Surviving R. Kelly: New Doc Says Time’s Up for Singer Accused of Abusing Black Girls for Decades

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • - We look at the shocking Lifetime documentary series “Surviving R. Kelly,” which chronicles two decades of allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against the celebrated R&B singer and producer. R. Kelly has been accused of abuse, predatory behavior and pedophilia throughout his career but has avoided criminal conviction despite damning evidence and multiple witnesses. We speak with Angelo Clary, whose daughter Azriel Clary met R. Kelly at the age of 17 and moved in with him with hopes of advancing her music career. He hasn’t seen her in almost four years. We also speak with Oronike Odeleye, co-founder of #MuteRKelly-a campaign to end R. Kelly’s music career-and an Atlanta-based arts administrator.
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Comments • 787

  • J Jilla 093
    J Jilla 093 49 minutes ago

    Where is the outrage from BLACK WOMEN about allthsoe WHITE COPS that was killing BLACK MEN all across this country and recently a WHITE cop just only recieved 6 yrs for killing laquan maxdonald.Where the outrage from that black women but so quick tovwant to take down a black man.

  • u yadz
    u yadz Hour ago

    This is fucking boring i dont even knw what believe. Boils dwn to Money and power

  • Ruff Tapp
    Ruff Tapp 2 hours ago

    You parents sold out your own daughter, if they wasn't a lustful greedy monsters like R Kelly. Mother and daughter doing 3 some with the singer. You make sick to my gut.

  • Erica Brown
    Erica Brown 2 hours ago

    Oronike just mad cause R Kelly didn’t give her a chance lol

  • Erica Brown
    Erica Brown 3 hours ago

    This bitch is a hater trying to #muteRKelly

  • Clive Rixx
    Clive Rixx 4 hours ago

    If all they say about R Kelly is true why is he not in Jail, Am I the only one that knows that any offence against a woman in this world is non negotiable EG Chris Brown.. Media always demonizes good people u will be next in line.. Media ain't Loyal.. R Kelly for life

  • Abdullah Muttalib
    Abdullah Muttalib 9 hours ago +1

    Forget them thots👎R Kelly is innocent. Hoes need to keep their legs and azz closed...Ain't getting no gold, fortune or jackpot

  • Noir Bonita
    Noir Bonita 9 hours ago

    People will continue to be exposed. It is done.

  • MOYO Paul Désiré
    MOYO Paul Désiré 20 hours ago

    I still love R. KELLY

  • Tony Starks
    Tony Starks 21 hour ago

    No this is a lynching of another Black Entertainer, How come you do not investigate the Roman Catholic Church for decades of pedophilia no one went to jail? Nothing said? How come you do not investigate Hugh Hefner under age girl at the playboy mansion? How come you You did not investigate Comedian Seinfield for dating is wife when she was just 15, nothing said??? Sunny dated Cher when she was just 16, Woody Allen dated his step daughter when she was just 14, nothing said, this is just plain hypocrisy.

  • LEGIT St.6IX
    LEGIT St.6IX Day ago

    Does this man know who tf TED BUNDY is? He killed over 100 white females.

  • LEGIT St.6IX
    LEGIT St.6IX Day ago

    He wanted to get caught. He's sick and evil, diabolical. My brother is just like him. I believe there are dead bodies as well. Monsters like this DO NOT STOP at pissing & shitting on children. I'm sure he's killed and more than once.

  • Wally 1970
    Wally 1970 Day ago

    It's not like he prowled for them . They looked for him , stayed with him .

  • H.D. Sneed
    H.D. Sneed Day ago +1

    The elderly used to call this 👿 music. Our generation just ignored the plain and simple indications of wrongdoing because the courts have allowed money to override justice.

  • 747hitman
    747hitman Day ago

    i don't condone pedophile activity but young women need to stop trying to be grown at a young age and throwing themselves to older men because of celebrity status you heard no allegations before the sex tape or after the sex tape. but now the me too movement is in effect all these ladies coming out of the woods. you don't wait til the relationship is over years plus to want to make a statement because you feel the time is right if someone violate you in any way you speak up right then and there and why was none of the parents of these accusers never spoke up since they were minors at the time. and the couple that keep saying there daughter is held against her will i find that laughable even their own daughter says she wants nothing to do with them. the krazy thing is once hes ready to move on from these young ladies they'll have a story to tell but not right now cause they still having fun.

