#56 An image of a Calla Lilly in 1500 pieces of candy.


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  • Greenbean Casserole
    Greenbean Casserole 11 days ago

    This one is so complex!!! I’m super impressed that your brain can figure this out.

  • HelloSunshine
    HelloSunshine Month ago

    I’d kinda like to see a batch that doesn’t work out. I’m curious to see how Greg troubleshoots!

  • lolo shepheard
    lolo shepheard Month ago

    i like listening to ya talk :O

  • pthelynese
    pthelynese Month ago

    So how much does a batch of candy like this for, say, a wedding cost?

  • smadronia
    smadronia Month ago

    I wish I'd know of you guys when I got married in 2015. I would have considered custom candy

  • Adam Pine
    Adam Pine Month ago

    you should make candy canes... with the image of a candy cane on the inside.

    no one would see it, you say? I beg to differ! I break off bits of the candy cane as i eat it, cause i don't like having to hold the thing or have it hanging from my mouth while I suck on it! It would make for an awesome surprise with candy canes! (it does kind of ruin the whole, stuffing the trim into the butt of the candy roll thing, but it would totally be worth it!)

  • Resurrect The Night
    Resurrect The Night Month ago +1

    I personally like longer videos. Gotta love the process

  • Faith Good
    Faith Good 2 months ago

    Very endearing and comforting guy!

  • David m Bates
    David m Bates 2 months ago

    Love this channel can watch Sweet's being made and get a history lesson the same time.. thanks Greg good video's👍👍👍

  • DeFran Lucas
    DeFran Lucas 2 months ago

    You should link your website in the description

  • Liam Williams
    Liam Williams 3 months ago

    I only just realised. Your image candy is just rock cut into bite size pieces... with more interesting designs.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  3 months ago

      Yup. I don't use cut rock as a term as it was slang in NYC for a particular drug.

  • Reyna Hergert
    Reyna Hergert 3 months ago

    Show a failed batch please

  • Jason Guarino
    Jason Guarino 3 months ago

    welp now I know what I'm ordering when I get married lol

  • Hammy Bean
    Hammy Bean 4 months ago

    May 13 is my birthday

  • Rouverius
    Rouverius 4 months ago

    As has been said Calla Lilly seems to have collected many meaning over the years: beauty, rebirth, holiness, faithful... Also, it's a great symbol for a wedding; since it also symbolizes the joy of marriage. But one of my favorites is its use at Easter to represent Jesus’ Resurrection; somehow tying all these meanings together.

  • Rammstein45
    Rammstein45 4 months ago

    The longer videos are the best!

  • Raphael Santos
    Raphael Santos 4 months ago

    Giant Banana s2

  • Jarrod Ramos
    Jarrod Ramos 4 months ago

    You are truly an artist

  • coolness mcswagger
    coolness mcswagger 4 months ago

    i think greg is secretly duke silver

  • Annabelle
    Annabelle 4 months ago

    You’re from Brooklyn!

  • Seth Hewett
    Seth Hewett 5 months ago

    Had no idea y'all were in Tallahassee

  • Parrotprototype L
    Parrotprototype L 6 months ago

    Is the store a franchise or is all of the candy made in this store?

  • Exploding zombie
    Exploding zombie 6 months ago

    Tide pods?

  • Philip Robertson
    Philip Robertson 6 months ago

    Have you been to the ohr O'Keefe museum in Biloxi?

  • David Barty
    David Barty 6 months ago

    People say Morgan Freeman is the best narrator but if my lifestory is read out loud, I would prefer if you would do it!!

  • Laura’s Life journey
    Laura’s Life journey 7 months ago

    I would love to know about how much 1500 pieces would be 😍

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  7 months ago

      Contact us through www.pd.net using the contact us button for a quote. It depends on design and quantity.

  • knm_plans
    knm_plans 8 months ago

    @loftypursuits Have you ever considered practicing with clay when youre attempting a complicated design? It would be smaller obviously, but this design within a cane is not new nor limited to candy making. Polymer clay is a popular medium for this technique so there’s lots of videos and inspiration out there!

