Whole Foods OR 99 Cents Store? Taste Test


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  • Ebag1990
    Ebag1990 Day ago

    eggs are eggs... cooking with basic ingredients they'll probably taste the same. That cheese on the 99 cent sandwich tho looks like a piece of toy plastic cmon how'd nobody see that lol. Also, Rhett and Link are not the 2 people I would defer to in terms of them knowing what actually tastes good or not. I've seen enough videos where I just don't think I'd trust their opinions on most things lol.

  • Pheenix23
    Pheenix23 Day ago

    7:15 did anyone else catch her saying "Thank you, chef." like she on MasterChef?

  • William Lucente
    William Lucente Day ago

    It wasn’t 99 cents

  • Ricky Webster
    Ricky Webster 2 days ago

    You mean the "Dollar tree"? That's the ONLY dollar dollar store in NY. Where everything is actually ONLY one $ per item. And it's the best. From foods,to TP,to soaps shampoos,candy drinks tools glue medicine. It's insane.😂 I love going in with 10$ getting 9 items

  • Larry Hernandez
    Larry Hernandez 2 days ago

    Anyone elae find the noise satisfying when they place the stick on the cart?

  • Riven Of A Thousand Voices

    “Ooh, that is a thick cake”

    Don’t you mean:
    “Ooh, that is a THICC CAKE”

  • Ryan Olson
    Ryan Olson 3 days ago

    One thing I really like about their content is there's no constant cuts, it's all just one long take which makes it easier to watch.

  • Shelly Valladolid
    Shelly Valladolid 3 days ago

    Those are Chef's salads, not Cobb Salads. Cobb Salad is chopped very fine and has watercress in it.

    • Shelly Valladolid
      Shelly Valladolid 3 days ago

      It's also served with French Dressing, not bleu cheese.

  • fsantora
    fsantora 3 days ago

    Whole foods is a joke.

  • Sara L
    Sara L 4 days ago

    Avocado at a 99c store?

  • NeoSilvanus
    NeoSilvanus 4 days ago

    only thing thats a good deal at whole foods is their brick oven pizzas, 12 bucks.

  • N N
    N N 5 days ago

    What’s the 99 cent store

  • D u a l i t y
    D u a l i t y 5 days ago

    Anyone else try to guess which one is which by covering up the answers and judging just on looks?

  • LaughingMan17
    LaughingMan17 6 days ago

    Link always seems to get shot down when trying to feed Rhett.

  • Romeo Smith bromfield

    Bbc 1 is depressing bbc 3 the best

  • Panda Pou
    Panda Pou 6 days ago

    What 99 cent store sells clams? What 99 cent stores y’all going to

  • The Rational Man
    The Rational Man 6 days ago


  • Sara
    Sara 6 days ago

    Since when do 99 cent stores have lettuce

  • PS2Damon
    PS2Damon 7 days ago

    how do you make a ham and cheese sandwich for 70 cents?

  • Game boy Next door
    Game boy Next door 8 days ago

    Who else died laughing at 11:45?

  • Alexia Barrow
    Alexia Barrow 9 days ago

    Rhett: I like how you faced the sandwiches outward.
    Stevie: Thank you, chef.
    What a sweetheart.

  • Quentin Turner
    Quentin Turner 10 days ago

    Whole foods is one of the biggest scams ever.

  • Quentin Turner
    Quentin Turner 10 days ago

    These guys are really entertaining. Lol

  • Quentin Turner
    Quentin Turner 10 days ago

    Always been a tradition to make some food and watch gmm.

  • SOUPY41
    SOUPY41 11 days ago

    Am I the only one who has never heard of cobb salad

  • Saint Nick
    Saint Nick 11 days ago

    Super odd voice at 11:31

  • Sabrina Torgerson
    Sabrina Torgerson 12 days ago

    Man I wish our dollar stores carried the produce and all the food products that they do in the States.

  • Foxxets Cousin
    Foxxets Cousin 12 days ago


  • justin van
    justin van 12 days ago

    They made a mistake assuming whole foods would taste better. They should've been putting the 99 cent flag on the foods that tasted better.

  • Shinji Itoi
    Shinji Itoi 13 days ago

    Sweet is good or at least fine if it's sugar cane and not high fructose corn syrup. o.o
    Like, those weird drinks at panera bread are good. :p

  • Shinji Itoi
    Shinji Itoi 13 days ago

    I live in Texas and have H-E-Bs that have ton of healthy stuff mixed with the regular stuff. :p

    • Shinji Itoi
      Shinji Itoi 13 days ago

      Anyways, the one in South Austin by Zilker at least in the fancier part of town is a good one that has crab/lobster bisque and a gelato store if not other stuff that arguably isn't at other places so we like it. :p

  • James Dukes
    James Dukes 13 days ago

    It is no way we should hear you 2 chewing WTF

  • Brandon Martinez
    Brandon Martinez 13 days ago +2

    I feel like the 99¢ store bribed them 😂

  • G1itchInTh3Zy5t3m
    G1itchInTh3Zy5t3m 13 days ago

    11:45 had me dying...

