Reacting to 2019 Animated Trailers


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  • Jaydenzaxoroni
    Jaydenzaxoroni 41 second ago

    Im surprised detective pikachu isn't here

  • Emily Hall
    Emily Hall 41 minute ago

    Wednesday's design in the new Addams Family movie is based on her design in the original newspaper comics.

  • Samantha Hugill
    Samantha Hugill Day ago


  • Banoffee De Fairikaik

    Uuummm....Celly, I hate to be the one to tell you this...
    According to know that sequel? To the movie about a polar bear that we don't name?
    Well...please don't freak out...

    It did get released in theatres.
    So...yeah, you kind of do have to go watch it.

  • Si13nt Voice
    Si13nt Voice Day ago

    I actually watched 'I want to eat your pancreas' and I kinda liked it, but personally, I felt that it dragged the story sometimes

  • Tara Morin
    Tara Morin Day ago

    I’m calling it now, Bo Peep’s gonna be the twist villain. And I don’t like twist villains, but for some reason I’d rather her as a twist villain than just transporting her into a strong female, making her a twist villain would give that change more of a purpose. But I wish they had just left her alone while bringing her back into the movie. Although I LOVE the pants and her new outfit. Just wished she’d had a new outfit, but not a new personality.

  • floralfurycuphead 2
    floralfurycuphead 2 2 days ago

    I sw the how to train ur dragon 3 in the theoter

  • SF-1_Raptor
    SF-1_Raptor 2 days ago +1

    Disney! You stay away from my Hunchback of Notre Dame!

  • Specimen X
    Specimen X 2 days ago

    I hope bo peep doesn't become the villain

  • Frances Saucier
    Frances Saucier 3 days ago

    Wares detective pikachu?

  • Ishaan Adhikary
    Ishaan Adhikary 3 days ago

    11:33 What about Spider-Verses animation?

    • Ishaan Adhikary
      Ishaan Adhikary 3 days ago

      +ReasyRandomOh yeah, I forgot nvm

    • ReasyRandom
      ReasyRandom 3 days ago

      Of the year. Spider-Verse came out last year.

  • battlecatsfanaticAUUTP AFFC

    we start fires!
    Fox and falco:hold my beer

  • A K The Small Child
    A K The Small Child 6 days ago

    Ah yes the frozen midwest and our inconsistent weather patterns. It was literally 70 on Monday and on Wednesday it was snowing. How. Its April. Also yes January was interesting. We missed 8 days of school.

  • Bella Dow
    Bella Dow 6 days ago

    I also live in the Midwest. I also live in Wisconsin sooo yeah. Also, I live by Lake Michigan. Yeah it gets below freezing here every winter!

  • Bella Dow
    Bella Dow 6 days ago

    I think Wednesday Addams's "Long face" is supposed to be like the og comic

  • Eleni Love
    Eleni Love 6 days ago

    My thing is out of all the video games to live reenact: legend of Zelda, Metroid, even kid Icarus is acceptable, we just had to be given sonic the hedgehog. Who woke up and said-“Hey! These people really need a sonic the hedgehog live action movie.”

  • rabbid dash
    rabbid dash 7 days ago

    i want to eat your pancreas.
    Best movie.
    10/10, would watch again, but my dog has cancer, and my grandpa is dead.

  • KirbyJello97
    KirbyJello97 7 days ago

    LIve action Beauty and the Beast was interesting to me, since I hadn't the original (I assume it's better, but for not seeing the original, the remake was pretty okay). BUT, I KNOW the live action Notre Dame is going to suck. Notre Dame is my favorite Disney film ever and mmmmm they're going to totally ruin it.

