Whole Foods OR 99 Cents Store? Taste Test


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  • Tokyo Dollxo
    Tokyo Dollxo 2 hours ago

    I love hyaku en shop, (Japans version of dollar store) but not for everything haha, not everything cheap is good 😂 but yes you can save money if you shop there sometimes!

  • Juliette Couch
    Juliette Couch 6 hours ago

    I shouldn’t enjoy watching two grown men eat as much as I do.

  • Knight Blade
    Knight Blade 17 hours ago +1

    Whole Foods is a perfect example of a company making profit off of people's ignorance and stupidity.

  • Eric Pivaral
    Eric Pivaral 22 hours ago

    I don't know why, but that ham sandwich looks really good.

  • shirley rae
    shirley rae Day ago

    The animated intro makes me feel comfy...
    That likely won't make sense to many others 🤣

  • Jesse Garza
    Jesse Garza 2 days ago

    They don’t have chicken at 99c only, do they?

  • Brian Morrissey
    Brian Morrissey 2 days ago

    neither of those are real cobb salads. restaurants don't serve it correctly. the true cobb salad, as intended, when it was invented at the Hollywood brown derby, could be eaten with a spoon!

  • That betch
    That betch 6 days ago

    I can’t imagine eating 99¢ food lol

  • James Mullen
    James Mullen 7 days ago

    Wen rhett channels his inner wht_trash dad forcin kids 2eat sand cake!
    Gotta luv it...

  • EliteSnIpErGames
    EliteSnIpErGames 9 days ago

    Was it just me or did anyone else got confused

  • djjazzyjeff123
    djjazzyjeff123 10 days ago +1

    If you shop at Whole Foods you're a schmuck who fell for the marketing: Change my Mind.

  • rice aroni
    rice aroni 12 days ago

    “thank u, chef” hehe

  • issa olive
    issa olive 13 days ago

    rhett has angry dad energy and it kinda scares me..

  • Rob Hatch
    Rob Hatch 13 days ago


  • Jason Helmich
    Jason Helmich 14 days ago

    Whole foods is crap honestly though, if you actually read some of the stuff in the food, it’s not much healthier than going to a regular grocery store yet they charge 60% more for it, and it tastes worse

  • Brenden Cartwright
    Brenden Cartwright 15 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Stephie2007
    Stephie2007 16 days ago

    "Serving cheap food to the Queen" "We qotta have that too!" 😂 If anyone served cheap clam chowder to the President, he'd probably have it tested for poison 🤣

  • Zach Winstead
    Zach Winstead 16 days ago

    At 3:28 speed the video up to 2X speed for the fastest burrito salsa convo you've ever heard! 🤣

  • Cliff Castanza
    Cliff Castanza 16 days ago

    isnt it weird that the main ingredient in salsa in tomatoes lol

  • Divert
    Divert 17 days ago

    That THICC cake though.

  • Somethingelse Yt
    Somethingelse Yt 17 days ago

    I feel like they made this episode so they could eat

  • Ariana Snider
    Ariana Snider 18 days ago

    That salsa shit was weird

  • nirav naidu
    nirav naidu 18 days ago

    moral of the story $.99 Cent store is better than whole foods.

  • Tony P
    Tony P 19 days ago

    I shop 99¢ Stores every week. Sometimes they have really good produce and name brand products. I got 1lb Oscar Meyer bacon for $1.99. A half gallon of Silk almond milk for 99¢. I've had some of the best Jumbo artichokes from the 99¢ store. Rarely, I've gotten DiGiorno's Pizza for 99¢.

  • Olivia Kuhlman
    Olivia Kuhlman 20 days ago

    I like to do the old mixarooni ~Rhett

  • Hector Escobar
    Hector Escobar 21 day ago

    Link acts so gay sometimes

  • Michael De Santa
    Michael De Santa 21 day ago

    Im not watching this in the morning

  • Jose Espinoza
    Jose Espinoza 22 days ago +3

    So we're totally going to ignore Link's pun? at 10:29!!

