Whole Foods OR 99 Cents Store? Taste Test

  • Published on Feb 19, 2018
  • Can we guess if our clam chowder came from Whole Foods or the 99 Cents Store? We put our taste buds to the test in today's bargain vs budget-buster showdown! GMM #1278.1
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Comments • 4 722

  • TheCraftinFluffy
    TheCraftinFluffy 4 days ago

    10:15 only a dollar store would sell tailored candles lmao

  • TheCraftinFluffy
    TheCraftinFluffy 4 days ago

    You see, when you use gmos, thats a human creation, and since It's a human creation it is specifically tailored to be great for us humans, Because we engineered it entirely

  • Tom Ryan Ryan
    Tom Ryan Ryan 5 days ago

    7:59 GREAT LAKES SIRS!!!!!

  • Ana Banana
    Ana Banana 6 days ago

    the tiny shopping cart is cute though.

  • Ana Banana
    Ana Banana 6 days ago +1

    i would NEVER eat anything edible from 99 cents.

  • kiddada3
    kiddada3 7 days ago

    I never noticed how much of a germaphobe Rhett is

  • AJ Rensir
    AJ Rensir 10 days ago

    I’ve watched this video at least four times and really don’t remember seeing the chicken teriyaki stir fry meal? Idk why but I don’t 😂 Watching it again today I went “...wait a minute...” and then Shane Dawson conspiracy theory music started playing

  • Kitty Jones
    Kitty Jones 10 days ago +2

    I love Rhett but why is he so weird about sharing???

  • Ryan Harris
    Ryan Harris 11 days ago +2

    When she goes “ thank you chef” to Rhett hahahaha

  • Klutz
    Klutz 13 days ago +1

    I’m so confused, where are you finding avocados, tomatoes, eggs, lettuce at a dollar store

  • Death Alchemist
    Death Alchemist 13 days ago

    I hate a vertical cut sandwich

  • prince ogunlana
    prince ogunlana 13 days ago +1

    The passive-aggressiveness was amazing

  • Wendy's owes me money yes they do

    Thank you for this video. Now I know I don't have to overpay for a ham sandwich ANY LOHNGER.

  • Andrea Toth
    Andrea Toth 16 days ago

    How could the sandwich be 70¢ if bread, cheese, and ham are almost a dollar each

    • Cryptonic Pulse
      Cryptonic Pulse 14 days ago +2

      70 cents is assuming you made 6 or 7 sandwiches with the ingredients purchased. 3$ (1 dollar for each ingredient) divided by 6 or 7 (number of sandwhices that can be made from one loaf of bread) is around 70 cents per.

  • Andrea Toth
    Andrea Toth 16 days ago

    Ok but what 99 cent store

  • The Recruit
    The Recruit 16 days ago

    Sometimes parts of these vids make me awkward like when link tried to pass Rhett the sandwich and he grabbed his own.....

  • myburritoz
    myburritoz 16 days ago


  • Micah Davila
    Micah Davila 17 days ago

    I eat when tou guys eat....

  • Esteban Miguel Febres-Cordero Castillo

    Maybe it tastes bad because it is healthy...🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez 21 day ago

    99cents only store is the best... You can find so much stuff a lot of is it really good.. Sometimes you find little treasures

  • John Manzo
    John Manzo 22 days ago

    Idiotic approach. Have them taste and then say which they PREFER.

    • xavier don't miss
      xavier don't miss 11 days ago

      John Manzo the one that they say is the whole store food is the one they prefer

  • Egs
    Egs 23 days ago

    Lol they just had to think of what tastes better because of preservatives

  • cyoohoos
    cyoohoos 24 days ago

    I’ve NEVER seen produce at the dollar store. And I shop there REGULARLY

    • Alex Gonzalez
      Alex Gonzalez 23 days ago

      I think it depends which one you shop at we have dollar tree and 99 cent only store some carry produce some don't

  • Danielle  Saunders
    Danielle Saunders 24 days ago

    I have no clue why this particular episode made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂

  • Ashley Edward
    Ashley Edward 26 days ago

    do you know my uncle randy

  • Agent Zero 3432
    Agent Zero 3432 29 days ago

    Damn whole foods is way too expensive for my taste

  • David Dacus
    David Dacus Month ago

    It’s probably how Whole Foods ingredients may not use the cheaper mediocre ingredients that a reg grocery store uses. And that’s not to say one is better it’s just a preference. Are childhoods mainly probably consisted of those cheaper ingredients which possibly makes us more opposed to the Whole Foods type stuff. We are more used to it.

  • The GovNer
    The GovNer Month ago

    Doctor told me today that the $100 extra I spent at Whole Foods, made my lab work look $100 better. That's all the proof I need.

    • J
      J Month ago

      Your doctor lied. Whole food is overpriced and not nearly as healthy as they make it seem. You want healthy, you gotta farm it yourself

  • Jewelia Gough
    Jewelia Gough Month ago

    Rhett singing first is the best thing ever

  • Richard McDowell
    Richard McDowell Month ago

    I have been to the original store in downtown Austin.

  • Internalharm
    Internalharm Month ago

    LOL look! Someone knows how to cook eggs, I went to Cancun Mexico and their buffet have green over cooked rubbery eggs LOL.