  • YourInnerDemon
    YourInnerDemon 8 days ago

    What about invader zim

  • Courtney Johnson
    Courtney Johnson 8 days ago

    Here are some new trailers
    Frozen 2, Adams family, the final toy story 4 trailer, angry birds 2 and the final secret life of pest 2 trailer
    Edit: also detective picachu trailer

  • AdamVlogs 55555
    AdamVlogs 55555 8 days ago +2

    The Addams family trailer and Secret Life Of Pets 2 trailer both came out, and I think I might actually like them

  • OodleDoo
    OodleDoo 9 days ago

    I'm honestly probably not going to see any animated movies but missing link this year. Disney and illumination AND dreamworks are all just...... Dissapointing this year.

    Except shrek 5, lets admit it were all going to see shrek

  • Polar GrizBear
    Polar GrizBear 10 days ago

    _aw thas hot thas hot_

  • Macaron
    Macaron 11 days ago


  • PresleyClub 20
    PresleyClub 20 11 days ago +1

    Don't forget the angry birds movie 2

  • Chip Noir
    Chip Noir 11 days ago

    Ugh. The Artemis Fowl movie fills me with hate.

  • Charlie Costar
    Charlie Costar 12 days ago

    No detective pikachu?

  • Novice Nerd
    Novice Nerd 13 days ago

    Uglydolls deserves a better movie. The franchise actually has potential. Movie does not to seem to match the usual tone of the uglyverse.

  • Raspberry Razmin the fox OWO

    Her skit wasn’t China it was always fabric and that’s why it and the shoulder covering were removable

    INGSOC 14 days ago

    I'm familiar with someone who works for Laika. They said they were doing the bigfoot movie because of local legends and sightings in Forest Park.

  • Alec Devlin
    Alec Devlin 15 days ago

    I actually have the toy of the yellow uglydoll.

  • Belle Oehler
    Belle Oehler 16 days ago

    ARGH! Why is Disney doing so many REBOOOOOOOOOOOTSSSSSSSSSS

  • Comedy Gold
    Comedy Gold 16 days ago

    KLAUS reminds me of a certain book.HMMM (the name, not the content)

  • RoastChicken Man
    RoastChicken Man 16 days ago

    You've missed detective pikachu

  • master yuri
    master yuri 16 days ago

    When your done watching toy story 4 dont and do not write some weird fanfiction between woody and. Bo peep

  • Gaia Froschke
    Gaia Froschke 17 days ago

    I think I know why it’s called ‘I want to eat your pancreas’: the girls loved ones are mad at her pancreas because it’s making her ill and wants to get rid of it.

  • Droidix Bacon
    Droidix Bacon 17 days ago

    Ugly dolls
    Ok this is kinda du- I am listening to the soundtrack

  • Xenophacilus
    Xenophacilus 17 days ago

    You technically advertised that Norm of the North film to me cause I DID NOT Know that existed : |

  • Unicorn Bunny
    Unicorn Bunny 17 days ago

    Honestly, I am looking forward to this year’s later animated movies, especially since they don’t look as painfully average as 2017 was.

  • Dinzer West
    Dinzer West 17 days ago


  • Dinzer West
    Dinzer West 17 days ago

    Cellspex: Dont Promote Norm of the north!
    Me: Go Watch Norm Of the north in a family tv near you!

  • Unown 55
    Unown 55 17 days ago

    Missing Link looks amazing tbh

  • Rhydian Hamer
    Rhydian Hamer 18 days ago

    Were's 9

  • Maya Eustaquio
    Maya Eustaquio 18 days ago

    Where’s detective pikachu

  • SophieDoph
    SophieDoph 18 days ago

    I got an Angry Birds 2 trailer for an ad in the middle of this and i genuinely became afraid.

  • Reverbraptor42
    Reverbraptor42 18 days ago

    The character from Klaus reminds me a lot of Dilbert Doppler from treasure planet. He's got a lot of the same mannerisms and even a similar art style.

