Reacting to 2019 Animated Trailers

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
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  • Milly KawaiiKitty

    Omg TVclip is showing me broken adverts that wont end until I reopen,

  • Franky TheFatBoi

    I watched Hunchback as a little kid a lot with my parents. I loved that movie and still do!

  • Ben Eales
    Ben Eales Day ago

    What's really funny is that the Russian leaked image is actually real

  • Doodle dummy
    Doodle dummy Day ago +1

    Awe u should have waited a week now the frozen 2 trailer is out! U should make a separate video for that trailer, it was incredible!! That movie does not even seem like a Disney movie, it’s like a marvel movie or something, and for some reason I guess it has something to do with fall??

  • TheredK10
    TheredK10 Day ago +1

    Hey, the Frozen 2 trailer came out not long ago now!

  • CGI Future
    CGI Future Day ago

    Pls react to frozen 2

  • THE Berrby
    THE Berrby Day ago

    Frozen 2

  • OskarGoPro
    OskarGoPro Day ago +1

    I'm I crazy or does she sounds like Rebecca Parham from Let Me Explain Studio??

  • Nono Funyboy
    Nono Funyboy Day ago

    well frozen 2 trailer drop so

  • - Sunfish -
    - Sunfish - Day ago

    Quick reminder: Norm of the North 2 exists

  • Isabelle Herrera

    *cough cough* frozen 2 teasers came out you should check it out because it actually looked... good and serious

  • Maridia Monroe
    Maridia Monroe Day ago

    I *hate* the Uglydolls movie because the moment I saw the trailer I immediately thought, "Let me guess, the ugly dolls are going to live happily in Ugly Doll Land until Perfect Grey Suburban Hellscape wants them to move out of it because *PERFECTION* and then they go KidAdventuring until they find out that *THE KIDS ARE SCARED OF THEM* and *HIJINKS ENSUE* until *THE EVIL PERFECT SOCIETY* finds out they're hanging out with the kids *AND CUE FLASHBACK/MONOLOGUE/BETRAYAL* *sad hokey music* AND THEN THEY MAKE UP with the villain having redeemed themselves and unbrainwashed the kids via *NEW POWER OF LUV BUY OUR SHIT!*
    It's next to the MLP Movie in how generic "kids' movie" it is."

  • BobTheT-rex
    BobTheT-rex Day ago

    I want to eat your pancreas
    Is the best title I have ever heard, my ears are bleeding from hearing it but it is still the best.

  • UndyingWladeslaus

    Cellspex are you a cat person at all?

  • Broseph Stalin
    Broseph Stalin Day ago

    I mean Frozen was based on Hans Christian Andersen's story the Snow Queen and the Soviet Union's 1957 adaptation is a classic although thats a little obscure for modern Disney.

  • Phantom Snipez
    Phantom Snipez Day ago

    Frozen 2 looks cool ig but the trailer is mysterious

  • Orange Canary
    Orange Canary Day ago

    “How legit this Frozen 2 is” bruh imma blow your mind

  • Inkan1969
    Inkan1969 Day ago +1

    15:12: Actually, "Norm 2" did get released in a handful of theaters.

  • Jessica heart
    Jessica heart Day ago

    Lego movie 2 review when is it

  • Inkan1969
    Inkan1969 Day ago

    What January curse?

  • the randomewiredo

    Havet heard frozen 2
    It the only thing i heard about

  • Llorocomolesslie edits

    Frozen 2 trailer just got out

  • MusicParodys HQ
    MusicParodys HQ Day ago

    I got to see the LEGO movie 2 on January 28 because of special screening

  • Someone Does stuff

    Do Frozen 2 + WillGini (Aladin *Live Actionish*)

  • Thunder Master
    Thunder Master Day ago

    'I want to eat your pancreas" is based on the Japanese Mith that if you eat someone's pancreas you become immortal

  • Roaring Thunder115

    0:08 I saw it...It was amazing!
    2:01 Rip
    2:18 I hate it....
    4:18 True

  • Vika
    Vika Day ago

    What about detective Pikachu? Sorry if people have already asked you this, but I’d love to see your opinion of it

  • madpsycho6
    madpsycho6 Day ago +1

    Frozen 2 shouldn't be released, the original hasn't buggered off yet after 6 years so Frozen 2 is unneeded.

  • Cyclopsblast
    Cyclopsblast Day ago

    Yolei/Miyako Inoue?

  • SuperCookieGaming
    SuperCookieGaming Day ago +1

    can you do a recap of ATLA like you did for Korra? Or do something on Star War The Clone Wars, Rebels, and Resistance?

  • Cyclopsblast
    Cyclopsblast Day ago


  • Bongo Cat
    Bongo Cat Day ago

    Who turned off the lights ECKS DE

  • Blue Diamond is the Oh Yeah Yeah

    Watch Frozen 2 teaser trailers!

