HIMYM - Barney's Play

  • Published on Dec 23, 2017
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Comments • 70

  • halosammy14
    halosammy14 21 hour ago


  • Nabeel Perviz
    Nabeel Perviz Day ago

    I thought he'd strip his pants when he stood on that box

  • Dr Selin
    Dr Selin Day ago

    One of the barney's best scenes😂

  • GreyWind1988
    GreyWind1988 4 days ago

    Still better than lily's

  • Loki
    Loki 6 days ago +14

    The real question is how there were still people watching the play (other then the gang) after the first 40 mins

    • Muhammad Haiqal
      Muhammad Haiqal 2 days ago

      Because they were probably waiting for Barney! 😂

  • Arpit Srivastava
    Arpit Srivastava 11 days ago +1

    which season which ep is this. I do not remember and i wanna see it again

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson 20 days ago +2

    If feel like this would be funnier if there was one guy in the background who sees the Play as an Art House Masterpiece, and stays for the whole thing.

  • Zoe Fang
    Zoe Fang 27 days ago +1

    Omg when he played the flute I was dying. xDDDD I laughed non stop for live ten minutes.

  • Zoe Fang
    Zoe Fang 27 days ago +3

    Neil Patrick Harris played Dr Horrible as well. It's so easy for him to play Barney for that reason I guess xD

  • Rohit Unnithan
    Rohit Unnithan Month ago

    Which episode

  • Elmer Teves
    Elmer Teves 2 months ago +6

    I think a lot of us can relate to Marshall 0:58

    • Raymond Jiang
      Raymond Jiang 11 days ago +1

      Unless you're shy or socially anxious...

  • Juan
    Juan 2 months ago +34

    I couldn't stop laughing first time I saw he doing the robot and talking about feelings.
    The dude is just so crazy that he even created actual artistic content to use on a play he only pulled off to annoy his friend.

  • Ruben
    Ruben 2 months ago +2

    Marshall was pisssssssssssed

  • Vincent Morot
    Vincent Morot 3 months ago +1

    THE S L A P

  • Christian Sagem
    Christian Sagem 3 months ago +44

    1:09 - Barney predicted the plot of WALL.E

  • MsMilano
    MsMilano 3 months ago +15

    I've only just realised that it was Lily who "won" this argument after all

    • Alex Hutson
      Alex Hutson 5 days ago +1

      TimelordRock because they stayed and watched his show

    • TimelordRock
      TimelordRock 9 days ago

      MsMilano how

  • SpeedyEric1
    SpeedyEric1 4 months ago +1

    Only Terrence Malick can understand a play like this

  • Shantanu Mhaske
    Shantanu Mhaske 4 months ago +1

    He looks a lot like Geoffrey from GOT in the first 30 secs of the attire

  • Moonlight0810
    Moonlight0810 4 months ago +7

    How did those guys not laugh at this😂

  • The Black Sheep We Don't Associate With

    how desperate are these hipsters in the audience to listen to some nigga say moist for 40 minutes?

  • Kai Keeper
    Kai Keeper 5 months ago +1

    You cut out the part where Marshall slaps the shit outta Barney...

  • Raymond Jiang
    Raymond Jiang 5 months ago +81

    It’s quite funny when you realize that he did all that just to prove a point to Lily.

    YOUNG DICKENS 5 months ago +3

    So many gags and ideas take from friends 😃 good i love both

  • Suvashan Pillay
    Suvashan Pillay 5 months ago +17


  • Jan M
    Jan M 7 months ago +12

    You honestly didn't include Marshall slapping Barney?? WTF is wrong with you??? 😖

  • Victrola66
    Victrola66 7 months ago +33

    Sad, but this is considered talent nowadays and also very forward thinking😎

  • C'est Taylor
    C'est Taylor 7 months ago +15

    Lilly was right, you should support your friends even if their play was horrible and that wasn't an actual play so she doesn't have to say anything nice about it

    • Heresy
      Heresy 2 months ago +1

      Long Live RockNRoll No. Barney’s definitely right, giving friends constructive criticism is a lot more helpful then mindlessly saying its good just to make them happy. And this was still technically a play.

    • The Black Sheep We Don't Associate With
      The Black Sheep We Don't Associate With 4 months ago +1

      It's not considered a real play by her standards. The fact is she's just finding a way around instead

  • Matilda Muller
    Matilda Muller 7 months ago +2

    Is this secretly how Neil Patrick Harris's career started before Dougie Houser?

  • Paroxysm
    Paroxysm 7 months ago

    Hahahahaha lmao

  • Alessandro  Rossi
    Alessandro Rossi 8 months ago


  • Arthur Srs
    Arthur Srs 9 months ago +62

    M O I S T

  • Reagan Elizabeth
    Reagan Elizabeth 10 months ago +52

    Reminder that NPH is a TONY. AWARD. WINNER!!

  • LocalWeeb
    LocalWeeb 11 months ago +51

    Its soo bad its good

  • LocalWeeb
    LocalWeeb 11 months ago +3

    I just looked up moist and there it was

  • Anubhav Sahu
    Anubhav Sahu 11 months ago +27

    Should have added the context. It's meaningless without the story behind it

    • AK Wizard
      AK Wizard 12 days ago

      It’s far better without any context

    • RKingdom
      RKingdom 6 months ago +2

      He can't add the whole episode it would be taken down

    • Anubhav Sahu
      Anubhav Sahu 10 months ago

      I have watched it that's why i know the context is important

    • Nathan Wood
      Nathan Wood 10 months ago +9

      Should've watched the episode before watching this

  • LocalWeeb
    LocalWeeb Year ago +7

    He could hav d one a live show on ow to pickup chicks

  • Steven Foster
    Steven Foster Year ago +8


  • Oreocat
    Oreocat Year ago +46

    I love Barney, he's so funny

    • Kim Reithel
      Kim Reithel 10 months ago +3

      Me too he's always my favorite

  • Bade Aksoy
    Bade Aksoy Year ago +123

    Play’s name is Suck It Lily!

  • Ben Daniels
    Ben Daniels Year ago +68

    I have to go refill

  • dota leavers
    dota leavers Year ago

    where is the fckn slap... shit disappointed.

  • Tommy Phan
    Tommy Phan Year ago +6

    What episode is it?

    • chely adilla
      chely adilla Year ago +8

      Tommy Phan if I'm not mistaken, it's from S02E16 called Stuff

  • Johnnyy
    Johnnyy Year ago +110

    This is the best episode of the season not of the whole show

    • Cool70sfreak
      Cool70sfreak Year ago +36

      I dunno, Slap Bet and Swarley are pretty great too. Either way you look at it, Season 2 is one of the strongest in the entire show.

  • Jack Nguyen
    Jack Nguyen Year ago +361

    This video is very moist

  • Cats Rule
    Cats Rule Year ago +439

    You missed the part where Marshall slaps Barney

    • Syed Afzal
      Syed Afzal Year ago +6

      Wait ... Is it... I came for the slap..

    • How I Met Your Mother
      How I Met Your Mother  Year ago +24

      I was thinking of doing a slapbet compilation instead of one at a time :)
      Plus i can't upload videos too long, or they will get strike
      I'm surprised this one is still online