  • BendyPlayz 404
    BendyPlayz 404 19 days ago

    Lol when she was talking about the secret life of pets 2 and then she started saying that illumination you can make something that she actually likes and that's not OK a trailer for The angry birds 2 popped up

  • The Great Shaggy
    The Great Shaggy 19 days ago

    4:14 *_”NAAAAAAAAAAA”_*

  • Writermist
    Writermist 19 days ago

    1:54 Oh god why
    5:58 Honestly...I think this movie might pull a Trollz. I got hope for it. Nooooonnneee for wonder park.
    11:00 Why? Why do people hate that movie? It was great. Am I the only one who loves that movie?
    11:49 SPAIN!!?? Whoooo that's my country! Yay, go Spain!

  • Miguel Antonio
    Miguel Antonio 19 days ago

    The lego movie 2! And toy story 4 and angry birds 2 ! Yaya!

  • Rainpaw
    Rainpaw 20 days ago


  • Rainpaw
    Rainpaw 20 days ago

    I heard that they are planning to make Scar a rare white lion

  • Shmiggum Higgum 3D
    Shmiggum Higgum 3D 20 days ago

    *I w a n n a e a t y o u r p a n c r e a s*

  • skyler the luna fox
    skyler the luna fox 20 days ago


  • a ness x paula shipper called sunset lover

    I want to eat your pancreas
    11/10 name, best movie ever .

  • CoolCarter
    CoolCarter 21 day ago

    I was going to go to an early screaning of how to train a dragon 3 but I had plans and couldn't see it. You Don't beleave me well I don't care cause it's not like It'll efect my life so good day and don't tell me I'm lying

    BLAZIKEN 21 day ago

    10:31 well at least that time i got reincarnated as a slime is good

  • Neil Jacob Nacilla
    Neil Jacob Nacilla 21 day ago

    Uglydolls is going to be produced by Robert Rodriguez of El Mariachi, Sin City and Spy Kids fame.
    I was excited until I remembered his kids' films are pretty bad.
    He was also going to direct but he was too busy directing Alita: Battle Angel (yes, he directed it and James Cameron produced it) and he was replaced with Kelly Asbury, the director of Gnomeo and Juliet.

  • Bry TheUnicorn
    Bry TheUnicorn 21 day ago

    Excuse you Brave was brilliant

  • Erin Henning
    Erin Henning 22 days ago +1

    Wait there are buzz and woody shippers?

  • Oclone 120
    Oclone 120 22 days ago

    I was given an Angry Birds 2 movie trailer while watching this... *sigh*

  • Thenoobcrusher64
    Thenoobcrusher64 22 days ago

    Hey you gonna review Detective Pikachu when it comes out? Cause quite honestly I’m intrigued to see how it will go

  • I’m coming insane By watching anime

    Uuuu avengers endgame you forgot a superhero movie

  • Clare Rodriguez
    Clare Rodriguez 22 days ago

    K LA U. S

  • Shrek Is the best movie ever made

    Seriously TOy story 4 am looking sooooo excited an forwards to but am still waiting for SHREK 5

    BACON BROS 23 days ago

    8:10 that's BO4 zombies for yall

  • the dracolotl
    the dracolotl 23 days ago

    Wut about live action detective pikachu

  • the march of the killer queen

    *-I want to eat your pancreas-*

  • Lord Yeetus
    Lord Yeetus 23 days ago

    I saw I want to eat your pancreas last year with some friends, I loved it so much

  • Carolynn Rose
    Carolynn Rose 23 days ago

    And than the calendar was right.