  • Alisa Inez
    Alisa Inez 26 days ago


  • Brilly Ashby Slebold
    Brilly Ashby Slebold 26 days ago

    Hes Dissapointed The Poo Emojis Dont Taste Likeee .... Poo?

  • Bunny Bunny
    Bunny Bunny 27 days ago

    Whole foods food isnt as organic as people think.

  • Ein Google Nutzer
    Ein Google Nutzer 27 days ago +1

    Stop autotranslating your titles you morons

  • Sebastian De La Rosa
    Sebastian De La Rosa 27 days ago

    Anyone else guess them all right just based off how they look?

  • Art Digest
    Art Digest 29 days ago


  • Anna B
    Anna B Month ago

    Link says "it's $2.50 vs $6.00, so there's not a lot of difference". Uh...one is less than half of the other. That's a pretty significant difference.

  • Abbigale Shi
    Abbigale Shi Month ago

    Also idk what the heck happened with the cakes. I’ve made very soft yummy high quality yellow cakes with Whole Foods products. Also Whole Foods bakery sweets are so good

  • Abbigale Shi
    Abbigale Shi Month ago

    Healthier prepared the same as unhealthy can taste the same! But it can still be healthier

  • Greg Rohs
    Greg Rohs Month ago

    Every grocery store has organics, gluten free etc.
    Wholefoods just charges more.

  • Jess Johnson
    Jess Johnson Month ago

    Some of the 99 cent store items may taste better, but are they really "better" for you?

  • D B
    D B Month ago

    Dollar Tree FTW

  • ABDUL Abuzahra
    ABDUL Abuzahra Month ago

    Did Link dye his hair?

  • Eugene Nyunt
    Eugene Nyunt Month ago

    What I want to know is whether Whole Foods Markup pays all its employees a living wage in all its stores around the world. The fact is they don't. Shop there ? Well, enjoy your hypocrisy.

  • Roman Bukins
    Roman Bukins Month ago

    Now you made me hungry at midnight... 😢🍞🧀🌭🍎🌯🍲🍨🍐🎂🍪🍫

  • Runaway Rainbow
    Runaway Rainbow Month ago

    Stevie is great lmao
    “thank you chef”

  • nice lady
    nice lady Month ago

    taste test wins along with common sense today my friends!

  • Tk Covington
    Tk Covington Month ago

    I love Link but it always gets me when he tries to hand Rhett food. Lol. Let him get his own he doesn't know where your hands have been😭😭😂

  • Funny FaceChannel
    Funny FaceChannel Month ago

    OF COURSE I can cause my dad works as store team leader and we HAVE to eat 365 brand foods :P

  • Logan
    Logan Month ago +1

    The breakfast burrito made me hungry, I love breakfast burritos. Yum!

  • Brookie Cookie
    Brookie Cookie Month ago

    kinda ironic that rhett lost because in buddy system rhetts the food cridic

  • ShadowChaos
    ShadowChaos Month ago

    I feel like the reason why most people find cheaper foods better is because most families grow up spending less money and trying to save money no matter how rich the family is so I think most people are used to cheaper options than fancier options and more healthy options.

  • Tommy Laufer
    Tommy Laufer Month ago

    I've never seen a 99c store carry clams lol, he said the chowder was homemade hmm

  • Elodie Burleson
    Elodie Burleson Month ago

    So would you guys call yourself’s best friends?

  • Elodie Burleson
    Elodie Burleson Month ago

    WHY are they switching LOOKS!!!

  • Ana Medina
    Ana Medina Month ago

    I just had to watch this because for 8 years, I worked for whole foods but, I shopped at the 99cent store because I honestly didn't get paid much, lol. Even with the discount, it just wasn't worth it.

  • Tom Walsh
    Tom Walsh Month ago

    $28 for a birthday cake ?
    I can pop the asda and get one for aba a fiver mate

  • Akatsuki C.
    Akatsuki C. Month ago

    Im surprised that the dollar store cake looked so much better

  • Ryan O'Callaghan
    Ryan O'Callaghan Month ago

    50$ gift card to five guys on a new channel!