  • shiieri
    shiieri Day ago +1

    So now, after that Frozen 2 teaser trailer,,,, that Russian Calendar knew too much

  • KCHgamer
    KCHgamer Day ago

    Hmmm, will she ever do little prince? I know it’s way to late but who knows. The movie was amazing.

  • Luxurius Litten
    Luxurius Litten Day ago +2

    Frozen 2 anyone

    Honestly I am actually excited for it

  • skylon bellows
    skylon bellows Day ago

    Norm... of the


  • Applehead2
    Applehead2 Day ago

    I am too fucking tired of this live-action/photorealism remake BS. Learn to respect animation, y'all!

  • Twighlightmoon
    Twighlightmoon Day ago +2

    Guess that Russian calendar was right.. *cough new frozen 2 trailer * *cough*

  • Reckno64
    Reckno64 Day ago +1

    The 2 films I'm most excited for this year:
    Toy Story 4: Always love the Toy Story franchise and I have high hopes for this one as its supposed to be the final film. I also hear that Tim Allen and Tom Hanks had difficulty doing their final lines because it was very sad. I'm both excited and anxious for this one cause I think I'm gonna cry.....
    Sonic the hedgehog: Who am I kidding I have to see this. It looks so ridiculous that I think I will love it for all the wrong reasons. 😂
    I'll likely see Lego movie 2, Spies in disguise, and any of the anime films that are available cause those are always good! :)

  • David Castaneda
    David Castaneda Day ago


  • John Francis
    John Francis Day ago

    I dont like allthese disney Live action movies buti Lowkey want a live action Lilo & Stitch aslong as its good

  • Ballin - HL
    Ballin - HL Day ago +2

    Welp now the Frozen 2 trailer is out...we need you to react to that

  • De Ny
    De Ny Day ago

    on wikipedia japan movie in 2020 this movie call Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku
    this one will get part of the sequel to Dora the Explorer movie

  • JammmedSinisterz

    if they touch hunchback, i'm allowed to sue

  • Echo x
    Echo x Day ago

    For those of you who don't know.... Frozen 2 trailer is out! All I'll say... Be excited.

  • Brett The best
    Brett The best Day ago

    It’s funny that the frozen 2 trailer came out

  • Beepboopeatfruitloop

    I've heard rumors of a Mario movie coming around sometime this year but might be next year, but it's gonna be an illumination movie, so I'm very worried

  • zomdiehunter 115
    zomdiehunter 115 2 days ago

    Klaus shows
    Me: holy shit it looks fucking glorious
    Edit: the robot anime (I forgot what it's called)
    Me: he live omg he fucking live now I'm not so depressed about geranlagan

  • Binge watching intesifies

    Yo you missed the frozen 2 trailer by a week!!It is for a king amazing.

  • Niko J
    Niko J 2 days ago

    Welp the Frozen 2 trailer just dropped so it is real!

  • Liam Mellon
    Liam Mellon 2 days ago

    Shark Tale is a good movie

  • Nadia Couzijn
    Nadia Couzijn 2 days ago +6

    And literally a few days later the Frozen Trailer drops.

    • EmblemBlade9
      EmblemBlade9 Day ago

      Nadia Couzijn And it’s crazy as fuck

  • Anya Catherine Braginski

    The Frozen Trailer just dropped

  • X. Alex Dornier
    X. Alex Dornier 2 days ago

    wow, no kidding, as you were saying "funny there's no Frozen 2 trailer yet", I went on twitter and like the fourth tweet was the trailer... what the hell...

  • alfie comments
    alfie comments 2 days ago

    6 days later and there's a frozen 2 trailer.

  • Tom36 B
    Tom36 B 2 days ago

    The Frozen 2 Teaser is now out!

  • XxDraqon.RubyxX
    XxDraqon.RubyxX 2 days ago

    I think there actually may be a frozen two trailer out! Not sure how trustworthy it is, since it said it was coming out October, and had considerably less views than I’d expect. But it showed up in my recommended, so here it is.

  • BillyBob BoBoss
    BillyBob BoBoss 2 days ago +1

    Yeah, where is that Frozen 2 trail-
    Oh yeah, it uploaded this morning.

  • Thomas Fernandez
    Thomas Fernandez 2 days ago

    I want to eat your pancreas in Japanese is called "Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai", which in their mind is supposed to be cute, because the word "Kimi" in it like Kimi no Na wa, because it sells.

  • Norma Najera
    Norma Najera 2 days ago

    Where is detective pikachu

  • javis88h
    javis88h 2 days ago

    Bo Peep also busted through the wall with some sweet stripper pole action

  • Debbie C.
    Debbie C. 2 days ago

    Will smith as the genie in Aladin.. No. Just... No.

  • Flipipu
    Flipipu 2 days ago

    Although not in theaters, there is still Hazbin Hotel to look forward to

  • Laughing Jester
    Laughing Jester 2 days ago +1

    Toy story 4 "do toys question their existence" ummm kingdom hearts 3 kinda did that already

  • Caleb Hendryx
    Caleb Hendryx 2 days ago

    If ricky berwick does not play the hunchback ima be pissed

    No offence anyone

  • Napolean Dynamite
    Napolean Dynamite 2 days ago

    I actually am ok with an Addams family animated movie. But seriously, Wednesday looks like she got door slammed like in kill bill.