  • i keʊlɑi
    i keʊlɑi 23 days ago

    Wait the secret life of pets cringe saga’s coming back? Oh god

  • Not that YouTube
    Not that YouTube 23 days ago +3

    The mokoto shiankia movie is a wide realese. YES

  • Ricktherage 27
    Ricktherage 27 24 days ago

    * cough cough * my hero 2

  • Quinn For The Win
    Quinn For The Win 25 days ago

    13:31 this is very accurate (I live in the Mid-West)

  • Duo the Owl
    Duo the Owl 25 days ago

    review norm of the north 2

  • Jack Harvey
    Jack Harvey 25 days ago

    now they are making live action dora

  • The iron duck
    The iron duck 26 days ago

    The Russian calander was real

  • Pancake Lover110
    Pancake Lover110 26 days ago

    Forgot about dumbo

  • Jessica Marie
    Jessica Marie 27 days ago

    The calender is right :O

  • mck stellar
    mck stellar 28 days ago

    Nope bopeep is full on bad ass and possibly the villain

  • Aliri productions Productions

    Watch frozen 2 trailer

  • Melon Tart
    Melon Tart 29 days ago

    Now that the full-length theatrical trailer for Toy Story 4 is out, what do you think?

  • Outer Oreos YT
    Outer Oreos YT 29 days ago

    I somehow got here by searching Pokémon trainer reds theme (and I don’t watch any kind of movie trailers)

  • Joshua Khane Fondevilla

    Im wondering how boo got rid of her dress and hat when shes (i think) made of ceramic material and she was made with it

  • Poison Jam
    Poison Jam 29 days ago

    As long as the sonic move is canceled im happy

  • Addison Tait
    Addison Tait Month ago

    Oh god, sharktale, I wanna burn that CD if it that I still have

  • cupcake plays
    cupcake plays Month ago

    aaaaaaaa *NOPE*

  • QuixoticValkyrie
    QuixoticValkyrie Month ago +2

    TRAILER TIMESTAMPS _like so other people can see_

    *The Lego Movie: The Second Part* - 0:05
    *How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World* - 1:23
    *Wonderpark* - 2:01
    *Missing Link* - 2:52
    *The Lion King* - 4:14
    *The Hunchback of Notre Dame* (i guess?) - 5:20
    *Uglydolls* - 5:51
    *Toy Story 4* - 7:06
    *The Secret Life of Pets 2* - 9:01
    *PLAYMOBIL* - 10:19
    *Spies in Disguise* - 10:46
    *KLAUS* - 11:16

    *The Addams Family* - 11:58
    *Farmageddeon* - 12:17
    *Wish Dragon* - 12:20
    *Sonic* - 12:27
    *Frozen 2* - 13:24
    *General Anime Movies* - 14:14

  • Kingo Mingo
    Kingo Mingo Month ago

    I wonder where bullseye is, he’s in none of the trailers

  • doaka
    doaka Month ago

    *why do people hate shark tale it was so bad it was amazing*

  • GROOT50564
    GROOT50564 Month ago

    When I saw the Uglydolls trailer, I told my friends “I am 100% sure that EVERYONE in that movie was forced into a room at gunpoint and were forced to do those lines.”

  • Michael Schaffer
    Michael Schaffer Month ago

    Did she just call Brave a bad movie

    • mentaya11
      mentaya11 Month ago

      I....think so? I was surprised at that. This is only the third video of hers I have seen, but I find I agree with her views a *lot*

  • easegaming 639
    easegaming 639 Month ago

    I don't see the hate about the sonic movie I personally love the design its cute

  • joy bergemann
    joy bergemann Month ago

    Hi, Small Foot was Good. Have you watched the Greatest Showman movie? That movie was amazing.🙂

  • DerpyCookie JJ
    DerpyCookie JJ Month ago

    7:41 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • The Network
    The Network Month ago

    Why do people keep hating on Shark Tale? I actually liked that movie when I was a kid.

  • Banoffee De Fairikaik

    "It feels like everything Disney does that's not animated feels underwhelming..."
    Am I really the only one who remembers Holes?

  • Aidan Angeles
    Aidan Angeles Month ago +1

    Hey wait what about dbs broly

  • Yosh Splatz
    Yosh Splatz Month ago

    Was the first anime movie Digimon?

  • Yosh Splatz
    Yosh Splatz Month ago

    The Sonic movie I think will be meh.