  • Tiger Lion
    Tiger Lion Day ago

    Yeah they sacrificed their sons and daughters unto devils. And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and daughters whom they sacrifice unto the idols of Canaan. The land was polluted with blood.
    Children were actually burned alive as offerings to Canaanite gods, Molech, Milcom, Chemosh, and others. It’s hard to understand how brutal the grip of such pagan superstitions must have been on parents that they would burn their own children alive.
    People have always sacrificed their children and themselves for the altar of the dollar bill.
    Christ Jesus said For the love of women is the root of all of evil.

  • Styles AKA dj the star rocks

    Oh please they all knew young and old nobody was raped or held against their will. I was 14 and fast too smh. They just got R Kelly and can profit from being young and dumb. But the older ones was just as stupid. That is Glamour. Im Grown now and definitely know better so whats is the real issue. Sounds like self helplessness to me.

    • feefee ollie
      feefee ollie 15 hours ago

      U never met him in person did u cause he'd have u eating shit too. Cause u are his type. Dont judge just thank God u weren't one his star struck teenagers.

  • Wakandan Warrior
    Wakandan Warrior Day ago +1

    To be real candid and honest, some of these parents negligently placed their daughters in harms way too; it’s not just Kelly’s despicable ass. A father should never allow another grown man to have easy access to his innocent daughter and willingly give her contact info to an abusive and freakishly sick-minded perv.

  • anthony s
    anthony s Day ago

    its time to stand the fuck up!!! keep media and fuck media! so lets use media change and media need to help to let media instead of breaking media dwn slides media can hurt as well as it can hurt...double edge sward...find out!

  • Rhonda Gaddy
    Rhonda Gaddy Day ago

    Odeleye is spot on!

  • Beverly Wilkerson

    The list: Celebrities accused of sexual misconduct - The Morning Call

  • Beverly Wilkerson

    He was 100% wrong. We know it, he knows it. However, u know in America we can not legally go against the courts ruling when he was found not guilty, so we have to move past that in our minds, but it's difficult to do because it was a visual. He's guilty in the public only, but here's what stumps me...the majority of 'us' viewers were not even thinking about the pee tape until the Surviving R. Kelly aired. We were still listening to his music on the radio, so because we were reminded of his 'evil' ways we wanna say, 'Oh, that's right I remember R. Kelly peed on a girl and did other other things that's mind boggling, so lets stop playing his music....better yet lets bring him down because we can reach masses through social media. I just don't get Why Now? Why go Back? Why Rehash? It's too late. And, I can't believe how the women want to relive this ordeal. It's ludacris

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Day ago

    Im a referee and i call bull shit

  • L
    L Day ago +2

    The problem is people like him so much and his music till they can't see the monster!!!! But u have Aliyah as an example, clearly he is a pervert that likes pre-teens/teens etc.

  • Daisy Vargas
    Daisy Vargas Day ago +2

    This man is a monster and whoever else has been involved! Time to put these monsters away! Away from society! 😳

    • feefee ollie
      feefee ollie 14 hours ago

      Thank you well said right to point minus all that bs

  • Delgado smooth
    Delgado smooth Day ago +1

    I'm guessing he's going to leave the country just like Russell Simmons did ..I don't see them taking down those powerful white Jewish gay men in the industry who have been manipulating young straight boys into their lifestyle for decades ..they caught Kevin Spacey and nothing came out if that ..

  • Glen Appleton
    Glen Appleton Day ago

    All because some women say it,it's true.fuck no I don't believe none of it. They were living the high life. Now they got book deals and getting paid for interviews. And this woman talking about mute, mute your damn self. 🖕🏽

  • Rose Agyeman
    Rose Agyeman Day ago

    Who cares!

  • bella blessed&Favoured

    Monster real monster

  • bella blessed&Favoured

    What I hate the most is that he knows he had an incurable disease and still he injects them with his sickness

  • abena Robinson
    abena Robinson Day ago

    what was shocking about it we all have known about this for years what happened now.#stop the hypocrisy#

  • bella blessed&Favoured

    I don't need to watch the docuseries to know whom he is this man is a predator filled with demons men like him r usually so verbally nice after they lure u into them then u see the real them bottom line he raped abused and took advantage of those girls then and now

  • Deca Cards52
    Deca Cards52 Day ago +1

    Any recording artist who names an album titled 'Black Panties', is definitely a perv anyway.

