Mandla & Brightyn's Cha Cha - DWTS Juniors


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  • Jasmine Elias
    Jasmine Elias 11 days ago

    The face at 0:09 to 0:10. Make me laugh. (Edit next to Cody)

  • Mia Vasco
    Mia Vasco 11 days ago

    i honestly loved this dance

  • Strawberry Dancing
    Strawberry Dancing 17 days ago

    mute the video and pause it at 0:07 then go on bad romance and start from "I want your ugly" and keep going until the end. its a pretty weird match.

  • Donutfan 291
    Donutfan 291 27 days ago +1

    I know they are capable of so much more but I Love this dance! Brigthyn is sooo good at this and looks good doing it! and Mandla is really improving!

  • Kween K'la
    Kween K'la 28 days ago +1

    My fave dance they done

  • Quineshia Stallings
    Quineshia Stallings Month ago +1

    Mandla and Brightyon's Cha Cha was fantastic and I love their outfits they look so Fabulous way to go Mandla and Brightyon I am so proud of you. 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

  • Alaijah Sj
    Alaijah Sj Month ago

    They are so good together

  • Marissa sings
    Marissa sings Month ago +2


  • Liah Diaz
    Liah Diaz Month ago


  • Liah Diaz
    Liah Diaz Month ago

    Every time I watch this i feel like dancing and I wish I could be on this

  • Madelynne Nelson
    Madelynne Nelson Month ago

    You get yes are so funny. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • issythekitty13
    issythekitty13 Month ago

    Imagine this pair got whitney or lindsay as a mentor. They have so much potential.

  • Madelynne Nelson
    Madelynne Nelson Month ago +2

    I think you guys disservers this song. This song is so funny😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Super Sophie
    Super Sophie Month ago

    Love their facial expressions! Score-8

  • Latara McQueen
    Latara McQueen Month ago


  • Sophia Katechis
    Sophia Katechis 2 months ago

    This is my favorite dance so far.


    There really good but Cheryl is stopping them because they can do so much tricks and more skills

  • Maureen Murphy
    Maureen Murphy 2 months ago

    There's something about the provocativeness of the dancing that doesn't feel right to me. Maybe I'm old fashioned but there's too much sensualness for kids this young.

  • SydtheGymnast 2004
    SydtheGymnast 2004 2 months ago +4

    Frankie’s Cha Cha to Perm: Comment
    Mandla’s Cha Cha to Perm: Like

  • Oke Micco
    Oke Micco 2 months ago

    Nasty people 🤮

  • bitoya Bonilla
    bitoya Bonilla 2 months ago

    I love how they do better every time

  • Haley Faragalli
    Haley Faragalli 2 months ago +1


  • Alex Williford
    Alex Williford 2 months ago

    I enjoyed Mandla and Brightyn's cha cha to Bruno Mars' Perm. It was as good as Frankie and Witney's they should get a 10 from Frankie for that routine

  • SophieSophs
    SophieSophs 2 months ago +5

    It makes me so sad his dad can’t see these wonderful performances his son does 😢😢. I think of that every time I watch. I know he is super proud of him and can feel the energy in the room from the crowd which tells him how good his son is doing, but I wish he could see his son dance ❤️

  • Joyce Lockett
    Joyce Lockett 2 months ago

    Excellent dancers but Weak, weak choreography!

  • Rory Murphy
    Rory Murphy 2 months ago

    What was the theme this week??

    • Emma Buccellato
      Emma Buccellato Month ago

      Rory Murphy juniors choice

    • morgan clark
      morgan clark 2 months ago

      Rory Murphy it was mandla’s choice for them to pick a song to dance to

  • Tiffanye Young
    Tiffanye Young 2 months ago

    Love this show and cute routine!

  • James M. Cobbin
    James M. Cobbin 2 months ago


  • allaboutsunshines
    allaboutsunshines 2 months ago +2

    Cheryl is so lucky that Stevie Wonder doesn't get to see the shitty choreography she is doing for his son!

