The Pathetic Economy Of North Korea

  • Published on Oct 3, 2019
  • North Korea, the most most closed off country on earth. This Asian nation is often the centre of intense scrutiny for its aggressive displays of militarism, its internationally condemned nuclear program and of course its oppressive government dictatorship. A 2014 report by the united nations concluded that the gravity, scale and nature of these human rights violations does not have any parallel In the contemporary world. What they are ashamed of though, is something that all these media spectacles help to distract from and that is their incredibly small and pathetic economy.
    beyond the dramatic chest beating and despite all of the opportunities this country has been given it has dwindled into complete economic obscurity and in this video we are going to explore why.
    As always I do my best to reply to all comments in the comments section :)
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  • der Palmenwedler Andreas

    This is what Communism is

  • E. Camilo
    E. Camilo 13 hours ago

    54% of the USA federal budget is military? WOW. Hahaha. This is incredible.

  • Alvar Lagerlöf
    Alvar Lagerlöf Day ago

    Star citizen music in the background.

  • Cheese forbidden

    The country is mostly mountains, the soil was bombed by USA so that it will no longer be able to produce food and they recieve sanctions from every country in the world. Huh? Who would have known that their country is in such a bad position. Thank God they still have nukes, or US would invade them like they did in Iraq.

  • Jk C
    Jk C Day ago

    all credits go to the U.S sanction

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington Day ago

      Weird that China and Vietnam aren't sanctioned and are open for trade... I wonder why.

  • TuiCatNZ
    TuiCatNZ 2 days ago

    Ironic that i got an advertisement for adventure communism game on this video.

  • Azmain_Yousuf
    Azmain_Yousuf 2 days ago

    Bangladesh is a country whose economic rise is amazing if not miraculous. Especially when you consider it being a country born by war. Would really like you to make such an in depth economic video on Bangladesh.

  • Rizer Wood
    Rizer Wood 3 days ago +2

    Good job russia and china. If not for you, this country could be freed by developed western countries like it happened to south korea.

  • Evan Smith
    Evan Smith 4 days ago +1

    The North Korean economy is like poking a corpse with a stick hoping it moves

  • Shiraz Adams
    Shiraz Adams 5 days ago

    That young chap from North Korea is playing Trump on a fiddle. Could you kindly tell us what the National Debt is?

    • Shiraz Adams
      Shiraz Adams 3 days ago

      @Bob Bobbington this might shock you. I do not have a Debt nor do l buy online.. I was referring to the National Debt of North Korea and Not your debt of over 22 Trillion. The IQ of that young man is higher than your President.

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 4 days ago +1

      I don't think you know how any of this works. The US has debt AND a massive economy and cash reserves. I'm curious how much bread you get to shill online though as payment?

  • Muhamed Muratovic
    Muhamed Muratovic 5 days ago

    You're pathetic, North Korea has better economy than most East European countries.

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 4 days ago +1

      Name one, their GDP, and their economic output? Makes sure you include how many of those Eastern Europeans are starving or languishing in concentration camps for the crimes of their great-grandfathers while you're at it.

  • Has Eye
    Has Eye 7 days ago

    jeff bezos worth more than the entire gdp of north korea

  • Seamus Treanor
    Seamus Treanor 7 days ago

    Do a video on Ireland

  • Christian Morales
    Christian Morales 7 days ago +5

    1:39 that’s about the most dystopian, saddest frame I’ve ever seen. The trees with no leaves, grey buildings with perfectly symmetrical windows, a road with no cars, and everyone riding a bike or walking in complete unison.

  • yosser hughes
    yosser hughes 8 days ago

    why dont donald trump take him out then? proberbly because there leader is just a fat kid.

  • Sid Sin
    Sid Sin 8 days ago

    I wonder if sanctions have anything to do with the people starving in that country?

    • Sid Sin
      Sid Sin Day ago

      With mentality like that, no wonder the world is in chaos! Instead of asking questions, thinking of solutions to those questions rather criticizing people who do have answers. Good day!