  • Team Grim
    Team Grim Month ago

    Rhett is a cheap date.

  • zevrap21
    zevrap21 Month ago

    Check out aldies...

  • Artist Jennette Brown

    "Fiiiirst!" Hahahaha laughed too hard.

  • Cody Kovar
    Cody Kovar Month ago

    My wife and I watch a video every night before going to bed, and we laughed the other day thinking about when she was younger and she ate dog food. We thought it'd be funny to do a dog food taste test bit. You guys are great!

  • Emma Narine
    Emma Narine Month ago +6

    “i like the way you arranged the sandwiches”
    “thank you chef”

  • Piero Bird
    Piero Bird Month ago

    Don't spend more money for GMO free foods. It's a scam.

  • Cat in PringleTM can

    Salsa for breakfast? Wtf is wrong with America? Damn

  • lslavychecker
    lslavychecker Month ago


  • Desiree Inclan
    Desiree Inclan Month ago

    I hate that they didn’t eat that salad

  • Jonah T
    Jonah T Month ago

    Whole foods cake looks terrible.

  • Jonah T
    Jonah T Month ago

    Everyone seems so calm and content in this video.

  • Edimarie14
    Edimarie14 Month ago

    Lol I saw a Edibles manager buying fruit from 99cent store once for their store lol

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl Month ago +2

    The fluffier the bread or cake is, it’s typically cheaper. This is because it contains more air, thus using less ingredients (since it grows 2x)......

    Yaaaaay SCHOOL. 😂🤣😋🤗

  • 1S1K.mickw
    1S1K.mickw Month ago

    Rett said bbc 😂😂😂

    I TRIGGER PEOPLE Month ago +1

    8:09 Can someone please gifize Rhett's reaction lmao

  • Rachel Grace
    Rachel Grace Month ago

    The 99 cent store is one of my favorites and when we moved and found out they don’t have them in Washington I nearly cried

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama Month ago

    They will taste about the same. You won't be able to tell the difference

  • Wade Williams
    Wade Williams Month ago

    Not trying to be a hater but Rhett and Link are terrible at testing the organic vs non organic products. This is one of several videos I’ve witnessed it. I went organic a couple years ago and can’t go back. There is a huge difference in quality and taste. I can almost taste the chemicals when I eat non organic foods. One hurts your wallet but the other hurts your health. My digestion and health have improved so much from switching. The food corporations (like Monsanto) are killing the industry. Check out Food Inc. it’s a great documentary that’s eye opening.

    • Matthew Capobianco
      Matthew Capobianco Month ago +1

      Except Organic Food usually has more chemicals. Organic just means no synthetic chemicals, not no chemicals. Non-Synthetic chemicals are less effective and requires more applications. Yeah Monsanto is run by evil people, but ironically organic food could be hurting small farms that spend more money on less effective chemicals. Enjoy your tetrachloride.

  • tropico boy
    tropico boy Month ago

    The 99 Cent foods are sweeter and make to taste "better" but the hole foods healthier

  • InsaneTacoz
    InsaneTacoz Month ago

    I hope there was no romaine lettuce

  • Mandi Jones
    Mandi Jones Month ago

    Whole Foods food that they make there just is not great. The Mac n cheese is just powdery. How do you ruin Mac n cheese?

  • Daniel Chachanashvili

    who cares which tastes better, if u buy ur groceries from 99 cent stores, enjoy your 40 yr life span

  • Robert Cobb
    Robert Cobb Month ago

    1:22 look at my username

  • Aaron Ayala
    Aaron Ayala Month ago +14

    Rhett and Link mashing their breakfast burritos together is the summation of every awkward, vaguely homoerotic interaction they've might've accidentally had over the years

  • Harrison Haynes
    Harrison Haynes Month ago

    Dear Link:
    Link I know you're self conscious about your hair going grey but it looks pretty cool!