    • knm_plans
      knm_plans 7 months ago

      Oh I understand there are drastic differences in regards to overall stability! Obviously clay won't go flat on you as you work on it (unless you're someplace crazy hot!). But my comment was more in suggestion to just playing with the shapes so you can decide what you think looks best. With something like clay it's easier as you can really sit with it and think, you're not forced to work on the fly and hope the vision in your head comes to fruition. You can kind of get an idea for how many petals to aim for, how many colors could be included before it's too busy, etc. It's like med students practicing on dummies before they're set loose on patients! It's never the same but the dry run still helps, lol.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  7 months ago +1

      Clay is very different. This is a non-Newtonian fluid. It really does not translate what you can do.

  • Elvas elab poise Kellel on 1 subscriber Box

    Make mona lisa

  • daneulaz
    daneulaz 8 months ago

    Looks like an eggplant ahaha

  • Elemeno P.
    Elemeno P. 9 months ago

    Funny, these look like what they redesigned the Tide Pods to look like

  • cloudy king studios
    cloudy king studios 9 months ago

    You remind me of my favorite TVclipr oxhorn

  • Foster's stubby ASMR
    Foster's stubby ASMR 9 months ago +1

    I wanna eat it while it's Malleable

  • Garrett Monie
    Garrett Monie 9 months ago

    Have you ever made image candy canes?

    I'M PICKLE RICK ! 9 months ago

    I love the longer videos especially with great narration

  • ZALAZUNISH thanksgivingbeast

    Where did the yellow go?

  • Cool Lights Productions

    Im a blacksmith museum in pa i would love to make a candy hook for u

  • Gone Forever
    Gone Forever 9 months ago

    Nice eggplant candy

  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets 10 months ago

    What song is he playing in the video

  • THN Hammerman
    THN Hammerman 11 months ago +1

    2000 likes and only 14 dislikes. I think the longer videos have spoken :)

    MM RIDRAZ Year ago


  • closegt
    closegt Year ago


  • briah kay
    briah kay Year ago

    he reminds me of gary gergich and thats why i love him

  • Jason McLaughlin
    Jason McLaughlin Year ago

    I really enjoyed the longer video. I made my first order last week on your web site. I can't wait to taste your handiwork. Keep up the great work!

  • Steve Skouson
    Steve Skouson Year ago

    Greg, please make longer videos.
    Yes, your voice it quite soothing, but
    I just enjoy your creativity.

  • Samantha Evans
    Samantha Evans Year ago

    I wish you would make a poinsettia flower candy for christmas

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +Samantha Evans perhaps next year. It's been part of the assortment in the past.

  • Tim Kats
    Tim Kats Year ago

    The art in the candy you make is stunning, but I will admit I thought it was an eggplant originally. ; ]

  • MikeOnTheBox
    MikeOnTheBox Year ago

    Ahhh so it does happens that sometimes they don't come out as expected :P
    Really nice candy. Love the colors.

  • MikeOnTheBox
    MikeOnTheBox Year ago

    Actually I like the long videos :D

  • Stine Smith
    Stine Smith Year ago

    ITS to bad that the yellow didnt realy show :(

  • Swanky Pants
    Swanky Pants Year ago

    What song is this??

  • mash4092
    mash4092 Year ago

    Great video! I love your channel
    I've been wondering what is the version of the song "You rascal you" you're using in your videos? I couldn't find it any where!!

  • sugallama
    sugallama Year ago +1

    finally got my order after your normal delays + hurricane irma, DAMN that's good candy

  • desposyy
    desposyy Year ago +22

    No one's ever offered me a giant fiberglass banana...

    • Frosted_ JellyBeans
      Frosted_ JellyBeans Month ago +1

      I would but like...I don't have a giant fiberglsss banana myself

  • Motor rider
    Motor rider Year ago +24

    Who remembers thos strawberry candies that our grandparents always had but now I can't find

  • natedotjpeg
    natedotjpeg Year ago

    why do you mix some of the darker colors with white instead of just pulling them to make them a lighter color?

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +iWasntRuddy pulling would make them only so light

  • Chezz Chezz
    Chezz Chezz Year ago +7

    Are you able to do a full video of your making the candy from start to finish, no cuts.

  • Beko Efecik
    Beko Efecik Year ago

    bu şeker karışımı temeli indengretes:glukos, sugar and water ???

  • RettTV
    RettTV Year ago +2


  • shhhhyeahright
    shhhhyeahright Year ago

    You're getting much better at the music/narration volume balance - not too loud, not too soft. 👍🏻 much less distracting from the actual candy-making.
    Also LOVE the "mapping" shown for the designs as you work that you've been adding!