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington Day ago

      "... it is already presumed that the leadership doesn't care about the population... Well there is always removing sanctions..."
      Give your own comments a good once over and think about what you just said... do you think removing sanctions will benefit the average person in North Korea, or the North Korean elite? You already admitted they don't care about their people; what makes you think any sanction changes would benefit anyone other than fat boy and his sycophants?

    • Sid Sin
      Sid Sin 2 days ago

      Well there is always removing sanctions, so good can go into the country, people don't know what they need until they need something. Like prior to smart phones people used pay phones why? Because there were no smart phones. You cant want something if it doesn't exist for you!

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 3 days ago

      Any ideas then? No? Interesting.....

    • Sid Sin
      Sid Sin 3 days ago

      Since its the topic is about people, the countries actions are irrelevant. After all it is already presumed that the leadership doesn't care about the population. So what good does the sanctions do for the people, the leadership will still get what they want!

  • Ari Pot de Terre
    Ari Pot de Terre 8 days ago +2

    Worst "analysis" ever, basically just a compilation of biased judgments coming from a brainwashed free-market enthusiast below-average student in tunnel-vision mode.
    USA, in it's own way, is as dystopian as NK. Take a step back and look at/listen to yourselves ffs.

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 3 days ago

      Odd.... you failed to provide any 'truth' yourself. I wonder why?

  • Darrell Hagopian
    Darrell Hagopian 9 days ago

    The United States spends about 15 percent of its federal budget on defense, not 54 percent as you said

  • Caleb Byars
    Caleb Byars 9 days ago

    The government doesn’t spend 30% on the military its nearly half that around 15% depending on the year. Where did you get this number?

  • Osman Senel
    Osman Senel 10 days ago

    Fix your audio

  • Laurynas Mališauskas
    Laurynas Mališauskas 10 days ago

    Your video sound is like 5 times lower than in all the other in youtube.. Please fix this and let us enjoy your superb content.

  • Benprasad Gaire
    Benprasad Gaire 10 days ago

    Dont fool the people, this is the age of information. A city with 15m people, sky scrapers like new york, cleanest on earth, 100% free education, and health care, worlds on of the best subway system, 100% literacy, a nation with neuclear industries, motor vehicle industry, mining industry, defence industry, sofisticated construction industry, medical and hospitality industries employ at least 20-30 m people, in my contry nepal all above mentioned are not available though its gdp is 30bl usd, u are lier, mislead viewer, any one can guess, yes u may be propogandist or cia member, when we see your video we not only listen your narrative but also see the picture back ground, we can judge.

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 4 days ago

      Talk about propaganda, your entire comment is shilling for tyranny.

  • R. Blakehole
    R. Blakehole 10 days ago

    West Germany was able to absorb and integrate Communist East Germany into a unified nation. While the economic cost was high the resulting nation is stronger. I am relatively sure that given a similar opportunity South Korea could absorb and integrate North Korea into the modern world.

  • E Johnson
    E Johnson 11 days ago +6

    Here we're criticizing North Korea's economy and how they spend their money while the US does the same thing. Hundred of thousands of homeless people sleeping on the streets, children starving, medical treatment is too expensive... and we criticize NK over how much money they spend on their military while we spend trillions of dollars in unnecessary wars.

    • Prins van Oranje
      Prins van Oranje 2 days ago

      Just look at the North Korea's GNI and GDP per capita, and compare it to the USA's.

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 4 days ago +1

      Where are children starving in the US? Where? When was the last time a child died of starvation in the US because their family was so poor (not because their parents are abusive)? Go ahead... when? F'n communist shill, what a pathetic human being you are.

    • Sam Turnau
      Sam Turnau 4 days ago +4

      E Johnson the most ignorant comment goes to....

  • Quinn Conine
    Quinn Conine 11 days ago

    5:02 the US spends half of its *discretionary* budget on military today, but discretionary spending is less than a third of the total budget, leaving military spending at about 20% of the total. “Mandatory spending” (determined by formula instead of being decided annually) is double that of discretionary and includes Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, etc. The remaining 10% is purely interest on debt.

