Jacques Pépin Makes a Mushroom Fish

  • Published on Feb 19, 2016
  • Forget just slicing mushrooms. Chef Jacques Pépin carves a fish out of them.
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    Jacques Pépin Makes a Mushroom Fish

Comments • 159

  • 12345fowler
    12345fowler 11 days ago

    A MA Z I N G

  • John Daker
    John Daker Month ago

    I want to hug him so badly

  • AC Ponce
    AC Ponce Month ago

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that he stuck the pointy end of the knife right at his stomach ( 1:53 )?

    • simont1
      simont1 Month ago

      that's not a very sharp knife, and it costs $3 new.

  • Turtlewizard420
    Turtlewizard420 Month ago

    Sculpting....not cooking

  • wendy mower
    wendy mower Month ago

    Deja vu-culinary school knife skills class...

  • Clauds Fake
    Clauds Fake Month ago

    not gonna lie that filleted mushroom is absolutely gorgeous

  • daRa
    daRa Month ago +2

    Give him a Michelin star for the love god did you see the fish he made in a mushroom should I say more? Give him the star

  • SSShino
    SSShino Month ago


  • fghfhg1212121
    fghfhg1212121 Month ago

    Jacques pépin non mais c'est quoi ce nom de merde ?! 😂😂😂

  • jonerleevee
    jonerleevee Month ago

    really want this song, anyone know what it is?

  • Glorious Content
    Glorious Content Month ago

    I would do mushrooms with him; It might make me open myh mind about the french.

  • Zukovec
    Zukovec Month ago

    I'll show you , but it's useless. Haha

  • El Presidenté
    El Presidenté Month ago +1

    First time I learned something descent on bon appétit

  • Skintel N.Keychain
    Skintel N.Keychain Month ago


  • Ryan Cacatian
    Ryan Cacatian Month ago +2

    I think the BA test kitchen needs to invite Jacque Pépin as a regular. Or at least for the French cooking

  • GeeCee
    GeeCee Month ago

    Looks like mini siopao!

  • GeeCee
    GeeCee Month ago

    That's. One sharp paring knife...

    • Edmond Dantès
      Edmond Dantès Month ago

      It's not a paring knife, it's an X-acto knife. And yes, they are incredibly sharp.

  • GeeCee
    GeeCee Month ago

    Makes a what?

    TONY YANG Month ago +2

    This man showed me how to debone poultry in four cuts. He is a legend

    • This Is It
      This Is It Month ago

      YEAH MAN thinking about it it was so intimidating but he showed the way to do it only with hands it was so fun to do

  • Paul Wagner
    Paul Wagner Month ago

    They ask some of these modern people what cookbooks they should have and they mention all these new people, the first name I have is Pepin's complete techniques

  • Sayed
    Sayed Month ago

    i dont know what i was supposed to learn

  • Brigitta Gloria
    Brigitta Gloria Month ago +4

    *Made a mess of my homework*
    *Press a star in the middle*

  • Nope No
    Nope No Month ago

    Totally uesless I was going to say that to

  • Miranda Ibarlucea
    Miranda Ibarlucea Month ago

    This is so pleasant...

  • Aldo Lopez
    Aldo Lopez 2 months ago


  • lepidoptery
    lepidoptery 2 months ago

    You can also use the mushroom fish as a stamp, I guess? Though I'd rather waste a potato on that.

  • Punch Toy
    Punch Toy 2 months ago

    very underrated video

  • Davide
    Davide 2 months ago

    And everyone shut up

  • MrHysterMan
    MrHysterMan 2 months ago +89

    "Put a star in the center to hide the mess that you did..." Jacques the best. Too funny.

  • Pedro Ovin
    Pedro Ovin 2 months ago +1

    Great chef. Absolutely useless tip.

  • plekkchand
    plekkchand 2 months ago +1

    Give a mushroom a fish and you feed it for a day. Teach it to fish, and you feed it for a lifetime.

