Paella Is the Ultimate Combo of Carbs and Seafood | Food Skills

  • Published on Feb 13, 2017
  • In this edition of "Food Skills," we head to Socarrat for an up-close look at the Spanish art of paella-making. The term socarrat refers to the crust that forms on the bottom of a paella pan during cooking-those crunchy bits of seafood- and sausage-infused rice are widely considered the most delicious part of the dish.
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Comments • 63

  • perrin robert
    perrin robert Year ago

    this looks shit it wil b crispy as fuk on the botton put it in the oven twice

  • graslund
    graslund Year ago

    I find anything involving saffron to be absolutely repulsive and vile.

  • Justin Caluneo
    Justin Caluneo Year ago

    wow a whole minute!

  • Jacky Kwan Fitness

    Jesus christ put some more effort into it at least.

  • Hazzah Diss
    Hazzah Diss Year ago

    looks fucking good

  • RoyalPalm1
    RoyalPalm1 Year ago

    So now its hipster food? Fantastic ...

  • Matt
    Matt Year ago

    you guys should put up more vegetarian stuff

  • Amalija
    Amalija Year ago

    need moar vegan vidz

  • Gordon Flacc
    Gordon Flacc Year ago +1

    Yes! Being from Spain I'm glad there's an american video with a REAL and almost original paella recipe.... theres a lot of bullshit out there

  • Prs420 Tv
    Prs420 Tv Year ago

    I'm a super fan of your show how about doing a fan guest appearance please. I think I can eat about anything hot this show is inspirational to me. Please I beg you.

  • My Grandma Died
    My Grandma Died Year ago


  • fuggindoosh
    fuggindoosh Year ago +2


  • Steve Holmgren
    Steve Holmgren Year ago

    Gets Gervais on the show... gains 50,000 subs in 1 day :)

  • Bin Ahmed
    Bin Ahmed Year ago


  • op Knives
    op Knives Year ago

    You need 21 savage on hot ones

  • juan quintana
    juan quintana Year ago

    that"s a personal paella

  • Mittens
    Mittens Year ago

    Where is the bald man with the hot sauces? Bring back the bald man with the hot sauces and get rid of this crap.

  • CelibateDog
    CelibateDog Year ago

    paella more like shmaella

  • heydavewhite
    heydavewhite Year ago

    How about you teach how to make it, not just this highlights clip. Lazy.

  • ERA
    ERA Year ago +6

    I've had a LOT of paella and this looks horrible.

    • Eduardo Franco
      Eduardo Franco Year ago

      Erol A kys

    • ERA
      ERA Year ago +1

      That is EXACTLY what's wrong with this paella.

    • Eduardo Franco
      Eduardo Franco Year ago +4

      Well I'm from Valencia, Spain, the place where paellas come from and i can tell that is a nice paella. Only thing that bothers me is when he puts it in the oven.

    • Tyrell Scott
      Tyrell Scott Year ago

      That looks like a perfectly good need to find better places to eat.

    • PapayaStyle
      PapayaStyle Year ago

      what exactly looks so horrible? looks pretty good to me, not sure, what kind of paella you've eaten in your life

  • Anwar Abdullah
    Anwar Abdullah Year ago +4

    anyone else thinks this looks burned?

    • Allensanity
      Allensanity Year ago +5

      Anwar Abdullah the bottom is supposed to be a little burnt for a crunch factor it's called the soccrat

  • AECG18
    AECG18 Year ago +11

    .... Ultimate combo of carbs and seafood. The fuck kind of title is that?

  • Joaquín Lepage
    Joaquín Lepage Year ago

    I have to agree with everyone else. It takes the same amount of effort and time to make a 10/20 minute video where the cook explains how paella is made, and It would be so much better content.

  • benhenry96
    benhenry96 Year ago

    Can you cover this more and ask questions and such? I love these videos but they're so short and really don't go in depth at all.