  • Tiffany Nguyen
    Tiffany Nguyen Month ago

    Whenever I eat clam chowder I barely eat it because of the potatoes when I put the clam chowder in the trash I find out the whole freaking this is potatoes 🤬🤭🤫

  • Lamson Lin
    Lamson Lin Month ago

    10:07 OMG look at Links eyes, He's like "Omg I can see the answer"

  • Small Things
    Small Things Month ago


  • Caden Lebato
    Caden Lebato Month ago

    Same quality at 99 cent just smaller portions

  • Jade Lapont
    Jade Lapont Month ago

    Please tell I'm not the only one who likes the more gritty sprinkles on cake.

  • Candis Carnegie
    Candis Carnegie Month ago

    I don't watch this channel often enough to know who's who, but the dude with the glasses touching the other man's food rubbed me the wrong way. Picking up and trying to give him the ham & cheese sandwich and NOT using a different spoon during the clam chowder taste test. SMH. I kinda feel that if they went on a road trip and 'glasses' forgot his toothbrush he would use beard's toothbrush. Ewwww! Also I do not understand how they are voting on the dishes using those flags. I feel like they started off a different way and switched it up mid-way through. - - Please stop calling it "sprinklers".

    • Matthew Capobianco
      Matthew Capobianco Month ago

      A few things. Rhett and Link have been friends for almost 30 years so I don't think they cared whose germs are on their food.
      Also the rating system was simple. Each person had flags of a different color. Both had one flag for cheap and one for expense. Each decided what they thought was cheap and which was expensive and put their flags their.

  • D̶E̶M̶A̶
    D̶E̶M̶A̶ Month ago

    link grey hair

  • DIY Tumblers
    DIY Tumblers Month ago

    I don’t have a 99 cents store it’s only the dollar store i more cent😱

  • Adam Moseley
    Adam Moseley Month ago

    Could I have the recipe for the chicken teriyaki because that looked so good

  • Nakage
    Nakage Month ago

    Whole foods is a scam.
    Organic foods are not healthier for 'you', and barely for the environment (not for reasons of being organic, but increasing the diversity of pesticides means that pesticide resistant organisms are less likely to develop). Organic foods still use pesticides, I don't know where this myth comes from that organic means pesticide free. There is no evidence that organic pesticides are any better for you than traditional ones. There is also no proof that these foods are even more nutritional.
    GMOs are not inherently bad, just as they are not inherently good. Many people say that there is no evidence that GMOs aren't harmful. That's because GMO means literally any modification on any level. There's not 1 GMO, or 100, or a billion, or a trillion. There are many, many, many times more. Trillions of trillions of trillions level. This ranges from modifying a carrot to produce cyanide packets to modifying a carrot to be 1 molecule taller every 1 billion generations. I suppose we should say aliens were at the first thanksgiving because there isn't anything saying there weren't aliens there.
    The problems with them is when they find a modification that saves money and is healthier. Then we develop monocultures, which means the second there is a plant disease that sprouts up that affects that particular genetic, it wipes out the entire population of that plant. Google Panama Disease if you want to know more about the implications of monocultures. Not harmful to you, not harmful to the environment, but harmful to the existence of certain species of plants. The other issue is copyright. You can copyright your modification, which means you can be sued, even if you aren't even growing that plant.

  • Quackers
    Quackers Month ago

    The ham and the cheese are the giveaways on the ham sandwich

  • Elites Engineering
    Elites Engineering Month ago

    Wow, that 99 center store sure has some good looking food.

  • HeyitsKELS!!!'
    HeyitsKELS!!!' Month ago

    They didn’t dink the salad

  • Camilo Z-X-B
    Camilo Z-X-B Month ago

    Is me or the gayness is in the air in these video

  • mr poet
    mr poet 2 months ago

    Avocado is like a dollar 50 a piece.. what dollar store u be going to?!

  • Lowek
    Lowek 2 months ago

    10:08 Lmao i was thinking why did link blow that out so feminine like then rhett called him out on it

  • Erica Chapa
    Erica Chapa 2 months ago

    I absolutely loved this !!! ☺️💕

  • Broken Wave
    Broken Wave 2 months ago

    I shop at local markets, versus chains...to me that's all that matters.
    Whole Foods is owned by Amazon...
    I'll support my local stores and co-ops instead...