  • Mc Fireballs
    Mc Fireballs 12 days ago

    Lol, the 'normal' economy says not a lot about North Korea, they have a huuuge black market and big operations for getting foreign currency (see Room 39) .
    This video is kinda shit

  • Malek Sayed
    Malek Sayed 12 days ago

    Make a video about the Lebanese economy!

  • Alexandros Aiakides
    Alexandros Aiakides 12 days ago

    The pathetic and cannibalistic economy of yours, the libertarian.

  • Alejandro Cabrera
    Alejandro Cabrera 13 days ago

    North korean girls look cute tbh. Butbother than that North Korea doesn't need to abandon communism, it needs to abandon the kims.

    • Alejandro Cabrera
      Alejandro Cabrera 3 days ago +1

      @Bob Bobbington unemployment and homelessness was very low because the state provided people with jobs, housing with very cheap rent, healthcare and higher education with no cost and all with virtually no taxation. Of course some communist countries were better than other communist countries with Yugoslavia as a great example, unlike USSR and east bloc countries. Yugoslavia didn't have a strictly state run economy but rather worker self management enterprises and still have all the socialist benefits that provide economic security.

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 4 days ago

      Yeah, because communism has such a great track record every where it's tried, right?

  • Artem Esaulkov
    Artem Esaulkov 13 days ago

    This is an unpopular opinion but what else can they do if they are literally under every possible sanction there is?

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 4 days ago

      Play nice. That's it. Stop being jerkwads. Vietnam is communist and open to the world. So is China. So don't they follow that pattern and join the world?

  • Meow Meow Uprising
    Meow Meow Uprising 15 days ago +2

    It is amazing that people still champion communism despite the fact that examples like South and North Korea stare them right in the face.

  • Nishant
    Nishant 15 days ago

    I hate Australian accent

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 4 days ago

      You have an anime profile... who cares what you think.

  • The Wall Street Journal

    If we let a demagogue control us, then greedy business owners cant make any profits.

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 4 days ago

      At least you figured out the edit option.

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 15 days ago

      How did a single sentence become two in your comment?

  • Oliver Hawkins
    Oliver Hawkins 16 days ago

    The US spends 54% of its discretionary budget but 2/3 of the budget is mandatory so the US actually spends 16% of its total budget.

  • tyler89557
    tyler89557 16 days ago

    North Korea doesn't need an economy. They have transcended that need.

  • Paul Kang
    Paul Kang 16 days ago

    What this video forgets is that north Korea actually has no credit problem. Theoretically, North Korea is wealthier than United States in terms of net worth
    Ofcourse, that would also mean that many homeless people are wealthier than I since most of them probably no longer have debt. I mean, you gotta imagine they declared bankruptcy before they go homeless right

  • Dayle Edwards
    Dayle Edwards 16 days ago

    DPRK do very well considering they have been sanctioned forever, and still they survive. No other country could survive this, Mr Kim is a very clever man.

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 15 days ago +3

      How much bread are you paid in to shill online?

  • Matthew Reaves
    Matthew Reaves 16 days ago +1

    No need to mention that the US destroyed every substantial building and killed 30% of its population in the war and then maintained international sanctions on it since then. Not exactly an equal game when you can only trade with less than 5 other countries and to have the constant fear of the most powerful nation coming back to finish you off.

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 15 days ago

      After the war North Korea was prospering.. so... that wasn't it.
      Ironically, if they stopped being jerkwads they wouldn't have sanctions.
      Lastly, North Korea started the Korean War.

  • lonewolf031
    lonewolf031 17 days ago +18

    It's like communism doesnt work or something..

    MUDHRSE 17 days ago

    North Korea: No U

  • PrivateSi
    PrivateSi 17 days ago

    It's a Bankzters vs Commies world, and I despise both sides.. They both highly corrupt the economy.

  • Wong Tik Ki
    Wong Tik Ki 18 days ago +1

    Fun fact. US military spending is about 4.5% of GDP. China, about 2%.