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man 13 days ago

    Oh, I see how they are doing their pricing. They are breaking it down to per serving. I took me a minute trying to figure out how they spent 70 cents at the 99 cent store on 3 or 4 ingredients lol.

  • henk visser
    henk visser 14 days ago

    I'm actually mostly surprised that in the United states of sewing people nobody sewed the 99 cents store for having larger then $0,99 prices...

    • henk visser
      henk visser 14 days ago

      They must have thir main office in Texas, since Texas is like Nigeria when it comes to ripping people off in the rest of the world with all the scam protection.

  • Aurora Galarza
    Aurora Galarza 15 days ago


    What if someone.... DIDN'T know what time it is????


  • Dallas
    Dallas 17 days ago

    What a fantastic video!

  • Genghis Khunt
    Genghis Khunt 17 days ago

    Both boiled for safety

  • Resident of a Potter's field

    So basically, whole foods isn't worth it whatsoever

  • A G
    A G 18 days ago +2

    Link won

    You're welcome

  • Underground Chamber Muzik

    ill buy that for a dollar


  • Cihan Depe
    Cihan Depe 19 days ago

    "Is she coming over?" Nice one

  • Fish For Thought
    Fish For Thought 19 days ago

    Oh man, actually pretty refreshing to see Link dominate for once. Also kinda makes it easier to watch as Link doesn't go into this salty mood.

  • ohhaimaia
    ohhaimaia 19 days ago

    The thing about whole foods is that they try to sell things that have very little chemicals and no GMOs so things that are better for you. They arent guaranteeing itll taste better, they are guaranteeing itll be better for you. Anything can taste good, kids.

  • Weather Bye
    Weather Bye 20 days ago


  • ArtseyGurl
    ArtseyGurl 22 days ago

    I don't know why link staring through the bread bite killed me 😂

  • Armando Blanco-Naranjo

    11:54 If You dropped it in the sand, YOU EAT IT!!!

  • Blake Ruble
    Blake Ruble 22 days ago

    That's an expensive Cobb salad at the beginning

  • wet wipe
    wet wipe 23 days ago

    I love how this channel is weird that link saying balls tasting nice is just normal for gmm

  • Night IA
    Night IA 24 days ago

    It should have been obvious because usually healthier things taste worse

  • Emily Piastra
    Emily Piastra 24 days ago

    The Birthday cake one is weird because it is my BIRTHDAY!!

  • Emily Piastra
    Emily Piastra 24 days ago

    Rhett what??? 3:30 - 3:40 , Rhett being amazing for 10 seconds straight

  • Whitewonder11
    Whitewonder11 25 days ago +4

    When I went to America for a holiday all their food was disgusting, fatty and sugary so we just ate at whole foods each night AND IT WAS AMAZIINGGGG for American food cause it was just like normal food in my country. No hate to America I'm just not used to that food.

  • KaterinaTalantliva
    KaterinaTalantliva 26 days ago

    Whole foods be like: "We can't do the really bright big sprinkles, ew" DEAD

  • Willem DaFuckedUp
    Willem DaFuckedUp 26 days ago

    The whole foods birthday cake looked pracitcally inedible

  • lolachant __
    lolachant __ 26 days ago +2

    I’m British and I would watch the queen try food from Poundland😂

  • Hoor Hussain
    Hoor Hussain 26 days ago

    Link HATES tomatoes, but he's going with salsa? 🤔🤯

  • Elise Mullen
    Elise Mullen 26 days ago

    And then
    Link: should we sing first?
    Rhett: 🎶first🎶

  • Selena Diaz
    Selena Diaz 27 days ago

    Don’t shoot the messenger or anything but everyone has different tastes and what not.. dont get me wrong tho there are them bunch’s of people who do spend a extra 7$ on something that they know will taste dog shit but because “healthy” right?

  • sushicourier
    sushicourier 27 days ago

    99 cent stores have a lot of grocery items now. Lettuce is lettuce. Tomatoes are tomatoes. Eggs are eggs. Tortillas are tortillas. Cream is cream. This test is stupid.

  • Elizabeth Kapsalis
    Elizabeth Kapsalis 28 days ago +1

    Stop showing the answers! 😭

  • Raven Steward
    Raven Steward 28 days ago

    I can not express how bad I want those cakes

  • Alexander Eick The 3erd
    Alexander Eick The 3erd 28 days ago +1

    is it just me or in the recent episodes link is actually winning

  • Sean Loves You
    Sean Loves You Month ago

    Can I be a guest on your show? I will do it for free!!