  • John Wade
    John Wade Year ago

    I swear my pants were on a second ago.

  • Loki Owl
    Loki Owl Year ago

    I've never heard of this but sea food is my jam. How do you pronounce it? Pay-Ella? Payla?

    • Checkfins
      Checkfins Year ago +4

      I've heard pie-ay-uh

    • Joaquín Lepage
      Joaquín Lepage Year ago

      Loki Owl americans pronounce It payeia, but in spanish it's propnounced PA-E-SHA. with the E sounding like in the Word met, not meet.

  • Richard L
    Richard L Year ago +1

    Short video or not that looks yummy af.

  • shadebug
    shadebug Year ago

    I was hoping to see some paella purists being violently ill at the thought of seafood in paella but apparently everyone here is a damned philistine.

    • shadebug
      shadebug Year ago

      "The most widely used, complete ingredient list of this era was: short-grain white rice, chicken, rabbit, snails (optional), duck (optional), butter beans, great northern beans, runner beans, artichoke (a substitute for runner beans in the winter), tomatoes, fresh rosemary, sweet paprika, saffron, garlic (optional), salt, olive oil, and water.[14] Poorer Valencians, however, sometimes used nothing more than snails for meat. Valencians insist that only these ingredients should go into making modern Valencian paella."
      There's nothing wrong with a seafood paella but it is a seafood paella, not a straight paella. Mixed paella is right out.

    • Revolting Cynic
      Revolting Cynic Year ago +2

      shadebug The traditional Paella has seafood, what are you even talking about?

  • Rangifulla
    Rangifulla Year ago

    Get Kim Crossman on Hot Ones

  • sam greene
    sam greene Year ago +19

    probably take longer to read the description than watch this short ass video. yall getting greedy & lazy

    • That Guy
      That Guy Year ago

      You're a slow reader.

    • flipper2gv
      flipper2gv Year ago +1

      FWIW, 10+ minutes videos make A LOT more money per view than 1 minute ones.

  • Nic33rd
    Nic33rd Year ago

    Hell yeah dude

  • Mark Mays
    Mark Mays Year ago

    thats od flavor u addicts

  • Kyler Scott
    Kyler Scott Year ago

    Nobody gives a fuck about 1 minute videos. Also, every food yt channel makes these kinds of videos. So boring. I've un subbed to all of them except this one. Please stick with what got you to the dance...

    • ryerock32
      ryerock32 Year ago +1

      Dude it's a serious meant to introduce you to great food places. Don't like it don't watch it. It's not like they're slowing down their other content to produce it.

  • Betty
    Betty Year ago

    *fap fap fap*

  • ClaudeKnows
    ClaudeKnows Year ago

    I'm Allergic to seafood and yet i'm ready to risk it all...

  • Dhillon GotDank
    Dhillon GotDank Year ago

    love this shit, especially right after u smoke some bud. you don't have to listen to anyone talk & just enjoy the food. instantly liked for the beat as well. cool stuff

  • Amanda Ponce
    Amanda Ponce Year ago


  • p4nc0np4n
    p4nc0np4n Year ago +3

    Finally an original "Paella" outside Spain! :D

    TAWKSICK408 Year ago

    need a longer segment of these man

  • 1ace
    1ace Year ago +42

    this series is ballsack

  • Shxzic
    Shxzic Year ago +90

    c'mon it'd not facebook, get outta here with the 1 minute vidoes

  • XOXO
    XOXO Year ago

    FUNK AS F***!

  • Eric Wilsey
    Eric Wilsey Year ago

    I love seafood!

  • Ghostie
    Ghostie Year ago +2

    have Americans only just found out about paella? hahaha

  • zandert33
    zandert33 Year ago +1


  • My Name Is Eric
    My Name Is Eric Year ago +1

    huh, first this heaven?

  • ManHeimAwesome
    ManHeimAwesome Year ago

    I feast first