  • Bob Bobbington
    Bob Bobbington 19 days ago +3

    The amount of Communist shills here screeching, "Propaganda," is comical.

  • Clyde D'souza
    Clyde D'souza 19 days ago +2

    North Korea exists because of one BIG reason i.e. China!!!

  • Veloth
    Veloth 19 days ago +3

    *Totally not a North Korean Spy wants too know your location.*

  • Jake Cullen
    Jake Cullen 19 days ago +1

    I don't get why the world doesn't leave these little guys alone

  • Er Yao Tseng
    Er Yao Tseng 19 days ago

    Why are we criticising a country that's sanctioned from the rest of the world?

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 19 days ago

      If they played nice that wouldn't be the case.

  • Al
    Al 19 days ago

    I could have sworn I saw a TRUMP hotel sign in the back ground.....

  • Voltaire Felgrand
    Voltaire Felgrand 20 days ago +107

    When can I expect Disney to buy North Korea? We could literally have a Disney land where Mickey Mouse is the president.

    • z_waterfox__
      z_waterfox__ 6 days ago

      It already IS Disneyland

    • Paul Auriga
      Paul Auriga 13 days ago +1

      you should know that north korea houses a famous studio for animation that did work on some disney movies in the past (SEK Studio)

  • П Ч
    П Ч 20 days ago

    The DPRK is actually doing quite well since 2006. But the propaganda from brainwashed westerners tries to dismiss this by staying in the 1992-2005 period when they had a mayor crisis. They overcame this, the heck....they are even overcoming the constant propaganda attacks in the prime of their progress. The USA and their puppets launched a large propaganda machinery trying to destroy the progress around 2012. The DPRK managed to overcome this problem and remained on their course of stabilization and progress. With the new projects going on outside Pyongyang I think they will finally fully recover from the dark decade of famine and economic collapse caused by the destruction of their allies. Give them another 10 years and their standard will be above the world average. And they did it all by themselves in an ecologic sustainable way.
    Kim Jong Un is doing a great job, even when they are decentralizing the power of the president since 1995.
    This is again a very biased video about the situation of the DPRK telling less than half of the truth. Just reading the comments lets you see for what kind of public it's made.

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 19 days ago +2

      I heard the same thing. It was reported by Santa Clause and Bigfoot.

  • Данило Миљковић

    South Korea is occupied by USA

  • Ten Minute Tokyo 2
    Ten Minute Tokyo 2 20 days ago +1

    Wait I thought communism was better. You mean we got lied to? I feel so hurt.

  • H e x D e x
    H e x D e x 20 days ago +6

    "What are your thoughts on these two"
    *Shows picture of China and North Korean government*
    "They are the same picture"

  • Mirza Hankic
    Mirza Hankic 20 days ago

    North Korea is under sanctions, they hav a nuclear technology. So many Arrogant and Stupid comments.

  • Erald Ndreca
    Erald Ndreca 20 days ago +1

    No ONE gets in & No ONE gets out.
    And you have information about there economy...
    The only Person out of North Korea that have information about this is....China/President.

  • SwiftyCheez
    SwiftyCheez 21 day ago +2

    That’s communism for ya

  • Malcolm MacInnis
    Malcolm MacInnis 21 day ago +1


  • An Ngo
    An Ngo 21 day ago

    Thats some awesome shots of the Mig-21.

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon 21 day ago

    I'm just so glad we have an unbiased source being the highly regarded western media to relay these previous facts. Now that we have all the info, it seems North Korea need a Central Bank to fix all of their problems just nicely.

    • Jon Jon
      Jon Jon 19 days ago

      Bob Bobbington No no the best type of Central Bank. A "Babylonian Money System" - Central Bank. The type of Central Bank Iran are imminently going to be the proud users of :)

    • Bob Bobbington
      Bob Bobbington 19 days ago

      You do realize EVERYTHING is centralized in their country?

  • Aussie Peps
    Aussie Peps 21 day ago

    wait wtf why do so many videos depict North Korea as communist? They are National socialist?
    That is why their money is so worthless.