  • smogmoth
    smogmoth Month ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about Rhett’s sweater or

  • Ryan Myers
    Ryan Myers Month ago

    There is no such thing as non- gmo, people have been manipulating the genetics of plants and animals for thousands of years there is nothing that we eat that hasn't been modified from its original form.

  • Sube Tube
    Sube Tube Month ago

    I have never shopped at whole foods, but now that I've seen how absolutely ridiculous the prices are, I never will. That's just such a rip off for Walmart quality food

  • Frankie De Leon
    Frankie De Leon Month ago

    “Thanks Chef”

  • Ellie Foulkes
    Ellie Foulkes Month ago

    I HATE the horrible squelchy sound they both make when eating 🤢

  • Ben B
    Ben B Month ago

    That sh!t made me mad the way they were dunking that burrito like it's a damn donut

  • Henz 0
    Henz 0 Month ago

    Warum werden mir Titel und Beschreibung in deutsch angezeigt?

  • death stocker
    death stocker Month ago


  • Random dude on the internet

    Smartest me

  • instantsurgery
    instantsurgery Month ago

    How long have they made this show together?
    And Rhett feels weird about someone touching his food or using same spoon?
    Come on man

  • Brian Morrissey
    Brian Morrissey Month ago

    that is not a cobb salad. you should check out the history! it's totally cool. it is a chopped salad and can be eaten with a spoon when prepared as it was invented at the hollywood brown derby. no one makes it correctly anymore. worth looking up.

  • jossse
    jossse Month ago +1

    Rhetts reaction at 8:08 💀💀

  • Joanthan Mendoza
    Joanthan Mendoza Month ago

    (Early in the video) Rhett made me feel better about my childhood 😂 I had a single mother growing up so yeah 99¢ only

  • ReZ
    ReZ Month ago

    Grammarly looks like a program that will make you into an idiot.

  • The Mad Pie
    The Mad Pie Month ago

    WOW the 2160p quality of these newer videos is amazing. and i thought 1440p was good.

  • Branden Harned
    Branden Harned Month ago

    Whole Foods is mostly overpriced shit.
    That's why I always shop at Trader Joes. Better stuff than Whole Foods for much cheaper.

  • ImJustAnotherHailey

    That salsa dink wasn't fully straight...

  • Nikita Armes
    Nikita Armes Month ago

    Link: ‘Should we sing first? Haaaap-‘
    Rhett: ‘FIIIIRST’

  • Nicholas Vinkler
    Nicholas Vinkler Month ago

    I love y'all but ya gotta be less afraid of each others germs.

  • Ah Gay
    Ah Gay Month ago +2

    Thank you chef.

  • Jag Attack
    Jag Attack Month ago

    Right at the end of round 3 link has no clue if he won or lost 😂😂😭

  • Jam3z_Gaming
    Jam3z_Gaming Month ago

    Man got gummy’s, honestly gummyies are probably the worst thing you can get from a 99 cent store they taste can taste the difference from cheap to expensive gummies

  • Ebru Evermore
    Ebru Evermore Month ago

    So whole foods all hype? We been knew 😂

  • Eric Stinton
    Eric Stinton Month ago

    Stevie should do asmr videos. Her voice is so soft and gentle.

  • Renata Williamson
    Renata Williamson Month ago

    My sister loves to shop at the 99 cent store

  • Burial
    Burial Month ago

    They are not calculating these prices correctly... one bowl of clam chowder costs $20 and the other one costs $7?
    Maybe all of the ingredients cost that much total, but you get many more portions from those ingredients.


    link's way of blowing out the candles was cute lol

  • GMM Fam
    GMM Fam Month ago

    B. B. C. :D

  • Sea Salt
    Sea Salt Month ago +1

    But 99¢ store might make you sick...

  • Kukkeli
    Kukkeli Month ago

    how does a 99cent store bowl of soup cost 7 dollah.. u been scammed murica.

  • LiebeAlle
    LiebeAlle Month ago

    I'm loving that wide silver streak in Link's hair. ❤👍

  • Annie Baneberry
    Annie Baneberry Month ago

    Watching Rhett and Link eating that clam chowder made me gag not gonna lie🤢

  • JWings
    JWings Month ago

    ive been watching quite a bit of this episode , i got a question for people like link , why do you poke your head when you shoving some food on , instead of using your hand to shove it into your mouth

  • Sage
    Sage Month ago

    Rhett: I have a sense
    Me: I have 99

  • Lx A
    Lx A Month ago

    Rhett not wanting to eat the ham sandwich after link touched it is so me LOL