  • LucasManX227
    LucasManX227 2 days ago

    I do like Klaus

  • Miles Oliver
    Miles Oliver 2 days ago

    you could say she doesn't have a vary horror-sontal face could you? ehhh????

  • anthony montuoro
    anthony montuoro 2 days ago

    Isn't detective pikachu animated?

  • Jayden Mister
    Jayden Mister 2 days ago

    what about king of the monsters

  • The F Channel
    The F Channel 2 days ago

    I saw TLM2 at an early screening, it sucked!

  • Ravenclaw Gaming
    Ravenclaw Gaming 2 days ago

    What about Detective Pikachu?

  • HealthcoachFabi24
    HealthcoachFabi24 2 days ago


  • Eren Sarikcioglu
    Eren Sarikcioglu 2 days ago

    Really Disney your live action movies are ok they could be better and I'm not bashing marry poppins I love that movie but your animated ones are better

  • Thanos with the Chaos Emeralds and AirPods

    Make a shark tale 2

  • auress cosplay
    auress cosplay 2 days ago

    Do a dragon ball super Broly review I would love to hear you talk about anime

  • I am majestic
    I am majestic 2 days ago

    coralline was amazing

  • Viral Cheese
    Viral Cheese 2 days ago

    Abominable is true I saw a poster at movie theater

  • Ivana Čurná
    Ivana Čurná 2 days ago

    What about Hulaballoo?

  • Zerpify
    Zerpify 2 days ago

    what about detective pikachu?

  • Zerpify
    Zerpify 2 days ago

    im worried about sonic

  • Austin Lewis
    Austin Lewis 2 days ago

    Look, my only nostalgia with sonic is sonic unleashed, and I don’t play any sonic games, but god damnit you know I’m going to be the first motherfucker in those seats at my AMC when that shit drops, cuz I know it’s going to be the most amazing dumpster fire I’ll ever witness

  • Jack Mack
    Jack Mack 2 days ago


  • Ursus Martimus
    Ursus Martimus 2 days ago

    How you gonna go and forget the best one.
    *My Hero Academia Live Action*

  • Ethan Pritstick
    Ethan Pritstick 2 days ago +1

    I’m sad you didn’t react to live action Genie

    ROBBY D 2 days ago

    honestly, the lego movie 2 gets too much crap. the music is amazing, the plot while flimsy does have the important message about not letting your imagination die or loosing yourself when you grow up, and once again: THESE MOVIES ARE BEAUTIFUL. i hope your review of that movie will talk about these themes

  • Erin Laedtke
    Erin Laedtke 2 days ago

    So. Funny thing. It was not until I saw memes about the hyper cold times in the Midwest that I realized this weather was not normal for the US. I just thought it was the annual period that always happens in Minnesota where there's a bunch of bad snow storms in rapid succession. The only unusual thing I even noticed was that it was actually in winter instead of April for a change XD

  • Benjamin Thompson
    Benjamin Thompson 3 days ago

    Detective Pikachu is "all about the animation". Come on, Rebecca Parham.

  • ToonZach
    ToonZach 3 days ago

    >Hunchback of Notre Dame remake

  • Jimmy The Nerd
    Jimmy The Nerd 3 days ago

    Really appreciate the mentions of independent films

  • A Bender
    A Bender 3 days ago

    By the way, Elsa may very well be getting a girlfriend in Frozen 2...

  • Neil Jacob Nacilla
    Neil Jacob Nacilla 3 days ago

    Wonder Park is executive-produced by Kathleen Kennedy.
    I am actually excited for Wonder Park, but I have a bad feeling about this.
    Even bringing up her name is enough to trigger manbabies to spark flame wars about how she ruined Star Wars and their childhood.
    I actually love Disney's Star Wars films so far, especially The Last Jedi and Solo.
    Giving the Star Wars license to EA and shutting down LucasArts was a very stupid decision, though.
    But, I still fear the flame wars that will erupt from Wonder Park because it has Kathleen Kennedy, even if it's not a Lucasfilm production.
    The missing ingredient for Wonder Park would be if it were directed Rian Johnson, then gigantic flame wars will erupt from the anti-Disney's Star Wars manbabies.
    Making Solo bomb was already terrible for me, but bullying Kelly Marie Tran and Daisy Ridley out of Instagram crosses the line.

  • Jb01
    Jb01 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who never liked the how to train your dragon movies

  • toxicsugar art
    toxicsugar art 3 days ago

    I LOVE I want to eat your pancreas. The ending had me shookened.

  • reg
    reg 3 days ago

    Listen all this is looking cool and all but uh.... made in abyss is getting a season 2

  • Flophawk
    Flophawk 3 days ago