  • jesska_093
    jesska_093 2 days ago

    That’s what happens when you sell your soul and feel “untouchable” . R Kelly should get locked up. PERIOD!!!

  • Robyn Wilson
    Robyn Wilson 2 days ago

    Shut up..I don’t believe yall😂😂

  • Roku Tv
    Roku Tv 2 days ago +1

    This is Bill Cosby all over again, just when we thought it was over. Here comes a new trail to be back in the stop light.. 2019 is turning out to be the year of men sex offenders

  • SuicidalLuigi667
    SuicidalLuigi667 2 days ago

    My class is going to meet him, what should i ask him?

  • Emanuel Walker
    Emanuel Walker 2 days ago

    Because young black women like giving up free ass musician they can get paid for that ass now if you want to do something to help young black women teach them how not to be promiscuous and the value of how to get money( like work) and job skills not with their ass and mouth

  • Lee Izaak
    Lee Izaak 2 days ago +2

    Throw his music in the trash challenge?lmao

  • Landyn Acosta
    Landyn Acosta 2 days ago

    It’s amazing what people will say for money and to get on tv.. until it’s proven by facts and or proven GUILTY then there is nothing to talk about thirsty people

  • Kennedy Heatherton
    Kennedy Heatherton 2 days ago

    Democrats always using others pain to spew hate & division (the democrats were the KKK and that is the EXACT belief system that causes all this... also caused using others for own gain in slavery - see USING OTHERS AS OBJECTS - NOT GOOD, be Republican where all equal and FREE & u mind your own business & obey the law! - its not a race thing - its a making women (PEOPLE) objects thing!! Democrats use others as objects whom they make dependent to abuse, just like slavery.... take that from a white survivor believe me they don't care the color - sick predators like R Kelly and many others get us all :(

  • Judy  Brown
    Judy Brown 2 days ago +1

    Shame on you. King of manipulation . got to get the young girls. Boy u need pray

  • Tammy Johnson
    Tammy Johnson 2 days ago +2

    Again no one can't ask the police to have a grown woman that looks young to go undercover to get proof about R Kelly??? Or are people getting hush money?🤔

  • DeJuan Lebray
    DeJuan Lebray 2 days ago +1

    This is staged and everyone is try to get money especially the parents. And the way he is answering broken up, he is trying to think about things to say because a true father who have taken care of it just to be truthful

  • Dra Rahu
    Dra Rahu 2 days ago

    I dont blame r kelly and i blame the parents for leaving there teenage girls with him.. But i want you to stop hypocrisy is all bullshit...

    CE CE'S JOURNEY 2 days ago

    Shame on you mute RKelly the lady saying almost sounds pretty good for a track. I'm just saying 😂

  • cmrjc74
    cmrjc74 2 days ago

    He’s no master manipulator he just manipulated your ass!!!!

  • King Quel
    King Quel 2 days ago

    sick kelly

  • Legacy Freedom
    Legacy Freedom 2 days ago

    Y'all just wanna destroy the man career

  • Amy Brown
    Amy Brown 2 days ago


  • mama bear
    mama bear 2 days ago +1

    R kelly is mostly to blame but i mean some of these girls put themselves in this situation smh but still he should be in jail by now

  • DJ Stan Johnson
    DJ Stan Johnson 2 days ago

    Wow grow up people I'm going to keep buying his music

  • Melody C Jefferson
    Melody C Jefferson 2 days ago


  • JJ2020 L
    JJ2020 L 2 days ago

    Doesn't matter who bates your kids your kids fall victim to it you taught them the wrong thing simple there's always going to be someone crazy or out there sick teach your kids about decision-making and poor choices and what's the point of covering something up for 30 years in order not to be embarrassed but take a settlement then turn around and tell anyway you're looking for more money you're not worried about being embarrassed and if you wanted him to go to jail you wouldn't have took money in the first place now open your eyes people this is called desperation money hungry 👉

  • Darlenne
    Darlenne 2 days ago +1

    How is he still not in jail if he was seen in a video having sex with a manor???? How the hell???!!!