    • shhhhyeahright
      shhhhyeahright Year ago

      Lofty Pursuits Ah, mobile life. 😄

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago +1

      +shhhhyeahright Thank you. The audio issue us apparently I have much better speakers than most people have on their computer and everyone has on their cellphone. I now mix with a $3 pair of earbuds from Walgreens.

  • Trind
    Trind Year ago +2

    this channel makes the most satisfying video in the world a joke!
    like if you agree

  • Diego Luna
    Diego Luna Year ago

    He looks like Kevin from the office

  • Divinitalius Gaming
    Divinitalius Gaming Year ago +1

    I think it looks more like an eggplant

  • X6P
    X6P Year ago


  • X6P
    X6P Year ago

    I thought it was an eggplant XD

    DANIMATIONS Year ago

    your videos are absolutely GREAT i watch them everyday before bed i hope you can make more!!

  • Wut
    Wut Year ago

    I absolutely love your videos, mostly because of your enthusiasm for the art of candy making and putting smiles on people's faces. I also enjoy the fact that you care about history so much.

  • Jared R
    Jared R Year ago

    You have mastered repetition, an important part of life

    • Jared R
      Jared R Year ago

      lol I see

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago +1

      +Jared R I learned how to do it with this one secret trick ...

    • Jared R
      Jared R Year ago

      Any tips on how you do it?

    • Jared R
      Jared R Year ago

      hahaha :) thanks for replying, i like your videos a lot!!

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago +1

      +Jared R I am told that again and again ...

  • Finn Collier
    Finn Collier Year ago +1

    Easily the most wholesome man on youtube.

  • chicken fajita
    chicken fajita Year ago

    i swear one night i checked the sub count and is 188k, when i woke up at around noon it was 193k

  • Halsey Lynn
    Halsey Lynn Year ago

    You seem so passionate and kind and fun to talk to. You remind me a bit of Chef Gusteau from Ratatouille. I really enjoy your views, they are very cool and relaxing. Thanks for making them!

  • Julia Anjos
    Julia Anjos Year ago

    I wish I lived near your store ;-; I live in Brasil and I don't tink we even make hard candy here 😭 (also, sorry for my spelling)

  • Roblox Creater
    Roblox Creater Year ago

    I wished I lived in Tallahassee 😭😭😭😭 I live in England you see and to be honest we aren't very creative with our sweets

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +Roblox Creater There are some good candy makers in Blackpool I hear.

  • BluePup
    BluePup Year ago

    When you do it, it looks so easy. How do you do this ?? Magic??

  • Wake Archus
    Wake Archus Year ago

    could you do more videos like the pokeball one where it is music and candy with little narration

  • Isaac Myers
    Isaac Myers Year ago

    What song is that when you're pulling the candy out of the cooling table?

  • ToLazyGaming
    ToLazyGaming Year ago

    how sharp are those handled knife things? the candies look really glasses and they cut through with ease

  • Christine Hensley

    don't change a thing love the longer videos love all the info too

  • Kathy Bennett
    Kathy Bennett Year ago

    Did mgk steal his lyrics from the first song in the background???

  • Abbigail
    Abbigail Year ago

    anyone else hear a song in the background that kinda sounded like MGK and Camila Cabello's "Bad Things" ??

    • Madeline Armstrong
      Madeline Armstrong Year ago

      My life is emo crack Yep. That's actually a cover of Fastball's "Out of My Head" by Lofty Pursuits' old in house band. MGK and Camila Cabello, uh, sampled the chorus. Fastball's singer endorsed "Bad Things" funnily enough.

  • good2beborn007
    good2beborn007 Year ago

    That is amazing!! You have a real talent!

  • Carlie Johnson
    Carlie Johnson Year ago

    Am I the only one who watches his videos to sleep?

  • Aimee Rose
    Aimee Rose Year ago

    im hooked!!! love your videos!!!

  • khakiwakilala
    khakiwakilala Year ago

    It's insane to me that you could do all that in just 40 mins 😮

  • Dee Generate
    Dee Generate Year ago +3

    Who else thought it was an eggplant? 🍆

  • Lori Marquez
    Lori Marquez Year ago

    i have been watching your videos the last few days, I'm a new viewer. And i love love love the long videos. Its so relaxing watching you create such beautiful candy and your voice is so calming. Please never stop making your videos. i can't wait to order some candy!!