  • Summer Crawford
    Summer Crawford Month ago +6

    Even thought I read the title I thought the intro said Can we tell the difference between whole foods and half foods?LOL😅

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter Month ago +1

    Rhett’s dad jokes save my day

  • InsaneTacoz
    InsaneTacoz Month ago +1

    I have never wanted food more than I have watching this video alone. That Cobb salad looked good, the breakfast burrito looked amazing, that teriyaki stir fry…
    Oh my god I should not be watching this at 12:25 AM

  • Skylar Howes
    Skylar Howes Month ago +2

    Man I love Rhett and Link but I gotta say that sweater is horrendous lol props for rocking it though!

  • Mecca Chandler
    Mecca Chandler Month ago

    You should have the ace family (including Elle and Alaïa) on your channel

  • Ronald
    Ronald Month ago +4

    Shocker the healthier versions (Whole Foods) doesn't taste as good as the overly processed versions.

  • Nika Grdzeli
    Nika Grdzeli Month ago +7

    Why did they have both the whole foods and 99 cent stores flags? 😂😂

  • kerryanne28
    kerryanne28 Month ago

    Use should consider taking a trip to Japan and doing a series on that! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 for example 7 eleven taste test and vending machine taste test 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Cracc 216
    Cracc 216 Month ago

    What a job

  • Timothy Fimbres
    Timothy Fimbres Month ago

    What 99 cent store did they buy stuff from is the question.

  • Maswiyat I
    Maswiyat I Month ago

    Wow rhett got smashed!

  • Cerason
    Cerason Month ago +7

    Three topics in this video everyone is talking about

    Rhett's Sweater
    Thank you "chef"
    Shouldn't we sing "First"

  • Katharina Theophanu

    Still, organic food is much better for the environment and gives the animals who are to be butchered a better and more stress free life.

  • George Wise
    George Wise Month ago

    Still don’t understand why the don’t want to both dip burritos in salsa...

  • Alex & Annie
    Alex & Annie Month ago

    The salsa rave is real 😂

  • T W
    T W Month ago

    "it's been a while, since i've been in the 99 cent store" we get it Rhett. you guys are doing well......

  • Youngsixxx On the beat

    If this isn’t the strongest friendship in existence idk what is

  • React Studio
    React Studio Month ago


  • Tracy McCoy
    Tracy McCoy Month ago

    Can you do an episode where you try and guess which food is gluten-free? Or testing gluten-free foods against each other. A few of my kids can’t eat gluten and it would be so fun to see.

  • Fortnite Glitches
    Fortnite Glitches Month ago

    Today is my little sister 7th birthday that ironic😂😂

  • Young Smooth
    Young Smooth Month ago

    Y'all ain't rocking with the dollar store lmao

  • bigj2637
    bigj2637 Month ago

    whole foods legit has some disgusting products. Some have shockingly bad tastes.

  • preston white
    preston white Month ago

    F whole foods i save 135 dollars a month at the 99 cent store those other places are for fake ass pc people😂😃😂😂😎

  • Dan Caritativo
    Dan Caritativo Month ago

    Thank you chef

  • Kat Miner
    Kat Miner Month ago +1

    Who prepares all these foods for them?

  • Holly Houghton
    Holly Houghton Month ago

    Rhett’s sweater looks like a beach hat?

  • amir zeitoun
    amir zeitoun Month ago

    Good morning

  • How To Fly
    How To Fly 2 months ago

    It was a helping ham

  • Cynthia Velasquez
    Cynthia Velasquez 2 months ago +3

    Damn i miss 99 cents only!😢

  • loveanddreambig
    loveanddreambig 2 months ago +1

    “Make a wish!”
    “Shouldn’t we sing, first?”
    “ 🎶FIRRRST!🎶”
    I laughed way too hard at this 🤣🤣

  • le dingdong
    le dingdong 2 months ago

    neither looks like real ham

  • jlee1522
    jlee1522 2 months ago

    You guys digging into cake is making me go nuts

  • tupak choprah
    tupak choprah 2 months ago


  • Sway to the 99
    Sway to the 99 2 months ago

    I love this video! It really shows you can’t always tell the difference. Most of my meals are using all ingredients from the 99 Cents Only Stores! I’ve even made dishes for friends and coworkers and they can never tell they are “dollar store” meals

  • Enrique Rodriguez
    Enrique Rodriguez 2 months ago

    They have bias bc they grew up eating that stuff 😂😂

  • *AI Duty
    *AI Duty 2 months ago


  • Ryku Isaigana
    Ryku Isaigana 2 months ago

    GMM has some of the best and creative chefs I've ever seen. Compliments to the chefs.

  • Bloom Line
    Bloom Line 2 months ago


  • Matt Cramer
    Matt Cramer 2 months ago

    you can clearly see the difference...

  • Kourtney Paige
    Kourtney Paige 2 months ago

    I am very angry at the way they cut the cake. I still love them though.

  • DJ Kaur
    DJ Kaur 2 months ago

    It might just be me, but it’s satisfying to watch Rhett devour his food until he stops himself and leaves the tiniest piece.

  • flower TV Doll&
    flower TV Doll& 2 months ago

    Click 1dollar sopa

  • flower TV Doll&
    flower TV Doll& 2 months ago

    Click 1dollar sopa

  • Bellarabi Gaming
    Bellarabi Gaming 2 months ago +2

    Missed the chance to say "helping ham" 2:10