  • Darlenne
    Darlenne 2 days ago +1

    Congratulations to all the brave women.... this series is the start to get him to face justice.

  • P Hoffa
    P Hoffa 2 days ago +1

    Stop his money, so how would he take care of his kids?

  • jan rees
    jan rees 2 days ago +1

    Jeronda Pace still looks so young.
    More than 10 years later

  • Chalina Clayton
    Chalina Clayton 2 days ago +1

    Koodose to you Black Woman staying on course with your message shutting down fake white concern

  • Eden OmarGoshTVSargiFams

    Parents, need to be parents to these lost little girls. Now.. back on that damn wall. wuddup trump 🤔

  • Kermit the dick
    Kermit the dick 2 days ago

    Its not that bad. Damm chill people

  • Jenn Jones
    Jenn Jones 3 days ago

    If r Kelly was not a famous king of r&b no one would give a damn. A guy had kept 3 girls hostage for 10 years. And people claimed they ain’t see shit. His family claim they ain’t see nothin.

    RED ROSE 3 days ago

    My question is did he force sex on the girls if not then how are these young girls a victim and if they are victims why the parents that knew and didn't do anything not being charged. Sparkles niece, her mother was in denial, Aaliyah the manager knew he fucked her young.

  • Tommy Erickson
    Tommy Erickson 3 days ago

    Bloody fucking music in the background making it almost impossible to hear what they're saying.

  • blairbushproject
    blairbushproject 3 days ago

    For all the people spewing the tired old bad parenting parroting. You obviously are immune from our schools and law enforcement who will stand between you and your children to force you back as a parent allowing free choices and decisions by children who believe they are underage adults. Our system promotes children detaching from parental control in the teens.
    I had an officer, a nurse and a security guard tell my 11 year old child that it would be okay for him to leave adult supervision and flag rides with strangers and hitchhike 75 miles to self place at a parents home who was administering drugs and alcohol to the child. This was in a hospital parking lot and the child had a severe MRSA infection with 8-10 active and not receding pustules.
    The fact that law enforcement, CPS or any entity has not enacted protection or enforced any laws we know can be implemented without any evidence. It demonstrates the MATF allows these crimes case by case. There are plenty of innocent people with horror stories of CPS involvement and FBI interaction. This has been blessed by law enforcement. He’s being allowed to gang stalk.
    The same MATF was on duty when the child was taken to Las Vegas for a school board retreat. The parents were paid to attend and received hotel rooms. The child was found abandoned in the room with pornography on the tv while the parent was drunk in public. The child was removed we were told and then replaced with the parent by CPS. Then we were told by the state of Arizona CPS they are not required to notify parents that their child has been abused or removed out of state. You would have to find the city state municipality and file there with an different state notary.
    Race definitely insulates people from reality.
    Further on directv there’s an entire channel lineup of pornographers who use the word teen to promote that type of first amendment protected discussion of teen sex with adults. And yet silence from the parents.

  • Latoya Jackson
    Latoya Jackson 3 days ago

    The parents needs to blame themselves and not make excuses all the time. I’m not siding with R Kelly but I would put myself in harms way for my baby

    ORIGINALREDY2MIX 3 days ago

    Pace was a groupie! she knew what time it was! and got it! now the 14 year old and Aliyah thats different they didn't deserve that! Some of these ladies was grown as hell and knew better!

  • Tommy Strong
    Tommy Strong 3 days ago

    Abusing black girls for decades??? Nah!!! Fucking groupies for decades, call it what it is..bring every rock star up on the same bullshit ..