  • Shaw Hennessey
    Shaw Hennessey Year ago

    I want a giant fiberglass banana.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago +1

      "Well, I'll ask him, but I don't think he will be very keen. Uh, he's already got one, you see." said in a bad french accent.

  • Mermaid Ravenna
    Mermaid Ravenna Year ago

    Love the candy videos. You have a very soothing voice, and the music is amazing...just one thing about this one...flowers have pistILS not pisTONS..lol...

  • Cee Cee
    Cee Cee Year ago

    Greg, you have such a pleasant speaking voice! I love your voice over on these videos, as well as your explanations, anecdote, stories and occasional poetry! oh, and your candies are absolutely breathtaking! beautiful edible art! keep up the nice work! you've got a fan in New York!

    • Cee Cee
      Cee Cee Year ago


  • Archer Bennington

    Someday, maybe next summer, I'm gonna drive up all the way from Mississippi to see you guys!

  • Steeltown Mermaids

    When you went to the candy hook i saw the banana first , and i honestly thought for a second you were going to pull the candy on it!

  • Michael Garofalo
    Michael Garofalo Year ago

    I find myself watching these videos over and over and over again it's just relaxing. The only thing I'm missing is the candy itself I seem to have run out I need to buy more. I was wondering Greg if you've ever tried to put a face in the candy ? On various videos and on the website there is a portrait of you near the cooling table and I was just curious if it's possible to put your portrait in the candy 🍭

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago +1

      +Mike Garofalo I've wondered that myself. I think I could put a caricature in candy but I'm not sure how good it would be. I thought I could do more of an impressionist piece but it would take a little planning no make that a lot of planning

  • Christi Caballero

    Hi guys love your videos! just an FYI in case you werent aware if you take a hammer and hit the end of the hook a few times and then right before you remove the pulled candy, there wont be any left stuck on the hook when you remove it.

    • Christi Caballero
      Christi Caballero Year ago

      understandable. thanks for replying. i watch your videos alot and one day I am going to have to come watch you make it. Im in NC so it wouldnt be too far of a drive. do yow have a scheduled day that you make batches?

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago +1

      You did not, but I get this suggestion once a week and I find frustrating that this happens. I've gotten a few good suggestions from fans over the years, like the rolling pin I now use, but the assumption that I don't look at candy videos too surprises me.

    • Christi Caballero
      Christi Caballero Year ago

      Ok, thats interesting. I just saw it and thought it may help. Sorry if i offended you that was not my intention. I love your videos, they're very interesting and sort of calming for me.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +Christi Caballero And then you integrate into the can these bits that can cause crystallization of your whole batch of candy. You save about a dime's worth of candy to create an inferior candy that will have a shorter shelf life. Why would I want to do this? The real reason they do this is their hook is attached to the wall and can't come off. They have no way to clean it. Out hook comes off the wall we put it in a pot of boiling water which cleans it and sanitize is it. They have no good way to sanitize their hook. I keep on wondering why people wanted me to copy a less sanitary technique that will also lead to producing some interior candy. All for saving a half dozen pieces of candy.

  • Joey Cheri
    Joey Cheri Year ago

    Not to correct too much but its a pistil not a piston

  • Nicole Powers
    Nicole Powers Year ago

    Can you do a Yoshi?

    • Nicole Powers
      Nicole Powers Year ago

      And if I wanted to order how much would I have to buy? What would be the total cost I live in Washington state.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago +2

      +Nicole Powers This is like existential guitar. Yes, I think I can do a Yoshi.

  • oddbird
    oddbird Year ago

    Have you ever considered selling your castoffs? Do you sell them? Rolling any extra blobs into a messy tube and chipping that into a discount bin of random-looking and tasting candies, or selling the giant fist-sized lump that you pull off to start rolling the tubes, either whole or in chunks?

  • redneckbarbie2061

    are there any coupon codes for ordering candy?? i am placing my first Lofty Pursuits order today!!

  • Roger That
    Roger That Year ago +1

    "Pistil", not piston.

  • Aaron J M Miles
    Aaron J M Miles Year ago

    Aaaaaaaand there's a giant banana 😂😂

  • Ike_of_the_Greil_Mercenaries

    I dig the longer video. Keep it up!!!

  • Amber Coons-Lopez
    Amber Coons-Lopez Year ago +1

    I love learning so much from you.... more than candy. Thank you.