  • Paulina Jiménez
    Paulina Jiménez 2 months ago +3

    Love the way Bri moves her hips ✌🏻😍

  • tyler douglas
    tyler douglas 2 months ago

    They’re so good but always get the worst choreography

  • Chiara Maturana Valencia

    She Is so thin, that top dont look good in her body

  • ThermalViolet
    ThermalViolet 2 months ago

    Where's the dancing and cha cha :(

  • Leni Link
    Leni Link 2 months ago +1

    For me the most entertaining dance of the night!
    There was some with slightly better technique and a lot more content but no other performance was that sassy, energetic and fun to watch (in my eyes)

  • Latifah Severight
    Latifah Severight 2 months ago

    Anyone know who got eliminated? Lol

    • Andy Chen
      Andy Chen 2 months ago

      Team Emma: Jason and Elliana

  • Sarah Touchard
    Sarah Touchard 2 months ago +1

    That was still amazing but wasn't their best of all

  • Stephanie Liew
    Stephanie Liew 2 months ago +1

    definitely could've given them more challenging choreography I think Mandla can handle it

  • Marisa Tamayo
    Marisa Tamayo 2 months ago +2


  • Amy Chambers
    Amy Chambers 2 months ago +2

    Wow. Her abs though. Love seeing strong girls. Strong is beautiful!

  • Aisling Kelly
    Aisling Kelly 2 months ago +220

    Brighton is so pretty and talented

  • Emma 54
    Emma 54 2 months ago +4

    Even if I didn't see a lot of cha-cha content, I really loved the choreo! Finally something creative and original and not the usual steps... I love this new way of mixing Latin-ballroom and a kind of"freestyle"

  • Princess Rui
    Princess Rui 2 months ago +4

    Mandla is amazing! He just needs to work with his facial expressions more and he'd be perfect.

  • Miss Amanda's world
    Miss Amanda's world 2 months ago +4

    He can give us more. I wasn't feeling the theme. Judges where does saying hitting the mark is amazing it's not. I think little over scored because he can be better.

  • roter13
    roter13 2 months ago +8

    Let's be honest, Cheryl has never been a strong choreographer.

    • Smiley L
      Smiley L Month ago +1

      Cheryl's a lazy ass.

  • K. Lee
    K. Lee 2 months ago +7

    *at **0:18** you could see brightyn’s ribs 😬*

  • danceballetacro
    danceballetacro 2 months ago

    it was alright. the guy is really low energy

  • B F
    B F 2 months ago +67

    How has Cheryl gotten this lack of content critique every single week and yet we still see this. I don't understand.

  • BananaaBoom
    BananaaBoom 2 months ago

    DID THATTT this is my favorite week for everyone

  • Sway Kid
    Sway Kid 2 months ago

    Snatch my nigga

  • Biscuit Soup
    Biscuit Soup 2 months ago +50

    It was very good. I love Mandla. But wtf is up with Cheryl and this choreography?

    • S G
      S G 2 months ago +1

      +Patrice Willams This was recorded int he summer before this season of dwts

    • Patrice Willams
      Patrice Willams 2 months ago

      Maybe she isbso focused on juan pablo

  • wickedfedora
    wickedfedora 2 months ago +56

    Cheryl's choreography is so bad, she needs a choreographer to tell Cheryl what to choreograph for Mandla and Brightyn.

  • muhammed nasir
    muhammed nasir 2 months ago

    Not anny bareir

  • Grace Marie
    Grace Marie 2 months ago +6

    This was 100% underscored

    • Smiley L
      Smiley L Month ago

      No it wasn't.
      It is bad choreo.

  • Jacob Lor
    Jacob Lor 2 months ago +1

    yay finally a good number since week 1

  • Mrslove4 P
    Mrslove4 P 2 months ago

    So good

  • Jessica Malk
    Jessica Malk 2 months ago +91

    Cmon Cheryl! Challenges these kids they can handle it.
    ...too bad this was all pre-recorded

  • editing by caitlin
    editing by caitlin 2 months ago +5

    there was a bit more of an even amount of dancing between these two this time, and not as focused on brightyn, but still a bit disappointing. Obviously this wasn’t the worst dance of the night, but where was the content? It seemed like more of a jazz. How weird, they underscore them when they do amazing, and overscore them when their dance is mediocre. They had such a perfect performance last time, but this one didn’t wow me. They did good with what they were given though. In my opinion, it deserves an 8.