    • Isaac Khan
      Isaac Khan 2 months ago

      plekkchand I do not recommend reading this sentence whilst high

  • Droog II
    Droog II 2 months ago

    Jacques is an amazing teacher.

  • Al Harrison
    Al Harrison 2 months ago +34

    He’s too good. I literally watched him mince an onion including cutting sideways while looking at someone else and having a conversation

  • Shredder s
    Shredder s 2 months ago

    What did I just watch...

  • Banzai431
    Banzai431 2 months ago

    His skill is intimidating!

  • Joe Collier
    Joe Collier 2 months ago +1

    He makes it look soooooooo easy!

  • Samuel Langweil
    Samuel Langweil 2 months ago +13

    "Kids, stop playing with your food, it's not polite"
    Not according to Jacques Pepin.

  • MopsyDaisy
    MopsyDaisy 2 months ago +1

    I know more ways of doing mushrooms

  • Teddington Bear
    Teddington Bear 3 months ago

    But how does the mushroom hold the rod?

  • Kevin Talbot
    Kevin Talbot 3 months ago +2

    I love his honesty, not only in his words but his mannerisms too.

  • Kenny Roberts
    Kenny Roberts 5 months ago

    He is why I became a chef

  • Alfrion
    Alfrion 6 months ago +1

    France had Paul Bocuse and United States has M. Pépin ! (Also french)

  • Gaming klawx1000 Dreadklaw

    Was high on shrooms and searched for mushrooms in fis

  • Leo Joey
    Leo Joey 11 months ago

    he looks like he could be acting in a remake of the notebook but make me cry like 6000 times as much as I did for Chris .... Chris whatever his last name is. not the Hemsworth one the other one.

  • Leo Joey
    Leo Joey 11 months ago

    omfg this guy is amazing why have I never seen this before

  • My Thoughts
    My Thoughts Year ago

    I guess his mother didn't teach him not to play with his food.

  • Bcat BB
    Bcat BB Year ago +2

    Did not understand a thing he said but my god, he is legendary.
    I would toss the entire Bon Appetit crew out just for him

    • Joe Ran
      Joe Ran Year ago +2

      lmao Bon appetit is a joke compared to this man.

  • Kaelynn Chen
    Kaelynn Chen Year ago

    i thought it was a garlic from the thumbnail

  • Antonio tod
    Antonio tod Year ago

    Thats wasting food...

  • Eddie Gooden
    Eddie Gooden Year ago +2

    Calms me down. Every time.

  • r06ramanat
    r06ramanat Year ago


  • Flor Martha S.Ferreira

    Sensational! Thank you for teaching us. Please, Mr Pepin, make a video on how to build a menu. What combines with what. With your daughter, you made wonderful menus. But they seem to come from your experience. Could not you give us some references on how to build a 3-course lunch and then a whole menu? Thank you very much. If you can, please talk more about meat. Here in Brazil, we eat a lot of meat. I've seen Julia Child's video about steak and it's sensational. With champignon and wine. Would you do the same way the beef? Thank you very much for everything you teach us, I appreciate it very much and send a kiss to your beautiful daughter and granddaughter. It's always a pleasure to watch videos of you cooking together.

  • Adam Zillin
    Adam Zillin Year ago +2

    I tried this and ended up cutting my finger off.

  • sesdf
    sesdf Year ago

    thought this said mushroom fetish and im disappointed

  • pSmall360
    pSmall360 Year ago +1

    Yes, you're right. Totally useless.

  • Chuck Baldwin
    Chuck Baldwin Year ago

    Kneeling before a legend...

    • Chuck Baldwin
      Chuck Baldwin Year ago +1

      I love how the kitchen gave him his own podium...respect.

  • 天楽
    天楽 Year ago

    crafty and craftmanship

  • Michael Meehan
    Michael Meehan Year ago

    This guy is a legend

  • Paul Rabe
    Paul Rabe Year ago

    If you leave the fish connected to the mushroom you just made yourself a sick mushroom stamp. A literal mushroom stamp

  • Tom Woodruff
    Tom Woodruff Year ago

    What the hell? I give up, I could never be one tenth this good.