  • shan cr
    shan cr 3 days ago

    I DON'T want to HEAR this BULLCRAP these parents PIMPED their children OUT for careers that DIDN'T PAN OUT now they want to talk SHITT because their DAUGHTER'S DON'T want to come home and want to stay with R KELLY.. so they want to call that BRAINWASHING. AS far as Kitty Jones and these other girls ARE CONCERNED they were grown ASS women with their OWN CHILDREN that they LEFT BEHIND To LIVE the life with R Kelly they're FULL of SHIT!!! Andrea Kelly is full of SHIT ALSO because there's an interview where she tells US WOMEN to keep buying R Kelly's tickets to keep her LIGHTS ON now she's jumping on the bandwagon! SHE'S out of all the girls who did the surviving R Kelly lifetime Andrea Kelly is the only one who got PAID BUT she never really said SHIT! Andrea had the chance to tell EVERYBODY what happened when she divorced HIM but chose to keep her mouth shut. when she got remarried for a hot second she never dropped her last NAME she kept it for THE FAME! If someone abused me the way she said he did I wouldn't want his last name for NOTHING in this world would YOU? So I'm not believing a DAMN thing she says NOW!! R Kelly and Aaliyah marriage is another THING Aaliyah's uncle and parents knew exactly what WAS going ON! Aaliyah's uncle is the one who was producing R.Kelly AT THE TIME so now think about that for a SECOND. All of these women KNEW about R Kelly and his past BUT YET they still WANTED TO BE WITH HIM!! THAT'S WHY I SAY THEY'RE FULL OF SHIT!!

  • Sabrina Reed
    Sabrina Reed 3 days ago

    Celine Dion wasn't even a teenager when her future husband and manager Rene Angelil was nearing 40.
    The superstar singer, 12 when she met her then-38-year-old future husband, didn't begin dating him until she turned 19.

    • shan cr
      shan cr 3 days ago

      So what are you saying? What's good for the goose is not good for the gander

  • Underground Jukebox
    Underground Jukebox 3 days ago +1

    Only "Black Women" what if they were all (White Women) he's a pedophile but this lady in Atlanta is racist and has #DoubleStandards #WhiteLivesMatterToo

  • Yolanda Cheek
    Yolanda Cheek 3 days ago

    Like he said in his 19 minute song "don't push your daughters in his face"😂

  • Daniel Santiago
    Daniel Santiago 3 days ago +3

    Chris Hansen enters chat 👀

  • sarah Emmanuel
    sarah Emmanuel 3 days ago +1

    leave black man alone..he did not abduct/kidnapped any woman/gal...themselves chase him down for fame and to be groupies....what u expect?????

  • Brian myles
    Brian myles 3 days ago

    Please man if you blame this on her being a black woman which I understand the point but what a great dad. He should never put her in that situation

  • Leo Calhoun
    Leo Calhoun 3 days ago

    Ok 😂😂😂😂😂

  • shaheed shabazz
    shaheed shabazz 3 days ago

    Too many holes in all their stories makes me wonder what's going on, like we all saw or know of the tape with the 15 year old so why are you introducing your little daughter to him?
    Makes no sense

  • Sharon Wright
    Sharon Wright 3 days ago +1

    R.Kelly and Jay Z have always used young girls sexual

    • Merri Cat
      Merri Cat 2 days ago +2

      I'm not a big fan of R&B but I've always thought Jay-Z was creepy.

  • john dasilva
    john dasilva 3 days ago +4

    I blamed the parents...this is bad parenting

  • john dasilva
    john dasilva 3 days ago +1

    R Kelly for president...I will vote for him. What about Donald Trump

  • Kizzy Harris
    Kizzy Harris 3 days ago +1

    First of all as a parent why would you let your underage daughter go off with a grown man without you even being present period I blame the parents

  • Savage AF
    Savage AF 3 days ago

    When will the Surviving Minimum Wage documentary come out? Or the Surviving Child Support? Surviving The Government🤔

  • Holy Pathfinder
    Holy Pathfinder 3 days ago

    I believe that these young girls are doing what feminism and their mothers tought them by many men will they have before the decide to get married will it be 50 men? Or will it be 200 men? (Disgusting)Before they settle down.what ever happened to growing up getting married then sex.they what surprising me is that it's everyones fault except themselves and society.why is an undèrage girl allowed to have sex with a boy her age.this is double standard bull.its time we analyze ourselves.and fix this issue because now it's normal for a 15 year old to get pregnant by another 15 year old.when crap like that happens who is responsible for that child?.i think mordern women has to be schooled on how to be a respected lady