  • Miss Shay
    Miss Shay 2 months ago +181

    Wish Whitney & Cheryl switched teams because Cheryl has been slacking. They have so much potential. Such ashame it's wasted. Their best performance was week 1.

  • DWTS Observer
    DWTS Observer 2 months ago +35

    Hmm. Better in content from previous weeks, but STILL not enough. He was a little bow-legged, as well. He has good showmanship, but he wasn’t amazing at the technique here. Near the end he performed something that resembled a Cuban break, but it was just very... steppy. Not very good at ALL. I’m not sure what happened. It could have been really good if it was more focused on technique, and he really HONED IN on it. Not the worst of the night, but also not very good. 8.

  • Dance Piano
    Dance Piano 2 months ago +424

    I really like this team and partnership, but Cheryl really needs to step up with the choreography and add more content that is fitting to the dance style,

    • laura schneider
      laura schneider 2 months ago +19

      my thoughts exactly. imo they’re one of the best pairs but cheryl’s choreography has been a little subpar, to put it lightly.

    • Miss Amanda's world
      Miss Amanda's world 2 months ago +8


    • Pam Rod
      Pam Rod 2 months ago +24

      Right? It's like she doesn't even bother

  • cool beans
    cool beans 2 months ago

    Who's the winnee

  • Yassess Leves
    Yassess Leves 2 months ago +2

    Frankie & Witney Did Dance to Perm on DWTS Season 25.

  • Jessica Carter
    Jessica Carter 2 months ago

    Love the routine!!!! They did a very difficult dance and did a great job.

  • Taylor
    Taylor 2 months ago +21

    Who else remembers when Frankie and Whitney did cha cha to this song.

    • vinh le
      vinh le 2 months ago +1

      Taylor Lynn Me.

  • RohanTheSkinny
    RohanTheSkinny 2 months ago +1

    Who went home ?

  • Thao Le
    Thao Le 2 months ago +1

    That’s the song Frankie dance to during Week 2 Part 2 of DWTS Season 25.

  • Irrelevant Person
    Irrelevant Person 2 months ago

    This dance

  • eries77
    eries77 2 months ago +100

    He’s improving so much. I’m ready for him to do something incredible and mind blowing by the end of it.

  • caterina lanfranconi
    caterina lanfranconi 2 months ago +259

    Love them together and I think he has so much potential that’s just ... not being showcased bc of the choreo every week

    • Pam Rod
      Pam Rod 2 months ago +5

      This choreo is way too weak. Cheryl is being really lazy

    • Coreen Evans
      Coreen Evans 2 months ago

      caterina lanfranconi same with Rylee, girls out dancing their stars. This is to advance them too I guess

    • Esc 122
      Esc 122 2 months ago +2

      caterina lanfranconi yessssss exactly

  • Sarah GFortin
    Sarah GFortin 2 months ago +3

    He’s the weakest one and yet he gets to stay another week?? Like seriously is the audience blind???

    • Thao Le
      Thao Le Month ago

      Miss Amanda's world No, Akash is going home on Week 6, Mandla going home on Week 7. No elimination going on and the winner is revealed.

    • allaboutsunshines
      allaboutsunshines 2 months ago +1


    • Kae Earl
      Kae Earl 2 months ago

      Ellen Yue don't spoil please

    • Ellen Yue
      Ellen Yue 2 months ago

      Miss Amanda's world I’m pretty sure akash is going home next week, then it’s Mandla. Pretty sure sky won the season

    • Sula Green
      Sula Green 2 months ago

      +Miss Amanda's world I hope not. Akash should be gone before him. It wouldn't be fair. Mandla is so much better than Akash.

  • Rachel Faivish
    Rachel Faivish 2 months ago +3

    They are so good

  • Brendan P
    Brendan P 2 months ago

    Another great performance from these two. Great costumes, and great content! I thought their movement was excellent. 9/10

  • Lee Cox
    Lee Cox 2 months ago +39

    Nice routine, but it needed a LOT more Cha-Cha content, and Mandla needed a LOT more hip action for what little content there was. Those judges' scores are extremely generous, in my opinion. I wouldn't have given it more than a 7.

