Live him on nature

  • Braden Donaldson

    Just kill it you your tired it

  • Robisocme
    Robisocme Day ago +1

    You big monsters! i would never eat this!!

  • Robisocme
    Robisocme Day ago +1

    Why are you doing this monsters! imagine you will get cutted in pieces!

  • Dima 249
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  • bolg y diego
    bolg y diego Day ago

    Por que no lo mata primero y despues hace lo que quiere

    • FEDE6545
      FEDE6545 42 minutes ago

      Y qué te parece que hizo?
      No viste cuando le clavó el cuchillo en la cabeza?

  • EndysMemePalace
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  • inci meryem Cansız

    Aga be balığa üzüldüm

  • Guuru _Can
    Guuru _Can Day ago

    I known why you are here ...😏🥕

  • Ruan XIV
    Ruan XIV Day ago

    Tinha que fazer com esse cara o que ele fez com o peixe , cortar os braços e as pernas com ele vivo . Porra menó

  • Shane of the Mario fans.

    I feel sad for that fish