  • Michael Myers's Sis
    Michael Myers's Sis 3 days ago +1

    THE SYSTEM ALLOWS PEOPLE OF MONEY TO BE UNTOUCHED BY LAW. R-Kelly is a pedophile, child abuser, sexual predator of underage teens, rapist. Robert's been beating women, almost killing some, seducing and kidnapping minor females not allowing them to contact families. R-Kelly is the one making women crawl through the mansion, tieing them as a hog, controlling them to the point they have to ask permission to go to bathroom, to eat until some tried suicide. R-Kelly has been doing pervert and violent acts for at least 25 years calculating the age of the oldest accusers. #MuteRKelly

  • candace noble
    candace noble 3 days ago +1

    R. Kelly needs to get his dick cut off so then he can't spread STDs and hurt these young women... Put him in jail #muterkelly

  • Niki Reynolds
    Niki Reynolds 3 days ago +1

    Fucking lying ass hoes you know they lie about their age and that scares me since I have a 24 year old son because I use to lie about my age and would have been with R. Kelly back in the day, not now if he has Herpee's

  • Tasha Johnson
    Tasha Johnson 3 days ago +1

    Majority of these male singers think they are God’s and can have sex with whom ever they want because they can sing. Parents it’s your job to protect your kids from predators. Everyone knew back in 1994 when he was with Aliyah that he was a predator of young girls so stop acting stupid when he comes for your kid and gets them!!!!!!

  • Fakto Ecclesia Live
    Fakto Ecclesia Live 3 days ago

    Oronike 'Lowlifenobody' Odeyele

  • Fakto Ecclesia Live
    Fakto Ecclesia Live 3 days ago

    You'll make it out alright Kells, the world is full of low life nobodies looking for the downfall of real ppl, just stay focused and pray, God will see u through.

  • Jenny Romano
    Jenny Romano 3 days ago +1

    Man if r Kelly goes to jail I want lisa van Allen in there too. And kitty and who ever else had sex with minors. And jerhonda for recruiting Dominique. I WANT THESE WOMEN IN JAIL TOO.

  • lana Ibin
    lana Ibin 3 days ago

    If its rape ...he needs to be charged....but girls these days have decided to turn into slats them selves.....he is a human and human get tempted...I believe if they stayed.away...this wouldn't have happened....Girls are so cheap all in the name of dating celebrities

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 3 days ago +1

    I blame the parents not the children because these mothers let them Hangout with a grown ass man

  • J I
    J I 3 days ago +1

    Never liked his music and I don't like nonses or sex predators, domineering, controling fucking sick bastards either. Also , investigate the people around him and someone best the shit out of his attorney. I know everyone has a right to a defence but some of them make me mad

  • Darnell Hendeason
    Darnell Hendeason 3 days ago

    Has Democracy Now done a story on Allison Mack?

  • Darnell Hendeason
    Darnell Hendeason 3 days ago

    Where was this trick when those Black children were murdered by their white lgbt parents?

  • SexMyShh
    SexMyShh 3 days ago

    They so quick to go at r-kelly yet these parents were literally dropping their children off at rkellys place like its summer camp thou, go at rkelly AND these parents who looked the other way, when they knew they were dropping their children off at sexual predator's home 😑🤦🏽

  • Darnell Hendeason
    Darnell Hendeason 3 days ago

    Racist Democracy Now!
    Where is the story of Ed Buck?
    Where is the Jeffrey Epstein story?
    They always get these first generation AA's to slander Blacks to deflect from white criminality!!!

  • cleartone movies
    cleartone movies 3 days ago

    Am asking the founder of mute r Kelly Oronike Odeleye what about all the abused kids in nigeria and even some religion permitting the marriage of 13 yrs old girls i hope all
    this is not because its r kelly. I feel sorry for the real victims but after watching the documentary i know some of the women aint real

  • Shay Hawks
    Shay Hawks 3 days ago +1

    Whew! My daughter is 7.. I can see her dad doing time. He dont give a FUCK! He is cuban 😂. He will have every papi in Miami with construction tools doing Hotel demolitions until he finds his little girl.. I don't care if she's 22 or 42 stay away from my beautiful girl if you know what's good for you. 😂

  • Katie Cramerson
    Katie Cramerson 3 days ago +1

    Do NOT blame the victims or the victims' families!
    So they've made mistakes. We all make them. But a perpetrator has strategies and he calculates on people to make mistakes. These people are master manipulators and they feed on the dreams and hopes of others.
    Blame the perpetrator. He is the one who rapes girls.