    • Ellen Yue
      Ellen Yue 2 months ago

      Miss Amanda's world AGREED

    • Miss Amanda's world
      Miss Amanda's world 2 months ago +2

      If there is S2 of dwts juniors they need to not let Cheryl and Emma be mentors. And replace Adam with more qualified judge

    • Ellen Yue
      Ellen Yue 2 months ago +1

      Lee Cox and I agree.....

    • Lee Cox
      Lee Cox 2 months ago +1

      +Ellen Yue We know that, Ellen Yue and Nichole M. If you notice, we're limiting our criticism to Cheryl and Cheryl only. She's the one who's really been underperforming, and we just don't get why she's pretty much phoning it in both here and on the adult DWTS this season.

    • Tara Mc
      Tara Mc 2 months ago

      +Lee Cox Yup completely agree

  • Jose Gregorio Medrano
    Jose Gregorio Medrano 2 months ago +3

    Ella se roba el show

  • KenyaJade
    KenyaJade 2 months ago

    This was really good one of my faves from the night

  • Zach Herron lover #1
    Zach Herron lover #1 2 months ago

    Who’s your vote? Mine is team Brandon(Artyon&Arianna)

  • Talitha Taruvona
    Talitha Taruvona 2 months ago +1

    @0:38 Were Those Abs I Saw👀

  • Von & Bri
    Von & Bri 2 months ago

    Good dance but not my favorite couple

  • Ellen Yue
    Ellen Yue 2 months ago +1


  • Ella Acting
    Ella Acting 2 months ago

    Just watched it live

  • Lilianna Lam
    Lilianna Lam 2 months ago

    So good!!!!!!!😊❤️😂

  • Windelyn Wilson
    Windelyn Wilson 2 months ago

    They are my favorite

  • Marla Hernandez
    Marla Hernandez 2 months ago +48

    Who remembers there mentor from dance moms?

    • Angelle Breton
      Angelle Breton 22 days ago

      Marla Hernandez me

    • Melissa Conly
      Melissa Conly 28 days ago


    • Ordinary Girl
      Ordinary Girl 2 months ago +1

      Kaitlyn Langreck ikr but I didn’t like laurieanne tho kinda a bitch

    • Becca Bender
      Becca Bender 2 months ago


    • Kaitlyn Langreck
      Kaitlyn Langreck 2 months ago +3

      Cheryl was the only one, aside from Laurieanne, who didn’t put up with the moms’ constant screaming

  • Crazy_CaveSpider C
    Crazy_CaveSpider C 2 months ago +5

    8-9-8 was the scores

  • Marla Hernandez
    Marla Hernandez 2 months ago +234

    There scores: 8, 9, and 8 (you’re welcome)

    • Luciana Soto
      Luciana Soto 2 months ago

      You put the scores in all videos

    • Becca Bender
      Becca Bender 2 months ago

      +Lara1221 THANK YOU

    • Lara1221
      Lara1221 2 months ago +6

      If you’re going to do this on every single video, please spell “you’re” correctly

    • Tylia13
      Tylia13 2 months ago


    • Kaylandra Baltasar
      Kaylandra Baltasar 2 months ago +1


  • rosie mad
    rosie mad 2 months ago

    I sooo wish I could dance as good as them, but I can't😔

  • Briar Noelle
    Briar Noelle 2 months ago +362

    Who else loves watching dancing with the stars junior ?

    • J. Chips
      J. Chips Month ago +1

      I love Dancing With The Stars, both versions!

    • Karen jones
      Karen jones 2 months ago +2

      I love it too

    • Human Na’vi
      Human Na’vi 2 months ago +2

      I do!!!!!!!

    • Elena Molli
      Elena Molli 2 months ago +5

      Briar’s ABC’s I just love watching Brightyn...😍 such a bless

    • Jessica Carter
      Jessica Carter 2 months ago +2

      Briar’s ABC’s me

  • SEAN Torres
    SEAN Torres 2 months ago +1


  • Cloudy Ag
    Cloudy Ag 2 months ago +1

    Early 2

  • RainbowUnicorn19
    RainbowUnicorn19 2 months ago +1


  • Heather McNamanara
    Heather McNamanara 2 months ago +4

    Early first like!😘

  • RainbowUnicorn19
    RainbowUnicorn19 2 months ago +1


  • Christyna Ward
    Christyna Ward 2 months ago +1